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I have wanted some boobs as soon as I realized...

I have wanted some boobs as soon as I realized mine were not going to grow any bigger than an A cup. I am about to turn 24 years old and came into the money to do it for the second time, first time was nearly 3 years ago but, I wasn't ready.

Through the years, I would always go online and learn as much as I could. I read reviews, compare incisions area and tried different bra stuffing. I knew my decision was made.

So, after having narrow my search down to 3 surgeons, on the 27th, I went to Dr Boris' office for my first consult. Staff was friendly, I believe I consult with Dr Hughes, he was a bit of a smart-ass, plus he rolled his eyes when I asked to see the saline implants. My only concern was could he do his job right. He was knowledgeable and later researches turn up some good review of him and just one bad. Prior to getting there, I assumed I would be consulting with Dr Boris. Although that was not the case, I was satisfied with Dr Hughes knowledge if not his manners.

After the consult, I went to finance, like I said I was ready. And, since I had narrow them down from a list, my decision was mainly made, prior to getting there. Turn out the financial guy was Dr Hughes' son. He was real friendly and solicitous. When he asked me when did I want the surgery, my answer was "today". Well, they did not have an opening but, there was a cancellation for 8 am the very next day. I took it and a prescription.

I filled out the prescription, read the paperworks, which was mostly thing I already knew. I could barely sleep that night and was surprised at how nervous I was. I kept thinking, if something went wrong tomorrow, I deserved it for being so frivolous. I finally fell asleep around 5 am. I was suppose to be at the clinic at 7:30 but, I woke up at 7:44 with no alarm going off.

I had already plan the night before so, quick clean up, called a cab and I was at the clinic at 8:00 sharp as I live very close by. I went to the Venice side, turn out it is the spa area. All doors were lock. Side notes, the outside looked dirty and unkempt, which did not reassured my jittery nerves. I went back to the clinic door but it was locked, I though of banging on the door and did. One of the nurse opened up, turn out the early morning entrance is on the side street.

I go in, give pee and sat in a very insignificant waiting room, they should really work on that, for one hour. Just as I was about to ask someone what's going on as nobody had talked to me after the pee business, another nurse called me to follow her. And, the nerves are back!

We went and took before pictures, took care of the financial part. I accidentally brought the cash $200 short but, Dr Boris's son came in and was understanding and help me set it up so my ride home would bring it. Then, Dr Boris came in and I was happy to find out he would be doing my procedure. I told him I had changed my mind about wanting 450-500 cc. I wanted the biggest! After measuring my chest and talking, he said too big my lift the natural separation between my breast and leave me with one boob (?), so we settled on 600 cc.

The anesthesiologist, sorry forgot his name, was so cheery, I couldn't believe he was the guy putting me to sleep. He asked me to tell him the procedure I was here for then, he explained about the medicine he was about to give me as the nurse strapped me to the table and started the drip. He held my hand and continue talking. Next thing I know, I was waking up with lots of mucus in my throat, for a brief instant, I was scared I was waking up mid surgery. Then, I thought it hadn't happened yet.

The nurse gave me some water, told me surgery was over and help me dress. I look at the clock, from the moment they called me from the waiting room, 2 hours had passed. I thought; "you did it, girl"!

My chest was pain free, I did it through my belly button so I had a bandage there but, no pain. All I felt was pressure on my breast. Except for my throat, oh lord, my throat. It was excruciatingly painful to swallow, the nurse told me I will feel better in a couple of days. It took five! But, I had no nausea, just groggy.

I went home but, it took me 3 days to be able to eat. I had no appetite, plus it was hard to swallow. I only took one pain pill a day max if I feel the need, as the one they gave me have made junkies. Better safe than sorry. They gave me a second pain prescription which I did not fill. I was sleepy a lot, specially after taking the pain medication. I took the antibiotic without food for the first three days. You are not suppose to. None of my two medications had nauseating side effects as I had feared.

The down side so far:
- It is hard to lay on your back only every night
- I find it hard not to be lifting things like my computer, I do then feel a sharp pull and get scared so, I am trying to pace myself.
- The first 5 days, I would feel out of breath often just from standing up.

The bra I came home with from the hospital did not offer enough support. I went and bough a generic one, which had a thicker material and now I feel way more supported. I also realized my back stop hurting, which I did not notice was going on until I got a better support bra and it stopped.

I had my sister's assistance through this. You will need assistance for the first 3 days at least. Every little movement, like sitting up, grabbing your phone, reaching over your head, opening a cabinet door, closing a car door... You feel it all! Also, ask for a second band that you wear on top of the bra, if they give you one to keep the implants from rising. I fear removing the only one I have to wash it as that maybe too long to be without it but, I will have to. That band really helps in support, too.

I try massaging once a day for 10 minutes each but, right now the right boob is painful on the side, the nipple will get hard all by itself and my armpit feels sort of numb. It is also slightly flatter than the left one. I believe the over-sensitized pain spreading to a small area of my armpit is from scar tissues and both implants will come down to their final place. I will keep trying to massage it. I removed the bandage on my bellybutton, the incision is well hidden. It had bled some after but, look sealed 3 days later. I cleaned around it with water only. I was constipated from the anesthesia but, one banana and some coffee took care of that.

Overall, it was less painful then I had feared. My reservations right now; they look a bit smaller than I had hoped but, on the other hand, I want a somewhat natural look on my 6' tall and 160 lbs frame, next worry would be my left boob but, I believe it to be just my body healing itself.

My check in appointment is for the 11th, I am writing down all my questions, observing my body and will ask everything then.

Feeling Better Thanks To Massages

I was able to lay somewhat on my side last night with a pillow propped underneath my side, supporting both of my boobs.

I had been avoiding touching my left breast because of the over sensitized feeling but, I grind My teeth and did it anyway. I am glad I did because now, the painful feeling just from touching it is gone and my armpit is not feeling numb anymore. I also use some coconut oil everyday because I am scared of stretch marks.

I massage only once a day, 10 minutes for each breast but, I so want to do at least 3 times a day.

Forgot To Add

I did saline with 600 ccs, my natural breast was 13.1, I believe and I went the biggest I could without them sticking to the side or lifting my natural separation.

My implants have definitely dropped a bit since, they use to touch my collarbone.

Finger cross I will end up with the natural, big look I want!

Pre Augmentation Pictures

I don't have those taken by the nurse but, here are some I have taken in the past few months.

The Incision

Slight tunnel bruising that I can feel when bending over and such. I am so glad I chose that spot for my incisions but, my sister did hers underneath her boobs.

Best Profile of My Life

I have always had a big butt but, despaired over my boobs.
No more!
Now, I have the nice TBA (tits, belly, ass), profile I've always wanted. Still need to work on the belly some, though.

My two weeks check up went great. The nurse was very helpful and showed me how to massage. I have been neglecting the underneath and insertion tunnel, so now, I am focussing on that.

I do wish I had gone under the boob, as the insertion tunnel from my belly button are slightly raised and hard. I am told daily massage will get rid of them.
It is great to go without a bra and still have boobs :)

Just Sharing

This picture which I love. I wish I had a before in the same top but, trust me, it was nothing to write home about.

3 years!!!

Can't believe it's been that long but, update is... I am happy. Also disappointed and it's not because of the size. Just my right boob that was acting different from the get go seems to never have dropped properly.

The nipple point differently from the right one. The size and shape is visibly different. They look great in bra and other clothes but, I dislike them when I am fully naked.

I have been breastfeeding my daughter for the past 8 months with no issues.

I absolutely love them. Just wish I could correct whatever is going on with the right one. Everyone, even lovers think them natural.

Pic in the tub was taken 09/11/16
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

The staff was okay. Dr Hughes leave some to be desired. My procedure end up being done by Dr Boris, he was friendly and helpful. The inside of the place could use some cheering/coziness. I am disappointed there has been no check in, by phone from a staff member. Also, the first visit post-surgery they give you is for two weeks after.

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