Eyebrow Nightmare - Dallas, TX

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I went in August to get permanent eyeliner and...

I went in August to get permanent eyeliner and eyebrow. I frankly did not do a lot of research, and based on the fact that she has been in business for several years, I thought I would be safe. This was a mistake and I am paying for it now. I am in the middle of having painful, expensive treatments to remove extremely black and ineptly applied eyebrow tattoos.

When I came in to have the procedure done, Ms. C asked me if I wanted to draw the eyebrows on myself, or have her do it. I am not a makeup expert, so I asked her to do it. She drew the eyebrows on me with a medium brown pencil (she did not ask me what color I wanted). They looked okay, but I told her I wanted them to be lighter. She agreed that she would make the final brows a lighter shade, but didn't offer to re-draw the brows in that shade so I could see it. I thought that was rather odd, but at this point I was still trusting and just assumed that she knew what she was doing. Only when she completely finished the brows did she give me a mirror. What I saw made me horrified. The brows were jet black, and were pointing up at an unnatural angle. However she assured me that they would lighten up, and since my eyes were very swollen, I was hoping the shape would become normal when the swelling went down. As the days went by, I began to realize how bad it really was. As the brows healed, I could see that they were so crudely applied that they looked like they had been drawn on by a child.

Pictures don't lie. To see for yourself what my brows looked like three full weeks after the procedure, look at the pictures I have loaded here

I asked Ms. C for compensation to help me offset the costs I have incurred for the removal procedures. She refused, and did not even offered to give me back the $600.00 I paid for the original work. The only thing she offered was to try to 'fix' it. Normally I would be agreeable to something like this, but due to the complete incompetence of the original procedure, I could not risk letting her work on me again.

If you are reading this because you are considering having permanent cosmetics done to you, please do not make the same mistake I made. Do a lot of research before you make this decision. Don't go to someone based on a few good online reviews, those could be put there by their family members. Ask to look at a lot of "before" and "after" pictures. If the business does not have its own website with pictures of their work, be suspicious. If they don't even take any "before" pictures before starting to work on you, run! Do not think that just because someone has a license to apply permanent makeup, that they are good at it. The licenses are meaningless. Anyone can get one by taking a two-day class and paying some money. Even if they have been in business for a long time, it may be that they do mostly other things like dermabrasion, that don't take as much skill. Take your time to find the right person. There are a lot of good technicians out there, just don't assume they are all the same. Do your research and get it done right the first time.

Updated photos with correct captions.

Updated photos with correct captions.

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