baby still got back but it shrunk so far at 5.5 wks - Dallas, TX

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Hello ladies (and maybe some gentlemen)I got my...

Hello ladies (and maybe some gentlemen)I got my bbl on Wed. Oct 5 2011. I have been tired of worrying about how flat my booty looks in outfits since I enjoy wearing form-fitting clothing. I have seriously considered butt augmentation but scared of the assymetry risk and wondering how weird it would fee. I went to 2 consulations. Although I loved the first guys, friendly, gorgeous office, he told me he only likes to put in below 300cc. That was a NO-NO for me. I need my J-LO booty asap!

I hope the bbl is long-lasting. I really dont know if I can put up with a recovery like this again to have to go in for a second round in the future! I am hunched over straining just typing this.

Going into surgery was a breeze. I was hooked up to an IV and all of a sudden woke up to a nurse wrapping my arms. Coolest thing ever!

OH I got lipo on my arms too. That is very bad for recovery. My arms were in so much pain that I was like an earthworm trying to move around when laying down. It took me minutes to even get into bed. My 15 attempts to get comfortable on the couch always turned into screams for help because my face would sink into the cushions and I couldnt support my body to get up. Poor hubby had to look at me helplessly because any attempt to assist me caused me to scream in pain. The lipo'ed areas burn like crazy even with painkillers.

I am going into my 7th day of recovery. I am so so sick of sleeping on my stomach. I thought 3 weeks of no sitting would be ok. It sucks so so bad. I cant even watch a movie or get online comfortably without straining half of my body. I have been through a c-section and an episiotomy (butt cutt) but bbl recovery is the most annoying of all. Cant imagine when I get my tummy tuck and breasts done next year.

Today I finally took my girdle off. I have been baby-wipe bathing for fear of getting my drain wet. I almost fainted after seeing all my bruises and swelling. Hubby had to revive me with a Capri-Sun fast! But my butt looks pretty good! My hubby looked satisfied despite the rest of my body looked like it just tumbled out of a clothes dryer. He better like it because its for him!

Tomorrow is my one week post-op check-up. I cant wait to look awesome for my cruise vacation for Thanksgiving!

I updated my total cost to include lipo in both of...

I updated my total cost to include lipo in both of my arms. Without the arm lipo it was over $9000 for the lipo of tummy, back, muffins, flanks, pelvic area, waist and transferring into my butt.
I got about 800 cc's into each cheek. During my consultation he advised he likes to put fat into the booty until it starts oozing back out. I was SOLD! I can tell he wants me to look sexy! 'er'....
Beware of your stitches. I felt some sharp annoying plastic stick out of my right bottom part of the girdle and thought it was part of a torn off tag. Gave my hubby tweezers, bent over, said 'Pull!' then said 'OWWWWW!!' oops it was my stitching. Good thing it didnt come out.
Post-op appt was today. Took off girdle and almost fainted again. Reality really sinks in when I am naked and look down. The bruising is traveling down to my inner knees, didnt know that can happen. Doc put more creamy antibiotic stuff on my wounds. He also pulled out my drain that was similar to a very long butt end of a ciggarette which was inside of me w/ the end sticking out! I rather not know much more about that drain.

For a week I would only sleep in 2 hour increments at a time before waking up due to discomfort. However last night I took Tylenol PM and that knocked me out for 9 hours yay!! Made me late to my appt though.

I also had my first outing today besides the Dr. Visit. Went to a restaurant with bar tables that way I can stand. It was ok for the first 30 minutes but after that my feet started hurting. Was an ok experience. I still walk like a grandma penguin. Strangers noticed :(
I highly recommend those travel U-shaped pillows btw! I took mine in the car ride and even sleep with it at night most of the time. You can rest your neck/chin in the curved part of the pillow. Works better with another semi-flat pillow underneath.
I will post more pics soon I just wish I would quit trying to pass out when I get naked.

Today is 10 days post-op. Still home most of the...

Today is 10 days post-op. Still home most of the time. My first day back at work was today and although my shift was only 1 hour where I was able to stand I still was so uncomfortable and agitated within 30 minutes of my shift. I have a 4 hour shift later today oh boy. Kneeling is straining as well.

I have a new dilemna and that is just basic walking. I feel like the Kool-Aid character when I walk. This butt is heavy! Like a backwards pregnancy. I get better everyday although I cant seem to last more than 45 minutes of walking still. Not sure if I just need more practice or wait until my swelling/bruising is gone.

This is a lil embarassing but I took my first shower today. All the other days I shampooed in the kitchen sink or gave myself wet towel baths. I was scared of getting too much water in this 'hole' above my butt where the drain was. It finally closed today so goodness the shower made me feel so revitalized.

I also am realizing that my arm lipo didnt include all that I thought it would. Seems like just the bottom side of my arms were lipo'ed when I thought it would include my arm pitt and bra strap according to the nurse at the consultation. Misunderstanding? Those areas seem untouched and I am a bit bummed since I was planning to not work out at all for my cruise trip. Yeah I'm lazy! But I'll ask the dr.'s office next week on my next post-op visit.

Just make sure you verify all of the lipo areas prior to the surgery day because you will be too drugged up to know what's going on after you take this sleepy pill an hour prior to arriving at the doc's office.

But Most importantly least my waist is now small, back curves in, and people have been tellin me I have a J-Lo booty is what really matters! This should be my last week of recovery. I cant wait to throw on my high heels and a bitty bitty dress to celebrate anything next weekend!

I am now 5.5 weeks post-op. I am sad. My J-Lo...

I am now 5.5 weeks post-op. I am sad. My J-Lo booty turned into a Jessica Biel booty. Not bad but boy that was such a tease!! I want J-Lo booty back asap! I did not consider butt implants but now I am.
Don't get me wrong I am bigger than before but after weeks of getting sooo many compliments and my head growing big then butt deflates so now I am a bit embarrassed to show my face and hear 'what happened??'.. Here is a list of what could have happened:
1.) I bought a new garment that was pretty tight from Kohls. :( I'm sure this was it.
2.) My swelling went away and maybe this is the size it's supposed to be.
3.)I lost around 4 lbs below my pre-op weight and maybe butt fat cells shrunk. Yup I am slowly getting back on the greasy pizza diet.
4.) My body re-absorbed it?
I still am not sitting on my booty. I think I only sat directly on it for no more than 10 minutes the entire 5.5 weeks. I have been sitting on the U-shaped travel pillow though, just place it backwards on a chair, spread out the ends of it, sit, and lean a bit on a table and the pressure is off your booty. Works wonderfully just make sure the pillow is a very firm one.
Oh and the tongs are for picking things up off the floor. I still struggle to squat or pick stuff up a bit. I bought one of those long grabber devices though but had to quit using it because my kids and hubby keep chasing the dog with it.
I just hope my butt doesnt get any smaller from now on! At least my sculpted mid section looks great still.

So lesson from me- don't get too excited with your...

So lesson from me- don't get too excited with your big ol booty for the first month, it will most likely shrink.
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