BBL done and happy with results this far!

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I am 34 and have 2 beautiful children. I have...

I am 34 and have 2 beautiful children. I have always been an active person and excercised regularly since in my teens. During my first pregnancy I worked out and was able to get back in shape in no time. I am 5'8" and stay around 145-150. I was able to come down to 135 after my first and kept in pretty good shape. Now, age, gravity, and second pregnancy seriously kicked my behind! I stopped exercising during this last pregnancy, gained about 50lbs, and after the pregnancy was real difficult to get back to working out. I lost 20-25lbs in the first month after the pregnancy but did not make it back to the gym until about 3 weeks ago. I am still 170lbs. Have not lost any weight since I started exercising. I supplement and eat pretty well and I believe I am the kind of person that can back into shape by working hard...but I'm no longer in my 20s and I'm realistic that will take awhile and a lot of hard work to get me where I want to be. Sooooo...I decided to get a helping hand. I'm going to lipo abdomen, flanks and all my back and give the butt a boost. Hopefully this will give me a headstart and will be able to keep in shape after the procedure easier then if I had to get there all on my own.

I am super excited to no longer be fat! My midsection has never been this big and flabby. I can't wait to have my hourglass figure back! I will post some before pictures sometime before the surgery and I will make sure to let you know how my journey develops.

I'm scheduled for May 5th with Dr Hughes in Culver City, Ca. Dr Hughes was very responsive since my first contact with his office. Adam, at the clinic was also very friendly and helpful since our first conversation. So far, my experience with Dr Hughes' office was all pleasant and have absolutely no complaints. I hope this will continue during and after the procedure is performed. I will keep you posted.

So, that's it for this post...about me.

One more thing...thank you all for sharing your experiences, pictures, complaints and praises. The reviews on this site have contributed to making my Dr pick as well as making a somewhat educated decision on the procedure that I'm about to put my self through. So, thank you all for sharing your personal experience, pain, and happiness. This is also the reason for which I actually decided to post. It has helped me so the least I can do is return the favor and help others make an educated decision.

I will post again once I have any more new relevant information on the coming procedure. Thank you, and have a wonderful time! :)

Done! I'll post before and after pictures within the next couple of days!

Surgery was yesterday and went well. The nurses were great and the anesthesiologist was awsome. He really made me feel at ease. I was put to sleep and right before it I started thinking of my babies and got teary eyed. He grabbed my hand real tight and me feel safe. After that I woke up in the post op room in pain with terrible gas. Layed there for a while after which the nurse helped me dress, get up, and into an wheelchair, brought my hubby in, explained the post op process and helped me out to the car. The drive to our home away from home was pretty intense. I was in pain, irritable, and uncomfortable. I changed my dressings around 10pm (returned home from the surgery around 3pm) and this is when I first saw myself. I was highly disappointed. My back looked fat and saggy. My butt looked V stomach was the only thing that looked decent. Overall I was not pleased and got A little depressed. Sleeping was not a success. Laying on my stomach hurt and was uncomfortable the entire time. Any movement while lying down hurt. I got up every hour and peed and walked around. Soooo....didn't get much sleep BUT today around 10am I undressed to take a shower and my back looked MUCH better, so I'm hoping I will get a good result after all. My husband said that the doctor came out and told him he thought I came out really good, and I will love my results. I didn't see what he saw the first day, but I guess he knows more than I do and my shape looks like its coming together. I have been walking in circles all day other then the couple of times I layed down on my stomach. My feet hurt and my back and lower abdomen hurt and I can't wait for this pain to subside so at least laying on my stomach doesn't hurt so much. That's it for now....I'll follow up and post picture within the week. Oh...also, they told me I wouldn't need to bring anything for the post op other than the arnica pills. I brought tank tops to wear under the garment, bromelain pills, fiber, protein shakes and all my vitamins, chap stick, and real loose clothes! The garment they gave me is very bulky and I'm also wearing the foams under it soooo no maxi dresses or anything remotely form fitting is realistic. Real loose shirts, or sweater is what I recomment if you plan on getting out at all. I think thats all I can think of for now. As far as dr Hughes...he was nice, straight forward and answered all my questions. No complains so far :) The only thing I wish they would have done different is provide me with the per op information once I put my deposit and scheduled the date. There are many things that may affect your surgery and knowing all the information ahead of time can be very helpful. The ladies on this site actually helped me a lot by posting your per op info from your doctors. Thanks again for all your posts and I hope my posts will help somebody else as well.

How many Cc?

I believe the doctor told my husband he was able to do 1200cc. I weighted 166lbs before surgery and I am 5'8".

Post Op visit...

Went to my first post op today and I'm doing good. No fluid building up. I will go back at the 6 weeks mark to make sure I'm doing well. Nurse said I'm recovering well and as well as I wear the garment right and don't exert myself next week I should be fine. She said many people build up fluid in the second week because the don't wear their garment right and they become too active. So I'll try to take it easy.

Dents on my side

I have been wearing this compression garment from day one and it seems it is leaving some significant dents on my sides, right above my hips. I am wearing some doggy pads and wifebeater under is by still leaves dents, marks and rashes. Is this normal? Are these dents going to go away? I'm going to take some pictures and email Dr Hughes tomorrow and see if he can help. I'm not from LA so unfortunately I can't stop by the clinic. I hope they won't stay like this.

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