BBL .Excited!! Glad I Did It and Hoping I Love my End Results

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Today is post 6. I can't believe it, I finally...

Today is post 6. I can't believe it, I finally did it!!! You see I am 5'2, big breast, nice legs, tiny rump and "look" petite. Key word is look. I gain all of weight in my breast, back, love handles and stomach. So not cute. For my benefit my breast being 36 dd covered my ugly tummy and love handles. When I told some people I was getting lipo , they thought I was nuts but truth is they don't see the fat that I have learned to hide well with my clothes and my big sisters up there. lol. Prior to the bbl surgery I weighed 130. I went on a mission to gain as much as weight possible. Day of my surgery I was 147. Believe me , I was eating everything and anything my tummy desired pre-surgery. I had been wanting to do this surgery since I was 18. I think at that time the procedure was not so common in the states.

Anyhow, I asked the doctor to give me 800cc. I did my research for other doctors. I had went to 2 other consultations back in 2010 during Christmas time but I decided to postpone because I kept going back and forth with myself about really going through with this procedure. I have never had any cosmetic or plastic surgeries. The only thing close to a surgery I have had was a c section. During my consultation the doctor indicated he would lipo my flanks, back, and stomach and do the fat graft into my buttock. It sounded ideal to me. He advised me I would not walk out with a BAM big ol butt.. But I had reasonable expectations and coming from nothing all I wanted was just a lil lil something. lol . I did alot of research on so many different doctors in Cali, Baltimore and Florida who specialize in BBL. The whole search and reading reviews was a big headache because the things I read were not all concise. Also, the bad reviews made my stomach twirl and kind of made me question my decision again. I also then thought it is just way too much of a hassle to go to another state and you have to heal etc.. So I just wanted to find a good doc in the metroplex. I felt pretty comfortable during my consultation and decided to go with him.

The week before my surgery I felt sick to my stomach from feeling anxious and nervous. I tried to overpower those feelings with being excited and thinking about the end result. It is just kind of hard to do that since each person's body is different and we don't know how our own body will react. The day of my surgery I was ready and excited. It took them about 1 hour to get me ready ( change to gown, speak with anesthetist, nurse, and have the doctor draw on me. The doctor lipo my flanks, stomach, and back. 4 and half hours later I woke up in the recovery room. I was in such pain. I have a high pain threshold but this was something different. I felt like I got out of an Ike and Tina squabble. My tummy and sides were in alot of pain. It hurt to move. The nurse asked me how I felt. All I remember is telling her my rear felt like a hard rock. It felt like someone put weights on my bump. She then told me I had 800cc injected to each buttock. That night I was pretty in an out most of the night. My boyfriend had to help me with everything from using the bathroom, removing my binder, eating, and cleaning my body from leaking from the lipo.

The first 5 days was horrible for me. I felt so uncomfortable with my garment. I felt like it was pinching my sides and I could literally see deep creases of the binder and the shaper under the binder they gave me. I was not sure if this is a normal feeling or not. I did call the doctor yesterday and they told me I had the extra large and there is no larger side and I would have to buy spanks etc. So, I went to the store was totally confused what to buy and then was worried that I wouldn't have a binder to go around my waist if I only bought the girdle or spanks so I bought this firming shapewear. I have alot of trouble buying stuff like that because my breast are big and everything else isn't and then I wonder if I am buying the right thing or not. I wore it and it felt pretty good. I have been wearing this under the binder the doctor gave me and I feel 100 times better. I will be seeing him Thursday.

I took a shower of Day 3 with my boyfriends help. I do not advise that. I was so lightheaded after the shower and got super nauseous. That was probably worst than the first day. I was unable to hold any food down and I didn't want to take my pain pills on an empty stomach. I took another shower today but first washed my hair in the sink. I think that helped and I was not as nauseous. I have to stand to tinkle. My aim is great and is getting better lol. The first 5 days I did not have any bowel movement. I also started my menstrual today which is pretty uncomfortable. I am pretty swollen all over and do not feel thin. I am very anxious too see my final results when I fully heal.

Right now everything is HARD and appears bigger. I am just anticipating for everything to heal and hoping for the best. Patience is virtue.. OK I am going sleepy time. :)

Tomorrow will make 4 week post up,... I feel ok. I...

Tomorrow will make 4 week post up,... I feel ok. I have alot of swelling on my flanks and abdominal area. I hate it. I went back to work 3 week post up. My job requires me to sit 8hrs not counting lunch and breaks. I get up every hour or so. It is kind of uncomfortable to sit at times because my abs hurt. My back side doesnt really hurt just feels some pressure when I sit. My tummy hurts to bend down or sometimes sit. I sit on a pillow. Not sure how much that helps. I have not noticed my butt go down since I started working.Thank Gawd!!! I am hoping it stays as is till my 6th week. I am a little concerned because I have different hard spots on my abs, flanks, and back side. I am anxious for it to go down. It seems as though it appeared at 2nd week post up. I am not sure if a tight garment caused this or not or going back to work and sitting after 3 whole weeks. I will post pics and give an update once this swelling gets better.
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