Breast Explantation Without Lift - Düsseldorf, DE

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15 years ago I got ( Mentor 275cc high profile...

15 years ago I got ( Mentor 275cc high profile textured cohesive silicone gel ) implants under the muscle. The muscle wasn't severed so I have no problems with flexing.
I filled an a cup before but I had no sagging breast, indeed my breast was beautiful before and I would do much to get it back. But of course this won't happen. After getting a child my boobs changed much and my boobs and nipples became very saggy and bigger. Before and after augmentation they looked well first. So please don't think my surgeon would have done a bad job. No she really did a good job and I didn't have any problems for 10 years.
It was a very bad decision for me to get implants and implants are simply not for me.
I think they are unhealthy and I can't stand the feeling of them. In addition the implants are painful for me for the last 5 years.
I have done an ultrasound and the implants aren't damaged.
Because of the saggy boobs I know that I will look devastating after explantation, but I don't care, because this is what I have done to my body a long time ago.
I'm writing this review because I want all girls out there to consider very well if they really want to get breast augmentation. What I have learned is that only because you are not satisfied with your real boobs that doesn't mean that you don't like them years later. Ideas change over time when we get older and it isn't always possible to change our mind without bearing the visual consequences and the other consequences of course . Even if you have a lift this will have visual consequences, too. And I really don't like the procedure of lifts, I never will do any more harm to my body if it isn't necessary for my health. I trust my surgeon, she is really good and she had done my breast augmentation, too. Of course she told me, that I will look deformed after explantation. Sorry but English isn't my native language.
I have added some before pics.
Let me know what you think, every comment is welcome.

A question

Does anyone of you have any experiences if the nipples get a little bit smaller after explantation ? My are really big, but you can't see it in the other pictures so I will add a better one.

Be Yourself

by Ellen Bailey

Why would you want to be someone else
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Be yourself and let your qualities show through
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Remember that God loves you just as you are
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My husband has got the flue, I hope I won't catch it and I am looking forward to surgery. Of course I am feeling excited but I'm OK and I never questioned my decision. I thought I would worry more about the surgery, but I really don't.
I have already bought some cute sport bras and some cheating tools... to make me feel better if I'm feeling blue after the surgery. I am sure I will have to practice a lot in loving and being myself before I will put such things into the trash.
BUT luckily those things don't damage my health and I'm sure one day they will go into the trash bin for sure ! It is a process of development mentally and physically. After 15 years of breast implants, I really can't find one advantage of them. I think I should better tried a psychological therapy than to modify my poor body. And you are allowed to lough now, because I'm a psychologist lol. I'm staying at home and I am not working any more, but ok, I should have known it better.
I hope one day only the numbness in my breast will remember me on this episode of my life. BUT if we don't make failures we won't learn anything, right ?
I think it is ok to make failures but it is more important to correct them, than to mourn for them. Every day we have the possibility of making our life a little bit better and we should take this opportunity with all our power.
Have a nice day !

Thank you

for all the kind and helpful comments, I really appreciate them.
You are great altogether !

Today I learned something interesting about dental implants. They later tried textured dental implants, too. In my opinion there is very much similarity to breast implants in the way the body reacts on those implants. There is a disease called peri-implantitis which can happen after getting dental implants. Bacteria can populate textured dental implants better. Sounds familiar to me. I really ask me sometimes if there are any healthy implants out there no matter for what proposes not only regarding the used materials. I wonder if our body will ever accept foreign objects without developing any diseases in the long term.
I think the body fights foreign objects naturally and this might lead to an overload of the immune system, it might lead to autoimmune diseases and a damage of our immune system might lead to cancer.
I am no physician and I'm no scientist, it is only my personal opinion but it sounds logical to me.

Tomorrow a new life without silicone

I'm very happy, that I will be able to end this episode of my life soon.
And sorry, that I haven't answered some kind responses, but I really tried not to think about boobs and I have been busy with other things.
I'm really not sure how I will deal with the new situation tomorrow. Will my self-esteem be as good as it is now or will I have to struggle with it ? I really have no idea. I hope that I will be strong enough and that I won't fall back in old habits which I had a decade ago. I would be very disappointed of myself if this would be the case.
That's the only question I'm thinking about today and I can't answer it for sure. Well we will know it soon.


Hi Lisa, it is done and it is like heaven on earth !!!!! I NEVER feeled so good for the last 15 years!! The people here are wonderful and I am feeling very comfortable here. I have had the capsules removed,too. The implants were still intact.
The general anesthesia was like a holiday, I'm feeling fit already. I wIll tell you more later.

In the meantime

First I thought I wouldn't need pain killers...
BIG MISTAKE !!! Because it hit me really hard later and even some pain killers didn't work. Currently I feel OK again, because they have found pain killers which work for me very well.
Walking is ok, but I can't stand up on my own or get something which is located on the side of my bed. Everyone here takes good care of me and I'm happy that I have chosen this clinic. They are great altogether!
I hope I will have the worst over in 2 days. The biggest pain is due to removing the capsules, but it was really important and necessary in my opinion.

Some pics

My old implants, the drainage which is coming out tomorrow and me with compresses and a padded sports bra in a shirt, no boobs only bandage and padding... I will try to get a pic without clothes tomorrow.

Home again

I'm at home again, my husband is working and will return in the late evening.
I am alone here except for my beloved Akita dog. He is staying at my side.
I am feeling lonely and helpless actually. Can't manage some things like tying my long hair or reach higher cupboards. My child is together with its grandma at the moment.
I even couldn't carry my bags and had to ask my old father in law for that.
Not a good day today.
The fridge is empty of course ... men and shopping.... , I will look into the freezer later.

Good boy

What is under this bra under the bandage ?

Let's take a peak !

Strange things happen

I'm feeling a real boost of energy today, I haven't felt like this a decade before, but that's strange after surgery and after still dealing with pain.
In addition my dry skin gets better and I had serious problems with acne before.
At the moment I don't have one spot. I don't know if it is only a coincidence, but of course I am very pleased. Im curious if my amount of hair loss will be less in future. I will keep you updated. And my husband told me today that he had problems with my breast augmentation before, because he has never had the feeling that he was allowed to touch my fake boobs like my real boobs before.
Fake boobs seem to be something separating often.

Soreness goes away

I don't take pain killers any more. The last time was yesterday morning.
I am slowly going back to normal now.
Wow I am very satisfied, it didn't spent as long as the recovery after the breast augmentation, but it was much more painful for me than that.
The left boob which was the most painful, doesn't make any problems now, I can feel that everything is healing well. To prevent the risk of getting a seroma I wear a compression bra and I take traumeel and apis mellifica. Apis helps with itching and more important it pulls fluids out. In addition I am eating healthy, much vitamin C. I have read some people had problems with the anesthesia, I didn't have such problems, but I want to tell you that derevatio helps with getting the anesthesia out of your body faster. I don't know if you are a fan of homeopathy, but I am and it helped me often. I will detox, too. I will tell you more about it later.

New pic


It is very interesting for me how many women explant and the explantation numbers here are growing. Have a look at the stats. Well I think we are not isolated cases and there is a lot of conformity in the reviews. I think the scientists out there should have a closer look at this. We have the right to be heard and to express views and it is always a good idea to evaluate ethics and new clues again for the benefit of everyone. Sometimes I think I can already hear the thunder of the waves of revolution for health and natural beauty. It is a beginning and I'm sure it won't stop in this educated networked world. Information is free.

HELP - Different boob sizes at the moment no seroma no swelling

What's happening ? I never had such an asymmetry. I selected an very unfavorable angle to show you the problem. Can anybody explain that ? Will this continue to look like that or can it change and look better one day ?

Another picture of the bigger boob

Ultrasound done

There is no seroma. I can't find any explanation for that. My surgeon suggested a seroma or more skin on one side. My husband suggested, may be one side is reshaping faster than the other. Well I don't know I first thought it must be a medical complication or something like that .

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It's a new dawn , it's a new day, it's a new life

for me

and I'm feeling good ...

and free..


Isn't that the only thing we should really be...


While my bigger left boob looks and feels very good and is soft the lower part (below the nipple) of my smaller right boob has now nearly disappeared. This part ist hardened very much from the inside, too. But the parts above it are soft. You can feel that while massaging it. In addition the nipple has distorted to the side and downward. Because of that the boob looks distorted from the side, too. I hope that it is not a big necrosis in the hardened part. I will have a consultation on Monday and will update my review after that. The last time only the bigger boob has been examined, which was ok.
I never thought the smaller one could be a problem, I only feared a seroma in the bigger one. *Sigh*


New ultrasound and the reason for my different sized boobs is adhesion !

More about adhesion

Hi, today I had a new ultrasound and my gynecologist said that my bigger breast is healing perfect, but the smaller one is misshaped and drawn inwards because of adhesion. In addition I have a harmless cyst in it,too which wasn't there before.
She told me it could get worser over time, but it is only a cosmetic problem which could only be corrected with another surgery. I don't think that I will need a new surgery, because massage already helped and it continues to look better. What do you think ?

I am reading articles about silicone gel diffusion

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post links to other contents. So I will cite only a short interesting part of them.

Silicone is a polymer widely used for medical purposes, including breast implants. The aim of this work is to verify the occurrence of silicone gel diffusion through the lining membrane (bleed) of gel breast implants with smooth, textured, and polyurethane foam coated surfaces, sterilized by dry heat and ethylene oxide. The results enable us to conclude that there is significant difference for the bleed results among gel breast implants of smooth, textured, and polyurethane foam coated surfaces in relation to the bleed test. The bleed results for implants sterilized by dry heat and ethylene oxide also show significant difference. These results suggest that the gel diffusion through the lining membrane is related to the type of gel breast implants, as well as to the sterilization method. It means that polyurethane foam coated surface breast implant shows less gel diffusion than textured and smooth breast implants and breast implants sterilized by dry heat show less gel diffusion than those sterilied by ethylene oxide

?Roger Herdman - 2000 - ?Medical
Other, independent measurements of various implant models (Yu et al., 1996) put silicone gel fluid diffusion at about 300 mg per year, with considerable variation depending on implant age and manufacturer ...

Silicone gel diffusion

Small amounts of silicone can diffuse through the elastomer shell of gel-filled implants. In the medical literature, patients who had intact implants filled with conventional gel were reported to have small amounts of silicone in the periprosthetic capsule, the lymph nodes of the armpits, and in other areas further away.

End of citations

Has anyone told you this before you got your implants ?

Happy healing and thanks to my surgeon

I am very happy , because I can sleep on both of my sides and I can workout now with much more power than before, without having strange pain and it is so easy to breathe now. I have no hardened parts in my boobs any more, my sexual life got much better and In addition I have much more energy, no strange pain like burning sensations any more, the hair loss stopped, the acne stopped, I lost much weight, I don't need as much sleep as before and I feel like I have more power in my breast muscles, the dizziness stopped and I regained more feeling in my right boob.
I have no creases any more, no loose skin, no problems with flexing, I can bend over without having strange looking boobs and I am very thankful for that.
I think that's because I didn't have big implants, I only had one set of implants and because of the younger age and tight elastic skin and of course because my surgeon didn't destroy my breast muscle in the augmentation surgery.
She has done a great work and the stitches are already healing very well, I am sure I barely will see any scars later. I want to thank her for that from the bottom of my heart. I am really pleased and I can recommend her.


new pics without implants versus old pic with implants

I feel great and I don't regret anything. I love my soft mommy boobs.
Hugging people, making love and doing my workout is such a joy now, if you would pay me a million dollar, I wouldn't put back these plastic bags ! NEVER EVER!
Life has another quality for me now and I am very VERY thankful for that.

old pic of an adhesion which faded away over time

I wanted to show you that because I want you to know, that such things can suddenly happen and that they sometimes can resolve over time. I only used massage and went braless ! one month after the explantation, that helped a lot. The adhesion was much worser before than this picture shows, the whole side of the breast was drawn inside and not much projection was visible from the side. Unfortunately I didnt take pics of it when it was much worser. Nevertheless it has fully resolved.

Breast implant illness I have recently read an interesting article of Maya Pyskaty


Not only are the significant health issues a problem, but the lack of Plastic Surgeons disclosing the real, proven, toxic effects and illnesses that come with Breast Implants, is a problem. To make matters worse, women suffering from these ailments don’t get any help from their medical Doctors regarding the answer to their problems when they ask if they are possibly ill from Implants. They are left thinking they are crazy.

To give an idea of how women are badly effected by implants, “95% of women who had silicone gel-filled breast implants and rheumatologic symptoms such as joint pain, found that the symptoms improved in 97% (42 of 43) of the women who had their breast implants removed. In contrast, rheumatologic symptoms worsened in 96% (50 of 52) of the women who did not have their implants removed.” 2

Here are some “facts” shared from the FDA. These reports are extremely contradictive of the test methods/results and “safe” approval.

Detected Heavy Metals in Implant shell and/or gel: (p.6,8)
(The report shows more heavy metals listed, but I have listed the most toxic and detrimental.)

Ingredients in the shell and silicone gel in implants:
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (neurotoxin)
Cyclobexanone (neurotoxin)
Isopropyl Alcohol
Denatured Alcohol
Acetone (neurotoxin)
Polyvinyl Chloride (neurotoxin)
Lacquer Thinner
Ethyl Acetate (neurotoxin)
Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Hardener 10 and 11
Stearic Acid
Zinc Oxide
Benzene (carcinogen/neurotoxin)
Printing Ink
Methyl 2-cyanoacrylate
Toluene (carcinogen/neurotoxin)
Sodium Flouride
Lead-based Solder
Metal Cleaning Acid
Lacquer Thinner
Talcum Powder
Color pigments as release agents
Oakite (cleaning solvent)
Ethylene Oxide (carcinogen)
Naptha (rubber solvent)
Phenol (neurotoxin)
Carbob Black

There is 100% evidence that all cohesive silicone Implants, including the “new and improved” implants, “gel bleed” inside the body, while still intact, exposing the body to platinum as well as 40+ toxic ingredients and heavy metals. (p.7,12)

The FDA report states “The scientific literature contains case reports of silicone gel migration in women with intact (non-ruptured) breast implants [4,5 ] that identified silicone using H-localized spectroscopy in the liver of women with intact silicone gel-filled implants…” (p.12)

The statement continues… “There is no evidence of a health consequence associated with gel diffusion/bleed. Toxicological testing indicates that the silicone material used in (brand name removed) Silicone Gel Breast Implants does not cause toxic reactions in test animals.” (p.12)

I find this statement very contradictive, since these devices are meant to last in the human body “safely” for up to the recommended replacement timeframe of 10 years, and in some methods of animal testing, these tests were not carried out for more than 30 days. Just one implantation test was carried out for a mere 12 weeks. (p.8,9,10)

For example, back to the statement on page 12 about “the silicone material used does not cause toxic reactions in test animals”, a test was done on Acute Systematic Toxicity using Mice. The Mice were injected with extracts of the implant gel and shell materials and observed for up to 72 hours only. However, the test concludes that there was no mortality or evidence of toxicity. (p.8 section 3)

That test doesn’t look very promising to these implants being safely put in the human body for 10 years at 98.6 degrees, does it? Especially since there is confirmation of gel bleed into the body without rupture, guaranteed. (p.7,12)

?Another test administered was for Immunotoxicity. Rats were subcutaneously implanted with the test articles (implant gel and shell materials) and observed for a mere 30 days. The results showed that there was minimal immunosuppressive impact by the test materials. (p.9 section 6)

Even though it’s a minimal impact, there is still an impact, and that is after only 30 days.

Another test that brings me to wonder is the Gel Bleed Test, done to analyze the amount of siloxanes including platinum that would excrete from the implant while in the body.

“Intact implants were extraction tested in bovine calf serum to model the natural condition of the breast implant. The extracts were analyzed for the low molecular weight siloxanes (specifically D4 through D21 and the linear siloxanes (MD2M through MD19M)” “The ranges of concentrations in the extraction samples were not statistically significantly different from those of the blank for the majority of the detectable siloxanes” (Although that sounds to me like there is a difference, regardless of lack of significance).

It goes on to state “Only two of the linear siloxanes (MD6M and MD16M) were determined to be significantly different from the blank concentrations” “The platinum concentration measured in the serum extract was below the limit of detection.” (p.12) However, this study does not state if the bovine calf serum was 98.6 degrees like the human body, nor does it state how long the implants were in the calf serum at the time of testing.

As studies show, siloxanes are extremely toxic. Two of the most disturbing effects of siloxanes (D4 in particular), is that it is an endocrine disruptor that interferes with human hormone function, and a reproductive toxicant that may impair human fertility. Exposure to D5 siloxanes has been shown to cause uterine tumors and harm to the reproductive and immune systems. 2,3

Platinum is found in the blood, urine, hair, nails, sweat, brain tissue and breast milk in women with implants according to studies. 4

The FDA lists adverse effects on health. Some listed are:
Implant rupture
Breast tissue atrophy/chest wall deformity
Connective tissue disease (CTD)
CTD signs and symptoms
Neurological disease
Neurological signs and symptoms (Brain Fog)
Potential effects on offspring

Although Saline filled breast implants appear to be the “safer” of the two (silicone and saline), they in fact hold their own serious risks and adverse health reactions.

Saline implants use the same silicone shell that silicone implants use, therefore, the toxins in the shell still leach into the surrounding tissue causing adverse effects. Although there is no “gel bleed” associated with saline implants, the saline solution carries it’s own toxic risks and characteristics.

There is evidence to mold growth inside the saline implant by cause of leaking or defective valves, which cause a “backwash” effect within the body. Bacteria and mold thrive within the saline shell for years, and the health effects are horrific.5

A good point as to why mold thrives in this environment is that the labels on 1-liter bottles of Saline IV solution (the same solution used in saline implants), recommend storage at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and include a discard date of about 18 months. With these implants, the saline is stored in your body at 98.6 degrees for many years. This makes the perfect breeding ground for fungi and other microbes to grow.6

End of citation

As pretty as you feel

An essay of
Mike Essig
Apr 6, 2016

Pretty As You Feel

Over the course of 64 years (and still), I have encountered so many women (including my still lovely ex-wife) in person and in writing who struggle with their looks. It seems to be an eternal theme that crosses generations. So, I decided to write this humble piece in reply.

There are some who would say I can’t write about women’s feelings because I am a man. A patronizing old, white man. I note their objecions, but I disagree. I believe humanity always trumps gender.

We live in an artificial culture created and controlled by advertisers. Not only do they sell us stuff, they convince us that we need it. Women are perfect targets for them.
So they have created impossible standards for women to live up to. You must always look like you are 25, young and thin. They tell you this is the key to being desired, even loved. As it’s impossible to be young and thin forever, they just happen to have the products that will “help” you. They want your minds so they can profit by manipulating them. They do a great job of it.
So the key to loving your bodies and yourselves is to take back your minds. This is difficult. You are bombarded with a barrage of words and images that say you are not good enough. If only you were younger, thinner, shaped like Barbie, not greying, had longer legs, bigger breasts, wore a size 2, you would be happy, and?—?of course?—?men would desire you. You would never be traded in for a younger, sleeker model. So many insecurities to exploit.
But consider the difference between beauty and Beauty. Beauty is human, individual and eternal; beauty is abstract, mass and reliant on current tastes.
I have known many women of all shapes, sizes and ages who were Beautiful. That Beauty was expressed from their hearts through their faces and eyes. They radiated it. It was not dependent on my or any other man’s approval. It just was. So I know this can be done.
Fashion changes so there will always be new things to sell. To the current ad masters, the Gibson girls of the late 19th century would now be called fat. Sell them a diet plan and gym membership. The angular loveliness of the Venus de Milo too cold and boyish. Sell her cosmetics and plastic surgery. Mona Lisa, a dumpy Italian girl. So many things to sell her.
And then there is that intense desire to please men that begins with daddy. I often hear its echo even in the strident voices of the most ardent feminists. The advertisers trade on that. That’s deep. That’s very hard to overcome. That’s both an individual and a cultural problem.
But many women never seem to consider that a great many men aren’t dumb enough to buy the 25 and thin forever image and don’t really demand to be constantly pleased. They might actually be looking for intelligence, heart, affection and respect instead of a perfect ass. Not all, often not the young, but many.
At some point, you have to say no and mean it. You are not your age, dress size, cup size or waist size. Those are just outward manifestations of the true you. If someone rejects you on the basis of such ephemeralities, you are better off without them. You have to take control of your soul. No one can give you that except yourself. You have to live with yourself just as men have to live with themselves. Again, humanity trumps gender.
I unabashedly love women. They have been one of the great delights of my life. I love the difficulties and the differences. What a woefully dreary world it would be if men and women were they same. So, it pains me to see so many women in so much pain.

You are, first of all, a person and that is worth insisting upon. Insist. Demand. Escape, if necessary. Be the only you you can ever truly be. Then you will feel pretty. And you will be as pretty as you feel.

Fan of Sister Long Legs
Dec 23, 2016


“And what may I do for you today?”
“I need plastic surgery. I'm worried about these lines.”
“Which lines?”
“My worry lines...

Eliza Noxon
Feb 23, 2014


Wear this
Buy that
Love her
Hate him
Repeat after me: I am free

Listen to us
Follow status quo
Lose weight
Get Plastic Surgery
I am free

This is a good book
That is a bad movie
This is the best color
That is the best song
Repeat after me: These are my opinions

He is a bad politician
He is a good one
This is a good idea
That is a bad one
These are my opinions.

Tania Crocker
Jul 9, 2015

Don`t change who you are.

You are beautiful just the way you are,
uniquely created,
differently distinct,
an exquisite creature,
an amazing soul that has touch many.

Don't do implants,
Don't do botox,
Don't do plastic surgery,
Don't change who you are.

And if you were to ask me,
if you were beautiful,
I would tell you;
Every girl is beautiful,
Sometimes it just takes the right man to see it,
And you are beautiful more than words can speak

new pics

New pic

Another reason to avoid breast Implants

They can cause cancer.
You can find an interesting thread about that here

I am very happy that I am healthy and I am sorry for all the affected victims of this industry.
Dr. Bergander

She is a great surgeon and I trust her.

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