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Hello real self, so I'm getting butt implants June...

Hello real self, so I'm getting butt implants June 3rd with Dr Driscoll at the boris cosmetics in Culver City CA. I'm very excited and nervous. I decided to to go witj implants because I dont have enough fat for a BBL. So I will be getting lipo of the back, sides and flanks. Also my procedure comes with my garment, massages at there spa, meds and lab work. Im really looking forward to gettint rhis done.

Trying to figure out what size I should get.

Trying to figure out what size I should get. I've been looking for wish pictures for butt implants, I really haven't got lucky just yet.

Why I'm getting butt implants???

I'm getting butt implants because I don't have enough fat for a BBL. I got liposuction last year January and took all the fat out. So Dr Boris and Dr Driscoll both recommend that I get butt implants. So that's what I'm going to do.



Butt Implant

So this is the butt implant i will be using. Not this size but the shape and texture. I dont know the name of this implant but i will find out.


Please people dont get on real self talking about how wonderful your surgery went and how your doctor is the best! And then DONT show any pictures! Ughh. Im really looking for some nice pictures with butt implants on top of the muscles. So please share!!!

Wish Pictures

Im looking to have a FATTY!
Nice round and FAT BOOTY.
These pictures are pictures of girls with Butt Implants

My body now

More pictures of my body

Time off work.

So I'm thinking about takin 3 weeks off of work.


Here are a few things I have for my up coming surgery. June 3rd

Help filling prescription

Hey ladies how did u get ur prescription filled? Im having a hard time getting the Norco filled. Kaiser won't do it and kaiser dnt fill other none kaiser prescription only dentists. Ugh!! Im so pissed. Any plz help thank you!!!

The set up!!

A got a nice bed side table from Walmart to make things a little more easier for myself. I call it my small nurse station.

Today is the day!!!

Its 9:17am I'm so excited my husband and best friend is goin with me today. Im on my way there now. I have on a maxi skirt and a cami t shirt with no bra, because the doctor said no bra and comfortable clothing .
Pray for me ladies talk with yall soon!!

Whats in my bag

Day of surgery bag!

Dr. Driscoll

Dr Driscoll!!!

Dr. Driscoll Degrees

Dr Driscoll is a very smart man. He holds many degrees

Dr Driscoll

This review is about Dr Driscoll.
Wow where do i began. Dr Driscoll is a awesome Doctor he was so very nice to me and my husband and best friend. He aloud them in the room while he marked my body up. He also to time out to look at pictures with use. He let my husband explain the look he wanted for me. Dr. Driscoll wasnt rushing us he took his time with me. All the assistants was so so so very helpful they also took such good care of me. From the time i got there from the time i left. I was just getting implants, lipo in my thighs and lipo of the back. Dr. Driscoll said to me I want to make u feel so good about my work, so i want to add fat around the implant and i want to lipo ur stomach. I was so happy ge did that, he also fix my scared tissues from when i got lipo last year from another Doctor. Omgeee i cant express enough of how happy i am with my results. Dr Driscoll listened to me and gave we what i wanted and some. Im super happy with me results.

Getting marked up.

This is me getting marked up before surgery! Dr Driscoll is about to create a master peice.

Implant size

My implants size are 530 round i also had 500 cc of fat put into my butt also. To help with shaping and to give me that more natural look.

I woke up like this

Help getting in and out of bed.

I need someone to tell me the easiest way to get in and out of bed. Plz!!

Day 2

Well today i feel a little better i was able to sleep last night so that was good. So today i will be getting washed up and wounds clean by my best friend and husband. Yesterday they did the same this, be i kept getting nauseous. So the process took longer then expected. So today should go better because i will be taking a nausea pull before we start.

Doctor appointment

Today i had a doctor appointment. It went really well the doctor and nurse said im healing pretty good. So i was happy to here that.


I have to express how greatful that i am. My Dr Driscoll really gave me the butt ive always want. I showed his a wish pic and he actually delivered my wish butt. Lol

Compression socks

Omgeeeee a must need. I walk every hour, but these compression socks r still a life saver. My legs started to feel a little tight so i rushed out and bought me some of these socks from CVS.

Shower Day!!

So today was shower day it felt so amazing I cleaned myself with dial antibiotic soap it felt so good.
Also today I had a bowel movement that wasn't so bad I've been taking stool softeners to help with the flow of my bowel movements. With butt implants you can't sit on them for 3 weeks so when I use the restroom I just hover over the toilet with a urine cup that I also used when having to take a bowel movement. When taking the bowel movement I put a little water in the cup and then put a little tissue in the cup once I'm done I emptied the cup in the toilet, then clean with soap and hot water. Then I clean myself with tissue and baby wipes. Not so much in a back to front motion butt in a way where the butt area is clean and free of any stool. This process is not hard it's really easy it just take patience and time Happy Healing to all !!!

1week post opt

I am one week post opt today. Friday June 10th. Im feel ok, im up walking around more. It's just my left cheek is still a little tight. But the nurse informed me that, its was my small cheek so that it needs a little time for the muscle to stretch. But other then that, im off my pain meds and im sleeping the night through. Because before i would wake up every 2 hours.

1week and 1 day post op

Today I feel alot better my husband oiled my butt and massaged it. Wow its such a good feeling to have someone cater to you like that. My butt is not as hard and the swelling is trying to go down. I still have a little bruising but notting to bad.

Skin irritation

Ok so my garment is irritating my skin. Near my vigina and under my butt. I feel that its not enough air gettin to that area. Im getting all these nasty pumps and my skin is peeling. PLZ help anyone what should i do?

2 week post

So im 2 weeks post....
Idk how i feel. I mean i just so tried of everything im ready to get back to normal ugh!!!... i still have my stitches and drains. My stitches opened a little amd my drain are annoying. Im so ready for all this stuff to come off. I still was like a penguin and my vagina look like its been hit by a car. Its all bumpy and skin is pilling ugh!!. Im just so over this shit!!

Seeing how my butt look

So i wanted to see how my butt look in a dress so I decided to try on 2 dresses out my closet.

Last night

So last night was a pain in the ass. I couldn't sleep I'm now have back pains from sleep on my stomach every night. Ugh I just feel so miserable!! These r the longest days of my life.


Why is the inside of my butt is peeling so bad? Ugh!!!! Its so frustrating. Has anyone else experience this??

Peeling skin

Why is this happening

Bye Bye Drains

So today I got my drains removed. Thank GOD!! It felt wired when the nurse was taking them out. And i got stitches removed also. Now that was a little uncomfortable. But omgeeee i feel so relieved that, thats all over and done with.

1 month 8 days post

1 month update. Ok so im feeling alot better, my wound is healing just fine and im able to do alot more for myself now. I have set on my booty for 2 minutes then got up. Not that it hurt or anything i just rather wait. I just want to fully heal im just being over cautious. But heres a picture of my booty after being cleaned and oiled up.


My wound is officially closed! Im so happy. Now im just praying that it stay close. I have been really babying my booty. Because i dnt want anything to go wrong. Ive been readying to many stories about ppl wounds opening up. So im taking things easy.

6 week update

I am now 6 weeks and i feel great. Im on a on vacation in puerto rico. I was on a plane for a total of 8 hrs. And it wasnt so bad, but still a litte uncomfortable. But i will say it was u cant do it.

Booty pic

I just want to take a booty pic. I was feeling good today so i took this picture.

2 month update

Enjoying my booty in puerto rico

Side view

2 month post opt. Im able to sit better. However the left booty cheek is still a little numb, but nutting i cant handle. I tried running and its a litte painful. But over all im feeling really good.


All nice and soft now. Still a litte tender when it get spanked and it still sore when i try to run.

Nice and round

Booty Selfie

5 month update!
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Driscoll was very nice. He made me feel really comfortable and he didnt pressure me to getting things done just to make money. I really appreciate his honesty and telling me what I really needed. He's a very smart man and I'm confident hes gonna do a great job on me.

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