Need a trim waist!! Lipo /BBL

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So I've been researching procedures and reading...

So I've been researching procedures and reading reviews from this site for quite some time. Finally thought to make a review of my own. I am 5'3 200lbs have one baby girl. I want to get lipo and bbl. I have considered a tummy tuck but am terrified of the scar and i plan on having another baby so just want lipo for now with fat transfer to my bum. I have been working out 7 days of week for an hour to try to get down to 180 before getting PS done. I've also adjusted my eating habits so I am eating wayyy better than before. I've been wanting PS since I first found that it existed. I've always had an curvy athletic shape but no matter how skinny I would get I would have this little pooch in my lower tummy. After having my daughter my figure went downhill and now I gain mostly in my tummy. :( I can finally afford to get work done so I'm really excited about getting the procedure. My family and hubby are not too supportive of me with this but I don't care. They feel PS is unnecessary and that i should try to lose it the natural way. And while I get that I know i tend to gain weight in my belly so if i can get rid of most of those fat cells or move them someone where else then that's what i'll do. My two sister both have tiny waist and nice big bums on petite frames, Im trying to look like that too lol! Anyways so far I've hit up a few docs. Heres what I was told
Dra Baez: I hit up Dra Baez in DR for a quote. Her requirement was to be under 180lbs and quoted me 2700. She said her quote would be good for 6 months. I tried emailing her several times after that to send a deposit and lock in my date but i have not heard back from her and its been Months.

Dr. Alejandro Pizzaglio: He responded the next day. weight requirement is to be 190 or under. He suggested i get a tummy tuck as well. Quote 3800 if you choose recovery house its 4400 After hearing about all the issues with surgery in DR I've just decided to stay in the states. Thanks goodness i didn't hear back from Baez. I probably would've been out some money.

Dr. Ghada Afifi: Her assistant seemed very nice but I had problems emailing her my pics and started to see some bad reviews so its a no for her. So thats a no go.

Dr. Fischer (Vanity):I spoke to the assistant there who gave me a quote for a tummy tuck. I asked about the bbl but have not heard back from her either :(

Dr. Mel Ortega (spectrum). The assistant was very nice. Responded back with a quote promptly for 4500 for a tummy tuck and 5999 If i wanted bbl. I emailed her back to see what dates the doc would be available, if the price includes recovery house and info on deposits but have not heard back from her either. Price sounds great but I'm pretty sure i would be hating life if i had to fly all the way back from the southeast to northwest coast after having surgery. Not sure why she havent responded. Will call her maybe when i get a break from work. Would love to find a doc on the west coast!

Dr. Kenneth Hughes: He responded back extremely fast. Quoted 9500 for lipo to my tummy, flanks, full back with fat transfer. He seems really nice and down to earth. Very responsive. I told him the price was over budget but he suggested i speak with his assistant regarding financing. I've researched his work and i love what I see so far. I really really want to go to him. I can definitely deal with a flight to California rather than an 11hr + flight to miami. I have to decide on a date and will get back to his assistant as soon as me and hubby can come to an agreement. I wanted to have the procedure in late July. I've been planning to do this bbl for over a year. I have the vacation time but conveniently enough my hubby wants to take a job offer that would have him away during the month of July. Plus being over budget I would rather save up more to cover the entire cost instead of financing.

So now I'm still deciding what I want to do. The lower prices are definitely tempting but I would rather go with a more skilled plastic surgeon, shorter flight, and better overall experience. I think I'm leaning more towards Dr. Kenneth Hughes. I love his response time and how he is friendly and down to earth. He is not requiring me to lose extra weight or requiring a tummy tuck first. I will be racking my brain in the next couple of weeks to decide. We will see how it goes.

Finally back on track

Hello realself peeps. I've been gone forever so just wanted to stop by for a update. Last time I updated I was losing weight in preparation for surgery. My weight loss came to a hault and I found out I pregnant. I had a beautiful baby boy in May last year. I'm now finally back on track to losing weight. I've been eating healthy and working out. I'm 5'3 and weigh 195 :( I'm aiming to lose 35lbs prior to the procedure. I want this flabby stomach gone and would love to have some more hips and ass. I want lipo and bbl and then eventually a tummy tuck. It would be so nice to see my abs again and have a nice big butt lol! I was considering Kenneth Hughes but decided to do more research on other docs and keep my options open. I'm planning on having the surgery by November this year if not sooner. I've already gotten the time off from work approved and have sent off for my passport in case I decide to fly out of the country for the procedure. I would prefer to stay in the states for the procedure but not gonna lie DR got the PS game on lock!! So I'm def keeping that as an option. I will start getting supplies together at a later date. Right now just focusing on getting this weight down. I gain weight in my upper body. My arms/stomach/face are the fattiest parts. So I'll be working on toning my upper body. I've been lurking for a minute but have finally mustered up the courage to post some post op pics of my own. Be blessed everyone :)

I'm free to travel!

Passport came in the mail today woop woop! I was so worried that this would take forever to come but It only took 2 1/2 weeks. Glad I didn't pay for expedited services because I won't be making any moves until later this year. Nice everything is falling into place. I'll def be checking on some overseas PS now to see if they can help me achieve my goals. My main focus is my tummy and butt right now but these 38F boobies will need some attention later. So if i get my main work done here in the states maybe I'll save some $$$ getting the boob work done in DR?? We will see! :)

Pre op pics :/

Hey gals! Just a quick update. Still working out and eating light. It's been extremely hard trying to juggle working out, 2 kids and taking care of home life but I have to keep my eye on the prize. My total weight loss goal is 30lbs. Once I get to that point I will be choosing a doc and putting down my deposit. Can't wait! It's been slow but I'm making progress. Jeans are feeling a lil more roomy these days. More pre-op photos and some wish pics.

Still dreaming of big booty!

Hey everybody!! So update on me. I'm still still dreaming of getting this waist snatched and booty pumped. Still prepping for surgery. Finally weaned my 1yr old off of the boobs so they are now ready to be lifted! :) I went on vacation to the Bahamas and stuffed my face for a few weeks. I didn't bother to work out either so yeah I had a relapse smh. My 20lb weight loss turned into more of a 15lb weight loss so now I'm back to working out 7 days a week doing circuit training and treadmill. My birthday is in a month so hopefully I can lose another 10lbs by then. Here's an update pic of me and more wish pics more wish. I've been researching some new doctors I found on IG. Dr balgobin in MN. His bbls look nice but not so sure about laser lipo. Wouldn't that kill the fat cells?? I also found Dr Blinski in Miami. I'll be reaching out to them with my questions and for quotes soon. I tried to secure a date with dr Findley in GA since I have family there to take care of me post op. I got a quote of 5000 but I was told they would get back to me about locking in a date because he will be doing missions? Not sure but I was a little confused because usually docs want to take on patients. Will just have to see. Did y'all hear about the vanity death? According to news story Maria Christian went to vanity for a tummy tuck. She went into cardiac arrest while being operated on. She was getting her round 2 with the clinic and had surgery with a dr Chavez. The dr wasn't her first pic and staff convinced her to go with that doc. Not sure if that made a difference or if she had health issues or what but either way super sad. Prayers for her and her family. My little sis sent me the news story. I think my sister Is trying to deter me from going under the knife but man I've been wanting this surgery for too long and have been preparing for it for too long. She just doesn't understand and being that she is literally 100 pounds soaking wet with a fatty I can't blame her for not getting it. Thank god I have real self where others understand me jeez. Yeah so I don't think I'll be going to vanity. Not just because of the recent death but also because of the countless stories of bad customer service, refund issues, bad treatment post op and my own bad interactions with them over the phone and via email. They just seem shady AF. Their prices are tempting but I'll be moving along! Here's the link to the article about Maria Christian. Till next time. Peace.
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