Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Hughes! **Team Hughes** - Culver City, CA

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Stats: 5’4” / 132-134 Lbs I started doing my...

Stats: 5’4” / 132-134 Lbs

I started doing my research a year ago on BBL’s. I have a flat-pancake-narrow booty, should I even call it a booty? Lol

Dr. Hughes was at the top of my list for surgeons to perform my BBL. The reasons I chose Dr. Hughes:
1. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
2. Harvard graduate and an outstanding academic career.
3. Countless 5 star reviews on for BBLs.
4. Performs 500+ BBL’s a year
5. Aggressive with his liposuction. Dr. Hughes tries to get at least 1200+ ccs into each of his patients. I’ve had other doctors tell me that they could MAYBE put in 600 ccs of fat into each cheek. Well, seeing as a good % of the fat transferred doesn’t survive after a BBL procedure, 600 cc would not give me the results I wanted.
6. Minimal scars. 3 tiny incisions for the entire procedure.
7. And lastly, he is easy on the eyes. Lol

I contacted Dr. Hughes a couple weeks ago to get the process started. I wanted my BBL done this winter so I would be ready for the summer, plus I didn’t want to recover during the hot months while wearing that dreaded “evil binder” lol.
Now, other realself members have mentioned how fast Dr. Hughes is at responding to your questions and emails. They weren’t joking!! He responded back to me within an hour! I was overly impressed by this, and it made me feel even more confident with my decision to go with Dr. Hughes. We exchanged a couple emails back and forth, he answered my questions and then I spoke with Adam to get the date booked and the financials settled. I already gave my deposit and have my Pre-op appointment scheduled this month on 2/16 and my sx date is the next day 2/17. I will be having liposuction in my abdomen, flanks and back. I'm hoping to have more than 1000 cc of fat transferred into each cheek and some in my hips.

I’m very excited and actually wished my sx was sooner! I just want my new booty now! Lol

Countdown: 15 DAYS!

BBL - Prep & Care Items

Hello Everyone! So I went bought some items over the past week to get ready for my upcoming BBL sx! COUNTDOWN – 7 DAYS!!!

Firstly, I’m someone who likes to be over-prepared for any situation, so some of these items you may not need but for my peace of mind, I like knowing I have it just in case. And I’m also traveling 5 hrs and staying in a hotel for recovery, so I need to make sure I have whatever I need.

- 500mg. Vitamin C (started it today, once a day)
- Feosol Iron Complete (started it today, once a day)
- All day Vitamins (I take Prenatals regularly, once a day)
- Arnica Montana 30x Tablets (will start it around 3-4 days pre-op)
- Muscletech Premium Whey Protein (right after sx)

Post-op Care Items:
- Anti-Bacterial Soap
- Peroxide
- Benadryl Extra Strength | itch stopping cream
- Arnica Gel
- Cotton Swabs
- Baby Wipes
- Chux Pads
- Gloves
- Straws
- Compression Sock

Some “not pictured” items I am also bringing
- Boppy
- Shower Cap
- Bed Sheets (So I don’t stain the hotels sheets)
-Coco Butter oil (Thank you PUDGIE13!)

I also went and purchased some maxi dresses & moo-moos (sexy I know lol) on amazon for cheap to wear during my recovery. I bought 3 moo moos for $5 each and 3 maxi dresses that cost around $10-15 each. I decided not to go shopping for dresses, pants or booty shorts (LOL) just yet. I’ll wait a little after, maybe a month or two post-op.

I’m also waiting to purchase my fajas/compression garments till I get the green light from Dr. Hughes to start wearing them. Plus I’m not sure how much swelling I’ll have so I don’t want to order a size and have it not fit me correctly. But I did bookmark a couple fajas that other realself members have recommended (Thank you PUDGIE13 & mesan). I’ll do a little update when I am ready to start wearing a CG/faja.

Labs Done!


I can’t believe its almost here, sx is this Tuesday!!! I haven’t updated my realself on purpose, simply to try and make this last week go by faster! Lol

I did my labs shortly after my last update. I couldn’t believe how much blood work they need, 6 in total: CBC, CMP, PT PTT, HCVAB, HCAQL & HIV. Don’t ask me what 75% of those are, I couldn’t tell you myself lol. The process was simple and Dr. Hughes was kind enough to fax over an order for my labs. I was lucky enough to have my insurance cover all of it.

In Culver City / LA - BBL tomorrow!!!

The hubby and I drove 6.5 (exhausting!) hours to get here! I must say, LA TRAFFIC SUCKS!!! Lol.. I was an hour late for my pre-op appointment but Jackie and Adam were kind enough to push my appointment back and take me in right after filling out some paper work. Adam prepped me for surgery, gave me a folder with instructions for both pre-op, post-op, diet, etc and we paid for sx in full. I then went and filled my prescription right after at a nearby pharmacy. It was $70 for oxycodone and antibiotics; this was the cost without insurance. Now I was a little disappointed about not being able to meet with Dr. Hughes, but I understood the situation. He was already in the OR doing a BBL with a patient, so I knew that would take a while. But Adam assured me that I would be able to see him before my sx tomorrow to discuss any further concerns and talk about what I want/ my goals.

I’m pretty pooped and tired from a long day of travels and running around so I’ll update again tomorrow. ANDDD I’ll be updating with my new BOOTY!! Lol ..I’ll be sure to post pics as soon as I can. Wish me luck ladies & also good luck to my Hughes Dolls having sx tomorrow! (am555 & tobiana).

Made it out to the other side & with my new booty!

Photos up! This is the best I can do right now. When I take off my binder tomorrow to shower I'll take better pics.

Thank you girls for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm at the hotel right now laying on my tummy doing this update. Sx went well and the hubby said Dr. Hughes was pleased and even made a comment "I did it again!" Lol so I guess thats a good thing. I was able to meet with Dr. Hughes right before sx to talk about my goals and other concerns. He is very professional and makes you feel comfortable and I just knew I was in good hands.

He put 1020 ccs of fat in each cheek and some in my hips. I'm not sure how much was put in the hips, I'll have to ask at my next post-op appointment.

Its been difficult getting around. My stomach and butt is so sore. The feeling is like doing 1000 crunches when you've never done them before and my cheeks feel like someone just finished punching them repeatedly. Lol! I been feeling foggy and nauseous but I haven't vomited yet. I've only had a bottle of water, 2 baby foods in the squeeze pouch (these taste really good lol) and the hubby is making me a protein smoothy right now. I'm so thankful to have him with me on this journey and taking time off work to help me recover, I couldn't imagine doing this myself! ??????

I'm feeling tired right now and my elbows ache from being on them so I'll make this update short and do another one tomorrow, if you girls have any questions, feel free to ask. Also good luck to my Hughes Dolls that also had sx today (am555 & Tobiana) Hope you dolls are recovering well.

A few more post-op pictures

1 day post-op! Sorry for the stain in a few of the pics, I think that is fluid that leaked out.

I had the hubby snap a few more pics of me standing up.. Back, side and 45 degree angle shots. I can't believe how big my ass is! Lol it kinda reminds me of a baboons booty, with how red it looks lmao!

I still haven't taken a shower yet, will do that later this afternoon.

1 Week BBL Update

1 Week Update

Amount of fat transferred: 180 cc per hip + 1020 cc per buttock

Day 1-5: I was very sore and my mobility was very limited.

On the day of surgery I woke up on my back, which I thought was weird after having a BBL sx. I remember it was an uncomfortable position for me so I asked the kind nurse for help in turning me over to my stomach. Then I laid there for a bit and the hubby came in to say hello. The nurse told him I had to rest a little more before I could leave. When I was ready to go, I remember having a difficult time getting off the bed.. I felt like someone wrapped my entire body in saran wrap since I could barely move. I was so achy, sore and just confused/hazy at that moment. Walking was okay, I felt so slow, taking little baby steps but we made it to the car. The hubby bought a children’s air mattress and laid it out in the back of our SUV, which he and the nurse helped me get into. I slept the whole ride back to our hotel. When it was time to get out I had to wiggle my way back to the end of the car, it was kind of funny. I laughed and ached at the same time. Our hotel room was on the 2nd floor and on the opposite side of the elevator so it felt like a journey having to get there. I felt a little weird walking the way I did (imagine how a penguin or a duck walks lol) but the drugs helped me not to really care if others were looking or not.

Day 2, I had my first post-op shower and was able to see my body for the first time. I was in shock and happy! I couldn’t believe what Dr. Hughes did. He completely transformed my body and finally gave me an ass! I took a lot of naps on my stomach. Being prone for so long made my neck, upper back, elbows, arms and jaw hurt! When I drank I drank threw a straw (those bendable straws are a must during recover!) which being in the position I was in, helped a lot. When I ate, I would sometimes kneel next to the bed with a pillow under my knees. It gave me a break from lying on my stomach. I do remember vomiting once on the first day after surgery, I had a protein smoothie that my stomach wasn’t ready for yet so I just ate the squeezable baby food for the first 24 hours. I eventually grew tired of the baby food and on the 2nd day for dinner I had the hubby go out and get me Chinese food. I knew that was probably not a good idea but I was dying for some real food lol! Luckily I was able to keep it down because it was sooo good & I don’t regret eating it so soon after surgery at all! lol

On day 3 I had my post-op visit. I was hoping to see Dr. Hughes but he was in surgery so I only met with Olga. Olga is very sweet and kind, she kind of reminds me of my mother and aunts. She said my results looked beautiful and that I was recovering well. She removed the bandages on my upper back and above my butt and also cut the stiches that were in the bottom crease area of my bum. She then showed the hubby how to massage my butt properly (once a day), this actually felt really nice and comfortable. I asked Olga if my garment placement was in the right spot and she said yes, I actually made sure it was low enough right before my appointment so she wouldn’t yell at me LOL. I have to ask, is it weird that I love having the binder on and really tight or am I the only one? Without it I feel like I have no support in my back or abdomen at all. Olga also said that I would only have to keep my binder on for another week, so that would be this Thursday but I’m going to keep it on for a full 2 weeks before switching to my vedette garment just to be safe. Olga scheduled our next visit 6 weeks from then. After the visit, we were on the road and headed home, a 5.5 hour trip which for the most part wasn’t bad at all. I laid on the air mattress the entire way, half of it asleep and the other half awake, keeping the hubby company. Going to the bathroom in the car was tough; I had to pee lying on my stomach with a wide container right below me. I had the hubby help me out a little, it was awkward trying to pee in that position and not make a mess but we managed. Once we got home, I needed help getting up two flights of stairs to our room and into our bed. The stairs weren’t too tough but getting into our bed was since it’s a little higher than the hotel beds. I had to use a step stool to get onto the bed. At that point I was starting to feel dizzy and tired so I took a long nap until dinner.

Day 4-6 was pretty much the same boring recovery process. I tried to relax and not push myself to soon. I was still limited in mobility but I tried to walk around as much as I could. I only needed help getting in and out bed and during showers to wash my back and legs.

Day 7 I finally feel semi-normal today. I finished all my anti-biotics and also didn’t take any pain-killers today, didn’t really need them yesterday either. I took an early shower and looked in the mirror to see if there were any changes. I’m still swollen and bruised in some spots but my ass is starting to look like a normal color again. I measured myself the day after surgery and today and my ass is still the same measurement 39.5 inches! I know I still have a lot of post-op swelling/water retention in me. Right before sx I was 134lbs and now I’m 143.5lbs. That’s a lot of swelling! Lol …I’m hoping that I don’t lose too much of my ass once all the swelling subsides.

I attached a bunch of pictures I took on my phone from day 1-3, day 6 and today. I’ll label them so you know which pictures is what.

1 week Pics

Here are 1 week update pics. I also made some before and afters for you to see. You can see how talented Dr. Hughes is after seeing what he had to work with and how he transformed my body.

He transfered 180 cc per hips & 1020 cc per buttocks.

I feel almost normal again!

My mobility is about 90% back to normal. The only problem I have is bending over fully. If I need to pick something up, I have to squat down and kneel. I still haven’t been able to shave my legs since sx. The hubby offered to do it but I find it too embarrassing and awkward so I’m just wearing pajama bottoms, moomoos & maxi dresses for now lol.

I am still wearing my binder! I ordered 2 cg’s from Vedette, same style, a size small and medium since I wasn’t sure of my size ANDDD… I couldn’t get either of them passed my booty!! That’s a good thing but it was a little annoying. I decided to return both and exchanged it for a size large, which I have never have been that size before in my life. I also ordered another cg from the same company in a different style but it doesn’t offer enough tummy support so I’m going to stay in my binder until I get my new Vedette in the mail. Hopefully the size large fits over my bum.
Also my old jeans don’t fit me anymore! …So I went and bought a pair of Colombian brand jeans online, tried them on ANDD I couldn’t get it passed my butt! I have always been a size 3 in jeans but I think I may need to go up a size now, a size 5 maybe? I’m not complaining but I really only expected to fit into my jeans better after having a BBL. It looks like I’m going to have to go shopping for a couple of jeans and a few other things… I’m sure the hubby will be happy to hear that Lol!

I was having cabin fever the other day so I asked the hubby if we could go out for a little bit just to drive around. The last time I was in a car or even outside for that matter was coming home from LA and I was in the back seat and trunk laying on an air mattress. I was a little nervous about sitting in the car for the first time so I took a tootsie roll shaped pillow and placed it under my thigh, and another pillow for my back to rest against the seat. The ride was surprisingly comfortable and my butt never touched the seat. I’m glad I have a way out for when I’m feeling stuck inside and bored.

I have to say, this is the most tedious and uncomfortable sx I’ve ever had. I had my breast and nose done before (both done separately by different surgeons) but when you compare all three sx, the other two were a breeze compared to a BBL. The BBL doesn’t hurt, its mostly uncomfortable having to lay on your stomach for 6 weeks and being mindful not to sit or do anything that would jeopardize your results. I don’t think I would do a 2nd BBL again, once I’m ready to start working out and dieting I will be doing just that and getting back down to 120-125lbs. I’m at 139lbs right now (lost 4.5 of post-op swelling), which isn’t heavy at all but I’d like to be more toned again and maybe fit back into some old clothes but with my new booty still. Squats and planks are on my list of exercises to do when I get the “GO” from Dr. Hughes.

I am incredibly happy with my results so far. Dr. Hughes is so skilled and did an amazing job! I have a flat tummy, small waist and finally a butt! I measured my butt the other day and my bum is 39 inches, it went down half an inch. Its no big deal and I hardly see a difference, I’m sure doing squats will fix that. I am getting a little booty greed though, the bigger the better right? But when I think about it, for my frame a bigger booty would just end up looking too fake plus I think I would need to buy an entire new wardrobe if I went ahead with a 2nd BBL. But who knows! I may change my mind after 6 months or so lol. We shall see! ;)

This coming week I plan on getting a lymphatic massage done but I’ll have to ask Dr. Hughes if it’s okay to get massages now. I also looked into something called a Lipomassage, it looks pretty interesting as it sculpts, tones, tightens and gets rid of any excess water in your body like a lymphatic massage. Its like killing two birds with one stone and I think it may help get ride of any lumps or bumps post-op. If anyone has ever tried it out, please let me know! Thank you!
I was having the hubby massage my bum since I left LA but after 8-9 days post-op I had him do my abdomen and back since it wasn’t as tender anymore. It’s been helping as I had these hard uneven lump from the binder on both my sides and it’s finally smoothing out. I’m hoping that my new vedette fits properly and doesn’t cause any skin dents.

Thank you to the girls following me on this journey and to my sx sisters. I’ll update my next post on my vedette, once I get it in the mail. Lets hope it fits!

Update in a couple days!

Will be hitting my 6th week mark. I will be updating with a couple pics and answering some questions that I got in PM.

Pic update

BBL results: 6-8 weeks post op

Round 2 BBL with butt implants

So I am 1 year & 1 month post-op from my BBL with Dr. Hughes.

I loved my butt the first 6 months but after that a lot of the fat died/melted away. So now I am seeking a more permanent solution. I will be getting butt implants with fat grafting next month. Heading to Ohio to see Dr. Grawe and I will be documenting my journey in a new review.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I am in absolute love with my butt! Dr. Hughes completely transformed my body and gave me curves and a beautiful full booty. I am happier and much more confident today than I was pre-op. I will be going back to Dr. Hughes for any future sx I may want in the future! That's how much I trust him and his work! Many thanks to Dr. Hughes and the staff!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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