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I contacted a few surgeons and all were extremely...

I contacted a few surgeons and all were extremely helpful but after looking at Kenneth Hughes website I knew he was for me.

I am in shape and wear a size 4/6 but from children I have fat deposits in my back and arms. I was concerned about not only getting a huge bubble booty (1500 cc per cheek) but also that the maximum fat would be extracted (5 liters).

Dr. Hughes promises both and has amazing credentials. He is Harvard grad who was at the top of his class, that makes me feel comfortable. Plus, he is so kind and attentive via email and quoted me an amazing price for the level of quality that I am receiving.

I am just excited and want to get this over with, but have to wait until Mid May. Until then I am going to work out as much as I can so my body has good muscle mass while it is healing. My wish booty is Kim K. Since I have the same ht and general bodyshape with large breasts. I have big thighs but I don't want them lipo'd, in my opinion she has had wayyyy too much leg lipo and they are too skinny. I think shapely, bigger thighs are sexy. I have a nice waist and stomach already but I could use some finetuning. My biggest problem fat area are upper arms and back.

Paid deposit. The office manager at Boris Cosmetic...

Paid deposit. The office manager at Boris Cosmetic seems very nice and accommodating. I am anxiously awaiting a new big booty!

Paid deposit. The office manager at Boris Cosmetic...

Paid deposit. The office manager at Boris Cosmetic seems very nice and accommodating. I am anxiously awaiting a new big booty!

Things I need: Iron supplement Vitamin...

Things I need:

Iron supplement
Vitamin C
Boppy pillow
Labs done

Just noting that for myself. Nothing really new to report, my surgery over 2 mons away so I am making sure I am going to the gym and getting in great shape so I can recover well. I have hired a private nurse to stay with me the first few days because I am traveling. I have my hotel and travel booked. All I do is pay the balance off before the date. I keep perusing Dr. Hughes website and it makes me feel better lol.

Will put up more before pics close to surgery....

Will put up more before pics close to surgery. Just getting finances together and making sure my butt has good muscle. I believe Dr. Hughes is similar to Jimerson where he injects under muscle. I am also getting hips as well. So glad he does hips too!

It seems like it is so far away. I ordered my...

It seems like it is so far away. I ordered my arnica, iron pills, vitamin c and lab work this week. I am uninsured so I used walkinlab.com . Including more pics. It will be nice to finally have my lower body match my upper body. It will also be nice to get these 5 liters out of my abdomen, upper back and arms. My lower back really doesn't need much of it. I am pushing my stomach out to make sure its properly shown. I suck it in, in life, and it looks flat but when I let loose there's a pouch. I probably need a TT but I want more children. So Dr. hughes is going to just take the fat out so it looks good in clothes without sucking in lol.

Less than 2 mos away. I am not excited for the...

Less than 2 mos away. I am not excited for the travel and surgery...I am excited for the results. Honestly, I am a bit anxious to get this all over with and be back to normal asap, especially with 2 small children I need to care for. Luckily, I have a very understanding husband, but I am just thinking about not holding my babies with my arm lipo :(. That's a hard pill to swallow but I want this and this will be it until I do my breastlift in like 10 yrs.

6 more weeks or so. I am so confident in my...

6 more weeks or so. I am so confident in my decision now because I have seen a new patient of Dr. Hughes and she looks dramatically different/ fabulous. Also, the other doctor I was first thinking of going with is injecting far less than 1500 per cheek. Shew. I had debated on both doctors for awhile and I am so glad to have made the right decision. I know Dr. Hughes will give me a "badonk" lol. I've gained like 10 lbs (not on purpose) because I've been letting myself eat whatever I want because of the surgery. But its time to cut down 10 lbs is all I am comfortable with gaining. I do not want to be thin. I am not a thin person so my goal is to be around145 and curvy with no stomach or arms. I see so many women in California obsessed with being thin and have no fat. I love fat, in the RIGHT places. And btw Kim K looks great for being pregnant Idk what anyone says. I am excited to be able to look curvy when I am pregnant (in the future), instead of a big potato lol.

Dr. Hughes answers every question via email so...

Dr. Hughes answers every question via email so promptly. He sets me at ease. Such a gem! FYI he supplies garments. They apparently are adjustable in the midsection and do not compromise fat grafting.

Good news. Surgery is almost a month away. Bad...

Good news. Surgery is almost a month away. Bad news, I have been eating more than usual the past few months and gained 15 lbs. I am making sure I stop at that. My butt and hips have gained 2 inches. But my arms and upper back are pretty fat! Calming my eating down. My measurements now are 36-28-42 sounds a lot hotter than it actually looks because of my loose skin. Each arm is about 11 inches around so that can tell you why I need arm lipo lol.

A tip from a few friends who have had BBLs for...

A tip from a few friends who have had BBLs for more than 3 years (girls who like the big booty video model look). Eat at least 2000 calories with a high (but not too high you are clogging your arteries and gaining a lot of weight lol) diet for 3 mons at least after. You will gain inches on your butt with your fat cells expanding. My one girl said she felt like her transferred fat cells were "eating up" the calories. They have huge butts and got BBLs from Dr. Markmann (who I would have loved to go to if I was around him). If you diet afterwards you will lose volume. I have a friend from Los Angeles who dieted afterwards and her results are small.

Also what you have 6 mons after is what you will have forever (unless you have a weightloss).

Also remember celebs like Kim K use extra padding on their hips and butt to overly accentuate their bbls. She is not that big under the clothes. And most of these video models have photoshopped pics to make their waists smaller and butts bigger. So keep your expectations realistic, we live in a society of fakeness. Don't feel discouraged because you don't look like a person who has a bunch of smoke and mirrors to look how they do. Some celebs even tape their butts up and use butt bras. (Btw I want a butt bra too )

Anyways just some thoughts of the day after speaking to all my friends about this

*high fat diet And just to clarify. Dr. Hughes...

*high fat diet

And just to clarify. Dr. Hughes is my number 1 choice anywhere! But if I had to be locationally bound elsewhere, Markmann, Salzhauer, Jimerson (though his price is astronomical lol) , Afifi & Salama all seem solid with their butt work.

Sent my labs to the office. Dr. Hughes said...

Sent my labs to the office. Dr. Hughes said everything was fine. I can not stress how great his communication is. Less than a month away. Just saw a few new butts Dr. Hughes has done and I am wowed. He really packs in fat. I can't wait to be bootyful :).

Updating my measurements I did them over layered...

Updating my measurements I did them over layered clothes last time. I am 36-26-41, again sounds hotter than it is because I have such loose skin. My waist gets tiny in clothes, outside clothes it loosens out. I hope to be 34-24-44 when this is over. Almost 2 weeks away and almost fully paid for. Have all of my necessities. I don't want to gain or lose wt so I am trying to sustain myself but also work out to tighten up whatever I can. Go #TeamHughes

Just checked Dr. Hughes results of SummatimeFine...

Just checked Dr. Hughes results of SummatimeFine and Needafattyneeded and both look great. Hughes is really doing great things it totally makes me feel great about my decision. His sculpting is amazing and aggressive lipo. A lot of surgeons do not use aggressive lipo but I definitely need it and want it.

I have everything packed already and the only thing left is to just wait til my day.

Dr. Hughes answered my question about hips on realself. I didn't want to bother him (I've asked soooo many questions that he's replied to promptly) with anymore emails lol but of course he is the first one to answer and give me the info I need. He can do up to 500ccs per hip. So that's the only thing I need to think about.

New body

Recovering so this will be short. Showed up for surgery and dr. Hughes was very honest with me ( we only had email consult) and said he would try to get as much fat as possible. Btw dr. Hughes is way younger than his pic looks and he's like an nfl player lol. Anyways all the nurses and anesthesiologist (especially) were great and i came out with these campos hips and a huge shelf butt. I forgot what he put in my hips like 200 or 300..but my butt was 1200 each. I wanted to be maxed out but my body was not very forthcoming with the fat. But 1200 per cheek looks huge for now. When it settles down it willbe big still. And a ridiculous S curve booty. I will post pics when im up to it. Getting arms done make you very immobile. My waist and back are ridiculous. In clothes I'm definitely Kardashian now. Thanks to Dr.Hughes. Now i can'twait to heal and try on clothes in a few wks.

Recovery day 5

Hip measurement before surgery: 41

Hip measurement today: 47

I'm sure it will go down a bit after swelling. But my goal was 44 inch hips and I definitely got it.

I'm not in much pain at all. I didn't fill my pain meds or my antibiotics. I take tylenol and arnica two times a day and eat healthy with probiotics, lots of water too. I don't believe in pain meds because it causes constipation and other side effects. I've had no problems using the restroom. And the cuts are all closed. I drained a whole lot the first day, it was gross but just be prepared. Moving up and down off the bed and couch are the worst. But once I am walking I am fine. I am not bruised that much, just a couple places on the butt, hips and flanks. My waist, lower abdomen and arms are swollen the most. My back is very nice. Goodbye brastrap roll, that was all worth it for that. Will post pics in next few days.

Out of town ladies/I can't change my date but I had it done 5/15 not 17

Also I suggest to any out of town ladies to use the Super 8 12664 W. Washington (Culver City area location). At first I was hesitant about a motel because I wanted it to be clean. But I also wanted something around 100 a night since I was hiring a private nurse, had business class cabin with a bed train accomodations and was spending an arm and a leg for private sedan transportation. I'm pretty well-off financially but I am not someone who likes to just spend for the sake of it. I love a good deal.

Plus I didn't want to be seen by anyone lol or mess up some nice hotel room with drainage.

The reviews for this particular Super 8 were very good and they were right. It was by far the cleanest, nicest motel room you will ever find. Its comfortable and a few mins from the surgical center. The room was very clean and updated with lots of room, kitchen area and plasma tv. 100 per night and an amazing deal.

Also recommend getting a cabin with a bed on the Amtrak if you are traveling. They bring you food, you have a close, clean restroom and lots of perks and being waited on for everything. It really helped the way home. I couldn't imagine going on a plane and having to sit.

Also A1 domestic services near Culver City was a wonderful service that provided me a 24hr nurse who made everything so much better. It's 250 for 24 hours. She changed my dressings, helped me do everything because the first day is pretty tough

Good luck ladies

There are some weird people on here obsessed on pics so beware ladies

I have removed all of my pics. Someone on here, from California, found my facebook and started messaging me and asking me for pics. I was appalled, scared, freaked out, I took down all of my pics. When I feel comfortable I will put up before and after but I need a good cropping and in a nondescript location. Ladies don't take pics in your room or a place that is on your facebook. I care more about my identity and safety at this point. I took down all my befores. I will put some up again when I have the time and patience to crop and blank out any identifying features, etc. the internet is scary ladies. I am posting one pic now I don't even want my panties identified. My butt is bubbly. 1200ccs did a lot.

2weeks post op

I feel very normal now. Dr. Hughes does only one incision for fat injections and very limited lipo incisions that have all healed. My arms hurt sooooo bad for the first week! Now they are normal. The only numbness is my lower abdomen and back. I am back doing house chores, light walking outside. My hubby is touching my butt nonstop. I have not lost any volume in my butt but I have in my hips. The first few days my hips looked so wide now they look more normal but nice and round. I am laying on my stomach a lot, its annoying but you do what you need to do. I feel 90%. Yesterday I switched from the waist binder I was given at sx to a small vedette 128. because of my 36dd/f chest it popped the straps. So I will have to sew them or something ugh. I am not too swollen. I am lucky to not have any complications but I will say the first few days were rough. I kept questioning why I did this, I felt like a whale. Some days my butt looks huge others I think it looks big enough. I can not wear any clothes anymore my hips made me go from a sizs 4/6 to a 8/10 but then my waist has lost 2 inches so thats what really looks fake moreso than the butt. I had to cover and hide when family was around . The butt was easy to cover the waist/hips not so much. I will say if you want to be wide and not lean get hips, it will be a rollercoaster though. Sometimes you look at yourslef and think you look great, others you wish you were skinny. Lol big problems huh? Anyways I have no complaints he did me right and fixed a lot of spots on me that were uneven from pregnancy and weight gain. Very minimal scarring or bruising. No lumps. I probably need a TT but he did great and my lower abdomen is coming nicely. It doesn't look like a model's stomach but it looks 100% better than what it was. I have a very flat stomach in clothes. My arms are still yellow though ( I am part asian and they got super yellow lol) and I keep them harnessed in my sleeves.

I wanted a ghetto booty I got one

3 weeks post op. I am still swollen in lower abdomen, arms and back but I can only tell, no one else. I wanted a big juicy booty and I got it. Men are flipping out lmao. Some ladies are telling me its too big but Idc, I have a Cuban husband and he loves booty. I don't have a slim body with tight skin so this is exactly what I visualized in my head pre-op. Everything is healed and I am wearing Vedette 128 small.

My waist hip ratio

Is .54 I am so happy to have these hips and curves. I hate all my old pictures I wish I could burn them all lmao

Will post before pics in the next day or so and more pics

I must say I had some booty before,not very big hips though. I was around 41-42 inches around my butt at pre-op. He enhanced it very well. Now I am 46 inches ( with butt and hip grafting).

Before pics

Almost a month..can some say shelf? Anyone done round 2 with hughes?

Still swollen in the lipo'd areas. In the morning its fine but as the day goes on with increased activity and food I get swollen. I officially have a shelf you can put a glass on. I plan to get pregnant later on this year. Has anyone done a round 2 with Hughes? I love my no complicated recovery and my lack of incisions. Just wondering if the doctor discounts you for a round 2. I don't plan on doing it til a year after my pregnancy so its a long way away.

Measurements 1 mon post op

Without garment
Waist-24 ( 4 inches lost with still swelling)
Hips-45.5 ( they went down an inch and a half i think since surgery)

This is awesome because I am NOT a slender girl and my waist and back are fat free.

My arms went down an inch and are still fat, but that's my own fault DR. Hughes isn't God. I plan on getting them done another time with him in the future.

Been doing some spray tanning

Thankfully all of my incisions are closed and healed. I am in an xs squeem over vedette 128. But honestly, I have been going garmentless here and there especially at night when it itches my skin. I am not doing anything like foams or ab boards at this point, there are many ladies on here more dedicated than I could ever be. I can't wait to sit. My 2 toddlers have noticed a change in my buttsize lmao, when I pick them up they try to kick my butt though and have succeeded a few times (boy 18 mons and boy 3) so hopefully nothing happen.

My wonderful husband has been having sex with me since 3 weeks. I know, I wish I could wait longer but my motto instead of "happy wife happy life" is "happy husband makes a wife happy". I haven't noticed anything affected from it . I feel 100% but I want to lay on my side or sit...can't wait!

Oh yea and I've gained 7 lbs ...thighs.

Ladies be careful, especially the thicker ones

My waist is 24-24.5 inches depending on time of day, what I eat, etc. I have not started working out yet and I have been eating so-so. Let me tell you my waist is the same but my chest is getting all fatty omg. I decided to get a diuretic to see if it is just water (I did not have lipo in there). I see all these ladies on here with fabulous results and no one has this but I looked it up and you can have compensatory fat that goes places you didn't lipo. So I am slowing down any bad eating and starting to work out next week. I have big boobs but I don't need a fat chest with some tiny waist.


Butt is staying the same size, in clothes it looks huge. I can not stress enough if you are able to go to him DO IT! I feel like I never had any surgery and look like I've never had it my butt injection site is totally gone, no scar.

Xs squeem only, sometimes I do the small vedette now but the thong is too small for my butt.

I do have loose skin but I did BEFORE the surgery, and told him I didn't want a tummy tuck. I don't know if I ever will get a tummy tuck, my stomach isn't that important to me, as long as it is flat in clothes and bathing suits. My husband is a butt and boob man and could careless about tummy. I will say it looks 100% better tahn pre-op. He is so even with his lipo, no dents, no unsuctioned patches of fat. I would never to another doctor.

I look weird to people, women stare in disgust and men ogle. So my advice is if you DON'T want to be some freakshow with a lot of negative looks and comments from women and men breaking their necks WITH their woman next to them please GO CONSERVATIVE. If I didn't get my waist so small the butt might look more natural or if I didn't get the butt so big then my waist wouldn't look unnatural. It sounds great but it i hard to go out in public, so I am warning you ladies think about it well. Men are not ever going to look at your face again unless you wear a moomoo.

My 3 mon review

Everything is good. I don't come here anymore because I am fully healed and happy and overdosed on butt posts before surgery.

I have a great shape and clothes look wonderful. My butt is huge and can't fit into anything, so I spent a lot of money buying new clothes.

To be honest looking back, it was hard those first three days. And during the next 6 weeks it is very hard if you are a parent. So I am soooo glad I am done with it! I am making sure to make good food decisions.

My stomach is flat and my hips are big and curvy. My arms after 2 mons look 100% better and my upper back. Dr. Hughes will be my first choics for any procedure in the future. I have gained 10 lbs and it went around my hips and butt, watch out! :)
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I choose him because of extremely informative website, his quality of work and attentiveness.

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