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I am approximately one week post op. I was off...

I am approximately one week post op. I was off meds by the 3rd day, I didn't suffer from the extreme nausea after these procedures because the anesthesiologist added something to my sedation meds to help ward off nausea, God bless him.

My reaction to my first look at my breasts at three days was almost near panic. I expected the Frankenstein appearance but not the shape. They looked like everything I hope wouldn't happen: lopsided, asymmetrical with cockeyed areolas, but, by golly they were high and mighty. I told myself that there was no way my doctor saw them in this state on the table, decided it was all good and wrapped them up! He'd never do that nor is he capable of such creations. I changed the dressing and decided to chill. My pain meds must have fed my paranoia because a few minutes later I was writing an email and sending pictures to him. He calmed my nerves in a reply email within 20 minutes by confirming my confident thoughts of his skills instead of feeding my fears. As the swelling goes down things are much improved.

Dr. Hughes liposuctioned the heck out of my arms, as I hoped he would! There is some bruising and they were very tender and sore for the first five days. My bra rolls were sore and noticeably decreased as well, even with all the swelling. By the sixth day I was able to slip on blouses two sizes smaller with my arms still thickly bandaged due to the thinning of my arms and back. I cried and laughed like a nut case.

I have lost seven pounds thus far. My bras fit on the last hook, my breasts fit comfortably in the cups. The bra the doctor put me in is already too big. I have permission to wear my regular bras as long they are not too tight and there is no underwire. I didn't want to lose much volume, I just wanted them higher and tighter. Although the swelling is rapidly decreasing in the areas I had procedures, my tummy experienced some swelling. I had to start wearing my TT binder again and the flatness has returned.

I will do a review on my doctor, Dr. Kenneth Hughes, my wonderful surgical experience with him and his staff soon.


Ten days post op and the swelling is steadily decreasing as is the pain. My arms have a dull ache at times accompanied by swelling depending on my activity, there are still some tender areas. My breasts are quietly healing. Olga, my nurse, didn't remove the stiches in my breasts at my follow up, she will remove them at my appointment 3 weeks post op. The stiches at the lipo incisions were removed and have closed.

It feels great to have my upper half match my awesome TT. I am almost bikini ready! Dr. Kenneth Hughes managed to do such a beautiful job, especially with a girl my size. I am still almost 200 lbs but shrinking. I'm depending 95% on diet and nutrition for weight loss because I want to conserve most of my body's energy for healing. I've lost approximately 40lbs since my first round of procedures.

There are a couple of TT pictures (2 month post op) added along with my 10 day post op photos to show case Dr. Hughes and my efforts to restore my physique.

My post ops look like some people's pre op photos, LOL, but I have great results for someone my size. My body is a great work in progress and I have realistic expectations. I may need a little nip and tucking at the end of my makeover journey. I reasoned that I'd have a better result working in stages and the less skin he had to work with at one time the better. Having DR. Hughes to do the legal/ safe maximum amount of liposuction concentrated in only 1 or 2 areas results in a bigger impact to the area.


I'm either a genius, cheap or ghetto fabulous for this DIY project, most likely all of them, but it's working for me.
Wrapping my arm with the ace bandages the medical center provided is an awkward task. Arm compression garments are helpful but over priced in my opinion.

While I was in the 99 cent store I came across knee high socks for elementary school sized kids. I was stuck by an idea. Remember your Flash Dance or grunge moments back in the day? If you're a dancer you do this no matter what the era, put leg warmers on your arms or cut the toe out of long socks and wear them on your arms.

I pulled a pair over my arms, perfect fit, length and compression! I bought a few pairs, cut the toes off and voila! I tuck the cut ends under, the heel part is great the elbow bend, they come all the way to my shoulder.

So comfortable.


I often wore two bras if my more industrial bras were in the laundry pile. That's a lot of boobiage, sheesh. I'm still large though, my choice, despite my BL.
I never had a back problem but I did often get shoulder grooves from my bra straps. It nice to have breasts that are mainly self supporting again.


Another upper arm compression idea that is working for me. Two knee support compression bands. I got them from CVS about a year ago. They fit my arms up to the shoulder and feel great. Some spots on my arms are very tender still. These bands give gentle compression and excellent support.


Giving you face. Coming out.


So far I am still not thrilled with my breasts results. I am 3 weeks out now. The distortion the swelling causes is not an issue, I can see past that. Separately I almost like the shape of each breast but together they are not a matched set. What I dislike most is the major over hang on the sides. I do not understand why it is there.

I don't know if I chose the wrong procedures or if I should have lost more weight first or both or what. I had a feeling a revision might be necessary later but over all I thought they would look normal and have symmetry. One nipple appears to be closer to the cleavage crease, the other is centered. I think they are both centered but one breast has less tissue at the bottom near the cleavage. This wasn't the case pre op. However, I like the conical shape of that breast.

At this point I do not know what my revision options are. Fat grafting to the smaller breast, lipo of the larger one, a complete redo with high profile implants for a better shape, more lipo on the side? I have no idea. If I think about them too much I get mildly depressed.

On a brighter note; everything appears to be healing well. I still have my stitches but they come out tomorrow. My incision scabs are falling off, no openings or oozing, no infections. I still have light bruising from the lipo, less tenderness & swelling. My energy is a little low some days but not by much if I take a quick nap.

My breasts have softened and I still have sensitivity. They're still standing on their own.


Helloooo wonderful people.
My three week follow up with Olga was yesterday. She removed all but one of my stitches and massaged my arms. She explained and demonstrated how and why to massage the areas treated with liposuction and my breasts. Everything felt so much better and softer afterwards.

Olga is a gem. She applies her expertise with such compassion and warmth. She makes me laugh out loud with her stories. She regales me with her funniest anecdotes while she's doing something that causes me great discomfort. Coincidence? I think not. LOL

This wonderful woman, Olga, is having some health struggles presently and could benefit from your prayers.


I met a woman in a store last week, as we were talking her brother came up and joined us. It was her birthday weekend so they were planning a good time and invited me along. Something about this guy made me not want to be any where he would be drinking or cutting lose, nor did I want to be in a closed space with him. By all accounts he appeared normal and nonthreatening but I had a gut feeling. As we said our goodbyes I wished her a happy b-day & stated that I'd consider coming.

Fast forward a week later...Girls, I was walking down the street and her brother called out to me. I knew it was him and acted like I didn't hear him. He ran across the street and caught up to me. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked why I didn't come to the b-day celebration at their house and more importantly why I didn't call him. I never took his number so that was weirdness number one. Then he told me he was glad to have a private moment with me and starting proclaiming his love for me. Whaaaat? I never stopped walking.

He claimed I was everything he ever wanted in a woman, and God placed me in his path. He could tell that I was kind and full of love and could love him back. Then he changed it to," No, I know you love me back already. I love you. I am in love with you and can't stop thinking of you." While he was speaking and working himself up I eased my hand in my purse for the pepper spray, I didn't have it, today of all days. I let him talk and interjected a more reasonable line of thinking when I could. At one point he lost it and told me not to counsel him.

I started praying , this was happening so fast. He went from 0 to 120 in 2 minutes! He reached for my hand, I told him not to touch me. He said he wanted to hold me and keep me. Again," don't touch me." I stated that " God" would not promise me to a man when I already have a husband. This joker told me he would kill my husband because he was a no good man to allow me to go around alone and unprotected. That he himself was a real man, has been in jail, was a God fearing man but still a gangster and would blow that MF's head clean off in front of me to prove his love.

I was 2 seconds from losing my bad temper but knew deep down not to incite him more. He started yelling, "Baby, I love you! So in love with you I can't think straight!" I finally turned to him and said, " In Jesus name do not touch me or take another step towards me! I am going on my way and you will stop this nonsense now!" "God, is my covering and has a hedge of protection around me."

He stopped. I continued to quickly make my way to the store. He was screaming my name and professing his at the top of his lungs has I crossed the huge parking lot but he didn't move towards me. Lunatic. I went through that store and out of the entrance onto the next street and on about my business to enjoy my day. I was a bit shaky and nauseous though.

More weirdness...
I get asked out every single day by: professional men, married men, younger men, crackhead men, one guy that "manages" strippers and other businesses offered to take me traveling and be my sugar daddy, a pastor supposedly starting up a church affiliate for TD Jakes invited me to Vegas for a few days (I looked him up online while he was talking to me in line, he has a mugshot). I was considering checking out his church until he invited me to Vegas.

I mind my own business, never flirt, am a modest dresser but fashionable. All of these shenanigans happen within a five minute exchange. California men are something else!

I'm too old for this foolishness. Time to buy a car and save my walking for the treadmill.

31 Aug 2014
• 3 months post
I just want to add that the above listed shenanigans have less to with how a woman is dressed or carrying herself but mostly to do with the type perceptions these men have of women period. Some of the above mentioned men are misogynistic, narcissistic and even psychologically unbalanced. Others were respectful, complimentary and moved on.

I am not impressed or swayed by men approaching me because basically their intent is to gain access to your body and other assets. I'm not flattered that some lusty joker wants to selfishly use my body. Never have been. I respect myself, control my desires and present myself with dignity. I am a Royal Negress and I know that. LOL.

However, no woman deserves to be accosted and violated no matter what she is wearing or how she presents herself. Such actions are exacted by predatory types of men due to their own desires to control, manipulate and harm others.


I'm still not in love with my breasts but they no longer scare me. The swelling is decreasing making them look better over all. Dr. Hughes and I have discussed revision options and that makes me happy. I'm pleased that not all of the options require more cutting. Fat transfer could replace the breast tissue I've lost over the years and even them out, as a result the nipple on that breast will look more centered. I will have the fat transfer during my BBL.

My arms and back rolls are showing progress and the skin is retracting well. I thought I would need to have the arm skin removed but I may not! I chose to get lipo first instead of arm lift because I figured I'd have a smaller scar that could be concealed in my arm pit later.

The hardness and lumps in my arms are smoothing out as I continue to massage. Olga has given permission to hit the gym! Today will be the first work out. I will be doing some cardio and light weight lifting, low weight high reps. My lower body will get the most attention in preparation of a BBL in November. I want to build as much muscle possible in my thighs and glutes.

No update pictures today but coming soon.


Hey sisters,
I've gone back to work and the gym! I miss being able to hang on here with such cool ladies.

My breasts are healthy and healing well. I do not hate the shape but the asymmetry is still not favorable and the nipples just won't stay in my bra. I'm so getting a revision next month. I may just have him move the nipples over some. And the side boobs are driving me nuts! As I lose weight the side boob is diminishing but so are my breasts perkiness. In a bra they look fine. I never lost feeling in my nipples or developed over sensitivity. I mostly try to protect them and leave them be.

I still have some bruising on my arms and since I've started working them a slight tenderness has returned. The skin droops as I lose weight but then tightens up so it doesn't bother me. What doesn't retract will be filled with sexy muscle. Bra rolls still shrinking with nutrition and exercise.

Some days I get this weird itching in my back as soon as I start to exert myself! It eases up the more I sweat or maybe I zone out and ignore it.

Happy healing everyone!

Peace, Love and Hugs


Seven months went by so quickly. I've had no healing complications with my arms or breasts! The tips that I gathered for breast shaping after a BL have proven to be very sound. I wanted to avoid the squared off look that can come with the average breast lift for large breasts. There was no liposuction done on the outsides of my breasts or the upper chest area near the arm pits. From what I've seen on other patients, when those areas are tended to, ends in more attractive results. I thought getting arm liposuction was from the arm pit to a little past the elbow and circumferential. Apparently that is not the case with every doctor.

I learned online about how the type of bra your wear is so important to breast shape. A bra with a contoured or shaped cup and excellent support worn around the clock has greatly enhanced my results. A soon as I was cleared for underwire bras I starting wearing them. My breasts aren't perky or shaped like a Duran Doll but I don't hate them now. They looked their best when they were swollen and full. I think I see a BA in my future.

I did hate the side boob hanging around. I noticed that the side boobs are not address or corrected in the average BL or breast reduction either. On February 13,2015 I had them removed! The scar goes back further onto my back than I had anticipated but it hides well under my bra and I will still be able to wear some of the backless dress and top styles!

My bra rolls have been diminished quite a bit with the lipo, diet and exercise. Dr. Hughes reported that he removed about 1 liter of fat from my bra rolls. I've been working out with a trainer since December, the itching that happened in my back when I worked out has stopped.

I will post pictures ASAP!


I forgot to add that tomorrow I will be going to Dr. Hughes to address the arm pit and upper back area that hangs over the top of my bra. Lipo won't improve the area by much so he will be removing lax skin. I'm hopeful that all that skin will no longer hang over my T- back tops and bra. He will be placing the incision in the arm pit area. The procedure will also improve my under arm area by tightening it and lift my breast up and out slightly. That pleases me because then I will be able to keep my nipples in my bra, especially the right one, and I won't need a revision for it!
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