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Hello im new in here but im super excited with my...

Hello im new in here but im super excited with my new results. I had liposuction on Friday, May 6 at about 8am. When i went into the clinic that morning, i was so nervous. I couldn't believe that I was actually doing it! I've always been and active person. I work out 6 times a week, I hit the gym and lift weights 3 times a week and i run up to 6 or 7 miles outside 3 times a week too! But for some reason i could never get rid of my belly!

i was so tired and so deppressed until i finally had to do something about it. I did some reseach on the best doctors here in the Los Angeles area and I found the perfect one, Dr. B. I went in for a consultation after going in to another consultation. I did not like the first consultation, too pricey and i did some research on the surgeon there and i found out he got his licence suspended for practicing cosmetic surgery illegally. So he was out of the picture for sure!

When I went in that morning, the nurses were super nice. I was put to sleep and I did not feel a thing. When i woke up i was in the recovery room, it went by so fast! but the procedure was actually like 2-3 hrs long. I felt weak and my throat was in pain because they put a breathing tube in there, but the nurse said it will go away in a couple of days.

I had a compression garment around my stomach and i was bleeding quite a bit. The doctor told me they removes so much fat out of me, a little over 3,000ml! Damn! he also said that he wanted to see me that following monday to see how im doing. the nurse was very nice and she brought me some hot tea for me to drink. she then gave me a bad with some pads and special diapers for my bleeding.

My friend brought me home and i was not in that much pain, just very uncomfortable because of the tight compression garment. The next day i took a shower and i was astonished with my results!! omg!

Now I want to know what foods I need to be eating in this recovery process? What foods should i avoid to NOT gain any weight and maintain my slim figure? Also, when is the soonest i can start working out, lightly of course?

I want to go out and buy a girdle because this one is uncomfortable, can i change it up? how long is the healing process? Thank you so much and i hope to get some answers from some real professionals soon.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. B is a great doctor. He has over 30 years of experience in his field and his staff is very nice and pacient.

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