Seeing Dr. Hughes in July for BBL - Culver City, CA

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So after reading some reviews (Brown Girl in the...

So after reading some reviews (Brown Girl in the Ring, Miss Utah, and BBL Canada - thank you gals) I have made my decision to see Dr. Hughes in LA. I sent him some photos and we spoke briefly on the phone. I hate when speaking with a Dr. I forget all the important questions to ask. Oh Well!! Today.

Lorena, who is super pleasant, phoned later in the day and I put my $500 deposit on a day in July. I than went on line and booked my flight, and than booked a hotel through That was a total mistake and am now fighting with Expedia to cancel the hotel ($1750.00 for 6 nights) as there is much cheaper. I read about VRBO from some of you other ladies and checked it out and it is WAYYYY cheaper. So I have to phone the hotel I booked with today and speak with the manager and see that he doesn't charge me $270 for cancelling my hotel booking less than 24hrs after making it. My god what an ordeal.

I am a bit nervous about not having enough fat to transfer. I had lipo done about 8 years ago. I had no idea back in the day one could transfer fat, so all of it was tossed. sigh!!!! But Dr. Hughes says he will be able to get about 1L so, that will be worth it.

If anyone has suggestions and ideas about what to take, where to stay, post-op suggestions and preparations, I am all ears and eyes.

Latest Update

So I have cleared up the issue with Expedia...thank god.

I booked a condo through the VRBO.

I have seen some of your updated photos ladies, and you look amazing. That's about it for now. I am waiting to see if the condo renter will accept my booking, and i am than considering seeing if anyone here might be heading down around the same time and would like to share, as it has more than one bed.


So not much to report now. I am down to 21 days and counting. Everything is a go. All the ladies look amazing so everytime I read a review I get butterflies in my stomach.

My sis brought over the kidseat from England the other week so I now have that for sitting on. It is very neat, compact and will definitely come in handy for travelling and home. Need to buy a pee cup and a few more odds and ends within the next 3 weeks.

Hope you gals are all recovery well (Princess Peach, BBLCan, BGiR, MissU). Hugs to you all :)


Hey everyone, So I am down here in sunny LA. I meet with Dr. Hughes yesterday. Everything is a go, although he says I am very thin, so fingers crossed that this will be worth it.

Only issue so far is trying to find a nurse for post-op. I have contacted 2 (thank-you BBLC) but have not heard back from either, so unsure what will happen. Aside from that, LA is massively ginormous compared to where I live and busy, but it is pretty cool so far.

My surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am. Please wish me luck. ill post pics post-op once I have some. Hope the rest of you ladies are recovering well and MissUtah, your new pic looks great. Hugs. R.

24 hrs post-op

Hi Everyone,
So I am now almost 24hrs post-op. The pain has subsided and I am feeling better. I can’t say I have ever felt that much pain before, especially on my upper It was impossible for me to lie down on my stomach, so I could not find any position to sleep on. It was just exhausting trying to get comfortable. Needless to say I have had all but 3-4hrs sleep since I got back at noon yesterday.

I have no idea how the surgery went. When I woke up, the nurses pretty much ushered me out the back door to a waiting car. Luckily I am staying about 4 blocks away so it was an easy drive back. I barely remember it as I was so groggy and half asleep still from the anesthesia. The anesthesiologist was a nice gentleman, whom I mentioned to that I had a previous bad reaction to Demerol, which may account for many of you gals being so nauseous post-op, so he said he would minimize the amount used. Well, I had no nausea at all, but the pain was excruciating.

The pain was so bad about 3hrs post-op that I called the office to make sure everything was ok. Sadly, the nurse was dismissive, lacked any empathy and pretty much told me to deal with it. Compassion and empathy are rare quality these days ladies, do not ever give it up. So I have started on a moderate amount of Tylenol and Hydromorphone to keep the pain down. It is helping a lot and I feel reasonably comfortable this morning.

I was hoping Dr. Hughes would call some time during the day yesterday but he was in surgery all days. I am going to call today and hopefully find out how much was transferred.

Currently I look hilarious in the binder and foam padding. The garment is on pretty tight so much of the swelling has gone to my extremities and a little to my face. Ironically, it has made my arms and face fuller and smoother….I actually hope it stays lol.

I feel my body returning to normal now. Ladies thank-you so much for all the advice you have posted, it has made the recover so much easier so far. The pee cup is an honest godsend, I could not imagine having to try and squat over the toilet the last 100 times I’ve gone so far. Also, it is a neat experience….so this is how easy it is for guys.....damn guys lol.

I have no pics atm, and will not be posting any for a few days. I am going to wait until some of the swelling decreases and some form is noticeable. I do not think there was much transferred, as there is not much back there. However because he sculpted out my back, I hope it will make nice difference.
Thanks again for all your support and providing so much information, if it wasn’t for you ladies, this would have been so much more trying. All the very best. Hugs

Question for you ladies?

How long have you waited before you started using your mediation chair and BBL pillow? I am scared to apply any pressure back there, however standing or lying on my stomach as my only 2 options is very trying.

48hrs post-op

OMG...I managed to get some sleep last night and am feeling better. The pain is starting to diminish so my head is more clear and i am going to try and decrease the pain meds. I got a chuckle out of my post yesterday.
Dr. Hughes called yesterday and we spoke for about ten minutes. I have nothing but really nice words to say about him. He is very nice, patient and easy to speak with. He answered all my concerns even though I think I was talking in circles and repeating myself. He transferred about ~420 to each hip and ~350 to each butt.....I think. I was still a bit groggy from the pain meds that I don't clearly remember (I should have written it down). He said he got ever last bit and was surprised that he got as much has he did due to my previous lipo in 2007. So, I think it was about 1.5L.
This morning I took a shower and removed the garments. All I can say is.....WOW!!! I get that there is swelling and some of the fat will go away but....WOW!!! lol. He did an amazing job on my back.
I have a fair bit of swelling still in my extremities, especially around my upper knees and the bruising is still pretty bad on my bum. All the oozing has stopped and the clean soaker pad I put on yesterday was free of any discharge.
My appetite is back and I am eating like a fiend, the effects of the anesthesia are gone and I am no longer dealing with any constipation.
So, all things considered, I hope it is just a waiting game now until I can go home. I am flying out on friday after an appointment at the clinic.
Time to lie down and watch a movie. All the best ladies.

36hr post-op

So went in and saw Dr. Hughes this morning. I was scheduled to go in tomorrow morning, however it conflicted with my flight home. They squeezed me in, which was really great of them. Dr. Hughes came in and took a look. he was happy with the results and said I have to wear the garment for 4 weeks. Funny thing is, even with the garment and padding on, my figure looks better than it did lol.
So for the surgery, I had 420cc to each hip and 300cc to each butt. Considering I had previous lipo, the results are pretty great, especially how Dr. Hughes shaped out my back. Once the swelling goes down, it is really going to be great.
I am amazed at how good I feel. I think I could literally go back to work tomorrow; although, I know that would be a bad idea. I think I might try for mid-next week.
Debbie an MOA/phlebotomist, took out my stitches and took photos. She is a total sweetheart, she did a great job of removing my stitches and putting new bandages on. She has the type of personality that makes being in a cosmetic center really easy and comfortable. Her attitude and sense of care is genuine and she is the type of staff that makes all the difference in these types of experiences.
Overall, so far this has been a great experience. Dr. Hughes is fantastic and (all things being equal, such as my BBL lasting) I would totally recommend this surgeon to my best friend, let alone other people out there.
Now it is just time to head home and move on with life. Still no photos yet. The office is going to forward me me photos so I will post once I get some of them.

3 weeks post-op

So 3 weeks have passed. It has been barable but not a very pleasant experience. Sleeping on my stomach is awkward and uncomfortable, however I am getting used to it. I have neither sat down or lied on my back or side for 3 weeks now and it is very difficult. I am looking forward to this being over, but still 3 weeks to go :(
The swelling has gone down for the most part, sadly leaving me with a fraction of what was there. It is most unfortuante because it is just so much less. At 14.5K for the procedure, facturing all costs including currency exchange, I can't say that this has been worth the cost. There is a difference however I can't scream for joy at it being life changing. Sadly, this is most likely the result of having previous lipo done and there just not being enough to transfer over; although Dr. Hughes said he put 3/4L on each side. I am guessing there may be other casues as well, such as the fat just not taking, however with no communication for their office I am unsure if I have been doing things right.
I am disappointed in the follow-up from Dr. Hughes and the office, mainly as there has been absolutely no follow-up by anyone as to how i am doing, checking in to make sure I am doing everything right or if I have any concerns. Again, at the cost of the procedure one would think a phone call wouldn't be too much.
So overall, I am still going to give it another few weeks before I truley make a decision about quality and whether it has been worth it. So far....meh!!

8 months post-op

So it has been 8 months since I had my BBL with Dr. Hughes. The results have lasted and I am happy with what Dr. Hughes accomplished. Again, there was not much he had to work with so I think the results are on par with what he told me would happen. There is still a noticeable difference and I continue to hope that this will last. The backside still looks great, however I have lost probably 3/4 of my sides and they have gone back down to be slightly sunken.

I spent the first 3 months not sleeping on my sides and back, which was very difficult. I then spent the next two months sleeping with pillows under my lower back and upper legs so that there was not a lot of pressure placed on my bum and sides for an extended period of time while I slept. I think this was a good decision and suggest people try it

I never received the post-op pics Dr. Hughes said he would have his office send. No one has ever called to see how I am doing, this seems to be the norm with Dr's. Still I do not understand how a phone call checking in would hurt. Overall, I am happy with the results, however it has definitely been a hard journey and a difficult surgery to recover from. This is not for the faint of heart and requires some dedication to recovery.
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DR. Hughes is patient, kind, and really nice to speak with. He does not display any of the typical arrogance and condescending crap that many surgeons exude. He is easy to speak with and answered all my questions. As far as the procedure goes, I am amazed at the results, I love what he has accomplished and cannot wait to see the results down the road. This was 2 days post-op. 3 weeks later now that all the swelling has subsided it is not so great mainly due to not having a lot of fat to transfer. With what Dr. Hughes had to work with he did an amazing job and I certainly do not regret going to him for this procedure. He did a great job sculpting out my back and sides. My only concern was of course being that this procedure lasts and here's hoping that what is still left will. If I had any constructive criticism it would be that some of the nursing staff lack some empathy and really could try to be more friendly. Some of the staff were amazing (Lorena, Debbie). Some were dismissive and lacked some compassion when phoning in while in a lot of pain post-operatively. Overall, if I plan on having another procedure done in the future I would consider Dr. Hughes again.

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