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Can't wait to get rid of my baby pouch after 5...

Can't wait to get rid of my baby pouch after 5 children ! Not long now anxious but excited ! I will post after op pics, how I come to go to dr Bugra is because my friend went to him too , so it's nice to know someone personally , that reassures me a bit , plus he answers my worries and questions with care and professionalism , plus his charges are around the budget I can afford !

Today's the day

Not slept much ! It's now 4.30 leaving at 6 am it will be done this morning ! I'm more anxious about blood being taken and being put to sleep , going to tell him I want a neat scar just hope he listens ???? I will update maybe tomorrow , when I am pouch less ????

Pouch gone with tt

Day 1 post op ! Photo looking down at my belly , all wrapped up :-) seems to have gone as expected , a bit uncomfortable as expected , had a sip of drink about 5 hours after op , but felt so sick after and went hot but lasted about 10 mins the sickly feeling , not sure when I'll see under the garment , it's Gona be hard to look , but it's done now ! Wanted it for years

Post 5 days op t t

Each day is better than the last :-) taken binder off as itchy under it, I'll put it on again soon ! Iv been taking 1 antibiotic and 1 pain killer night and day , not eating well at all forcing bits down an I'm not a big eater anyway, but each day I'm doing better , laughing is painfull an Iv done a lot tell u about it another time ! It's was torcherous to say the least , here is pic of me in bed binder off ! Can't shower as to much dressing on (I think),,so I will flannel myself down been going up and down stairs since day 2 , I listen to my body that's important! I take my time ! I'm better during day standing a bit crouched but moving better , tubes will be out by Wednesday I hope ,or Monday if under 50 ml

Tt 8 days post op

feeling tight and uncomfortable but worth it ! Each day is better than the last , lost appetite , one good thing is , i think Iv beaten my choc addiction lol and no pouch to be seen ! Feeling great x

Dr Bugra tummy tuck

The one in clothes 2 weeks post op the other pic just after a nice bath 18 days post op , just rubbed bio oil on , feels fab ! A bit swollen so corset back on he said for 3 weeks in all , so Gona shop for tummy support knickers this week .

Tt compression garment

The last 2 days Iv put a compression belt on over the garment the doctor told me to wear,even over my jumper omg it really helps with ease the ache I get after standing or walking a while and helps my posture too , especially while driving ! I just put a light jacket or cardi on and no one can see it , I feel fab today 20 days post tummy tuck tuck , I got on scales and I'm 1 pound lighter even though I couldn't eat for first 2 weeks and not been loo in a week for bowel movement , I was told he took 10 pounds of flesh away ! Didn't think I had that much to take lol , I was hoping I'd be 10 lighter ????But I was happy with my weight b4 so alls well

T tuck support compression garment

I found this helped me I put it on over the doctors girdle after a week just to help me stand better it was great for posture , some items I bought to help with my healing process all breathable , but u need to check measurement , I ordered one that was a bit snug so reordered a bit bigger so check that b4 u order

33 days post tummy t

Feeling greattttttt still a little swollen at times , but my scar has faded so much already 33 days post op today , loving my body more each day, still sore at times but when I put my binder on for a bit each day that helps , I listen to my body if tired I rest if I can , but gona start gym again this week just gentle steps lol my white knicker are size 10 and baggy on me , pouch gone!!!!!! Does help

Post op t t

8 weeks 2 days post op tummy still a bit tender and swells a bit still , but this can happen for 6 to 12 months , still feeling fab , use waist binder when I'm tender as it helps , today I put some primark firm control waist shapers on , I am a size 10 and got a medium , and they feel as good as the waist binder , wish I got them as soon as I took the corset off and wore them with the binder , so any one getting my op I'd say go and get a few of these in ready £4 for one they help really !

14 months on

Dr Bugra

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