100lb 4"11 and Went with 375cc - Dallas, TX

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I just had my surgery today at about 7:20am great...

I just had my surgery today at about 7:20am great doctor everything went so well I was kinda scared ok a lot scared lol of being under but thank god I'm still here with better boobs :-) im swollen but not much pain other than my armpits good luck to any lady who is going to get surgery today or after best of luck :-) oh I was a full a small b prior to suffer but deflated :'-(

First day more pics :-)

Ok I was in no pain thill the meds woar off lol now I can really say it does hurt to move my arms try to grab or pull anything sucks :-( but no vomit no dizy just pain under my arms not even on my boobs and I noticed one is more swollen than the other on so hope it catches up soon to its twin lol supper bloated too :-/

Second day still really swollen

Less pain I'm able to move my arms can't make sudden moves it will hurt a lot I showerd last night with the help of my husband wich felt great these med make me so sleepy but I'm afraid to stop taking them and get some severe pain will try to stop tomorrow day 3 my meds :-( they look huge not gonna lie but im sure they will shrink and fit my body just fine :-)

Just trying on an old bra and some stretchy ones

From day one to day four

Not much change still high and swollen hope to see a change soon :-)

Tape removed

Today they removed the tape that they put over my stitches everything is looking pretty good must say I was kinda scared but did not feel a think :-) oh and I was also advices to keep taking my muscle relaxer meds to help them drop faster and soften :-( them meds put me to sleep I don't like them :-(

More pics from today

They looks like there fitting my petite body just perfect excited for weeks to come :-) can't believe it will be one week tomorrow :-)

Having truble uploading pics

6 days post op swelling going down

Noticed swelling going down
Sry so many pics but I would look for ppl that had many pics so I could know how things change and help me make a better choice so for that reason I try to post as much as I can

How my bras fit

There still swollen they have shrank in the last 6 days but have not dropped yet so that will change the size of them these are old bras I would wear when pregnant 34c and 32d some 32d vs donot close on me the 34c is from gap I don't know what size iam at the moment just going by what I have home won't measure my self till swelling is gone so I can let u all know for sure :-)

One week down :-)

Ok so here it is one week today :-) swelling has gone down a lot so I do see they are smaller wich. I knew before hand but still felt this was just what I wanted :-) 100lb 4"11 can't push my body for bigger ones So that being sead here's more pics so u can see how they are starding to drop just a bit still really high but less swollen still look a little big so I'm sure they will still reduce :-)

Before my boobs pic and what I wish to get

Ok this is my before pic full a small b. And the next pic is from another lady on this web who has same stats as me and got same profile size I just love her result and hope I get to look half as good as her :-) ps if the lady on pic sees her pic here iam sry I'm just wanthing to show them as my wish boobs no harm intended :-)

9 days post op

Feeling great still swollen they have gone down quite a bit but they have not dropped yet :-( I know it's early but wish they were perfect already lol still wearing my surgical bra and strap have to wear for 3 weeks and other than that no changes :-) and I was 100lb now I'm 103lb not much diff but iam bloated too :-( not constipated just really bloated hope it goes away soon

10days post op

Feeling great times going by to slow for me lol wish I had perfect breast already but I know it takes time im fitting into gap bra just perfect lightly lined no padding at all 34c I think I will more than likely end up in the c cup but maight shrink more fluff more don't know :-/ oh and an fyi this 34c gap bra fits way better than my 32d vs bras they run to small

Getting bruised :-(

Ok I've had the perfect recovery so far but yesterday I noticed my breast on the side were my band to help them drop is starding to turn pink purple :-/ im gonna call my doctor also feel like this compression bra is making it worst they don't hurt feel soft it's just red purple as in pic only thing is if I put band on top it hurts me a lot sharp pain so I will not wear it anymore wish me luck gonna see if I can call and get seen today if not thill my appointment but I just want a regular sports bra this is to much :-( it's WIERD looks like red purple white lol I'm sry don't know how to describe it but it's not something I had before at all

Called the doctor

Ok I called and spoke to the nurse who is in charge of my recovery she gave me the ok to take my surgery bra off and wear Sports bra or a supportive no wire bra wich is what I'm wearing it's so comfy and I have nomore pain :-) bbuuttt as I was getting out of the shower I noticed im getting this rash red same as breast in my arms and legs lol baby I'm on a row here no joke I tock allergy med see if it helps now I don't know if this whole time it was my boobs wich it did for sure start there or what's going on maibe allergic to my silicon? Hope not dont wanna call and bother ppl anymore I'll just go to appointment Nd have doctor see me I have no pain or itch it can hold till tomorrow I'll keep u guys posted :-)

And I'm alive!!! :-)

Thanks you so much lady's for all the support and well wishes really I mean it :-) went to my appointment my boobs are way better nomore red or purple it was my surgical bra that was hurting me he sead since there droping there expanding in the bottom with my surgical bra I was being squeezed in so that's why I had so much pain and marks and all ugly stuff my breast reduced to normal he sead just to keep letting them breath now on a light sports bra so they can drop and expand better :-) taking my daughter 9 to cheer practice will post pics so u can see how there changing a bit everyday my rash God know we're or why I had it but my allergy med tock it away thanks again for the well wishes my boobs are fine and so am I :-)

Boob update :-)

my left breast is smaller than my right at the moment it hasent droped as much or rounded out as much yet that the side I will get pain once in a while so I'm guessing it's taking time to catch up but its ok I love them :-)

2 weeks down :-)

Well things look good my breast are softer everyday still have some more droping to do im feeling great in light weight soft sports bras I feel like I can breath better and they can expand more :-) it's two weeks today not much change love waking up to my boobs :-)

Post work out after ba 2 weeks

Ok it's 12:35am can't sleep I went to the gym yesterday wed wich marked my 2 week post surgery I did the steper only lower body I felt good but my nipples were always pointing out it was akward I would like to know if u guys have any recommendations for a good sports bra that's not to tight but give support and gives coverage or any tips please to avoid that happening also what were u able to do aside from inclined walking and steper At the gym at 2 weeks im sry I know it's early but my doctor sead it was ok to start and I need to start asap im only 1 pound heavier with my implants im just to thin want to gain muscle weight to 105 and I feel like being home im gonna loose more weight and look way to thin saw one of the other teachers today at school and she hugged me and seAd wow your so thin what are u doing but to me it's not a compliment makes me sad :-(so I need to build muscle any advice please and thank u

16 day update

There getting rounder not
Much change but I do feel them so soft agin I tried on two bras I always do lol just to compare :-) I believe I'll end up a full c but still changing who knows :-) I've been working out for two day going on third today I feel great doing lower body only and got great tips from a lot of lady's and I feel great :-) happy healing and good luck to the ones who haven't had there's will post at 3 weeks ;-)

Some more pics

Just some more pics on my workout top so u can see how natural they look :-)

Well I found the perfect sports bras :-)

Yup I went to Marshall wich was my first option than going to the mall and paying full price I like to save is I can if not we'll then I'll payfull price lol I found two sports bra light padding no push up just enought to cover my nipples lol they always show so there are so comfy I love them :-) ps I donot want to buy expensive bras or sports bras when my breast are still changing :-)


Ok my left boob seems smaller and less full will this change? Or will they stay different I love my right boob the left has been the one that at first would give me sharp pains wich were on and off but have stopped in the last 3 days I wonder if that was the problem? I think it hasent dropped like the right one do you lady's agree? Or are they just never gonna be the same :-( and stay as they are? :-(

3 weeks down :-)

Well hello lady's :-) im 3 weeks today feeling great been working out legs and booty for a week now feels good no chest pain :-) now they still haven't dropped :-( ones higher than the other still looks like one dropped a bit faster but not fully I don't know what size of bra I wear as im only 3 weeks and I'm sure all swelling is gone but they still gotta come down and I don't know if that will make them bigger or smaller :-/ there's day I wish I would of gone with 400cc as I feel there small at times with some clothes I wear but then I see my pics and there perfect for my body so I stay focus this is what I wanted no boob greed please lol then there clothes were they look huge and I feel there a bit big :-/ WIERD im not normal :-/ but iam happy lol well I wear a small med in sports bras I kinda feel like there not mine it's wierd when I lay down on my side as that's how I sleep I have to fix my boob so I don't squish it it won't hurt but I'm still like let me fix this thing so I don't hurt them lol there just wierd I guess as time goes by I will feel more like there mine once they drop and are in place as there still kinda high but I do like the size on me im so small that they do look a bit big as I mentioned well here are some pics of my 3 week mark good luck to anyone getting there :-) or is recovering

First day to 3 weeks

Before and after day one to 3 weeks what a diff

4 weeks post op and scars

Feeling great been sleeping on my side since 2nd week I still can't wear wire bras or do any type of upper body work outs I've been working lower body since week 2 I have not been measured but all my vs 32d bras don't fit I went to Macy's I did try a maiden form bra 32d and was to small I mention that since I know vs runs small so I don't know we're I will end up I've dropped some more a bit more lol thanks to a lady who made a video on how to massage on her review I feel them softer started wearing my surgical bra at night as I feel I have to fix my breast when I sleep since I sleep on my side also starded using strap around the house to help them drop well here are some pics on how they look and again how there fitting in my old bras I used while pregnant and after my kids also one with the one I tried on at Macy's :-) oh and some pic of my scars have not put anything on them will have to get ok from doctor on the 31st of this month

Forgot to add a pic

Forgot to add the maiden form pic and one with out a bra

Mid section work out tips please

Ok I can only do lower body im really wanthing to tone my mid section anyone know of any tips on how to do abs with not upper body movement please It would really help posting a pic so u see what im working with no definition I have 3 kids don't judge please any tips are greatly welcome thanks a lot :-) ps I hate cardio im to skinny don't wanna losse more weight

5 weeks already :-) and back to work

Ok so today marks my 5th week post op and my 3rd day back to work iam a teacher 3rd grade not much work if u ask me we have great kids in our school so I'm glad things are smooth with work :-) now my breast I've noticed have started to drop a bit more less upper pole fullness keep in mind I always had low nipples so my nipples are still low :-/ but again it's never really bothered me so I'm happy to say I'm loving my breast and there size. I bought my first wireless bra 32dd vs I also went to Macy's again I love Macy's :-) and bought a really stretchy jockey wireless bra I don't want to spend to much on bras as I've not been measured I went by what I tried on and I know vs runs small the one from Macy's is a 34c smallest band I could get but it fits great it's really snug on me and the cups are supper stretchy gives me better coverage than the vs bra but since I needed something to hide my nipples I had to buy that other vs bra :-( there supper soft they bounce when I run or move them there looking more natural each day :-) hope you girls are healing great and good luck to the girls who are about to get there's

Happy Sunday :-)

Just got home gotta get stuff ready around the house for the week ahead 1m follow up with doctor tomorrow will update on what he says :-) good luck and happy healing

One month visit with doctor

Ok this is based on what I was told by my Surgen every doctor is different :-) he told me I was done healing and I can start to do upper body work outs today as im almost 6 weeks on wed he also sead that my breast will not reduce in size as all swelling is gone. Now what he did tell me was that I will not drop much as they are high profile I will have a lot of upper pole fullness wich I tought would go down :-/ now they maight he sead maight drop down a bit more but u will keep a lot off the cleavage not sure mix feelings about it :-/ im happy im healing well but I figured they would drop more I will still update on a daly week see if any changes happen he told me I cAn get meassured now he did not measure me as he sead a lot of patients say theve been measured a different size so he just told me I look great and I can go bra shopping get in a pool no restrictions at all :-) I can also wear wire bras im happy about my results but I still believe there's more changes to come will have to see good luck to all and happy healing :-)

6 week update :-)

Hope everyone's doing well I'm at my 6 weeks today now I had my one month check up on monday I have been having mix feelings about this whole thing :-/ I don't regret my surgery but I've questioned it at this point I'm not gonna lie I was loving them but was surprise when my doctor told me they will not drop anymore and I would keep a lot of the upper fullness that I have now I know I have hp and I will have some cleavage but I for some reason seen so many lady's with hp and they drop and look great now I personally feel like mine stick out to much :-/ my husband says there perfect my Surgen says there perfect my friends and fam agree but I just feel like they don't belong in me :-( I've read ppl get sad at 1-2 weeks but I'm 6 weeks!!! Don't know if it's normal but I still wake up feeling like there not part of me :-( yet I do love them as they are just wanted them to drop a bit more im so confusing girls Sry don't know how to explain the way I feel I don't regret it but i do wish i was at that point were they feel like my own there supper soft but yet I feel WIERD :-/ also I have not been sized I do see I fit into a 32dd yet I can't find one that fits the way I would like them it's WIERD putting them into a bra how crazy and a 32d just fits small :-( I wanna cry I feel like they look smaller than the size im fitting :-( maibe I got used to the size and that's why I feel like this now maibe it's just me but I do love wearing thin bras and not worrying about looking flat :-) wich is a big deal for me I don't know Sry for such a long review I just wanted to be honest and post how I feel after my visit hope things change and good luck to all of you and happy healing :-) and thank you all lady's for your kind words on my previous post :-)

7 weeks down :-)

Sry supper busy with work but yesterday was my 7 weeks post op im feeling much better about my boobs they have dropped more now they actually fit in a normal wire bra just perfect im so happy with them I can make them look big with tight clothes or smaller with loose shirts im actually starding to feel more comftable with them I don't wake up with morning boob wich I was still at 6 weeks and just made it harder for me they just felt like they were not part of me now I wake up and there soft and they don't bother me while laying down before I would have to fix my boob so I can be comftable not anymore :-) they bounce and giggle there really soft will post a 2 month update next week will try to get a before and after from my doctor so u girls can see how they changed the last pic they tock was at 6 weeks when I was told they would not change and they have so they maight look higher than they are thank you all for the wonderful support I wish each one of u nothing but the best like I was told don't judge your breast just yet they will change for the better :-)

2 month update yay :-)

So it's been a while since I last updated im 2 months today so excited :-) seems like I've had these boobs forever :-) im in love with them I love not having to wear any push up bras at all just a wire line bra is all I need and my boobs still look good in my opinion of corse :-) well I'm currently wearing a 34d or 32dd wich are sister sizes I wear a losse top and they look average or a tight top and they look huge so it's a win win for me since I have small children and iam also a 3rd grade teacher nothing new they have droped a bit still have some fullness up top but ofcource they are high profile so I have adjusted to them at this point. Well here are some update pics Sry my top is so wrinkled it's my night tee I was trying to get this up asap :-) happy healing and best of luck to anyone getting a ba :-)

Before and 2m after

This is a before pic and a 2 month update 375cc hp under muscle I was a full a small b prior to surgery im a 32dd/34d at the moment 101.lb 4"11 I have breast feed 3 children for about 4m each my baby is 4 years if that helps :-)

Quick update

Not much change they feel great soft bouncy and fit me just perfect love buying thin bras :-) not gonna lie don't know if this happens to anyone else but I still see the bigger bras I now wear and before I try them on I'm kinda scared they seem to big yet they fit perfect lol I guess my brain is still in small boob mode lol well will update with more pics at 3m happy healing to all:-)

3m update :-)

Well this has been a true adventure :-) I love my new breast I even forget there fake they just move with me and feel like a part of my body I'm still wearing a 32dd/34d bra size I believe since 3 weeks after surgery they have changed in shape but don't think they lost any more volume size wise since 3 week mark. Now as I keep saying there big on me since I'm small yet there's some tops that they look smaller or huge on I'm really please there super and I mean supper squishy just like real boobs as seen in pic also they do bounce just so u all know I know everyone is different just letting u all know mine are high profile and yes they bounce jiggle just like real boobs now I'm at 99-100 pounds I do plan on gaining weight don't know how that will affect them :-/ I also work out 6 days a week and have a fast metabolism so Maibe 5 pounds will see, about push up bras I am able to wear them now as I've tried some in stores yet since I'm so tiny at this point they look way to big on me so I'm staying away for now but the uncomftable feeling I still had last month is all gone :-) well I don't know what else to add still have not gotten my before and after from Doctor sry :-( will put them as soon as I get them well best of luck lady's hope everyone is doing great :-)

4m update

Not much change still same size 32dd/34d I'm very happy with the result they look and feel pretty normal to me I can't feel the implant wig is nice :-) never lost nipple sensation or boob feeling so nothing to report sry getting boring but Maibe just Maibe this update can still help someone :-) best of luck lady's and happy healing to all

Quick update :-)

5m since my surgery still loving my results just tought I would post some pics with some clothes on so u can see how each dress style makes them look huge or normal lol love how I can wear low cut dresses and they look huge then something more conservative and they look just fine :-) well best of luck to u all happy healing oh and yes I still wear sport bras as regular bras lol the advantage of having boobs and not needing the padding :-)

10m post op

Hey girls been a while since my last update supper busy at the moment sry. I have not notice any changes on my breast since my last update in still the same size 34d/32dd they fit just fine posting pics with bras I have shown before just so u can see there hasn't been much change. I will post some pictures with some clothes on at another time just so u can see how they look overall on me I'm small they do look a bit big on me but not over the top big which I love well hope you all are doing great!

The ugly truth

Alright lady's hope your guys are doing well it's been 1 year and 6/7m and the untincable happend :-( 5 days ago I noticed a lump in my breast I was so scared it could be something bad so I scheduled my mammogram asap as well as an ultrasound. Once the ultrasound was done they found that it seems that my left implant has ruptured :-( I'm very sad about it at the same time extremely glad it is not cancer. I have an appointment on Wednesday with my surgeon so he can review my results to confirm a ruptured implant. Now the only thing that I did rong ( and can remember) was get a really tight squeeze from my husband as he was playing with my boys telling them I was only his lol I noticed the lump when I showered that day it still bothers me to think I could rupture a silicon implant by a tight squeeze :-/ now other than the little lump I feel there is no visible sign of a ruptured implant I do have a bit of a burning pain that comes and goes very mild but it's there now I'm not wanting to scare girls out there by all means as I will be replacing mine agAin god willing everything is well for me to do so but just so u can be aware that some times small things we don't think can hurt our implants actually end up doing so and it sucks. I will post and update once I speak to my surgeon on what the next steps will be

Update pic

Ruptured implant is the one on your right as u can tell no visible lumps only noticed it looks a bit smaller still kept it shape very well love the results has been 1 year and 6m no complications other than the above mention which had. Itching to do with the way implant was placed it was an accident :-) will replace the ruptured implant once my surgeon says it's ok to do so

Correction from picture post

Not itching it was a typo sry I meant "had nothing" to do with the way implant was placed sry


Great news my MRI confirmed I did not have a leak what was actually leaking in my breast was a hematoma which caused me to get the lumps that I was feeling and tightnes of the Breast which as I were able to see in pic made my breast look higher and smaller all due to the hematoma I had no visible bruise only felt the lump ultrasound showed leakage which was there but mis diagnosed with ruptured :-) I could opt for surgery or let it heal on its own which is what I have chosen I don't wish to have surgery if not needed so overall I'm really glad everything is well and it was not a ruptured implant as I mentioned it was a little concerning to me to have my implant rupture so early with no specific force I guess when my husband hugged me he must of caused the internal bleeding that lead to my hematoma I was told it was pretty large but is healing on its own just wanted to update again sry I've been so busy haven't had time to update hope all is well with u all will post update pic to show how they have even out again :-)
Dr rios

He is awsome really good doctor love his work I know a few ppl that went with him and he's hoard certified just an awsome experience lovely nurses as well :-)

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