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Hello Realself beauties, Like everyone on here, I...

Hello Realself beauties,
Like everyone on here, I have been following this site for a year. I found out about RS after my first lipo/BBL a year ago while recovering. I had conservative lipo/BBL then with 300cc fat graft to each side (with a different doctor). After a few months, the booty greed kicked in. I started more thorough research this time for round 2. I came across Dr. Affifi and Dr. Hughes both in SoCal. I met with them and really liked them. Each one was different in their opinion of what they could do for me, but Dr. Hughes showed the most confidence that he would be able to give me more than what I had, even though round 2 meant he would have to find the fat from scar tissues. I started talking to about 4-5 girls on RS that have gone to him and followed their stories, and in all they were very satisfied with their results. I had two in-person consults with Dr. Hughes and exchanged a few emails (he's always so responsive). In July 2013, I put down a deposit to have my surgery on 12/23/13 (a year after the first round). I am 4-week post op now and have been recovering and now I am able to post my review.
My stats: I am a single mom of 2 young kids. I'm 5'3. Pre-pregnancy weight 105bls. After kids, I’ve been around 118lbs. Was hoping to gain about 10 pounds for this round, even though Dr. Hughes said I didn't need to. I ended up gaining only 4 pounds despite drinking Ensure by the cases. I weighed 122bls on the day of my surgery.

Day of surgery 12/23/13:
I actually wasn't too nervous as much as the first time. Having done this before and actually, having followed all of your stories helped prepare me better this time. I knew it was more discomfort and a lot of soreness and that the recovery is a long process…but hey, no pain, no gain. I was very excited to see how Dr. Hughes would transform me. My surgery time was 10:30 so I got to the office an hour before. They did the pregnancy test and the hemoglobin test as all the other blood work was done at my pre-op appointment few weeks before (BTW, all the lab work is covered in the price quote as Dr Hughes doesn't charge extra for it AND it's all done in his office which is a huge plus - I had to pay nearly $500 for lab work, physical and EKG for my first round). Once that was done, Dr. Hughes came in to see me. Even though this is round 2 and most girls on here seem to want a lot more volume, I just wanted him to focus on sculpting and to sculpt the back, flanks, abs and outer thighs as much as he could and transfer just a decent amount. My expectation wasn’t for a lot of volume. I just wanted more roundness but not be so obvious. I told him: "Dr Hughes, I know you always give more cc's than you said you could, and I don't really need more than around 600cc”. He probably thought I was crazy. Almost every BBL patient of his received over 1000cc. I showed him a wish pic and he was like "that's not even that big!!!”
Anyway, after our chat, I was told my surgery is delayed a couple of hours because his first surgery ended up requiring more work. By now at around 11:30am, I was getting hungry as I had not eaten or drank anything but water since midnight. Then the anesthesiologist (Dr. Lebowitz) came in to talk to me about any concerns I might have. My biggest fear of course is not waking up after surgery. He held my hand and reassured me that he would be there to monitor my vitals and that in all his 30 years experience (and he’s been working with them that long) that he never had that happening with his patients. He’s a really warm and caring person it seems. We talked a little more. Then I told him I was thirsty and if I was allowed to drink anything. He said actually I could have a cup of tea since it wouldn’t harm anything. So I drank my tea and waited and waited, finally at 1:15pm, I was led by a nurse into the operating room. They put that iodine solution on over my body and man, it was cold!!!! I was shaking nonstop. Then I was put on the operating table and Dr. Lebowitz came in and said he was going to make me relaxed. I was hoping to see Dr. Hughes before the surgery but I was out in seconds.
When I woke up, the first words out of my mouth were “can we get started?” as all I remembered was I was waiting for my surgery still. The nurse said “we are on done”. Music to my ears!!! I was shaking so much coming out of anesthesia and that continued for about 45 minutes. I felt numb on my body and esp. my butt and it was felt like a ton of bricks. They put me in a full compression garment (size XS) covering my butt with that hated binder everyone talks about, foams, chucks, dressings, and adult diaper. I don’t honestly know how they got my pants over all that as I wore sweatpants that weren’t too loose. Didn’t think I had much fat to transfer to buy bigger pants. My advice is you should wear a maxi dress on the day of surgery and in fact you want a couple at least the first week recovering. I wish I had bought one (ended buying one a few days later and a size bigger cotton boyshorts to wear outside of the garment).

First night back home was pretty good. I was moving around the house. They injected some pain med in my shoulder before I left and of course the anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet, so I was feeling like this is way too easy. I thought aggressive lipo is supposed to hurt. I remember from the last round that Day 2 to Day 6 were rough, so I took advantage of how good I felt that first night and spent time with my kids. I took Vicodin that night and then tried to go sleep. Oh boy sleep was not possible!!! Thanks to RS member and Dr. Hughes girl, Mesan, I had gone to LA to buy the big foam ahead of time and cut out a hole so I could sleep on my back with my butt in the hole. I placed the foam on the sofa since my bed is too high. It wasn’t really that comfortable because the foam is very dense. It didn’t help either that you have to get up every hour to pee. It was a challenge to get in and out of the foam since your mobility is so limited in the binder and garment. That first night I slept at most a couple of hours.

Day 1 post-op (12/24/13):
I got a slight fever. My throat was sore and I ended up having a bad cough which lasted awhile. But none of that bothered me because my butt was so hard like two bowling balls and that was so uncomfortable. I didn’t really want to remove the garment but needed to check on the incision sites to see how much I am draining. I got the garment removed and felt lightheaded, so I bent down on the bed and rested for a few seconds. Then I asked my sister who was visiting to help me remove the binder and the dressings. Once she saw all the bruises from my abs down to my thigh (my breasts were bruised too) and the blood soaking through my dressings, she practically ran out of my bedroom. So I was left to care for myself. (Sigh). I drank Gatorade before taking a quick shower. Came out and was dizzy again. Drank some Ensure. Ladies, stock as much Gatorade, Ensure or Vitamin water in your bedroom as possible for convenience. I had my whole nightstand filled with these and all the meds/supplies.
I did not take pics at first because of the bruising; I wish I did. I looked in the mirror and wow, Dr. Hughes gave me that curve on my back that I can’t believe it’s the same body. My waist was small and my abs was flat. But the biggest transformation was a huge bubble butt. At the time I didn’t know how much I got and all I thought was damn how am I going to hide this booty from family and work. I work in a professional office and I go to meetings a lot so I was worried for a moment, but then I know it’s all swelling and the butt will go down over the next few weeks. I put antibiotic ointment on the incision sites, covered with 4x4 gauze, then put a marble on my belly button with surgical tape so my BB wouldn’t look all funky, put on a cami, then foams over it, then wrapped the white binder and then put the garment back on. That whole process took me 45 minutes. If you are going through this, get some help the first 5 days if possible. I was so exhausted just doing this. Anyhow, I looked at my private parts and omg it was 10x the normal size (I had asked the dr. to inject fat in a dent near my bikini line and I thought to myself he must have injected fat into my labia instead...what the heck!!). It was hard and the color was deep purple to almost black. I was thinking I got myself a new booty but my coochie looks dead!!!!
It must be the XS garment they put me in is way too tight and the crotch area constricted bloodflow to my private parts. So I switched to a garment I had from my first round (size Medium). It’s the Marena brand and actually the material provides more compression than the one I got from the office and the crotch area isn’t as tight. The vagina swelling went down within 6 days and I switched back to the XS garment.
So Dr. Hughes’ trademark is 3 very small incision sites for his BBLs: one above the butt crack and two just below the bikini line (he put these 2 on my c-section). I had 2 more incisions because of thigh lipo; in the crease area below my butt, but I couldn’t see because of all the bruising. It took me a few days to realize they were there. He hides them well. I had nearly 15 incision sites from my first lipo/BBL (I got abs, flanks, knees, outer and inner thighs done). I wish I had known about Dr. Hughes then.

Day 2 (12/25/13):
I developed diarrhea from the antibiotics!!! Darn it. It’s bad enough that you’re losing electrolyte from the lipo, and you have no appetite for food, and now whatever little food you put in your stomach is running out quickly. I thought about stopping the antibiotics but I didn’t want to risk infection so I reduced the dose from 3x/day to 2x/day. The diarrhea lasted for 2 days. I was so weak. After every bathroom trip, I got lightheaded and it took every effort to waddle back to the bed and since I was feeling so drained, I laid on my back to rest with soft pillows. I didn’t care about losing volume as I just wanted to feel comfortable. The only thing I ate was some crackers and forced myself to drink Ensure or Gatorade.

Day 3-5:
I quit the Vicodin on Day 3. It caused insomnia and I was miserable not sleeping. I took 2 ES Tylenol every 4 hours instead. My back was very stiff and sore. Sleeping was a little better since I went off Vicodin so I got 4 hours of sleep at night. I moved my sleeping foam onto the floor by the sofa which was much better. I found it easier to use my knees to get up and then my arms to balance, so I was on the floor on all four, and then slowly stand up. One thing I noticed was my clumsiness. God knows how many Bromelain or Arnica pills I dropped on the floor and couldn’t bend down to pick up before my dog got to it. By the end of the week, I became very good at using my toes to pick up items on the floor. Then the kankles happened and my feet cramped up. If you are recovering alone, definitely get something to help you pick up things on the floor. Putting on socks by yourself is impossible. My little one was my angel and helped mommy with that.

Day 6:
This was the start of a turning point. I felt so much better. I drove today for a short distance. I used the back support cushion under my thigh and that worked out well. Did some light cleaning around the house and then rested. I took my first pics today. Sorry it’s the best I could do by myself.

Day 10 (1/2/14):
Went to my first post-op. I got anxiety from all the stories from Dr Hughes’ girls about getting fluid drained at their post-op by Olga the nurse. I didn’t think I had any fluid built-up since I have been wearing the binder as tight as possible and low to almost covering my groin area. Well, she tapped my lower abs and said there’s fluid in there. I didn’t look at the needle but it was small, and I was still so numb that I didn’t feel a thing. She drained 25cc. It wasn’t a bad experience at all (at least not this time until my next on). Then she showed me to wear the binder really tight and even lower. I was so worried that it would crush the injected fat in the area near my groin but the thought of coming back with her sticking another needle in me got me scared. I didn’t know how big the next needle would be. Olga said no massages for now because it can cause more swelling.

Day 18 (1/10/14):
Went in for 2nd post-op. Olga used a bigger needle this time and damn it hurt for about 10 seconds. She drained 5cc of fluid. Told me I have to take it easy as being too active causes fluid to build up. I was only going for walks around the block with my dog and I didn’t think that was bad. And of course I had to take care of my kids. But the good news is she said I don’t have to wear the binder anymore. She also said I can get massages now. Also, I found out I got 1020cc each side. I don’t know how Dr. Hughes found that much fat on me but he is amazingly good. His sculpting is on point too. I am so glad he didn’t listen to me when I said 600cc was good enough for me. I would have been very disappointed then.

About the binder:
I thought I hated the binder but I find that I like wearing it, esp. at night now when I’m washing the garment or don’t want to be in my garment now that my period started. There were a couple of nights that I went without the garment but I would always have the binder on. I got so good at putting the binder on by myself after day 1 by laying it on the bed and putting the foams on the binder and then laying down on it and wrapping tightly. It’s harder to do it standing up because the stupid lipo foams keep falling out. I put the foams inside the garment as well where the zipper runs along both sides so the garment and the hooks don’t dig into my skin.

3 weeks post-op:
I went back to work after 3 weeks. I added more cushion to the back support by cutting about 2 inches of the foam that I was using to sleep on and I taped it to the back of the back support so it raised my butt up better when I sit at work. I had a few meetings this week that I could not take the pillow to sit on so I sat on my thigh.

I use a buckwheat neck pillow in the car to sit on. That works out much better than a rolled towel. My legs don’t get numb. My booty is still somewhat hard but has dropped a bit and it’s smaller now but it’s mostly the swelling that has gone down. There is probably some volume loss and it will continue for the next few weeks but from my previous experience, the fluffing is real so I’m not going to get attached to the butt now until it finally settles and forms the shape. The fluffing happened for me around month 4 for my first BBL so I just have to be patient. All the bruising is gone now. I still have a lot of swelling on the abs and legs, especially at the end of the day. I haven’t slept on the foam anymore (got rid of it after 2 weeks). I’m now back in my bed and I put 2 pillows under my head and back, and more pillows under my thigh so that my butt doesn’t touch the bed. It’s not really comfortable. I can’t sleep on my sides too much and I don’t want to sleep on my stomach because I don’t want to crush the fat that is filling my dent. Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. I will try to post pics at 4 weeks. Best wishes to all you ladies.

Adding Pre-Op pics

Here are my pre-ops.

Post-Op pics

Here are pics from Day 6. Sorry the angle is bad but best I could do by myself.
The 2 incision sites below my butt crease are from the outer thigh lipo and a bit of lipo back of thigh. Very sore to sit on toilet with thigh lipo. Wish I had bought a toilet cushion or something.

Post-Op pics at 2 weeks

Here are pics from Day 14. Bruising is a lot less by now. Butt is a little smaller due to swelling going down.

Post-op 4 weeks

Hi ladies,
The last couple of weeks went by fast I can't believe I'm now 4 weeks po. So far by the 3rd week I was doing great then starting early this week, the incision in my back began to get real sore. I couldn't see so I took a pic and I saw white but I think it's the stitches and not pus? Has anyone had that issue? The other 2 incisions on my c section line are healing nicely w/on issues and the 2 below the butt crease is lightly sore but dont hurt like the back one. I'm going in for post op today hopefully it's not infection. Here are some 4 week po pics.

More pics...

I went in for my one month post op yesterday and Olga removed the stitches that were hanging from the back incision and I felt so much better afterwards. No infection. Thank god.

I switched to another garment just a few days ago and it's a super tight, high compression powernet material. It took a couple of attempts to be able to pull it up. The only thing I don't like about this garment is the zipper is very stops just at your hipbone so it was a struggle to squeeze my butt into it..And I don't really have a big butt so I can't imagine anyone having a nice donk would be able to pull it up. But the quality is really good. The butt lining is cotton so doesn't squish the fat.

My measurements

31.5 Waist, 37 Hip (122bls)
Post-op at 1 mon:
28.5 Waist, 39 Hip (124bls)
I am hoping the waist will go down to 26. I am debating between a waist cincher or a corset but my MarieE fajas is so very tight at the waist so not sure if I can breathe with a girdle on top. Any vets out there have had success with losing a couple of inches more in the waist by wearing a waist cincher/corset on top of the fajas? Should I wait another month to buy it?

I am starting on massages this week. I got a couple of Lymphatic Drainage Massages from a spa near my house. This is a very light touch massage and doesn't hurt at all. The lymph nodes are located between the skin and the muscle so the therapist uses a light almost feathery touch to my skin, around the neck and abs/hips to gently massage any blockage from the lymph nodes so that it helps remove toxins and increases circulation. I had 2 so far and feel a lot better. I also got a lipomassage at the medspa next to my dr's office (free with the sx) last week and I liked it a lot that I bought a pkg of 6. Because I have more scar tissues since this is my second BBL, I am worried my sides will become hard. The massage therapist really worked the tightness on my flanks and lower back. It hurt just a bit on my flanks but the abs, back and thigh areas did not hurt. She showed me how to do this at home and that I should be self-massaging morning and night with oil (almond oil has no scent and doesn't leave you oily).

Here are some more pics. I'll update again in a month. Happy healing to all ladies that have crossed over and for those having surgery soon, good luck.

2 mon po update

It seems like such a long time ago that I had the sx. Finally made it to the 2-month mark. Probably around 70% of the fat is still there. Butt hasn't shrunk anymore since week 4. A lot of swelling has gone down in the last month. The lower back has some swelling still and I read that the swelling there takes the longest to heal. Oh I have now have major back stiffness. Not sure if any of you have it at this point in recovery. It's worse when I wear the Squeem which I thought it's supposed to help with posture?

I finally don't have to sit on the buckwheat neck pillow under my thigh in the car anymore. I still don't sit much at home even at 2 months out. Am standing as I'm typing this but I don't mind. I was never one to sit much at home anyway. At work I still sit on a soft pillow. Since 6 weeks post op I have been sleeping on my butt. It just feels weird because the right butt keeps shooting some pain. The recovery process is so different for the butt. Left side has no issues. Right side is still a little numb from the lower back to halfway down the right butt.

I am still wearing the MariaE faja during the day since 6 weeks. I have a pic of the faja in the last post. This CG is damn tight but what I love is that it lifts my butt and it looks like I had 1500cc in my butt instead of 1000cc. Well I sometimes wish I had more fat to take so my butt would be a phatty but I am happy with the changes to my body. It's way better than I could have asked for.
I bought a small Squeem and started wearing at 7 weeks. So I either wear a Squeem or the MariaE faja 8-12 hr during day and at night I don't wear any compression as I believe the skin needs to breathe. Plus I have been getting the worst skin allergy. I break out in red welts all over my tummy and back from wearing the Squeem. I bought the cotton and rubber Squeem and I may be allergic to the rubber even though it's on the outside. Even with the tank top underneath, after a day of wearing when I take off I am all sweaty with these lines and welts over my midsection. You can see the lines in one of the pics. Does anyone have the same problem from the squeem? So I am back to scratching like crazy. Despite this, I do like how I look in it because it looks like my waist is sucked in like 2-3 inches instantly. However it doesn't do anything for my "kangaroo pouch". I know I need a TT with muscle repair to really get a flat stomach but oh well, I'm so done with sx and recovery :) So I am going to wear the squeem upside down to get the tighter part around my lower ab.

I have also started doing butt squats and lifts to enhance the glutes. Thanks to Sexeeangel who has motivated me. I do about 100 squats and want to work my way up to 200 a day. It's so hard to find time being single parent with a full time job and with 10 and 5 yr old kids with homework and activities, but I realize after 2 BBLs that you can't expect to have sx and not maintain it. The BBL is the best sx ever and for those that are thinking about getting it done, I highly recommend it. But like any investment, you have to work to maintain it. That means investing in good compression garment and wearing it for as long as possible. It also means getting post lipo massage, and you can even have someone do it for you or you can do by yourself but it's important to keep up the massages in the first 3 months as that's when you can help to prevent the lumps from becoming hard scar tissues. I had some scar tissues from my first BBL a year ago. I didn't do massages. I did this time and what a difference it makes. And I do the butt workout for about 30 minutes at night when my kids are in bed. Every other night for now until I have more time. Hoping that will help keep this butt firm.

I will update again soon. Happy healing to all the RS angels. Thank you for everyone who has stopped by my page and offered advice and support. I am just paying it forward.


Hello ladies,
I have been getting back to enjoying life and so I have not been back on here for awhile but I wanted to update with pics. I hope to continue updating until a year out. My butt has rounded out and dropped lower (aka fluffing). I hope it doesn't drop anymore so I have been doing squats, leg lifts and any booty firming exercises ..still trying to exercise 3x a week with very little cardio since I don't want to lose my butt.

My right flank is still tighter than my left flank. I have to stretch my body often to release the tightness. The only soreness still at this point is on the top of my right butt. It still hurts a little when I sit on my butt so I have been sitting on a pillow at times. When I wear the Squeem it pushes down on that area and I get these little sharp pains. I have been in the small Squeem since 3 mon po for 10-12hrs day. I honestly don't think it works for the lower abdomen as much as the upper ab. I noticed at the end of the day what's left of my belly fat is squeezed to my lower belly and when I take off the Squeem I get this pouch. So after 4 months I decided instead of spending money for another smaller Squeem, I bought a corset from Truecorset USA. I just started wearing it for a week and boy what a difference. When I take it off my whole stomach is flat. The steel boning in the corset really holds you firm better than any cotton rubber waist cincher. I will do a review on my corset in a few weeks.

My measurements are still the same from 3 months.
Natural Waist 27.5
Belly button waist 29.5
Butt 38 3/4
Weight 125

I notice in the last few weeks that my right butt is a tad less fuller than my left. I already was a bit uneven pre surgery but now I still notice it. There's just a little bit of flat area toward the hip area. My next appt with Dr Hughes is for my 5 mon po so I'll have him look at it. Other than that, the booty is still holding and I love going shopping for tight fitting dresses now. I couldn't bother before with a flat butt. I really love what my doctor did for my body and hope it keeps getting better.
I will update again soon.


Hi everyone. Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Not much has changed over the last month. My measurements are still the same from 3 months. Sometimes I grab my butt and feel like it's smaller but when I measure it's still the same 38 3/4. I still get slight numb on the right butt and near the hip area is little flat as I mentioned in last month's update, I am going to see Dr. H for my 5 month po to see what he says about it.

I have been wearing the steel boned corset I bought from for a month now, mostly during the weekdays for 9 hours. I have a pic of it here. It's the Paisley Print size 24 which fits 28-29 waist. It is true to size as their website so if you order and it's your first time in a steel boned corset, stick to their size chart. I paid $65 free shipping. It shipped very quickly I got in about 3-4 days. So anyway after having wearing it for a month, I have some tips if any of you ladies are thinking about corset training.

1) First off, make sure that you give it a few months after your sx before wearing a steel boned corset. You want most of your swelling to be resolved and you no longer have major numbness issues in the lipo areas or top of the butt (shelf). The steel boned corset is a tight compression, although you can loosen the laces in the beginning and should leave at least 2 inch gap, you still would not want the steel bones to poke into your new booty. I would stick to a Squeem or similar soft material in the first 3-4 months.
2) Choose a corset that fits your body type. There are many websites that provide good buying tips. I like Her blog has great reviews on different brands and price points. I like an underbust corset. When you try it on, make sure you can sit down and the boning should not poke you in the thighs. My corset is 10 in long measured from underbust to just the top of the hips, which is the same length as the Squeem, but it still pokes the bottom of my breast. I decided to put a small lipo foam as liner right under the corset and that solved the problem.
3) Choose a cotton material for the inside of the corset to prevent itching or chafing to the skin. I wear a thin cotton cami and then the corset over, and then sometimes another cami and then my shirt if I am wearing light colored shirt, it does get very hot in all that clothing. I wish I had bought a white corset instead of this color since most of my tops are lighter colors.
4) The steel busks (those metal closures in the front) can be a pain even if it's your 5th or 8th time putting it on but you will eventually get the hang of it. It does provide the strongest support than any other kinds of closures.
5) Consider breaking into the corset slowly over the weekend, with an hr or 2 of wear each day before you plan to wear it all day. You need to learn how to put it on and how to take it off if you feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of youtube videos that show how to do this. I must have watched 10 videos before I could put it on correctly. Stretch those neck muscles before you start lol..I pulled my neck muscles a couple times trying to twist around to see the laces in the mirror. Lace slowly and leave 2-3 in gap in the first few days until you are able to adjust to breathing in it. Also, the laces are really long and so I wrap them around my waist and tie a knot in the front instead of tying in the back so that if I ever feel uncomfortable I can quickly access the laces.
6) Wear a no-wire bra with the corset. The corset will give you a nice cleavage so if you have a wire bra it will push against it and can be uncomfortable. Your boobs will then be up to your neck like mine the first day and I was wondering what my co-workers were staring at.
7) Since the corset restricts your torso movement, you can't bend down to tie your shoe laces for instance. I put my pants and shoes on first if I am wearing strappy heels before I put the corset on.
8) Air out your corset at the end of day to prevent moisture build up that can ruin a nice piece of garment. All corsets require dry cleaning and that just sucks but with proper care it should last a long time.
9) Steel boned corset will limit your intake portion. I can't eat as much in it, and even when I don't wear it on the weekends, I do notice I still can't take in alot of food even if I wanted to.
10) Last but not least, it does help with correcting posture. You will sit so straight and tall in it. But what I noticed is then my shoulders are more achy because I am so stiff. Well, you win some you lose some.

Well that's all I can think of right now. I'll add to it if I learn anything new. You will have an instant hourglass figure in the corset not to mention how sexy you'll look and feel in it. At the end of the day when I take it off, my tummy is perfectly flat. The squeem for 3 months didn't even give me total flat tummy. I plan on buying a lighter color corset so I can wear it under white shirts.
Feel free to ask me any questions.

5 Mon PO pics

8 Month PO update

Hi everyone! Hope you have been enjoying the summer.
Not much has changed other than the fluffy fairy has came and went and now I think the fatty fairy is making her residence in my chin, gut and thighs:)
My measurements now are:
Natural Waist 28
Waist at belly button 29.5
Butt 39
Weight 126

This summer I have been indulging a bit in eating out and I feel areas where I didn't have lipo done or much fat taken out are the places I see bulges appearing. So yes it is possible to gain weight after lipo and with certain places not lipo'd will be looking lumpy because fat goes there first. I must admit I also haven't been exercising much other than 30 min walks in the evening. I may need chin lipo in a couple of years as no exercise will help that:)
I used to think I would love another 200cc or so fat in my butt but I'm happy at its current size. Finding dress pants for work where I don't need a belt continues to be a challenge.
Anyhow, just wanted to update that the booty is still there. I do get a lot more stretch marks now and you can see in my pics. My next update will be at a year mark.

1 yr PO Review

Happy New Year everyone!
As I promised, I am back to update 1 year since I have had the BBL. I really still don't see a lot of reviews post 1 yr and want to contribute my experience so everyone can determine the long term results. I will say that each body is different. As for me, I have never been able to keep fat on my body for long in my 43 years, and it's no difference I supposed that the fat transferred to my butt has also diminished some more after 1 year and 9 days post op (who's counting lol). Most I feel is due to normal weight loss and some is just wasn't meant to stay in the butt.

So I lost some back at my pre-surgery weight 122 (was 126-127bls at my 8-mon po update). I must say my butt was still nice and had upper fullness at 8 months, but since then in the last couple of months, some of the upper fullness is now gone and with gravity, fat is always going to settle down and isn't always going to be bubbly like the first several months out of surgery. I do miss that a lot!!! Here are my current measurements. I really lost a little over an inch in my butt and for someone who's not big and doesn't have any butt to begin with, that is really sad to see it go. I am trying to eat to gain a few more pounds (no more than 4) to see if my butt can fill out a bit more.

1 year measurements:
Waist 27.5 (down half inch from 8 months po)
Belly button waist 28 3/4 (down almost an inch since 8 mon - good for the waist area, not good for the butt)
Butt 37 3/4 (down by 1 1/4 inch from 8 mon po)
Weight 122 (126 at 8 mon)

Here are new pictures. I am still happy with the surgery and would do it again if I had money or the fat and yes I would absolutely go back to Dr. Hughes again. Even after a year, I love the back scoop that he did and it helps give my butt more shape. For now, no more surgery, I am going to keep doing squats to maintain my shape. As you can see compared to my pre-op pic, I am still a lot better than what I started with.
May you all have a fabulous 2015. I may not update again unless there's something worth sharing. PM me if you have questions. Bye!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes is always so responsive. I met him for consult twice and I emailed him a couple of times after that before booking with him. He always replies email within seconds. I always felt he was the right doctor for me from seeing results he has done on other girls. He is very honest about what he will do. And he exceeded my expectations.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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