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Before I had breast augmentation I used to wear a...

Before I had breast augmentation I used to wear a 34B push up bra, it fitted me but most of it was pad. I had very little breast tissue, my goal was to be a large C and my surgeon advised me to go for 400ccs and that same day of surgery I went up 25ccs just because I thought it would make a significant difference. I have 425cc high profile silicone implants. Honestly, I have the boobs! Ooookay, but didn't get the look I wanted. A lot, if not everybody have told me I look the same as I looked before, of course they didn't know all I had before was that amazing bra, but still, I feel like i invested all this for not seen quite a difference in my body. You only see the difference when I'm naked but when I'm wearing clothes, people don't even know. A little asymmetry that I believe could have been fixed by the surgeon, since he is the expert. My right boob is a bit smaller than the left and with the implants you can still see that difference, it was horrifying at first because I thought they would stay like that. I'm now dying to get a breast implant revision because I don't really like the appearance. I can still wear a 34B bra without pad without a problem and that's not what I wanted. My boobs only look big when I wear a push up bra and that's not the point of it! Will be posting more photos as I continue with this dilemma of whether or not I get them replaced for larger ones! Another thing I'm very unhappy with is that since my surgery, I haven't seen my surgeon. All my post op appointments I have been having to wait for about two hours before a nurse can see me! A NURSE!!!! Not the doctor! I hate it because I want to ask my surgeon questions about the revision process and I can't. Oh well, should have done more research!

Massages help A LOT!

With clothes!

This is how my girls look in a regular top, I'm not wearing a bra, just one of those tiny strapless tops. Can't wait for more time to pass by! Should I get them replaced for bigger ones? And what would be a good size to go for?

Wish boobs

Does anyone know about how many cc's this woman might have? Her boobies are absolutely gorgeous. This is how I would like mine

Does anyone else have this same problem where your scars don't lie on your crease but more on top???

Ok so it's going to be almost 4 months and my scars are looking better but I can't hide them because they are not exactly on my boob crease. Will this lift more to the top once I get bigger implants or will this problem be resolved? I'm concerned that they will move up and be more noticeable as the new implant stretches my skin. Has anyone had this? And did the scar go down at all over time?

Scar is not really on my crease!!!! :(

Has anybody had this problem? My scar cannot be completely hidden because it doesn't lie on my crease. I thought it would be way different! Will my boob drop more to hide it? And if I get bigger implants will this make the scar rise more to the top because of the bigger implant? This concerns me now :(

Not fair!!!! ;(

This is a 34B bra and it fits me perfect. I'm so disappointed in my doctor. All these money for what???

New bra!

Ladies! So I followed your advice and went bra shopping yesterday. I picked out a 34D bra that is very comfortable, and a 34C that gives me more cleavage because its a lower cut Than the other one and the cup is a bit smaller so the boobs sort of pop out. I must say Im now feeling better with my size because they are way softer and move around so much more so i can manipulate them easiely. I will show you first how they look in normal (no push up bras) from Calvin Klein and at last how they look in an amazing push up I got at VS. the lady said 32DD would fit me but I think that's because I was only grabbing padded bras there and the implants really just get lifted too much. I don't know, I ended up getting a 34 D there that's it.

Ladies! I'm getting a revision!

So, I finally decided that I will be getting a revision surgery probably at the beginning of January. This is my 4 month update and I don't like how my nipples are looking outwards. When I lie down my implants just move too much to the sides and they don't even look like implants. I can feel flat on the top and feel the implants as a side boob. This really annoys me because I didn't want them to floating around like natural boobs, that's why they are FAKE! I will be scheduling an appointment with my doctor to go over my concerns very soon.

Comparison to how they looked before when laying down and how they look now

So, this snap shot made me cry a lot because it's so ugly. I hate this picture so much but I have to share it with all of you. Now when I lay down my boobs go completely to the sides and I'm left with nothing on top. Looks disgusting

Boobies have dropped a lot lately

My boobs keep changing and surprisingly they make me feel so much better and less self conscious about them as the days go by. I have been putting tape so that they don't fall too much apart when I go to sleep! I know it's a crazy idea but it makes me feel better hahaha!

1 year update!!! ???? (.)(.)

Hello everyone! I'm very sorry I haven't updated in a long time, yesterday was officially my one year anniversary since I got my breast implants and thought Id be a good idea to share my results up to now. I feel great, I've had absolutely no complications, no more pain whatsoever. I know I said before that I would get them done again and go bigger but honestly I believe for now they are just fine. They fit my body frame, I don't look too fake I would say they look and feel almost natural. Except when I wear a padded bra or just one that holds them up high and together. They jiggle, they are very soft and I have no problem sleeping or don't worry about back pain because they feel very light. I usually don't wear a bra, but when I do I wear a 34D. I don't know what else to mention so I'll leave it up to you girls. If you have any questions just let me know :)

1 year and 4 months update!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a quick update on my implants. I'm still a smal 34D or a large 34C I can wear either one depending on the brand. I feel great, my implants are so soft, they jiggle, they don't give me any problems at all. I still do admire larger sizes, but I'm definitely not considering as much anymore as I was before. I don't see myself going under this procedure hopefully until I'm in my late 30s, then I'll probably want to go up to 600 or 650cc. For now I'm very satisfied, I feel great that my body adapted so well to them. Not a lot of people think they are fake unless I'm showing them off in very open dresses which I tend to do a lot!!!! Haha normally I hide them during the week, but weekends they are out with me! I love my breast implants, having this surgery done was an amazing thing for me, when I was 18 I told myself I was going to get a BA RIGHT after turning 22 because I always wanted silicone! And I was only off by one year! ???? so there you go, if you really want them do not hesitate to get them, plan your procedure very well, save your money, but be sure that you really want to get them done before you tell your family or friends cause they might not agree with you or people will tell you scary stories about it and that might discourage you a bit and will only take longer for you to get them! I tell you what, I made my decision, planned everything and one week before my surgery I told my mother and my sisters that I was scheduled for a BA already! I didn't Ask what they thought about it! Because I'm very young and I knew they would not want me to go under the knife so early in my 20s! I just told them that's what I really wanted and period! Oh and that I needed a ride so for them to save the date! Ha! So it was scary but I didn't really worry much about it! If you really want them go for it! Just please do your research, understand your body, take into consideration how well your body heals from any injury. The healing process is different for everyone, so educate yourself and do it!!!
Reminder: I have 425cc under the muscle, high profile silicone implants ????
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