Tummy tuck NOT SO GOOD!

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We'll were do I start this has been a roller...

We'll were do I start this has been a roller coaster so overwhelming. I been on realself for about 9 months day and night! BTW thank you ladies for your reviews you all have been a great help I have learned so much from realself. I have been wanting a TT and BBL for Years!! I have never been happy with my body I have NO butt!! my ASS is super flat!! and I have a nasty stomach with loose skin! I have a beautiful face (confident about that) but not the body!! I have seen a total of 10 Dr's YES 10!! At first I was planning on getting the whole shebang "The Mommy Makeover" the BBL, TT, BL and BA however for now I'm just getting the TT and BBL. Now About the 10 Dr's, I will write about some not all as they were just to many.

Dr Bruno: what a nice and sweet Dr I must say! his office is beautiful and his staff is as sweet as him Marisol is such a sweet heart they even gave me a goody bag, he took his time during my consultation I was with him for about 45 minutes, He said I was a great candidate for the TT, BL and BA however he said I didn't have enough fat for a BBL that I had loose skin not fat! and turned me down for the BBL. I remember driving back home crying and being so upset since all I have ever wanted was a butt! and hearing that was so upsetting!

Dr. Dennis Dass: My first Impression when seeing him was WTH he is so tiny I was like ( how is this Dr going to handle this women)...jajajaja..really nice and professional DR I must say...about my consultation he took his time no rush! he actually did not turn me down for the BBL he said he was able to work with me and could give me a total of 600 cc per butt. :( Sad face 600 for me with a super Flat ass!! was not going to work!! I mean you loose a percentage of that so I was going to end up with less.

Dr. J (Payam Jarrah-Nejad): in Beverly hills...his office-Penthouse is BEAUTIFUL! about my consultation with Dr. J He actually did not turn me down for the BBL however he said it would be a waste of my $$$ that I wouldn't see a huge result he said he could give me around 400 cc per butt, and said that I have not fat in my butt (yup I already know how flat my ass is) and that I need way more than that to see some results! NEXT!!!!

Dr. Afifi: She is known for being the only Female DR here in L.A. who actually does a great job with the BBL. About my consultation with her! sweet lady I must say, she actually was very confident and said she could give me 800 cc per butt cheek however she said she would lipo my inner thighs. However I don't want to lipo my inner thighs I already have loose skin and that will just make it worst. Even though she was very confident I still was not 100% sure about her, her reviews on realself are 50/50 and I have to make the right decision on the right DR because in my case since I don't have enough fat I will not be able to have a revision!! I will be screwed!!

Dr. HUGHES--"AKA the king of the BBL" Actually Dr. Hughes was one of the 1st Dr's I had seen. However in the beginning I didn't know about the whole CC's and thanks to realself I started to know about the CC's per butt cheek so during my 1st consultation I did not ask. The first time I had seen Dr. Hughes I felt so rushed! I was fully dressed he had me lift my shirt and that's about it, He was very confident and said he could do a BBL my consultation was for like 10 minutes not kidding! Before making my final decision I emailed him, and yes just how you guys say he replies ASAP to your emails he sure does! I had emailed him and told him about me feeling rushed on my last consultation and if it was possible of me having a 2nd consultation with him, he replied and said yes, he also said on the email "you are emailing me because you know I will give you the best results and I will"....... LOL...gotta love him he is so CONFIDENT!!The second time I seen him I did not feel rushed, I explain to him my concerns. I was about to tell him about a concern I have not only do I have a flat ass but I also have a whole/dent on one of my sides before I even finished my sentence he said "YES you have a whole" LOL I loved that!!
I asked him how many CC's he could give me and he said 1,000 per but cheek!! Woo hoo Music to my ears!!! I love that he is very confident! and tells you like it is. At that point I had clearly made up my mine of who was going to be doing my BBL!! I am sooo excited I just cant wait only 10 more days and I will finally have the body I have always dreamed of ****TEAM HUGHES*** all the way!! baby!!!

surgery was yesterday

Everything went well Dr. Hughes and staff were wonderful. However the pain of TT and BBL is no joke!!the Drive back was horrible I came laying on my back seat on my sides any turns or bumps will kill me.... I'm in Pain!!!! I cant only lay from side to side in my bed however since I'm bruised it freaking hurts. I do have a chair that I cut but I'm scared to sit on it and kill my fat! Just getting out of bed is so hard and painful I do have my husband and daughter helping me. Dr. Hughes said he was able to put 1,000 cc's per butt cheek I can't wait till this pain goes away.

pictures 6 day post-op tomorrow will be my 1 week post op

Here are some pictures ladies that I have taken so far. Tomorrow will also be my post op visit and I get to meet Olga. 1st, 2nd and 3rd day where miserable 4th day I was feeling a little better by the 4th day I was able to get out of bed without my husbands help. It is such a pain having a TT and BBl at the same time. Its a pain to lay u can't lay on your back or on your stomach. I emailed Dr Hughes to show him a picture of the chair cut up with the blanket over and to ask him if it was OK for me to sit on, he replied and said yes that i can use the chair and advice me not to rest on my sides because he had also transferred a little fat to the hips!!! I was never told that here i was my 3rd day and I was laying on my sides ugh! So no laying on sides, back or stomach!! What a pain! He advice me to put pillows under my thighs and under my back and to lay on my back and said it will keep pressure out of my buttocks I have tried and its not comfortable at all and I still feel my butt touching my bed. So I sent my daughter to buy me a beach chair I cut a hole on it and put a blanket over so far so good it has been a good help. Any of you had a bbl and TT at the same time that can give me any tips?

My 1st post op appointment

So yesterday was my 1st post op. Seen sweet Mrs. Olga she showed me how to massage my butt, she looked at my Tummy Scar and said its looking good and that i should have the drains of hopefully by next week. And she also explained to me I was putting my binder on wrong, she said it has to go lower, I'm worried about having it super low and the binder being to tight for my butt, I told her I'm afraid I'll lose some FAT!! On my butt she said No that I'll be fine. Ugh but I'm so paranoid about loosing Fat! Today I was cleaning my TT scar how she showed me and putting on my binder as I was doing that my drain got stuck on something got up and pulled it. I notice I could see the black thread on the end of my drain I freaked out and called Olga she said not to worry and that in should be OK just to be careful. However now I notice by left side is dripping more now I called her again and she said that's ok. I just hope I'll be fine.

picture TT before and after i was 5 day post in the pic

Drains are out!!

Had my 2nd week post op appointment and Mrs. Olga took my drains out! Woo hoo!! Them drains where a pain! Specially since I sleep on my tummy... Yes...I sleep on my tummy after having a TT I got the OK 7 days post op from Mrs Olga to start sleeping on my tummy over a pillow since I had a TT and BBL and I can't sleep on my back or sides since I also got fat transfer to my hips I can't lay on my side! I was also very inpatient to see her because I had accidentally ripped the tube from my drains I guess I was not being gentle when cleaning the tube with the alcohol swab so I put medical tape over the tube I posted a pic for u guys to see!! Ugh my luck with these Drains!!! I was not panicking that much because I knew they were going to come of the next day! Also I'm still walking hunched over and its been 2 weeks I'm freaking out any of you ladies who got a TT how long we're u hunched over for? She also said I need to wear my binder for 2 more weeks then I could buy MY self a faja......also ladies any of you who got a TT and BBL at the same time what kind of stage 2 faja did you purchase? Thanks

booty pictures

From super flat to a booty finally!
So far I have only lost 1 inch
In 2 weeks!!! I really hope I don't loose anymore!!!

No more binder got me a faja! body shaper!

My other Faja!

5 weeks post op

Today was my 5 week post op. I was able to see Dr. Hughes do to the fact that I have this small pouch on my belly. Dr Hughes said it my be fluid however as he was draining me out with the needle No fluid came out he wants to see me back in a couple of weeks. Olga gave me this foam pad to wear with my faja so it will help the swollen go down and put more pressure along with my faja! I just hope this pouch disappears. I was so happy to see my Dr since all my follow ops had been with Olga. As for my BBL I'm still happy with it, per Olga she said I'm good to start sitting next week at 6 weeks and said I shouldn't loose any more volume on my butt. She also showed me my b4 pictures yuck I can't believe that was me....lol...she said on my next appointment she will be taking my after pics. I don't have this big butt, but omg what a difference to my b4 pics I WAS SUPER FLAT! THANK YOU DR HUGHES FOR MY NEW BUTT YOU ARE THE BEST!! THE KING!!

Need a revision!!

Hello Ladies sorry I have been MIA I have been depressed, upset, embarrassed to post anything on Realself. But after all this is "Realself" were we are opened and honest! I seen Dr. Hughes a couple of weeks ago. I emailed him concern about my tummy not being flat and having a pooch. I emailed him pictures and I vent to him of how I was feeling! He said to please come in. Lucky I already had an appointment that same day to see Olga he said just let Olga know to get me. I see Olga and she says " so what is going on since last time I seen you" and I say well I have a concern i still have this pooch and I were my garmet /faja 24/7 as u suggested I never take it of only to shower. She says let me see. As I get undressed she said the magic word "Even a blind person can noticed that pooch u have" let me go get Dr Hughes. I'm waiting in the room and I'm shaking, sad, upset all kind of mixed emotions. Dr Hughes sees me and tells me. Yes u need a revision :( I was happy but sad at the same time. Happy that he is going to
take care of it but sad just to go thru all this all over again! He said "I'm not a magician and took as much skin as I was able too. He said I need around 2-3" inches of more skin removed. And that I will have to wait 6 months. My revision will be in September he said It will not be a hard recovery like my Full TT since he will not be doing a full TT or muscle repair on me. Olga was surprised and said Dr Hughes hardly ever has revisions and that he the best surgeon at Boris. And u know what YES HE IS!!! Which was why I had choose him out of all the 10 drs I had seen! But unfortunately this happens in every 10% of patients and lucky me with my damn luck I was in that 10%!! I'm embarrassed with my sisters/ friends/ family who know I got a TT and see me with this big Tummy! I can even were I tight dress which had always been my dream because I don't look good at all. The thought of the $$$$ I have spend for this ugh just upsetting I have cried my self too sleep just thinking why why me! I just hope and pray after the revision I am happy. I have so much loose skin that I'm worried the mini tummy tuck will not be enough..... I will keep u ladies posted I have posted pics of my loose/extra skin for u ladies to see.

Dr. Hughes no longer works at Culver city

I was patiently waiting for my 6 month appointment due to the fact that I need a revision last time I seen Dr Hughes he said he will see me at 6 months for my revision. The day finally comes for my appointment took the day off at work since im pretty far from Culver city they even called me the day b4 to confirm my appointment. I get there see Olga and what does she tell me Dr. Hughes is no longer here...I'm sitting there like WTF is this a joke! Like why did no one bother on calling me to tell me he is no longer here ig they new my appointment is with dr hughes and he is my Dr. Then here comes Boris some other Dr don't know his name and even Adam come in to my room. Dr Boris sees my stomach and tells me he feels sorry for me and for the sloppy work Dr. Hughes did tells me he did not take enough skin of and that even my scar needs a revision and that unfortunately he cannot fix me because he was not my Dr. And that because originally I had request in my paper work to get my surgery done by Dr Hughes because I had found him on realself and went to him based on the reviews and that he is not a real self Dr!! Then Adam gives me Dr. Hughes new address and tells me go to him he needs to fix you he was your Dr. Like really I know that what upsets me is that I was never told called emailed or anything that was very unprofessional them not contacting me to let me know. Adam said well Dr. Hughes said he was going to contact all his patients and let them know about him moving. Well I never got a call and that's bs because later on I called my friends 2 of them who also had tummy tuck with Dr. Hughes and they had no idea never got a call text or email they we're also surprised! UGH what a waste of my day I'm just stressed I really need my tummy fixed I'm so depressed over this. Now I need to take a nother day off and make an appointment to see Dr. Hughes at his new location.

my long awaited review 1 year post-op

Hi dolls well here it is for those of you who have been messaging me asking about my TT revision and Dr Hughes. I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, stress over this dam TT. As u guys can see on my previous post at 5 weeks I was complaining about me having this pouch. Since day 1 I just knew something was wrong with my TT it just did not look normal I felt like I was just not tight and had extra skin. I waited a couple of months to see if maybe it was just swelling and nope here I am 2 year post op looking terrible. I seen Dr Hughes around a month ago to discuss my revision went to go see him at his new location as soon as he seen me of course he remembered me I'm the patient he left looking like crap from her TT he did not look happy or thrill to see me at ALL! First thing he says
"I'm tired of doing revisions for Boris", I was like excuse me Boris! no hunny u did my surgery! And Why would he say that I have no idea! Then he starts telling me "till this day I have not gotten paid by Boris clinic for your TT" and I'm sitting there like and! Like seriously that is none of my business here I am feeling and looking like crap after your Tummy tuck and your telling me you have not gooten paid by Boris like o well that's none of my business you choose to work with him back then Not me! Then he starts telling me how he is going to sue Boris for millions like OK u do your thing I'm here to talk about the crappy stomach u did not about your personal issues with Boris. Then we finally talk revision and he is not really nice about it and upset! Like it's my fault! Then he tells me I will need approximately 2" inches of skin removed and have to pay anesthesia and tells me but you still might not be happy! However little did he know I already had gotten a couple of 2nd opinions from other plastic surgeons. I have been told that I need a full Tummy tuck revision not no little TT like what Hughes wants to give me! Then I tell Dr Hughes I say "But Dr I feel like I need a Full Tummy Tuck Revision not a mini" oh and what does Dr Hughes tells me "we'll are you going to pay for a full tummy tuck" like seriously real self ladies how have u would had taken that? I took it as " Yes you sure do need a full tummy tuck revision but since you are only paying for anesthesia I am only making you a mini TT and removing 2" inches" of course he says I still might not be happy after a revision cause he sure knows I need a full TT not a mini! I have decided I am better of just doing my revision with a nother Dr someone who specializes in TUmmy tucks because ladies every Dr specializes in something different as for Dr Hughes he is an expert for the BBL yes from my butt I have no complains however he sucks ladies at Tummy Tucks! He is not a tummy tuck pro like he is with the BBL he is not aggressive when he does his Tummy Tucks and does not remove enough skin like he did with me! That's why I decided to just Go with an expert for Tummy tucks and save my time,money and tears!! Why go back to him and get a mini when he knows well I need a full! I will keep u posted ladies on my revision please pray for me!
I also have posted some pics.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Amazing at BBL not so much for Tummy tucks!

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