Lifestyle Lift (Face-Mid-lift)

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I had a facial(Mid-lift)surgery on 12-Jan-2010. I...

I had a facial(Mid-lift)surgery on 12-Jan-2010. I actually had 3 procedures done on me. My skin under the chin was not just tighten but he also put some sort of band, I think, under it, so it will never droop again plus my chin and neck was liposuctioned and sewed back tighly to the hairline . I had fat under my chin that hung and made me look older then I felt. It was a career choice and the fact that I was overweight with low self esteem, that made me consider this procedure.

I had the procedure done in Dallas, Tx. I met with my doctor a couple of times before the procedure because I had postponed it a couple of times. He was upfront about everything and he did not lie about any results I would be expecting. Results depend on the individual, as well as the healing time. Maybe this procedure is not good for everyone but it was fine for me.

I was given valiums and injections to numb the site. The injections hurt a little but bareable. I was awake during the whole procedure because the valiums did not work for me. That was ok, because I preferred to be awake anyway. I was numbed my the injections and only had to say ouch if I felt anything and was promply injected again. My doctor talked to me throughout the whole procedure and made me laugh several times, which kept me calmed.

The procedured lasted about and hour. Total hours in the clinic was 3 hrs. I am glad he did not just shove me out the door right away. He gave my son, who came to look after me, full instructions on how to care for me, what signs to look for as far as infections, bleeding, etc.. and he insisted that I spend the night in Dallas so I could come back to the clinic the next morning, because I was going back overseas to work a week later and he wanted to make sure I would be ok. All and all I think I received great care from him.

When I left, I knew I would be in some pain until I fully healed. It's been two months now and the numbing and tingling sensation around my ear is going away. I actually have feeling in my ears again. Most of the swelling is gone under my chin and I had very little bruising. I have a small scar under my chin, which you can't see and the scars around my ears and hairline are barely visible now.

I developed dermatis on my neck due to a skin allergy. My doctor overseas gave me fucidin,which cleared it up. Also he is a plastic surgeon himself and said that my doctor who did the surgery in the states, did a wonderful job. So I am very pleased with my surgery and do not regret the decisions I made to have it. I think if you find the right doctor by researching his credentials like my son did for me, you would have better results and more pleased with your procedure. Any surgery you have, could possibly have complications and a good doctor should always be upfront with you about what to expect and care about your concerns. I would recommend my doctor to anyone, because him and his staff do care.

Last note: I recently had LapBand surgery on 16-Feb-2010, for 4,700.00 and have lost 15lbs so far. The weight loss is actually helping my LifeStyle Lift look even better. My face is getting smaller and there is no signs of that sagging chin I had.

Was it worth it ? Yes, it was worth every penny ! All of it.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I recommend my doctor because I feel he was competent, he knew what he was doing,I had a good experience, and he did not lie about what to expect. I have the results I was looking for and I am very pleased. I look younger and feel that way.

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