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Okay, so for about 2 years now I have been...

Okay, so for about 2 years now I have been researching on this site. I have seen fabulous results and some not so fabulous. After some time and a little self motivation, I consulted with a few doctors (I.e. Dr Kim from Los Angeles, Dr Cortes from Houston, Dr Schulman from NYC, and Dr Hughes from LA) and they were all great and thought they could make wonderful things happen for me. But ultimately I decided to trust Dr Hughes with this procedure. I am 5'7" give or take and 160lbs. Dr Cortes asked me to gain about 20 lbs for the procedure and I couldn't do that. Plus, all the other surgeons said they could get ATLEAST 1000cc to each cheek and even have enough for hip projection with my current weight. So I crossed Cortes from my list. Then I was looking here on RS some of these docs before and agrees and Dr Hughes seemed to be the most consistent in his work. I emailed him and everytime he responded sometimes in minutes and 2 hours at the most later. I could barely get a hold of Dr Kim. Oh, and Cortes' office was all over the place. Most of them didnt had the slightest clue what was going on or even how to speak to prospective patients. Anywho, Dr Hughes it was for me. He quoted me $12,500 for arm, flanks, inner thigh, lateral thigh, full back, and abdominal liposuction with fat graphing to hips and buttocks. I applied for CareCredit, I am a student so I don't have $12,500 cash. I was instantly approved and put the $500 down for my surgery. I already have my hotel booked and paid so there is no turning back!! I considered flying to Los Angeles. It is a 20+ hour drive and only a 6 hr flight. But after a lot of thought, I decided driving will be cheaper and it would be a fun experience for me and my boyfriend since we've never been out of state together. Plus I'm staying in Cali for 9 days and by then , from what I've read anyways, I should be feeling a whole lot better. And we can even take breaks and stop at a hotel on the way back! I'm so excited - dont really feel any nerves yet but I guess it's still super early and I have 4 months for those nerves to catch up to me. I will post my before pics along with my first post op photo just because as I researched on here I hated getting my hopes up to see post op pics and transformations when there were only wish pics and befores. I will however post some of my wish photos for my own purpose to look back after the procedure ! If anyone is scheduled or even considering Hughes as their PS for BBL , hit me up!

A few Pre op pics

I will be adding more. I was too worried about fitting in the mirror on these I wasn't able to get good shots. And the butt one is just a way to create a mirage ;)

Left one out


Had to edit the pre op pics to better hide my identity lol


Less than a month to go!!!

Well ladies, I have less than a month to go and I'm so anxious!!! I'm not sure if its that I can't wait for my new butt, or I can't wait to just get it over with! It's all I talk about to my boyfriend since he's the only person who knows! I'm sure he's tired of it haha. Anyways, I haven't started buying materials for my recovery yet. I'm sure ill be doing this this coming week that way I can start to prepare my bags for the week trip. Any of you ladies travel and have any extra suggestions let me know! Also I plan on buying a maternity pillow,arnica pills and lotion/gel, pineapple juice, lots of water, and fruits . I doubt I'll have much of an appetite. But anyway, if you think I'm leaving anything out that you feel benefited you, please let me know!! I've gained about 5lbs, ill update better/ recent befores maybe tomorrow!


I find myself constantly counting down the days. I have a month to go and I am so nervous! I don't want this post to sound like the last so I'll leave it at that. Thanks to the ladies who reached out in personal message or comments to help me with my post op materials. Second, I'm getting scared that I'm already feeling "booty greed". When I started this process, I kept saying "I want a natural look, nothing big!" But as I see other women's post op pics and they got 1200-1500cc's with fabulous results, I begin to wonder if 1000 Is even enough. And to justify these thoughts I'm like "well, I can only count on 70% to actually stay/survive" so then I'm doing calculations and I'm like we'll then I should just get a little more than this amount. Now you can imagine after doing this 30 times the cc's in my mind are ridiculous so I have to screw my head on straight . I'm afraid that after surgery I will love my results and think it was EXACTLY what I wanted but as time goes by it won't stay EXACTLY how I wanted it. And for me to be paying $12,500 for this BBL when I already have a nice butt I'm just looking to enhance it and I'm 5'7'' weighing 150lbs which I'm pretty lean starting off... I just want to make sure that this money won't go to waste! That would be so. Stressful! Sheesh a lot of thoughts cross your mind when you ax date approaches. I'll probably be ranting on here more and more as I get closer. To my date!

5lb weight gain! ?

155lbs naked!! Whooh!!! I'm debating weathe do should gain another 5! I just want to make sure I don't get to Culver City and I'm disappointed with anything less than 1000ccs !

Problem area

My back is my number one problem area. Anything I eat sticks to it :(


After posting my weight gain pics, I received several messages and comments regarding whether or not I would have enough fat for my desired body. I'm nervous now because my sx is in a month I don't know of I could gain enough to really make a difference. I haven't because I gain weight in my face as well and I don't want to be left with a super amount of work post surgery.

My conversation with Dr Hughes

3 weeks!

I have a lot going on in my life right now ladies. I am in school so finals are start next Monday, my lease is up and I'm moving to a new apartment, oh and did I mention I'm getting my butt done a week after?!!?!!!! Hahahaa! I'm so excited ! Anxious! Nervous! Excited!! I've never been to California and I'm sure ill never forget my first visit! Hahahaa ! Dr Hughes reassured me he could give me 1000cc/cheek and I'm good with that! I'll try to gain a little extra weight but I'm not sure ill be able to do too much. My body is so set at a certain weight that I struggle to lose weight and gain weight. Anyways! I'm still sadly unprepared! I'm not trying to buy too many things for post op because a lot of real girls have said that to be a mistake. The only things I'm buying will be stool softeners , cases and cases of water, v8 juices which help significantly with digestion, pineapple juice, hopefully light snacks to eat(if suggestions besides crackers let me know!), arnica gel/cream and pills, and bromelian pills maybe if I can find them, and a full body pillow. I even started questioning just how badly I really need a pillow if I will be in a hotel with millions of pillows haha. Him what else... I'm excited for my road trip. I'm wondering when would be the best day to leave. check in at my hotel is at 3pm Monday 19th. And Adam was awesome and just told me to let him know when I made it and they would. Get me in at whatever time. Is it crazy, me and my boyfriend may go to six flags after my consultation since its not far from LA or in LA I'm not sure lol Magic mountain is all I know! But to do that I would have to be super prepared lol that means nothing not the slightest senecio slipping my mind! Well now I'm just rambling. But to all you ladies that are in recovery right now, please stay strong! Muahhh

Dr Hughes

In my last post I called dr Hughes arrogant but I meant it in the best possible way. He is extremely confident in his work and when I ask particular questions about other doctors he always reassures me he can deliver better results than anyone. Hahahahaa I like it. Makes me feel like I'm in good hands! I'm excited to meet dr Hughes!

Ab and back foam

Are they worth it!? Are they only for compression?


Okay I know I need to buy a quality garment. but we're any of Hughes girl satisfied with the one you are sent home in?? I'm looking for a garment (full body) and its so hard because there are so many brands to chose fro! How do you know which has better compression? You don't until you spend those. $200 -__-


Garment with crotch or without??!

Garment and foam

Does anyone have experience with this brand?



Arnica 30x and cream

Would this be sufficient?




So I'm done with exams for this week, then I have 4 finals next week! Gahhh leeee! Anyways- this sx is still distracting me like crazy. I can't focus thinking about it and more questions and post results will look like and I'm all over the place! Just want to say I'm super excited that I found Dr Hughes! He just did a girl here on real self on Monday who had abs and was very lean and have her 750cc / cheek. She's a small short girl so I'm sure it'll be great! Should I offer garment online or just wait and purchase one in store everyone goes to in LA near Dr Hughes?!! I'm scared to buy online and it not fit or something... Also, I spoke with Dr Hughes and I will be getting my axilla lipoed as well. If you look at my straight forward picture, I have a little pudge and I always do with strapless garments so I'm getting that fixed as well. I'm scared of how bad the pain will be with all that lipo. I'm doing FULLLL back, arms, inner-lateral thigh, flanks, sides, and now the axilla. From what I hear of the pain- I'm probably going to die .. Nervous but excited!


Okay so I'm getting organized! I decided to make a list of everything I need/plan to get and where it's from because I plan on making a total supply run on Thursday! I finally purchased my bella Jane garment in a small, hopefully it's good. Paid $192.00 including $12.00 shipping. Hope it's worth it! Here's a look at my list with personal items as well:

GNC: Protein shakes, arnica 30x, arnica gel (~$80)

Online- compression garment (~$200) CHECK!

Walmart: baby wipes, full body pillow, bruise stick, b-12, tampons (incase), liquid soap, Benadryl itch gel, peeling face masks (in case I get time to relax), fluffy comforter (since we're driving down there I have a SUV so dropping the back seats and making it a comfy bed).
Pineapple juice, v8 juice, straws, mangos, bananas, grapes, 2 cases of aquafina, low sodium crackers, low sodium soups, hot peach tea pouches, spag mtbl chef boyardee (don't judge), organic fruit squeeze pouches, canned peaches, and orange juice.

Now all the groceries are for my personal preference but they are also light meals and most of them help with digestion. I think I've covered all the necessities that's why I crossed over to things I would like :)

Things I will be taking from home:
Maxi dresses, cardigans (incase we go out to cover sleeves on my garment), hair products, hygeine products, loose relax clothes (over sized TShirts and old lady pjs), a few books, iPad, play station 4, board games...

May be being too detailed about little things that don't matter, but I think they do matter lol. Seeing as how in my mind I feel like ill be stuck in that hotel room for over a week not really doing much so yeah I'm being detailed lol.

I'm getting so excited!!


So I head to California on Friday, I'm super excited. Thinking I will probably so video updates post op so that any of you future bbl ladies can get an idea of what to expect.

Dr Hughes BBL video

Just watched Dr Hughes BBL video and I am impressed. I must say he is a BIG MAN!!!! I am sooooo exited

Recent weight gain

I look huge :/ staying positive since my surgery is next week and still trying to gain a little more. I hope this makes a difference and gets me up to the 1200+/cheek I am hoping for


I feel so fat :( I have no idea how mug I've gained but you can definetly see it on my face, back stomach and arms ! I'm so ready to get this sx over with! I went to store last night and bunched up with a lot of fattening food to see of I can gain atleast 3 more pounds before surgery in one week! Gosh I get chills when I say one weekkkkkk!! I know dr Hughes will leave me looking awesome. I'm more worried about the trip than the actual surgery. I feel very prepared at this point, lets hope it's with good reason!

Last review...

Not trying to throw a potty party or anything, just want future girls to know what comes with the purposeful weight gain - especially when you aren't use to weighing more than a certain amount. Clothes don't fit the same and most of all you don't feel the same :( Tuesday please hurry and get here!

Okay ladies

Friday is here, I'm paying off the procedure today can't say I'm too excited for the payment part but you gotta do what you gotta do lol. I head to California tonight and hope to be there by late Sunday. Ill keep you posted if anything interesting happens or comes to mind. And to all the ladies who may be having nightmares, it's normal, I've Been having them on and off since I decided to go through with this, my imagination is pretty wild so I wake up terrified at times but lately I've been sleeping like a baby, I'm so excited.

Chickening out

I'm in LA, sx is scheduled for tomorrow at 7am, I'm so nervous and I'm wondering if it's really worth it. Silicone breast implants yes are worth it because seven YEARS from now they will be there, but bbl? Not so likely! It says it on the papers I had to sign today. I can't just spend 12.5k on something that can't guarantee results. I may not do it. Eff the $500,

Day one and two post op

Easy as pie. Only took one pain killer and that was after surgery. Haven't felt too much pain. My left side of tongue is swollen my right arm and left calf. Other than that I'm great. Very glad I went through with the procedure. My result looks amazing. I did not do the axilla since I plan on getting silicone breast Implants sometime in the future and Hughes said it would help look more natural.bvideo update maybe tomorrow , I'm caught up watching house lol shower went great didn't need any help and was so refreshing. I smelled horrible. All of these things under my garment smelt like sweat. Blah.

Day 1-7post op

Hey ladies, sorry no video :( I recorded one but it won't let me upload for some reason. Will keep trying though because if not I wasted 30 minutes of my life lol. Anyways day one was a breeze. When sx was over, I woke up and helped nurses put my shirt and jacket on , I didn't even need the wheelchair I walked out to my car. No pain at all thought it was surely I was still medicated but even after my nap I felt great. Only mess I took on my own were antibiotics and one pain pill (not knowing it was a pain pill my boyfriend just handed them to me and told me to drink, I just asked questions later lol) but felt grata and was super curious what was hiding under my garment lol layer around hotel all day, ate very lightly (yogurt, Cheerios, juice, and almost 3 gallons of water lol)

Day 2: same as day one. No pain, not too uncomfortable. The only difference between day one and two was that on day two I showered . I was able to get out of my garment by myself and shower on my own as we'll. no dizziness fatigue, nothing of that sort. Was a regular shower just made sure not to use many products on my skin. All I used in shower was face wash and antibacterial soap on full body lightly massaging(felt really good). My skin did feel a little tender and numb on abdomen and back which is completely normal. I didn't wash my garment until day 4. My boyfriend massaged me after shower not touching me with his bare hands which also felt really good. Bruising was not bad at all. I had a bruises only on inner thigh and lateral thigh but very minimal. Did stuff around hotel and walked . Watched tv, very relaxing day.

Day 3: felt great. Showered agin. Followed by a nice rub down, geared up and went to the mall and did shopping and went on two different tours of LA. It wasn't until night time that I started feeling an age in my stomach which of course I recognized. It was time to go #2. It was very painful, probably the most painful part of my experience lol. I didn't take smooth move or anything. I was not wearing any of my gear because I was going to hop in the shower agin after the long day. DO NOT DO THIS ! Keep binder and garment on for your first booboo. I didn't have mine on and after probably thirty minutes after it was over I was bloated and hurting from all the force I had used. Took shower went to bed

Day 4: follow up appt with Hughes. Very brief, I went to office stripped down, he made arrogant remarks lol which he had every right. I love my results. Olga (nurse) told me to wear binder just a little lower she put it on me and best way to measure is top of binder should be right under the peak of your ribs. After the appointment more shopping, more shopping, more sight seeing! Shower , rub down, poop was easy (still not taking anything) , watched House until I fell asleep, and still light food, lots of water. I did however have my first meal meal today. I had a small ham sandwich and a side of chips. After I are I felt like a cow how full I was. ((Probably so much water helped this feeling) good day

Day 5: went to mall and grabbed a bite to eat and left early to head back home. Was in the car all day my boyfriend drove 20hrs straight. I'm sure he got the short end of the stick lol.

Day 6: made it home around 4pm, picked up my pups, showered , ate, and went to bed. Still no pain, bruises lightened up significantly.

Day 7: nothing new! Still feel great! And just ready to be rid of bruising and in a bikini ;)

A few tips I wish I would have had

1. We are recommended to put tshirt under binder to reduce irritation, but this caused ugly wrinkles in my skin and since binder was so tight and the shirt was pressed up against my skin it caused rash and itchiness .

*wear a spanx type tank top (black shirt in my pic) under the binder. This reduces irritation and itchiness and also doesn't give you those ugly marks you don't want to see the few times you actually get to see yourself naked

2. If not spanx top, buy Benadryl which I was recommended to do so by RS members

3. Smooth move will probably help for the first time you need to poop but keep in mind the antibiotics you are taking can cause diarrhea and I'm sure laxatives won't help

4. Don't drink too much Gatorade. Many people say drink lots off Gatorade or water. Smarter people will know water is a million times better. Gatorade has high sodium and you don't want to feel bloated during this recovery. It may cause more discomfort and also make you feel like you didn't get the best results which would be a horrible feeling to have after you've burned thousands of dollars or put yourself in debt

5. If you feel up to it, do your makeup and your hair, even if you're just around the house alone. Looking good leads to feeling good and you want to feel your best during recovery right? ;)

6. Wear binder low. Top strap should be right UNDER rib

7. If you are healthy pre op, you don't have much to worry about. I made it through the recovery with flying colors and the swelling was only bad the first two days and bruising is not like you're wearing a mini skirt

8. Eat very very light. Your appetite should be suppressed after lipo. Ironic right?

That's all I can think of right now. And honestly the pics don't do the booty justice. When I snap a pic I'm like, no that's not showing it right, that's why I will post video update maybe tomorrow of my stripping down from garment it's already recorded just won't let me update it through my phone.

CC's/buttock and hip

2 weeks and 2 days post oo

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