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I haven't had my surgery yet. I'm...

I haven't had my surgery yet. I'm scheduled for June 1st for a tummy tuck, breast lift, and lipo of my hips. I am nervous but excited too. I don't expect to look like Halle Berry when it's all said and done but like me only a bit better. I currently weigh 155lbs. I have been as high as 225 and as low as 118 in my adult life and have had and breast fed 3 children. That's a lot of tugging on my poor skin!!

I'm mostly concerned about how much I will swell. I'm supposed to go on a Vacation/Family Reunion 8 weeks after surgery. I will be meeting members of my husband of two years family for the first time then. I would rather not look like the Good Year Blimp for that meeting:)

I am also concerned about taking care of my family. I am a stay at home mom with three children of my own and four step children. Yes.... That makes 7 kids from ages 15 to 7!!! My husband is wonderful and they are all good kids but.... What is my house going to look like by the time I'm actually able to be back to my normal routine?? I'm a care taker and not very good at letting others take care of me. So I figure this is a learning experience too. My step children should be going on vacation with their mom and my kids will be going to camp two weeks after my surgery so that should help some. Any advice on keeping up with your household during recovery would be welcome. Thanks!

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He is very well educated and I feel very comfortable with him. He doesn't seem to have a big doctor's ego. He is very up front with me and has said what he can and can't do in a very professional manner.

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