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Ok here goes my story. I'm 41 with 2 kids. More...

Ok here goes my story. I'm 41 with 2 kids. More than 2 years ago I went on hardcore protein diet and hit the gym. I was initially very pleased with results. But having a small butt always bothered me along with back fat. Wearing a fitted dress, a friend bluntly said I would look "perfect" if I had an ass. First response I wanted to snap her neck, but the seeds were planted. The next week I headed out to la to see Hughes and Bruno. Initially I was unimpressed by facility at Boris. When I met Hughes I was in shock by his size and demeanor. He was very casual and pulled a chair to put up his feet. I work with surgeons and I must say he took me by surprise. He was sort of nice but direct. My consultation was less than 10 minutes. I told him I just wanted a normal rounded butt definitely nothing big. He told me to gain 8 pounds and sent me to Adam. I decided no and made my appt with Bruno. Off course I was taken by the beautiful facility and friendly gorgeous receptionist. Dr was very informative and spent 45 minutes with me. I initially liked him, until
he told me I needed to gain at least 10 pounds. Then see, if maybe more. That was a deal breaker. I am no way getting fat, i didnt want my face chin or other non lipo areas to get big. I went home and thought about Hughes. i looked at all
his reviews. I emailed him questions he responded promptly. I negotiated to only gain 6 pounds, he said ok. So I decided to go with him. I knew getting fat from me was going to be labor intensive and he's the one. He's energetic, young and beefy.


So I knew there wouldn't be this huge transformation like the other girls posted on Rs. There wAsnt too much fat to take. I only expected to get about 400 cc. It wasnt as easy to gain weight as I thought. I ate carbs like crazy, people around me raised eyebrows. R u depress? Why aren't u going to the gym? Only couple of friends knew. I gained around 5 pounds. My best friend discouraged me. It's not going to make any change, if u don't gain more weight. U look fine. Lets go to europe for the summer instead. Whatever. I decided to do this and that's it.

Day of procedure

The procedure went well. The anesthesiologist was a sweetheart. I think I asked him to come home with me seconds before I went to sleep. When I woke up, my butt was hurting a lot. When I went home I took pain medicine around the clock and just slept. The pain was awful. My stomach, sides and back had burning sensations I guess that verifies that lipo was aggressive. He put in 710 per side. I was impressed. He lipo my back stomach, sides and thighs.


The next few days really sucked. I thought I can go shopping the next few days. Nope, although the pain was manageable with meds. I was so lucky to have my nanny take care of me along with my kids. She ran the household and even made me some funky mystery meat soups. i give kudos to the moms who do bbl. my butt looked so huge the first week. i emailed the doc terrified that it was too big. he reassured me that it will go down at least 25 percent. I went back to work and was worried someone would ask why y I couldn't sit. I would say i have issues with hemorrhoids. Nobody noticed in loose scrubs My best friend looked at my result and told me its worth every penny and the pain. At 2 weeks it looked very nice and round. I didn't want to get too attach knowing the swelling will come down. I had horrible swelling on my back and abdomen. Right after surgery I gained 9 pounds of fluids.

6 weeks Postop


My abdomen still appears larger than I started with. This swelling just persist. In the evening esp after work my lower abd is huge. I wanted to work out by week 6 but holding off until swelling resolves more.

Almost 9 weeks

Real self

I am so pleased with my results. I have to thank all the ladies on real self for sharing their experiences and pics. This site has helped me to decide to do bbl and find Dr Hughes.

Almost 6 months

One year post

Still happy with my results.
Scar still very dark
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