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Hello All, I hope I do this correctly! It seems...

Hello All,

I hope I do this correctly! It seems like there's one entry for a review so I don't know how I'll update. Any advice?

I've been stalking RS for the perfect surgeon for my BBL and I think I've found him. I considered a few other highly qualified surgeons and I've settled with Dr. Hughes. Although to say settled is the wrong word because he is so skilled and delivers consistent results.

The things that helped me choose him are:

-The fact that he doesn't advise patients to gain weight. From what I understand this can give a patient unrealistic expectations because they expect the fat to stay when they lose the weight, may compromise the quality of the fat cells, and is generally unhealthy. You will probably gain more fat around the areas you're getting treated but that fat will also be in your organs and flowing through you. It's not healthy and we have to remember that these physicians are doctors first and plastic surgeons second.
-He's easy to reach.
-His coordinator was kind, smart, and informative.
-He works on smaller women and delivers consistent results.
-He's a "body" guy. He does a ton of lip/bbl work per year.
-Very reasonable revision rate.
-Availability. I am not waiting on a two year waitlist.
-He's affordable. 10,500 is not chump change but it's easily 2000-6000 more affordable than other surgeons of his caliber. I honestly would be terrified to be operated on by someone who is charging me 3,000. That's the fee for an experiment. I'm not trying to be offense. I just don't want to be practiced on.

I had a few concerns at first but upon reflection I realized they're really silly worries. For example many women claim he has poor bedside manner. I don't need that. I need someone who is accessible, honest, and talented. He's not dating me so I don't need him to make me feel good as long as he makes me feel like our goals are accomplished.
-He pushes back. He very often pushes his opinion on patients because they (me included!) know so little about how the body works. He doesn't want his patients botched some seems to correct a lot of misconceptions during the consultation instead of glazing over them to make a patient feel competent.


I've been told to gain weight but that's something I'm staying away from. Money is a little tight and I'm waiting for next weeks pay to put my deposit down.

Big details

Does anyone know of a nurse associated with Dr. Hughes who can take care of me for the first three days? Do you think that's enough? I don't think I can afford to have her with me for 24 hours for three days but like 8 hours in the daytime for three days?

OR a recovery home that's clean, has private rooms, and has kind nurses? I wouldn't mind paying extra for that peace of mind and then moving to a hotel for the rest.

Also, this is cray but I want to book a first class ticket to protect the but haha. Only thing is I can't find airlines that have reclining seats so I can sleep/rest on my stomach and not on my side of butt. Do you guys have any info on that? I was thinking of buying three seats in a single row to chill out. Is that even allowed?

I'm making my list and checking it twice in a couple of weeks. The selection of fajas has got me dizzy. Any advice?


Oddly calm. A little freaked out by how expensive this is going to be & how tough recovery will be. I know doctors say two weeks is how long recovery is but that's honestly a joke. Every woman I know who's had this procedure still feels numbness at least 4-6 months after the procedure. Dr. Hughes was super communicative but Lorena was even better! He was very confident and I hope it's based on skill. From what I've seen he really knows how to create a smooth, beautiful outcome. Lorena really put up with my hectic schedule and was super personable and casual. I'm waiting for an email right now with some crucial details. I'm getting more excited by the minute! I hope the rest of the experience is at least as good as this. I'll update :)

Suspicious reviews...

There have been so many times when I ask a doctor a question and within a day there's a new review of a girl with my height and weight, no pictures, and a stellar (but usually short) review. Are these docs faking reviews? If so, that is so so messed up. Especially because women are asking are very often women who are too large or too small ( I use "too" in the context of surgery and expectations, not beauty) Like, if you don't have the experience why lie and possibly hurt your reputation. Does RS do anything about this kind of bull?
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