Fat Transfer to Hips and Buttocks for Thinner Trans Woman ~ in Love with New Hips and Curves! - Culver City, CA

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I had been researching Dr. Hughes for over a year...

I had been researching Dr. Hughes for over a year before finally settling with him in December of 2014. I knew of his great reputation from this website, which only seemed to maintain itself. I saw that as a really good sign, and knew that he was my doctor because of his reputation for being aggressive with lipo and delivering exactly what he said he can (especially as far as cc amounts). He also happened to be located very very close to me, perfect!

I decided to go for it after the first consultation, which was Jan 6th, 2015. I already knew I would, but it was nice to talk with him and bounce ideas off of him. All of the things I had read online seemed to be true. He is very young and charismatic, knows what he can do and only promises the same. I knew that he also has a reputation for going a big above and beyond with a lot of his patients, which was a big plus for me as well. During the consult I went over how I wanted more in the hip than anything else, and he immediately asked me to point to where I thought the hip was. I pointed somewhere around the saddlebag area, which he very quickly corrected me and pointed to the divot in the side of my butt, kind of on the back side of it.

The rest of the consult went well, and he told me he thought he could get about 700-800 total cc of augmentation per side. I liked those numbers (I have a smaller frame and not much fat to work with). I was confident that no other doctor would be able to get that much fat.

Being a trans woman, my main concern was hips, then buttock. I tried explaining this to him but I feared I was not getting through to him so I emailed him a few times going back over the hip stuff. At the consult he had said he could do about 250 in the hip and 400-500 in each side of the butt, but I wanted those numbers reversed. He said if that is what I really wanted, he could try to do that. He said that would be "really stuffing it in there" and that is pretty much exactly what I wanted/needed to hear from him.

Come the day of the surgery (2 days ago) I again went over my desires with him during the final consultation just before the operation. By this time I had developed what seemed like a great demeanor with him, we were laughing and joking about the placement of the fat. I still wanted him to inject some into my saddlebag area, and he told me this would make me look like a "super pear" as well as potentially increase the small amount of dimpling I already had in that area. He insisted to make the best use of the fat, he would inject into the divot in the side of the butt and then fill the rest in the buttock. Still, the emphasis would be placed on the hip divot. I obliged, but said please can you try to do a little in the saddlebag area below the divot? Kind of like a mix between what I wanted and what he wanted. He obliged and we were off.

Day 0 - waking up
I woke up in the waiting room, hearing one of the nurses talk to my friend who was picking me up there, he was basically already there. I was sooooo loopy. Ugh. Very uncomfortable. My friend came in the room to help me up along with the nurse, and he said "wow you look like crap!" I glared at him thinking "thaaaaanks". Lol. I climbed into the back of a suv filled with pillows and rode on my stomach to my home. The ride was NOT FUN! When I got home I was still very loopy and uncomfortable. I could not seem to get in a good position in my bed. After what seemed like 10 minutes of frustrated shuffling of my long body pillows, drinking tons of water along with a percocet and antibiotic, I finally found a pillow arrangement that suited me sleeping on my stomach (I am not a stomach sleeper at all). Upon waking up, I felt much better and drank some more water, but felt a little queasy. I took another short 20min nap before waking up uncomfortable again and vomited most of the water I had drank. I felt a lot better after that. I think it was due to the mixture of the anesthesia and percocet.

I started slowly drinking more water, knowing that I had to take it easy if I was to keep anything down. I had very little discomfort overall, barely any pain. Just kinda tight feeling. I dropped down for a few hours (getting better at arranging pillows for stomach sleeping) and when I woke up felt like a million dollars :) I kept going back and forth between napping and being on my feet / gently walking around. I live with several roommates and they were all wonderful to me. They noticed how happy I was and that I was in very good spirits. I felt great!

I decided to change my paper towel thing under my compression garment before going to bed overnight, so I got to see the full effect and took some photos. WOW! I could not believe it! Dr. Hughes nailed it bigtime! Hips, booty projection, I am in heaven. Totally incredible what he did with the small amount of fat that I had. I nearly burst into tears.

Redressing the garment was a bit tricky but I quickly got the hang of it with some help from a friend. I then passed out and slept pretty well.

Day 1
Felt great all day, drinking so much water that I think I had to pee every 15-20 minutes. Changed the paper towel in the garment again and noticed that I had very little bruising. The butt was still there! I took some more pics.

The rest of the day I just did my thing and alternated between napping and walking around the house. I just moved along with a bunch of people so a lot of people are still setting things up (I did a rush job to get my room done quickly in time for recovery). I still enjoyed going around and helping where I could by making suggestions. And also showing people my new curves ;) The response has been incredible, people can't believe the change. I began eating food in the morning and continued eating good stuff from then on, trying to keep my calories up.

This whole time, I had not taken any more percocets except for the one right when I got home from surgery (at the direction of Olga). I can't help but wonder if that's why I felt so great the whole time. Also around midday/evening I had an easy BM, probably also made easier by the lack of opiates/pain pills. Kinda on this kick of no pain pills and loving it!

As the day wore on, I noticed I was getting a little flushed in the face. I may have been on my feet a little bit too much or something, I dunno. I felt okay, just a slight headache and hot feeling. I checked my temp and I had 99.2, so I drank a bunch of water, had some soup, and laid down. I took my temp waking up from the nap and back to 97.8 which is my usual baseline using the thermometer that I have. I still had a bit of a headache, so I took a 500mg tylenol and passed right out again.

I also want to note about the pain/discomfort. I dunno if going through gender transition has made me much more tolerant of pain, but really this whole thing has been pretty much a breeze. However towards the end of day 1, I felt that the muscle tightness was catching up with me a bit, however just barely.

Day 2 (this morning!)
I had a hard time getting more than 3 hours of sleep in at a time last night- I couldn't seem to get my pillows arranged properly again. Luckily though I still have very little pain. I am still drinking tons of water and going to the bathroom so frequently it is kinda crazy. I know it is good though!

I looked at my butt this morning and I barely have any bruising, I am pretty amazed. Must have to do with all the flushing out with water. Going to take a pic right now with the compression garment on.

I AM JUST SO HAPPY WITH THESE CURVES! Every time I have briefly taken off the compression garment I get a tingle down my spine. Mostly because of the hips. Dr. Hughes nailed it so hard. I still cannot believe it! I hope everything stays very close to the way it is now!

took a pic in a dress finally. YES

the picture speaks for itself in my opinion. I have the body of my dreams.

Steady as she goes on the road to recovery

Just can't believe how easy this recovery has been. I guess it is probably because I have been on my feet and walking so so much. Still no pain pills, and I think I have already turned the corner, something in me know the hardest is already behind me.

My swelling is reducing drastically, my friends keep telling me how great I look compared to yesterday, my appetite is all the way back, digestive system is normal, and my energy levels have had me helping set up this new place I just moved into. I haven't been lifting anything, just walking to and fro all over the place and peeing every 15 min from all the water I am drinking. Has to be good.

I hope to see Olga and have her freaking out at how fast I have recovered! I feel like I'm almost done already, crazily enough. Even the bruising on my butt is way better than this morning.

Day 3 morning update

I slept pretty well last night! I must be getting better at the stomach sleeping, or maybe it was rearranging the pillows on my bed for a more comfortable position.

Recovery is going well, I still have barely any pain besides the obvious tightness. It is a lot easier to cough without sharp pains, and much easier to bend down on my knees to grab stuff off the floor.

I am still waking up with totally swollen face, though I have heard that is common and lasts for a while so I am prepared for it. Oh well!

I took a few pics this morning to show progress. Feeling great about my body :)

Oh and I am 160lbs, 10lbs heavier than my preop weight.

Amount of augmentation

If anyone might be curious, Dr. Hughes said he did 420cc per hip and 360cc per buttock, with a little bit in each outer thigh. Total augmentation volume was 1600cc.

I went in at 5'8" @ 150lbs, 18-20lbs heavier than my resting stable weight.

Initially he had wanted to do way more in the buttock and the rest in the hip, but I pleaded with him to reverse those numbers, which he did. He filled the hip as far as it would go and then used the rest to contour everything. Exactly what I wanted!

Ugh compression garment ...

... wants to keep riding up on the right side by my butt! My right arm is getting sore trying to always keep it down and level with the left side. Anyone else have this issue? I am afraid it's going to make me lopsided having more pressure on the left hip than the right.

I'm about to say screw it and wear the thing up a little higher where it wants to be. Barely any swelling down there anyway! Olga said to wear it almost halfway down the butt.

Day 3 night time dress up

So I've kinda been doing these dress up sessions for my roommates at night before I turn in.. The past couple of nights I have chosen dresses that I used to only wear with some sort of hip pad underneath (kinda like padded panties if you've ever heard of those). Anyway I've been dressing up in these dresses that I absolutely love but only having hips. Tonight was actually a specific request, someone said "you gotta put on the blue one, please!" And he continued to beg until I did it. He really didn't have to beg ;) I wanted to see it too

Anyway here it is! My butt is bigger now than what it used to be even with the hip pads in place. The room went silent at first when I walked in, then a few people just shook their heads. I don't think anyone can quite believe how this kind of bodily transformation is even possible. After the initial shock wore off, I had lots of questions to answer about the procedure to an amazed crowd. Overall is say a really amazing response from my friends :) I feel fantastic about these results!

day 6 feeling fantastic

Hi all! Just wanted to do a little update, I skipped a few days because they were pretty non-eventful. I have just been steadily shedding the swelling.

My waist measurement is now 29" and hips are holding at 40.5. I am beginning to see my abs again! My thinnest waist measurement as an adult was 27", so I think I still have a bit to go. Pretty crazy though, my current waist hip ratio. 0.716 is definitely a number I can get behind. Actually, I thought that number would just always be a figment of my imagination.

I took a pic of the worst bruising, which isn't even that bad at all. I really can't tell where I am swollen if anywhere. Skin feels solid and attached to muscle, I feel like this result is just the best I could have hoped for. Feeling great about my surgeon and my recovery thus far!!

pics from the last post that didn't come through

1 week checkup, went GREAT!

Hi everyone! I am so excited today! Olga cleared me to switch compression garments at just a week! She said I looked as if I had surgery a month ago, not a week ago. They were absolutely blown away with my lack of swelling and fast recovery.

Things that I might have done differently, I was definitely on my feet and walking around as much as possible. I think that helped the most because it got my blood circulating. And, I switched to normal food relatively fast. And NO PAIN PILLS! Except for the one I took immediately after surgery. GIrls, if you have this procedure... avoid the pain pills like the plague and get on those feet! Move around! You'll recover in a quarter of the time. I was expecting this to be so much harder.

Anyway I am on the hunt for a good compression garment. I found a place down the street that sells Lycra brand stuff, and picked up one there on the way home. Unfortunately it is way too small, cant even get it past my mid thighs. Hopefully they let me exchange it at least.

More pics to come after I go jeans shopping tomorrow!!

pics of new garment, and outfit today

Super happy with life

I've always wanted hips and a big butt. This is just so great. Had to post about it. Dr. Hughes is an amazing doctor, I feel that nobody could have done a better job for me. He gave me exactly what I wanted and more (which is what I wanted)

pics day 8? hard for me to believe

I can't believe it's only been a week and a day. I feel completely normal now, besides the occasional tight feeling in my abdomen and knowing I have to watch out for my butt still.

The jeans I got this morning made such a huge difference. I have received comment after comment today exclaiming "holy crap your butt is huge and looks incredible". It is just barely on the verge of looking too big/bubbly. But I love it, so so dearly. It is the perfect size.

I have been eating a lot and actually went up a few pounds over the last couple of days. My presurgical weight was 150 (after gaining 20lbs for the procedure) and immediately post op I was 160. I then came down to 152 by day 4 or 5 but I've slowly been climbing again because I am back to my old diet of eat everything in sight. I swear to god my butt is already getting bigger... And this compression garment with the hole cutouts I am wearing is making it look just astonishingly massive in pants.

The occasional feeling of inadequacy in the midst of other women is completely and utterly gone. I am just thinking of how happy I am to be me and loving every minute. This surgery is priceless to me, without a doubt.

Anyway here are some pics with my new pants I got today from american apparel... The "Easy Jean" is simply amazing for big booties. Makes them look even bigger. I bought 4 pairs in different colors, size L! My waist and hips fill them out just perfectly, whereas in the past only my waist would have filled them.

Hip measurement fluctuations (actually getting a little bigger)

Just posting about something interesting that I have been noticing. I am still eating like crazy, as I saw it suggested a few times that it is good to have the body in fat storage mode- especially during the initial recovery from this procedure.

I have been putting away easily 2000 ~if not 3000~ calories per day for the past week. My waist measurement has stayed the same at 29 inches. The interesting thing is that my hip measurement which was down to 40.5 inches has now climbed back up to just over 41 inches. I think the calories are looking for a place to go and finding it right where I want it! Visually and to the feel, I have noticed my butt has become a little softer which I expected. But I think it is growing too, instead of shrinking more.

No complaints here! I'm going to keep eating like this for a while longer to see what happens. My proportions are just absolutely insane compared to what they used to be, but I would never complain about a little more as long as it's going to the right places! Heck I could even see myself intentionally gaining 5 or 10lbs down the line if it goes to the booty.

current measurements (height 5'8")
29 waist
41 hip
=0.707 waist/hip ratio!

preop was
29 waist
36 hip
=0.806 WHR (I don't miss that one bit!)

Been a while since I updated

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated! Nothing really new to report, other than I've been doing the massages to the lipo'd area. My bruising is totally gone and I feel totally normal aside from a slight bit of tightness.

I got a new garment at CYSM in Huntington Park, and I like it a lot more. It is Fajate brand, the thin strapped one. It has the butt cut outs, but they are still covered with lycra for a small bit of support. I noticed the other garment (totally butt out) was making my butt look kind of saggy given that there was still some swelling to be resolved.

Swollen feet

So I think I overdid it on sodium today, or something. I have also been standing a lot since I am doing a standing desk at work. And don't get me wrong, my feet have been pretty swollen this whole time because I have worn sandals a lot.

But today, however, was different. I had been slowly etching away at the swelling on my feet for quite some time now, I was even beginning to see the veins on the top of my feet again which to me was a good sign. Well, this morning I made the mistake of getting a fast food breakfast on my way to work and following up with a pretty salty italian lunch that was catered in. An hour after eating lunch my feet were pounding, and super swollen (I'd say about as swollen as they were about a week ago). I took the rest of the day off and came home to guzzle water and rest in bed.

Currently doing a lot better, feet are already not so swollen. But whew, that was a little scary. I did not like that. I just went to the grocery and stocked up on low sodium meals & snacks, I think I will try to keep it that way until I am a bit farther along (maybe another month or something).

Anyone else have experience with swelling coming back after anything in particular? I'd be happy to hear about it!

3 months update

Hey sorry for the lack of updates. I got kind of swept up by life the past couple of months. I guess having a bigger butt has really made a difference and I spend very little time (if any) worrying about my body :) Self confidence is at an all time high!

I still have a tiny bit of swelling at the lower part of my abdomen, it seems to be flatter when I wake up and slowly swells a bit by the end of the day. Luckily it is becoming less and less and less. My skin seems to have done very well with the lipo, and I have no indents or irregularities than I can notice. There are some tough spots on the muscles around my flanks, but it is deep and feels like the muscle is still just swollen. The skin on top looks perfectly normal, I am happy to report!

I have lost less than an inch around my hips, but I've also dropped a full inch off my waist so no complaints! I knew some volume loss was to be expected, and half an inch seems like nothing. Overall I am incredibly happy with the 3 month result, and I feel more confident to sit without worry now. I am still very careful, and I still sleep on my stomach.

Current measurements are 28 waist and 40.5 hip.

I still like wearing the Fajate Faja from time to time because it really accentuates my shape nicely and cinches the remaining swelling down to about nothing. But most days, I go without it. The high waisted "easy jean" stretchy pants from American Apparel do enough booty accentuation on their own!

I still fully recommend going with Dr. Hughes. The lipo work he did for me was fantastic- I cannot believe how smooth everything came out. Zero skin irregularities, even on my arms. I think I have an appointment with him in early June, so I'll probably update again after that. Feel free to ask me any questions, I'll try to check back soon!

going to gain 5lbs and see where it goes

This is by no means scientific, I am not going to be using any accurate measuring devices other than a tape measure.

My goal is to gain 5lbs and see where it seems to go. I know that I should proportionally get it all over, with maybe a little bit of regain around the abdomen. I am hoping that most of it will go to my behind, because my biggest problem area was stomach- which is now transferred to my butt.

I have searched and searched, with no real documentation.. Sometimes you just have to try it yourself. Here goes!

Starting weight pre op pre weight gain: 135lbs (36/28/36)
Pre op: 155lbs (37/33/37)
Max during recovery: 165lbs (37/32/42)
Current weight (3mo p/o): 155lbs (37/29/40.5)

Goal weight: 160lbs

I know it is not recommended to intentionally gain weight pre or post op, I am just very curious to see what happens. Luckily I have a very fast metabolism so it will be easy to reverse if need be.

Wow, weight really does distribute in a new way

So by the time I made my last post about gaining five pounds, I had already started eating more- I was already on my way.

I can confidently say that it is already working. I'm sure that some of the weight is water weight, so I'm staying off of the scale for the time being. However I am already noticing my hip measurement climbing.. fast. Already back up to just above 41"- it was 40.5" when I made the last post 3 days ago. Before, this is what my belly would do in this situation. Now it does seem to be happening to my butt instead (exactly what I am hoping for)

I do seem to be getting it in the thighs as well, which I expected and don't mind. And, my tummy feels a little softer below the navel- but not by much (it has been a little soft this whole time post-op anyway).

I don't think this is placebo. Somebody pinch me! It's always been my dream to have some substantial curves in the right places.. I am going to keep going with this weight gain for a bit longer.

4 month pic update, up 10lbs since surgery, might be considering round 2

I've gained about 10lbs since the surgery.. kind of intentionally, because a lot of it is going where I wanted it. Besides the bum, the rest seems to be going to my thighs, saddlebag area, and some to my waist. Before, probably 75% of it would have gone straight to the waist. Believe it or not, I am especially pleased with it depositing in the saddlebag- because my main goal is to be wider (I have quite broad shoulders). My hips are almost even with my shoulders.. a little bit more and I'll be balanced top to bottom, which is my dream.

Measurements are now

Quite a bit does seem to be around my thighs, for better and for worse. The outer part I like, but the inner and posterior thigh I am starting to look at like a possible donor area for round 2. I also have a little bit of a bulge underneath my navel, though it seems to be more prominent in the morning vs at night- could it just be leftover swelling? Maybe, I will be asking Dr. Hughes at my 4 month checkup this week. I asked Dr. Hughes in an email, and he said he could lipo the abdomen again along with inner and posterior thighs, with transfer to the hips.

Overall I am super happy with the results, but I do want more- especially on those hips. I have noticed the most volume loss there, too- probably because I didn't have much tissue to start with and the grafts didn't fair as well there. Luckily, though, I don't seem to have lost much of anything around back.

I cannot tell that I was ever lipo'd, meaning my skin is very smooth and I have zero noticeable indentations. I'm not sure if a round two to the same area increases the risk of skin surface abnormalities, but it is something I plan to discuss with the Dr.

More updates to come, thanks for reading

Round 2 scheduled with Dr. Hughes in Sept

So my checkup/consultation with Dr. Hughes went well. He confirmed that I had gained a bit of fat around my abdomen and above my flanks- something he said he could definitely take care of along with the slight pooch that has formed beneath my navel. He said he wouldn't be able to get much usable fat from those upper areas because it is very fibrous, but agreed to do it anyway since it is one of my bigger concerns lipo-wise. With those areas, I just want to be smaller.

He said he could get at least 400cc for each hip, which I think will make a very substantial difference. I was so so so happy immediately following the first round, my hips looked amazing. I had 420cc injected in each hip and it brought me from severe dent, to amazing hips, but then to pretty much perfectly flat after 4 months recovery and some resorption. My booty still looks amazing & round, but I lost a lot of the width I was so hoping to have. Anyway he said now that I have more tissue there, the graft should hold more effectively which makes me really happy to hear! 400cc should be even more effective, hopefully.

So this time around, we will be leaving the buttocks alone since I am extremely happy with the outcome there and it all seems to be staying. Very happy with my projection and shape, it is already a world of difference from where I started. From round 2, I am hoping to get at least .5" augmentation on each hip- which should make me feel more balanced with the shoulders.

I asked him about injecting into the trochanteric fat pad (saddlebag) but he didn't want to because he thinks it will make my butt look flatter on the sides. He will inject in the same place as before on the hip (kind of outer butt) which should keep things looking nice and round while still adding some width which has been my #1 goal since day 1. If I can get back to where I was shortly after round 1, I will be one super happy camper. I have confidence that it will be possible!

Also, I am feeling like he will find more fat than he thinks from my abdomen (lower and upper). I mean, I can sit here and cradle what feels like a flesh mound while sitting down. I really hope he goes aggressive with it again.. And that is what I love about Dr. Hughes- I know he will.

Lastly, I feel really happy with the dr/patient relationship we have going on. I can tell that he likes me- mostly because we sat and joked for a while, and he mentioned he usually doesn't do that with patients. I am liking his demeanor more and more. What a great doc! Gah. Plus, I got one heck of a discount for round 2 which made the decision to go through with it a no brainer, and I know he is absolutely up to speed on exactly what I want. I love having confidence in a surgeon, I think it makes the whole process so much more enjoyable.

3 months away! Can't wait! I added some more pics to show why I want more hips and obviously happy with the butt!

Round 2 this Friday with Dr. Hughes again :)

I'll be starting another review in the next couple of days to chronicle my round 2 experience with Dr. Hughes.

He will be lipo-ing lower and upper abdomen (bra roll), flanks, and lower and upper back. I am not sure if I will have him do my inner thighs, he said it will not change the cost if I decide to or not. I kind of like having extra on my thighs, even if it's on the inside. But, on the other hand, it would be nice to have less thigh rub when walking! I think I will more than likely have him lipo inner thighs as well.

I'll post the link as soon as I set up the review :)

Also for anyone that is wondering, Dr. Hughes has changed offices. Now he is working from Beverly Hills.

Round 2 (continued)

Review for round two is here:
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes delivers. I really do not need to say more. The countless glowing reviews up here speak for themselves. I think for a patient with not much fat to work with, he has to be one of the best (if not THE best). It's quite evident that he will go the extra mile, just look at the size of his arms! This doctor is very dedicated to his job, and is incredibly responsive over email. I have never met another doctor like him especially in that regard. So quick to respond, so straightforward, a very real one he is. I would recommend him to anyone. Amazing doctor, worthy of 5 stars.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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