10 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL with Dr Cardenas

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Hello, I am in my early 40's. Mother of two....


I am in my early 40's. Mother of two. My first pregnancy in my middle 20's tore my belly up. I am 5'5 and weighed up to 100lbs. My body was swollen everywhere. I have worked out for years on in dieted, tried everything. The skin and stretch marks I have are not going anywhere. Thank you all of you ladies out there. Because of your reviews I have decided to treat myself to a new better me. I have not been able to wear anything low cut or a bathing suit in 17 years. Currently 5'5, 150lbs. The stretch marks I have are awful. I have never seen worse. I know most of this will be gone with a TT

Well these doctors have all my decision easy...

Well these doctors have all my decision easy.

I emailed Cardenas, Pantoja, Robles (called three times in three days) and Yily,

Got an email the next day from Cardenas asking for photos, got and email from Robles asking for photos along with a questionnaire. Auto response from Yily and nothing from Pantoja.

I sent the same photos and questionnaire that Robles office sent me to Cardenas.

Still the only response has been from Cardenas, both email and phone. So the winner is Cardenas.

Here is what was quoted:

I suggest a Full/ Extended TT Lipo and FG to your butt and Hips, we
will get ride of the apron on your abdomen and achieve a flatter
stomach and a tapered waist with a very tight Muscle Repair, I would
also do a thorough liposuction to your upper and lower back, flanks
and waist. And also a nice volume to your butt by fat transference, I
do not have limits on fat grafting, so be sure I will do my best, once
your tissues allow me to do so. I am very respectful of patients
desires, so the size of your butt will be according to your desires.

Quote F/E TT, Lipo, FG $5900 dlls
Quote includes stay the first night at the clinic (every extra night
fee is 200 dlls), clinic expenses, surgery room expenses, surgical
team fees (anesthesiologist, nurses, helper and surgeon), post op lab
Does not include compression garment nor meds as out patient, not
either your whole stay at the Recovery House.
Quote honored for 6 months only.

So with that they were going to get me in on March 15 but that filled before I excepted. Well somebody backed out and I am going March 6th. Talk about service. Fatimeh (the assistant) is really super nice.

Now what I have to decide is where to stay? My question is for the ladies that have had somebody go with them to help. Should I stay in a recovery house for 2 1/2 weeks or a few days then go to hotel and let my husband take care of me? How hard is it to change the bandages and care for a tummy tuck, along with emptying the drains? Was considering The Grand Hotel Tijuana since they have medical services.

Thanks for any advice and to all who have posted on this website.

By the way I noticed I put up to 100 during first...

By the way I noticed I put up to 100 during first pregnancy lol, acutally 200

Well, got appointment for my lab work and getting...

Well, got appointment for my lab work and getting excited, my hubby is so helpful. He helped with it all. See how it goes and hope all is good

Well tomorrow is the big day. Flew out Spirit...

Well tomorrow is the big day.

Flew out Spirit Airlines today to San Diego. We have decided to stay at the Holiday Inn which is right up the street from the clinic and across the street from the Hospital. We went ahead and hired Ronnie Jones from Beauty care recovery for our transportation. All we can say is Ronnie is fantastic. He picked us up at the airport within 5 minutes of our plane touching down at 9:50am this morning. Ronnie took us to Beauty Care Recovery center to check it out since we couldn't check into our room until 3:00pm at the Hotel. He took us to the clinic where we met Fatimeh. Fatimeh is very very sweet. She was very informative on what to expect tomorrow. Ronnie then took us out to lunch. After lunch Ronnie took us to our hotel. We can't say enough about Ronnie on how nice he is and how informative he is about Tijuana, the clinic, recovery house, tips on things to get since we are staying at a hotel. Ronnie has also made himself available for transportation to and from the grocery store and any place else we may need to go for supplies. That's all for now. We will be back update tomorrow.

Well had my surgery yesterday. Glad my husband was...

Well had my surgery yesterday. Glad my husband was with me because Dr. Cardenas wanted to do a revision in the middle of the surgery and would not have done so if nobody was here to give permission. What happened was there was a lot of skin left over on my back after Lipo so Dr. Cardenas wanted to remove that skin by extending the TT all the way around. My surgery lasted 6 hours. I don't remember from the start of the surgery to being moved to the recovery room bed. I awoke to find my husband waiting for me. I spent last night at the recovery house and was released today. Carmen from Beauty Care Recovery house picked us up at the Clinic and took us to our Hotel. I can't say enough after Dr. Cardenas and her entire staff. They are FANTASTIC!!!! Also Ronnie, really???? Can you find a nicer guy out there? We paid for transportation only to Ronnie through Beauty Care Recovery. Ronnie has been kind enough to run my husband all over on errands to pick up a mini fridge, microwave and groceries for our stay at the Hotel. Talk about customer service. Well that is all for today. Will update tomorrow.

Well, it has been a fun filled week, lol. Not...

Well, it has been a fun filled week, lol. Not Really but still got a week to go til I get to go home.
I love my doctor, Dr. Cardenas, she is wonderful, and Fatimeh is the best and even Ronnie is still as helpful a can be.
Ronnie was so sweet and picked up a boppy pillow for me this past Sunday, he went to the States to get it, awesome man. But the greatest thing is Dr. Cardenas coming to my hotel on a Saturday, do you know any doctors who do that? She checked on my incision and said it was alittle red and I needed to lay down properly with extra pillows, which meant my hubby had lost more, lol. But this hotel was great and gave us more. Dr. Cardenas also said everything looked good and the swelling was normal, I feel stiff and sore. She said my stitches can come out soon and still waiting but it is good since we are here for another week. Then the greatest thing was Faitmeh, she came on Monday to get my compression garment on, I brought some with me but I have to pull them up and it is not good for my incision, so this one clips in the front like a Bra, lol. And this women knew how to put them on, lol. Like it was nothing, guess she has done it a few times, lol. On top of that she taught me how to clean my drains out, which are a pain.
Well the recovery has been slow, of course we all want it over with quickly, I did have headaches that Dr. Cardenas said was due to the medications they used but they are gone, was by Saturday night I felt better. Still need assistance from my hubby to get in and out of bed, which is hard when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and he is sleeping, so I try to do it my self and kills me. Last night I did it and see blood on my back where I should have woke him up. I have had a hard time bugging him, he has been so wonderful throughout this whole experience, watching time for my meds, making all my meals, he even did all the shopping and to give him credit he did good! Why did I not have this surgery sooner so at home he would do the same, lol. But I am SO grateful for everything he has done for me, I can not put it all down to tell you all how GREAT he is. Anyway, I have been trying to shower everyday to wash my incision, I can do it by myself now, but it still feels like a piece of my midsection is gone.
As you see from the 7 day post op pictures I am still bruised and swelled, but I know it will go down. I have my time of the month coming so bloating has set in on top of the swelling, lol.
Well, from my email from Ronnie, who still even checks up on me and I am not even at his recovery house, I will see Dr. Cardenas today to get all these stitches out, Yay! So, I will post again later and feel free to ask me anything. Thank you!

14 days post op now. I still have my drains in but...

14 days post op now. I still have my drains in but they are coming out tomorrow. Dr. Cardenas came by my hotel room this past Sunday to remove my stitches from the lipo. Yes I said on a Sunday. SHE ROCKS!!! I am going home tomorrow evening. In the morning I will have my drains removed at the clinic. New pics up. You can see the progression of the swelling going down. Booty still looks a 1000 times better. I am very pleased with the results. Let me know if any of you have questions.

Well I have not posted here in a while but...

Well I have not posted here in a while but uploaded my 8 week post-op pics just now. I have got to my 10 weeks post op now and so happy. I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and lost 10 pounds at my last regular yearly doctor visit. I did email Fatimeh and she was happy to hear from me, ask me to send pictures when I can. Still won't forget when I got home and their office called me to ask how I was doing, they are the greatest at her office I am still doing my silicone wrap for my scar, it looks good in some spots but it is red and dark in other places but I think it is working out good. I am still swollen, but it is not as bad as it has been before, in the morning my stomach is flat but by the end of the day it looks like I had too much food, lol. I have started working out, I can barely do any ab workouts but I have started back on my trainer weights and it is slow but getting there. I power walk 4 days a week the last 2 weeks which is helping with my butt and my thighs that still look swollen too. Oh and BTW, I got 2 bikinis in the last few weeks, I have not done that since I was 19, and I got a skirt wrap to cover up from the sun since I have to wait like 6 months to be in the sun, UGH!! But it is so worth it all!!! I love how I have my confidence back, it makes me feel sexy and I smile more. The clothes fit loose but I am waiting to lose more weight before I buy more clothes. I did find a stitch in my side I think Dr. Cardenas forgot about, went to my doctor and she took it out. It did not hurt as it was very small, can see why we missed it. Honest mistake and not worried about it. I am still numb around the scar area, but from what I was told it will take about a year to get my feeling back and looking forward to it. I still get the stiffness in my stomach but it stretches out (or feels like it), I just have to get up and walk around. It is hard since I am at work sitting at a computer all day. But all and all I am extremely happy, my husband loves the way I look with my new butt. He talks about it all the time, to other people no less, lol. But it makes me feel wonderful. I have no major issues to complain about, nothing strange has happened. I will do my best to keep up to date pictures. Good luck to all that go through this and it was well worth it all!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Looking at Laura in Tijuana, Walkiris Robles, MD, waiting for quotes. Texas doctors and immediate surrounding states. this is your chance to earn my business. I am looking for TT and Lipo. Let me know what you charge, you don't have reviews don't bother.

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