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Thank you to all the docs who responded. I have my...

Thank you to all the docs who responded. I have my consult tomorrow. Nervous. At least I feel I'm educated and will ask the right questions.


Had my consult today. LOVE the doctor and his...

Had my consult today. LOVE the doctor and his staff! Surgery scheduled for THIS FRIDAY! That is how sure I am!

I am getting a lift and augmentation at the same time. My left breast really needs the lift to achieve the look I want. So, I've opted to get both done.

After playing around with sizes, I'm going with Silicone, prob 450's. I am 5'9" and weigh 163 right now. I don't think they will be too big for my frame, but they will give me the look I desire. Just not looking forward to the scars. Which, since I'm fair and do heal nicely from surgeries in the past, plus the doctors technique, I should not notice them in a few months. (Saw his assistants boobs/lift/aug and they were beautiful and did not notice the scars at all on her! -a year out)

It'a almost been a week and things are progressing...

It'a almost been a week and things are progressing slowly. Well, at least for me I think they are. I am very active, always doing something and am a runner. Having to do nothing is hard for me but I am forcing myself to stay on the couch.

Here is the lastest: I've had trouble with my bowels. Had to get a stool softener to help me go. Feel a little better since I've accomplished that task but am not back to normal by any means.
Don't have an appetite at all but am forcing myself to eat some fruit, veggies and pieces of chicken.
I am exhausted! I am not sleeping too well. I attribute that to being a tummy/side sleeper and that is out for now. So, I've built a pillow barricade.
I am not in pain per say, just discomfort. It's easier to take a muscle relaxer which knocks me out and apply cool compresses to my breasts. One thing I have discovered, since I have the 'lollipop' scars, I purchased the breast feeding pads and am using them instead of the gauze pads. The breast feeding pads offer more padding, do not stick are are a heck of a lot cheaper than the gauze 4 X 4's.
My scars look like they are healing nicely. I can't really tell around my nipples because they are taped so well.
My breast are itching. It feels good to gently rub my hands over my new breast (not scratching them!) just gently rub them. The itching doesn't last long at all, but lets me know they are healing.
A great concern I have is I have not nipple sensitivity at all! My nipples are still very swollen, bright pink and still resemble marbles. I had extremely sensitive nipples before and and very concerned that sensation will not return. I've tried to tell myself it's only been a few days and with all the swelling, plus everything I've read, it should return. If anyone else experienced this is something similar and can offer any insight, I'd appreciate it.

Off to rest, yet again!

Doing better than fantastic. Only regret...wish...

Doing better than fantastic. Only regret...wish I'd gone bigger! I'm loving these boobies! Oh, one other regret, wish I'd done this years ago!

Down to the grind:
Doing my exercises. Breasts are softening up very nicely. Steri strips are starting to peel off. Not enough for me to apply tape myself yet though.
Every once and a while I get a slight burning sensation around my aerolas but attribute that to the incisions healing. Nothing that makes me worry or wonder and was told it's normal anyway as part of the healing process.

I'm wearing regular supportive bras during the day and the bra the doctor put me in for night. I was instructed to wear a bra 24/7 for the first 6 months. My right nipple is super sensitive and the feeling is starting to return to the left. I had more work done as far as the lift is concerned to my left side so that doesn't surprise me. Both nipples have been errect since surgery.

I'm riding a stationary bike for now as I am not allowed to run. Exercise feels great. But then again, I feel fabulous!

Dr. Raphael and staff are wonderful! I was very comfortable with everyone. Dr. Raphael really listened to me. He put me at ease and answered ALL my questions completely with explainations in terms I could understand, not all that stuffy medicial talk. Wait time was minimal too. I would highly recommend Dr Raphael! Do far, my experience has exceeded my expectations. Up dates will follow in the coming days.

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