Unders: 27 Yr Mom of 3. 5'7" 119lbs- 375cc- Dallas, TX

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This morning I had my surgery! I'm 5'7", weigh...

This morning I had my surgery! I'm 5'7", weigh 119lbs, and I have a 3.5 yr old and 20 month old twins. I just finished nursery my twins and my boobs have gone down to pancakes. I'm also a group fitness instructor and have to take 4 weeks off from teaching, especially since it's a barbell weightlifting class. Since a lot of men come to my class, I didn't want my breasts to be a magnet and too big for my body. I chose to do 375ccs! Hopefully this will bring me to a medium or full c.
My surgery was set for 7:30am today, and i needed to arrive at 6:30am to change clothes and finish filling out forms. I was pretty nauseous when I woke up (even though I was given 3 doses of zofran) and so they gave me a fenugrin shot in my booty and sent me on my way! I feel very loopy! I have my husband home to help me get off the bed to go to the bathroom. Occasionally I'll left my hand over my head as exercises. I'll keep posting away since I know how helpful other people's posts were.

Day 2 of post op

I slept well last night. Only woke up a 12am, and 5am for potty breaks since I've had a lot of water and because of the excess liquids from my IV. I took 2 hydros this morning at 7:30 and took a long hot shower to relax my pec muscles. I did some light massaging and it felt nice! I also did some easy exercises with my arms overhead and shoulder rolls. My chest feels very heavy and tight. I believe the exercises will help my pec muscles get used to stretching over the implant instead of me laying down in bed all day. Hopefully it works! I did take off my bra for the shower and I think my breasts look really nice! Not too high, just extremely perky. I'll take photos tonight!

Day 3 post-op

Day 4 post op

I haven't been sleeping too well. I'm usually up every few hours for needing to use the bathroom or bc my back hurts from so much on my back. I'm a total side sleeper. And so I've started to nap on my sides. It feels somewhat comfortable and so I'm just gonna do it! I woke up and had breakfast along with 2 hydro. My mom came over to get my twins out of their cribs and to take care of my 3 yr old. A couple hours later I took a Valium and napped for an hour. I'm able to use my arms just fine for everything normal. Just no lifting my kids. I might start taking less hydro so that I can rest better at night and during my naps. Hydros make you sleepy but it messes with your rem sleep cycles to where your sleep isn't good. I'm showering everyday so that my breast can soften from the heat and I gently massage them. My incisions are a little sore. Hopefully I can get better rest tonight!

Starting to wean of Hydrocodone

Instead of taking 2 Hydrocodone every 4 hours, I am taking 1 hydro with 1 Tylenol. My sleep has been very restless and my nurse told me that the Hydrocodone messed with the REM cycles during sleeping leaving one to not feel rested after a full nights sleep. SO, I've been taking less hydro and my pain level is still fine! I also take 2-3 Valium each day. I think I'll stick with that schedule for another 2 days and slowly taper off the hydro altogether. Tried on some old bras when I was heavier and I love my new boobs!!! They have a ways to go as far as dropping and fluffing but I couldn't be happier!! Definitely pick a doctor with lots of experience!

Day 6: Weaning from pain meds

So today my pain schedule will go something like this..
8am- 1 hydro + 1 Tylenol + antibiotic
11:30- 2 Tylenol + 1 Valium + last antibiotic
3:30- 2 Tylenol
7:00- 2 Tylenol
8:30- Valium, bedtime
I'm trying to wean of the Hydrocodone since I hate feeling like I'm living in a drowsy fog. This is also the first day that I'm home alone with my 20 month twins and 3 yr old. And so we've done a lot of outside playing and ready books. To put them in their cribs for nap time, i had them grab onto my back while wrapping their hands around my neck and then I just lift up so that all of the pressure is on my back and it worked just fine to toss them over into the crib! Other than that, I'm drinking a ton of water, also taking colace at night and miralax during the day to relieve constipation from the anesthesia and Hydrocodone. I finally had a big bowel movement this morning, tmi I know!! Just being real;) I typically have my breasts bandaged up like in these pics, which is how I left the hospital. I go in for my first post op appointment on Friday and hopefully I won't have to wear the elastic strap around the top of my chest anymore!! My scars look pretty gross, hoping those start to look better soon.

Confession- I've been sleeping on my side

My ps said to sleep on my back in the elevated position but that just gives me lots of back pain. So from day 2, I've been sleeping on my sides. It's not super comfortable but I'm able to fall asleep SO much more quickly than if I'm on my back. Does anyone know if this will really harm anything?? And my Ps said to not ice, but I see so many of y'all on here using ice packs and finding relief... ? My breast aren't numb, I'm thinking about trying that out today.

Finally getting softer!!! Love it!

Had my 1 week post op and everything looks good. They gave me the green light to start massaging. I need to cup my hand in a C shape and grab the base of my breast and massage for 2 minutes top of, the side of, and underneath my breast. Gotta rub that implant! I've been taking 2 Tylenol every 6 hours. Can't take Ibprophen yet because it thins blood and my dr wants me to avoid a hematoma. I just started to have nipple sensitivity. Happy about my 375cc unders!

12 days post op! Feeling much more normal!

Woo hoo! I'm feeling much more normal. Sleep had been super crappy though and so I went back to taking hydro and Valium at night and I'm on no meds during the day. It seems to be a good schedule. I'm starting to feel the spontaneous zings and micro-shocks throughout my breast. It's really no big deal though since they last for only seconds. My nipples have been hypersensitive. For me, that means they are always uncomfortable. Always. It's as if your nips suddenly get super hard from being cold, and that's how they feel 24/7. Totally sucks and is annoying. My incision sight is still tender. I wear a folded piece of gauze on top of them so that my bra doesn't dig into it. It just adds a bit of padding to soothe it. I've been looking for a zip-up sports bra and target and Walmart don't carry them. A friend of mine just had her breast aug a couple months ago and she gave me a regular non-underwire bra from Victoria Secret. It's a 34DD. It fits okay, a 34D would fit better bc it's just a tad big. BUT so comfortable and it's thicker than the ugly thin surgical bras that I got from my doctor. And it hides my nipples now that I'm wearing normal clothes. Super happy about it!!! My breasts are still sitting really high and are former compared to my friend that had hers done in April. So it looks like I still have a ways to go for them to settle. But I'm VERY happy with the 375cc unders!!! I took my 3 kids to target yesterday. I had to babywear 1 of my babies bc he was too fussy in the cart. Didn't hurt, just hard to get him in there. I'm used to carrying 2 babies all the time and so 1 baby was cake walk. Haha.

12 day post op photos!

Ops! Forgot to add photos on my last post

19 day post op!

Life is good. Why?! Because I finally got back into being super physically active! I hit the gym and hit the cardio classes. I can do weighted squats, lunges, biceps, tricep kick backs and overhead extensions, deadlifts and rows, clean and presses without any limitation! It all feels normal. The exercises that feel difficult are push-ups, I can only do top halves while on my knees. Also, dips off a bench, ouch!!! Can't at all. That's about it! I tried my friends Zumba class which isn't your typical Zumba class. It's a lot of burpees, jumping, push-ups etc. It went great! The first class, I didn't lift off my toes to jump bc it hurt boobs. The next day, I wore 2 sports bras for more support and I was able to jump. Had my post-op visit and they took off the glue using alcohol. They also wanted to take pics since they look so good! My stitches will dissolve in the next 2 weeks. I'm still taking 1 Valium at night and a couple Tylenol or Advil during the day just bc I'm hitting harder workouts and to keep any pain at ease. I've gotta get my kids dressed, fed and out he door for another Zumba class and then practice some weightlifting choreography for my bodypump class next Friday! Eek!

Sports bra with coverage

I went to Victoria secret and it was super hard to find a bra that had coverage. Everything shows cleavage and i do NOT want that while at the gym. And the bras that didn't show cleavage had not support for any type of jumping. Their sports bras are a joke! I'll keep searching for coverage AND support. My incision sites are pretty sore. And my boobs were pretty sore. I forgot to take any meds today. I think my workouts are causing the minor achiness but I want my body to get used to them. And I'm noticing that I'm Able to do more and more each day. For real, any of this is better than the pain I had while nursing the twins, and then I had thrush while nursing them. It felt like a crocodile was biting my nipples and as if my breasts were on fire for months. So painful. But the first 2 weeks post-op from the breast aug was mentally HARD!! Just like breastfeeding. Total roller coaster. And I think just knowing time will heal helped me hang on. Definitely needed a couple cry sessions to release the built up frustRation from the pain and running after my kids. I needed more help but didn't have it. All of my friends have kids and my hubby is super busy in grad school. So, yeah. Big emotional roller coaster. But now that I pushed myself out the door and into the gym, I'm feeling better. Hopefully things continue to heal and my pecs continue to get used to being stretched around the implant. It gets better and better the more consistent and steady I am with it. Things i wasn't able to do yesterday, I was able to do today. I'm probably a 34 full c or small d. Now I'm off to bed! Xo
Irving Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor who did a fabulous breast augmentation on me!!! I went to two other consults and ultimately chose Whetstone for his experience, precision, and friendly staff!

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