First Experience 3/18 - Targeting Lower Abs and Both Inner Thighs!! - Dallas, TX

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Tomorrow morning will be my first experience with...

Tomorrow morning will be my first experience with cool sculpting. I am a 46 year old female, 5'6" and 125 lbs. very active - work out regularly and eat right...most of the time. Good muscle tone bit problem areas. Will post before pics tonight and after tomorrow and each week. Will report on pain 2!

Before pics - procedures tomorrow 3/18

Below are my before pics from today. Will post in same suit after the procedure. Also measured all areas (abs, hips, thighs) so I can report on those.

Before thigh pic

Will post after procedure pics with measurement changes.

Post procedure concern...

Okay...tell me if I'm crazy and this is normal. I had my inner thighs and lower abs done this morning. This is a pic of my tummy when I got home. It appears the suction was placed to the right so it only got a little on my left side - more on the right. The applicator piece imprints show it too. When I emailed this to the aestheticism, she said it looked fine to her - perfectly centered. Am I crazy? Will the results be evenly spread?

1 week post-procedure

I'm one week post cool sculpting and no real changes as far as measurements or weight. Still a little swollen but not much pain. None at all in my inner thighs - just a little cramping in my lower abs. Still numb but slowly getting feeling back.

Hope to start seeing some changes in the next week or so. I will post pictures in the same suit bottom next Wednesday with my 2 week update.
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