Changed My Doctor To Dr. Afshin Parhiscar San Ramon, CA

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After carefully combing this site for months,...

After carefully combing this site for months, going back an forth with 2 facilities in Miami(Spectrum Aesthetics -Dr. Ortega & Vanity Cosmetic-Dr. Fisher) I have decided to go with Dr. Kenneth Hughes-Culver City.
I was torn between Vanity Cosmetic & Spectrum Aesthetics 1. Price 2. Dr. Ortega works looks awesome and so does Dr. Fishers. I emailed my photos expecting to hear from both doctors to address my questions from either facility but instead I spoke with coordinators 1 at Spectrum & 3 different ones at Vanity. Neither facility took pride in meeting my needs as a customer or answering my questions but more concerned with getting my money. I live in CA and FL is a bit far to fly with unanswered questions. So after 2 months of wanting to speak to a doctor with no avail or response from either surgeon at either facility only money hungry coordinators that are limited on the information they can advise. I went back on the Realself hunt.


Dr. Hughes, I have asked 2 questions on here and was responsive to both. It wasn't till after my second question that I looked at his work and reviews an I sent a online inquiry. He responded back HIMSELF within 15 minutes. Dr. Hughes is a Realself top doctor with 202 positive reviews, he is knowledgeable and willing to address all questions & concerns . I love the results I have seen for his work on here as well as his website. He emailed me back and forth on a Saturday & Sunday answered all my questions and gave me a quote upon my request. Dr. Hughes was concerned more with addressing my question not money. Upon my request Dr. Hughes had his office manager Adam call me (very nice guy & very professional) I discussed financials with Adam Monday, talked it over with my husband an gladly paid my deposit today to secure my date! Although Dr. Hughes prices are not as inexpensive as Dr. Fishers or Dr. Ortega in Miami I am very confident he will get me the results I am looking for. Unlike Miami doctors he will perform all 3 of my surgeries at once. So with that said I will see Dr. Kenneth Hughes April 2015.

Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift W/Lipo and Breast Augmentation (silicone)....I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

Change Of Doctor To Dr. Parhiscar

I am no longer going to Dr. Hughes in Los Angeles, although he is a awesome doctor, very prompt in answering questions and produces awesome results I have choose to stay local (close to home and have surgery).

I found Dr. A. Parhiscar on realself an made a inquiry via email yesterday. I received a prompt response from his assistant Melinda, she is very nice, precise, knowledgeable ( over 20 yrs in the cosmetic surgery industry) and helpful a real people person. After emailing back and forth with Melinda I made an appointment with Dr. Parhiscar!

I met with Dr. Parhiscar today he is very down to earth, knowledgeable and awesome. This doctor is very straight forward an honest about the expectations you want VS the results you will receive. He listens, pays attention to detail and overall polite. I was able to go through his albums of results for the procedures I will have done on April 2nd an from the looks of things this doctor has hands of gold. He is very reasonable in price and thorough with his exam. I am so happy I found him! I am even happier that I get to have surgery on April 2nd as I originally planned and recover at home in my own bed. Apparently Dr. Parhiscar is very repeatable in the state of New York and has now opened a practice in San Ramon, CA. I will give an update after my pre-op appointment in 2 weeks. After my surgery I will gladly add before and after pictures!

Paid In Full And Ready To Have Surgery!

I had my pre-op appointment today and I am filled with both excitement yet nervousness. My appointment is 8 days away 0_o..I am in the process of getting everything I need together for my big day. I will update again after surgery and add before an after pictures then.

I Am One Week Post Op And Very Very Happy With Dr. Parhiscar & My Results

My surgery was April 2, 2015 @7:30am. I arrived at the surgery center at 6am , met with Dr. Parhiscar he discussed play by play what was going to happen. The anesthesiologist came gave me "happy juice" and I woke up 5 hours later not really in pain but sore and tired. The procedure(s) I had done were a Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair, Under The Muscle Via Arreola Breast Implants 500CC Mentor (very natural feeling) and Liposuction to my Full back, Sides, Inner Thighs, Chin And Arms (The Works).

The first couple of days were a struggle for me, but I have a great support system with my family & Dr. Parhiscar. Having to walk bent over, the struggle with the garment, bruising/pain from liposuction and sleeping in my recliner was not ideal or what I expected….LOL I regularly took my Pain pills/Antibiotics as scheduled but it has been a week and as of 2 days ago I am no longer taking them. Dr. Parhiscar checked on me at least twice a day and is available via cell phone whenever I have questions or concerns. I had my first checkup Monday April 6th just to make sure everything is going okay and I had my 2nd appt April 8th to have my drains removed. I can say it’s only been a week but each day I feel better and my soreness is lessening.

I am super excited about my results even being swollen as Dr. Parhiscar has hands of gold. Dr. Parhiscar is a knowledgeable, phenomenal doctor that pays attention to detail and is very realistic about the results he can provide. He made me feel very comfortable as I have never had surgery before. Cosmetic surgery is a life altering decision so please make sure you are in good hands. I had done my research for over a year before I decided to finally have surgery. I had chosen a doctor and was going to go to LA but last minute I decided I wanted to be close to home and recover at home not in a hotel room or recovery house. I came across Dr. Parhiscar here on REALSELF an contacted him based on 1 dominate review and picture. After I made contact with his office/went to my consult the next day it wasn’t hard for me realize he was the doctor for me and I was definitely staying local. He is awesome his assistant Melinda is awesome! To them you are not just a chart number or a dollar sign nor are you rushed through appointments. I have told every friend and family member I know about Dr. Parhiscar because he is great, also he is new to the Bay area as he is originally from New York. Please feel free to ask questions I am open for answers. Good Luck on everyone’s journey and I will update as often as I can!

Almost 3 Most Post Op And Feeling Good About My Results

I am almost 3 months post op and feeling great about my results. I can't be more thankful for my decision to go to Dr. Parhiscar. I can't say enough how great he is as a surgeon and how great his assistant Melinda is. This doctor not only goes above and beyond to provide the best result but he is very attentive to his patients and every concern. I just wanted to give a brief update and upload a picture of my progress.

1 Year post opt

I received a request to see my 1 year post op pictures. Currently these are all I have! Unfortunately Realself doesn't allow you to send pics via private message. But here they are! Dr. P has hands of gold, he not only gives great results he creates master pieces!
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

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