58 Yrs Old - London, Ontario// Dr Brian Evans in London , Ontario

Saw my wrinkled face in the van mirror in the...

saw my wrinkled face in the van mirror in the bright sunlight with my winter toque on by did I look old . the out come is still undecided as im not happy with the neck lift saggying on one side/ the surgery was 8 hrs . I didn't feel any thing . when I was sent home one hour after recovery , I want feeling any pain , I thought the tightness was from the bandage it wasn't it was from the neck lift, I read most of after care on the internet before I got this done , glad I did ,. slept on couple high pillows. I wished I would have pulled myself up without using neck muscles maybe that should hve been explained . also a stool softner is a MUST so you don't strain your face >I don't know why doctors don't tell you this> I didn't take pain pills more than 3 days as they constipate you. I used ice more than the 2 days I was told too > I had to I took the burning feeling away .I slept on the recliner for 2 weeks that way my head was elevated and its power so I didn't strain getting up and down. my face never dried out at all . I used shampoo and conditioner with macadaim oil and lightly massaged . cleaned insisions with peroxide then applied polysporin and worn my compression bandage day and night , had protein drink every morning with pineapple juice mixed in > 3000 mg vitC and arnica Montana under the tonge. haven't done anything strenuous to pull my face or neck out /

make up day

had to try out new makeup / shows my wrinkles more though . but made me feel better . cant wait to dye my hair !!!!!

Face lift/ neck

My face lift is a mid / lower lift I asked my dr , he tightened the muscle and did that neck lift where it looks like a corset then stitched under chin and at back in my hair line , also behind ears / in front and up in my temples, he did this cut up and back further because my hair is so thin he didn't want the scars to show , the big ones behind my head are barely noticeable and front of ears no sign at all and behind my ears I can only see one side barely , the only ones that are red and a bit with scab are up near temple , the under chin I keep forgetting to look at it , that is completely nice and white , it has been right from the start

Facelift information

Just some more info on the face and neck lift

Face/ necklift

My neck is a little loose on one side , the dr said he will do a revision , I will be bruised as he needs to cut around the ears and behind again , and I'll need to wait so maybe in the fall that will be 10 mths from my first surgery


Well ,I'm getting a revision aug10- 2014 ,can't stand that bump under my neck , dr said he was worried about my scars because my skins tight already , but I would like it all pulled a bit more snug , don't like the jowel area either , also getting a tummy tuck ,same day !! Ouch

face revision & full TT 7 weeks P/O

well i still dont like how my neck looks . he cut in front and behind my ear and did lipo . my neck skin looks worse . i hate it and he said there nothing more can be done . so what am i to do ? as i get older this is going to get looser . cant keep taking time off work . As for the TT i like it , my back is so sore off and on that i cant walk and my belly is still swelled . i measured myself today 39 " and i havent lost a pound and im not walking totally straight up yet . im still sore to walk fast and straight up . i havent done anything except vacum and dishes and going for walks .im going to ask DR for a few more weeks off im just to sore to do heavy physical work . im still wearing garment off and on and wearing them girdle under wear for support . cant wait to feel normal again

my old face

this was taken the night before my face /neck /eyes upper & lower ..>dec 16 /2013

my old face

just to let you know about 6 mths before this pic was taken i spent $3000 on i believe > juviderm fillers and whatever else was used > waist of money i could have used towards a real face lift

9 weeks after neck revision

this is me with lots of make up and hair extentions > my neck hasn't changed with the revision . i think i may need to see another plastic surgin for next yr and get my neck fixed i cant stand it every time i look in the mirror its what sticks out > he cut around my ears and did lipo but i really wished he would have cut in the hair line behind my ears again and pulled up my neck i think that would have fixed and maybe open up under my chin too . > cant keep taking time off work this long i need this problem fixed because when im older its going to droop even more on both sides and i will look like a hound dog > its my neck to my left side

pics without makeup

this is me without make up > its the first time i"ve felt that i looked good > still have loose neck on one side but as long as i keep looking up .cant notice as much

more pics

two & half mths after neck revision > still have loose neck > i have doc opp nov 12 . ill see what he has to say this time

Tummy Tuck /when bent over

this is just over 2 mths with a full TT > i dont know if its supposed to be so loose when you bend over > it looks ok when i stand straight // i have taken some sitting down too

tummy tuck aug 10 //2014

my belly bending over YUK this is after TT in Aug 2014 anyone else look like this ????????????

full Tummy Tuck Aug 10 // 2014

full tummy tuck // when im sitting too loose ..im still swelled so once more swelling goes down ill be even more loose ????
London Plastic Surgeon

He s a good dr , , he said he would do a revision ( no cost ) only for anesthesia , but I need to wait ,that's ok ! ..i know im 58 but i wanted my face to look a bit tighter

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