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Ok so I hope I'm using this right lol. I have...

Ok so I hope I'm using this right lol. I have always wanted to get a bbl done but never really put any afford to do anything. After thinking and thinking over and over again I finally decision that I'm going to do something for me, something that I always wanted to do. I have always since I was a teenager felt a little insecure about my body. Ive always been skinny but always had a muffin top as some ppl call it lol. But all that will be gone 4/26, I put my deposit down so it's official!!! Im so excited because I will finally be able to wear what ever the hell I want. Lol! I just pray everything works out good and my body comes out great. I also hope I have a good recovery. I know I'm taking two weeks off work to recovery a little. Ladies I will be following up with y'all and letting y'all know my journey. I will be posting pics of how my body is now. I'm going for my pre ops appointment next month.

Pics of me now

Well, I told y'all I'll be posting some pics of me now, so here they are. I hate my shape! But at least I'm happy I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly after having my daughter. I'll post some more pics the day before my big day. April 26th here I come!!! Lol

Today is the day!

Ok I'm up early I really couldn't sleep lol. Please pray for me. I'll update y'all later.

Ok ladies. I made it to the other side

When I woke up I thought I was home waking up from a dream lol. I absolutely forgot I was getting bbl done lol. The pain that I'm feeling is really just soreness and tightness. Oh I can can feel the incision where they put th drain. I've been laying down and getting up every two hours to walk in house for 20 mins. It actually feels better to walk, just the incision burns but it's tolerable. I also ate some chicken n avocado and my stomach didn't get upset. They put a lot of padding on s my butt n stomachs looks big. I didn't really want a really big butt.? But he gave me nor thn what I asked because remember I'll lose 20 to 40% of the fat. Over all I'll feel ok, the pain not too bad. I'll keep y'all posted.

Second massage today

Well today I got up feeling a little more better, the last time I took my pain mess was at 12midnight until after massage which was like past 1pm. My stomach is getting better thank god, cause I was really starting to regret it. But it's better and it will get better day by day. Oh and I finally took a shower today with the help of my cousin. It felt so good to feel clean lol. But when it was time to put the damn garment on is was a bitch smh it was so hard. but so fat do good

Feeling so hungry

Ok, so today is a better day, I was doing some light cleaning with the help of my cousin. I just needed to do something. I'm moving a lot more. No pain really just feel tightness. I just can't wait to take this drain out ugh, that's the only thing bothing me. I've been doing good with the diet, no salt, sugar and carbs. It's so hard somethings but I want the best result for body. I'll be posting some pictures seen ladies.

Here are my results! Love my booty!

Sorry for the late update ladies, but I've been so busy with work n recovering. I'm so happy with my decision on getting my surgery. I absolutely love my body, I look so much better. And what I love about it more is that my butt fits my body it's not too big or small it's perfect for me. And it looks really natural. Here are some pics.
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