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I went to a few consultations and decided on Dr....

I went to a few consultations and decided on Dr. Sumpter based on her bedside manner and her confidence. Her office staff was very courteous and she was friendly. I wish I would have read reviews and done more research before going through with the surgery. She has multiple negative reviews on google and Yelp. She may be gifted at other procedures, but rhinoplasties are not one of them unfortunately. There is nothing small, delicate or feminine about my nose post-op. I actually had a lot more tip definition and projection pre-op. I cannot wait for the year to be up so I can have a revision done by a specialist. On top of the poor aesthetic outcome, I also have a collapsed nasal valve, very deviated septum, and poor incision/scar. I also have excess cartilage and/or hypertrophic scarring all inside my alar rims. I'm so upset that when all is said and done I'm going to have to pay twice as much to fix this mess. $6k down the drain and I look worse. I wish I had my money and old nose back.

3 months post op

Just got back from my 3 month post op visit. Doc says it looks great. I don't trust what's doc's definition of great must be. My tip is the same size and just as bulbous, and I anything I have LOST definition and details and have an EVEN WIDER bridge. She also said I don't have a deviated septum, although it's quite visible. And also doesn't agree that I have a collapsed valve. Even though I do. So *sigh* I smiled and made my 6 month follow appointment. I really wish she wild give me my surgical fees back so I may pursue a facial plastic surgeon to revise this mess. She suggested we see what happens 6 months from now, but I don't want her to revise. I want to get it done right and be done with all these problems.

4 and a half months out

Really really unhappy with my results. Here's an update. My tip is still really droopy, my nose is still really crooked and bulbous. I'm all around really disappointed.

Pretty much the Bain if my existence

Well my nose has now become the thing I dislike the most about my face. My tip has dropped and I have a beak on my face. I truly truly truly wish for my old nose back this was the biggest mistake of my life.

Pic didn't upload

Pic failed to upload so here it is

Weird columella?

I can't even pinpoint why my columella and nose tip form a sharp pointy V shape post op. I absolutely hate it. I've also noticed that each side of my bulbous tip is uneven. Unevenly reduced maybe? Swelling hasn't gone down at all over the last few months. I'm not anticipating it changing very much any more. Counting down the months till I can have s revision performed by a facial specialist. Please excuse the no makeup selfie.

7 months out and still unhappy

Just wanted to give an update
I can mostly breathe now. There are days when I'm stuffy and can't. But i would say my breathing is abojt 50 percent improved from where it was the first 4-5 months. I still can't breathe sleeping on my right side though. I recently started sleeping laying down after 6+ months of sleeping sitting up. I am still swollen in the mornings. I also still have horrible raised scarring on the inside of my nose which blocks my breathing as well. My scar across my columella is also still very noticeable. I'm afraid to have a revision done. I'm scared I will make an already bad situation worse :-(. Not really sure what to do from here. Just learn to live like this or try again.
Houston Physician

Good bedside manner and friendly staff but not skilled for rhinoplasty. Will be confident and tell you she is capable, but she is not. When issues arise she says everything looks good and that you're fine. Says breathing problems are normal for post-op. For rhinoplasty, please see someone else.

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