My Quest for Lips

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I've always wanted bigger lips. Maybe not massive...

I've always wanted bigger lips. Maybe not massive lips, just bigger. I realize you can just get injections but that isn't my thing so a fat transfer was my choice. After my surgery I will include "before" and "afters."
I've never been bullied or teased or overlooked because of my lips.. This was just something that has bothered me for some time.
I'm aware of the risks (it can be uneven, it can be bumpy, etc.. And who cares because j could go back if that happens. ????)


I can cross check everything written on my doctors webpage through the American board of plastic surgery and the California department of health. I can tell that he is 100% honest about who he is and what he has achieved. Be sure you can say the same for your doctor!

Before photos

I'm going to post a couple of before photos. Be kind to me, I work as a pet groomer so most of the time I am covered in hair and... Well unidentifiable who knows what but it certainly isn't roses. Don't mind the ear muffs- any selfie I take will probably have them because I'm at my business and dogs can be talkative!
The third and fourth photos were professionally done (see, I can clean up sort of.)

Wish list

I love love love these lips. (4th photo is how I'm feeling today about my lip situation.)

"My •insert surgery• was cheaper."

I have a relative who keeps bragging to me that she's traveling to the DR for the same surgeries I'm going for and it's "way cheaper". I love you girl but cheaper is something I look for when I'm comparing prices on my groceries, if I'm finding someone to mess with my face and body, I don't want "cheaper" I want the best.

Rhinoplasty folks worried about judgey jerks discovering their secret I have a story for you

Worried someone's going to drag that skeleton out of your closet by the nostril? When you're healing people close to you are getting used to the swelling and by the time your result is present they are unaware because the change has been very gradual (it takes about a year before you see your final result.) If anyone will figure you out it will be your auntie Edith that hasn't seen you in twenty odd years who decides to drunkenly inquire as loudly as possible at a family gathering.
My story:
I was out at our town's Japanese steakhouse (yes, we are hillbillies- there is only one of those here.) my father is admiring my face when he says to me:
"I'm so happy you decided not to have that surgery.. You look beautiful."
Only I definitely did have that surgery last year. You will still look like you, just an enhanced version of you. :)

The projectionist

You're excited about your surgery. You have the date picked out, the items bought, and a head full of dreams. Out of nowhere comes the projectionist!
They will tell you they are totally happy with themselves (while complaining to anyone with an ear about everything they hate about themselves.) they will feign to be concerned for you.
To those of you out there fighting this beast, it isn't you. The projectionist isn't tearing you to shreds (you're so vain, selfish, fake, etc.) They're actually attacking themselves. Some people are self starters, when they see something that bothers them, they fix it. The projectionist doesn't want to fix it. They want to be unhappy and they want others to remain that way too.
If misery deserves company, then triumph demands an audience. Stay strong my friends.
Kenneth Hughes

Dr.Hughes is very attentive to emails and phone calls- he answers all of my questions. He's very honest and straight forward with me. I will update with photos and my surgery experience later.

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