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I'm 38 yrs old, have 360cc silicone implants,...

I'm 38 yrs old, have 360cc silicone implants, under the muscle with baker 4 capsular contraction and rupture on the left and level 2.5 cc on right with possible rupture. After having saline implants for 8yrs (which ruptured) I was talked into getting silicone in May of 2006. Less than a year after getting silicone implants, I started to develop a myriad of health issues, the biggest being extreme fatigue. After being on a ton of different drugs and therapies, I was finally diagnosed in 2008 by an integrative D.O. with Severe Adrenal Fatigue. After months of cleanses and constant supplementation (I was spending $300+ each month on supplements and would take about 60 pills per day) I started feeling like I could function. I never felt great, nor did I ever have much energy. I started losing weight and could not gain, I developed auto-immune issues, food sensitivities, rashes, painful hives and constant inflammation throughout my body. I also started feeling my chest burning, like a chemical burn that radiated out down my arms. I have anxiety and trouble taking deep breathes. In March of 2014, I finally had my manual/lymph drainage therapist link my health issues with my implants and that is when the massive research project began. I found hundreds of other women with the same symptoms. Now I have pain, weakness, numbness & tingling in my neck, shoulders, down my arms and hands. Most of my recent health issues are on the left side of my body and regular doctors of course haven't been able to figure out the cause. I've have vein congestion, ovarian cysts, bladder & kidney pain.
So, not only do I think that I'd be insane for not taking the implants out for good for the sake of my health, energy and quality of life, I've also really fell in love with actresses, models and fashion in general with smaller breasts. I love the natural look of breasts and now every time I see fake boobs, I think they look hideous.
I'm excited about the outcome and life with my beautiful & healthy new breasts.
My surgery is tomorrow and I will be getting an explant/ capsulotomy and lift. I am so blessed to have found this forum and to be inspired by each lady who shared her story- I thank you!! xoxo

Implants are out! Surgery went great.

I checked into the Medical City Ambulatory Hospital at noon yesterday. The nurses were all great. Once I changed, she had a warm blanket to cover me up and get comfy. I was given Xanax to calm my nerves, anti-nausea and stomach acid meds. Multiple nurses quadruple checked my charts, allergies, etc. they even warmed up my IV arm, numbed it, then I didn't even feel the IV go in. Dr. Melmed came in to go over the surgery again with me and mark me up with precise measurements. They brought my mother in to kiss me, then was wheeled into surgery. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Horak, was amazing. Surgery was about 2 hours. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. I couldn't talk well right away and had a bit of a sore throat from being intubated. They had me drink some juice and eat crackers, then gave me some oral pain meds. Once I could use the restroom and get dressed, I was free to go to my hotel room. We were at the hospital for a total of 5 hours.
We saved my implants (left one was horribly ruptured) to send to Allergan since I'm still under the 10 yr warranty.
First night, took my pain meds about every three hours, drank green juice, some bone broth and a Bobo Oat bar and lots of water. At 5am I drank some more green juice and took some Probiotics, Arnica pills, Wobenzyme and liquid colloidal silver instead of the pain meds and did some meditation. I didn't feel like I need the prescription pain med this morning, but took it anyway before getting the drains taken out. That was NOT comfortable at all, but it was very fast. Felt great to get the tight bandages off to take a deep breath. The boobies looked great!! Considering being wrapped up tight and only 18 hrs after surgery. I had zero bruising, have cleavage (yay!) and will most likely be a small B cup. I'm headed back to Austin and will post some picks tonight or tomorrow.
I have absolutely no regrets about explanting for good! So excited about my future!! xo

48 hrs post surgery pic.

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with how good my breasts look this early. I'm confident they will look even better 3-6 months from now. And I'm happy to report that I do have sensation in my nipples. They do not feel numb at all. I was a small A cup before I ever got implants and I think I'll prob be a small B once healed. Plus, my implants made me so ill, that I am 10lbs under weight. So, I think I'll fill out nicely once I'm back to a healthy weight. Sat in the bath today and gently washed the top half of me with a washcloth. I want the steri-strips to stay on as long as possible for the best scar healing. I'm very happy that I chose to do a liquid diet the day before surgery to clean out my colon. I started drinking cold pressed green juices and homemade bone broth over a week prior to surgery and the day before I only drank green juice, bone broth and protein shakes. I read having a clean colon is better for your immune system to avoid any infection. Also, I've eaten lots of fiber Gummies to no avail. :( but I hear that's expected with anesthesia. Ugh. Anyways, please ask questions. I'm trying to be as thorough as possible for you ladies who are needing to know what to expect. Still zero regrets!! xoxo

1week post explant.

I haven't noticed any changes in appearance yet. Try to save my energy for my body to heal and trying not to do too much with my arms/pec muscles still. I mostly try to keep my arms close by my side and I look like T-Rex trying to do things with just my hands and forearms. Lol ;) If I do too much, I get sore. My right breast, inner areola area is slightly bruised and very sore, my left side doesn't hurt at all which is strange because that was the side with the rupture and baker 4 cc. I did get more of a lift on the right side though and I naturally use my right arm more. Drove my SUV for the first time since surgery today. It was tough reaching out to pull the door closed and to even shift into gear.
I haven't had any muscle or joint pain, numbness or tingling since the day before surgery. Still working on putting on lbs with out eating dairy and sugar. I need to gain about 8-10 lbs. Bought almond butter and coconut cream today for extra fat. I guess I need to consciously pay attention to my calorie intake. Still breaking out in hives on my scalp from the food sensitivities. I didn't think it would disappear overnight, but I do believe in miracles!!
Tried on a new sports bra today, but it's a low impact and the higher support of the front close Champion sports bra I've been wearing feels much more secure! I wish it didn't look horrible under regular clothes.

4 weeks post explant

I've been putting off posting an update because visually it doesn't appear like there are any changes. I'm leaving the steri-strips on for probably 2 more weeks. They say the longer the better to keep the scarring minimal and it prevents the weak skin from stretching. Also, with the strips still on, I'm not worried about the scars healing yet because I can't see them!
I went back to work this week finally. (My job is very aerobic). I felt pretty good, but I didn't schedule myself a lot of clients this week. I have noticed that my breasts are starting to feel fuller. At first they kind of felt like empty sacs and now they're filling in. Ive only bought one real bra that was a VS t-shirt bra in a 32A. Other cheaper brands did not fit right in the cup. Bought some cute bandeau type bras in the juniors section at Kohls that are cute under tanks & sun dresses.
My chest is very broken out and a little itchy. Not sure if this is a detox reaction or an allergy?? Anybody have this happen post explant?

Loving my new size in my summer clothes!

So excited. Today I cleaned out the closet, packing away winter clothes and getting out summer stuff. Almost every cute summer dress and shirts and bikinis ALL looked so much better now with smaller boobs. I LOVE IT!! Besides getting rid of all of my bras, I only got rid of a couple bikini tops and three dresses. Even the strapless sun dresses still fit great. I feel like I look younger and so cute. Happy Girl!!

6 weeks post explant

6 weeks post explant today. Still zero regrets. Glad to have the implants out of my body. Love my soft, smooshy, natural feeling boobs. Still no muscle or joint pain. No numbness, tingling or muscle weakness. Can't tell if I've had any energy improvement yet because the seasonal allergens here are killing me. So still experiencing fatigue. Bra shopping sucks. I measure for a 32A, but I have absolutely no upper pole, so there is very few bras that fit right and don't have a weird gap in the top half of the cup. So far, the VS T-shirt bras with the wire fit the best, but I hate the wired bras, they are so uncomfortable. I didn't love the wireless t-shirt bra fit- not flattering. I do love the Under Armour deep v sports bras- great fit, comfortable and flattering- just wish I could wear a sport bra under everything!! Next try will be the Itty Bitty Bra Co and Hanky Panky. I hear they have great selection for 32As.
The steri strip bandages started peeling off at 5 weeks. It's much easier to stay positve about your healing areolas when you can't see them!! The scars look pretty good for 6 weeks out, but I may have lost a little volume in my breasts. I'm hoping that putting on some needed weight and finally being able to do some pec excercises will improve the size a bit. The skin still has some tightening to do. I returned the Mederma cream since it contains alcohol and opted not to buy Bio Sil since the first ingredient is mineral oil. Yuck. Still using my homemade salve of Shea butter, coconut oil and a blend of essential oils including Sacred Frankinsence and Helichrysum EOs.

7 months post explant.

Hi everyone! It's been 7 months since my explant. Everything has healed very well. The scars are so thin. Right about at the 6 month mark and after doing some pec weight lifting, I noticed my breasts filling in. Id say filling out, but they haven't gotten bigger, just less like empty skin and more full feeling. I'm still a size 32A and still very happy. It took an amount of self-love and self-acceptance to feel comfortable in certain clothes, but now I love the petite, natural, authentic & healthy ME. My favorite wireless bra is the Coobie Bra. So comfy and the perfect amount of padding and shape. I can't imagine doing another update anytime soon- life does go on and we all have to move on with it! I encourage all of you to do your research on your surgeon and get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if necessary. You are your own best advocate. Lots of love to you all.

One year later- still happy

Continually getting healthier with more energy!
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