BBL, Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Auxiliary Breasts, Fat Transfer to Tear Drop - Culver City, CA

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5 star review in progress..:: 41 years old (no...

5 star review in progress..::
41 years old (no kids/not married)
Regular weight 143 pounds
Pre-surgery 153 pounds (pre-surgery rating for nerves? Or thinking it will go to my butt anyway?)
Original measurements: ....
Reason for surgery: to get my sexy back
Researched the procedure, "stalked" Dr Hughes, read RealSelf reviews religiously each day and night for about 3 months....

5 months later

So guys I'm back 5 months later. Unfortunately my bbl did not sustain. I am not sure why. I slept on my stomach for months and sat on the special bbl pillow, but all the fat has dissolved. I'm wondering if it was because I gained some weight right before my surgery thinking it will all go to my butt, but maybe it dissolved since it was fresh weight gain? I read online that many people have to redo the surgery as the fat dissolves. I don't blame the doctor he put the maximum amount and I am very happy any lumps I had dissolved, but my butt looks like I have done nothing to it. I have gone back to my normal weight and less sine I've started to exercise again post 3 months of surgery. Unfortuntaly I also do not have a Kim K. looking waist or stomach. I did email the doctor pictures and that I wasn't sure there was a big difference but he said I may have forgot how I looked before (I didn't I still have the before pictures), and that he was happy with the results and that I looked balanced. So it's possibly my own doing because I did ask for a sexy yet balanced look, I didn't want the Kim K butt but I thought the tiny waist and stomach were givens from the Lipo but apparently not. I really don't know how some of the IG girls get that tiny little waist and flat stomach. I've never had children and my stomach isn't huge but it certainly did not go flat. Btw I wore the binder for something like 6 weeks followed by waist trainers. So no I do not have the model body I thought I would get after this, but I am thankful for no lumps or complications. And spending 14k and a month on my stomach when I could have been really enjoying my vacay in La has made me put more focus in trying to achieve the results I desire by time in the gym so it's been a good kick start to a life long process. I still look at the IG girls and wonder how did they maintain their beautiful butt and achieve those small waists ? If anyone knows the answer pls share. I'm thinking it may be from having done the surgeries several times? Also I don't recommend anyone to get fat transfer to face as you don't know how it was it. One of my eyes was over projected and now it looks like I have a small pocket of fat near my re through which has aged me. So stick with fillers. I'm using radio frequency to try and melt it but no results yet. Also wanted to mention the name of the Nurse I had forgotten the name before that works with Dr Hughes... Robson, he was so professional and amazing and I really appreciated having him around.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills (California) is the land of beautified people by top plastic surgeons right? So the location was my starting point. The huge number of thrilled RealSelf reviewers for Dr Kenneth Hughes work caught my eye. Most of all of the feedback consistently showed his work made significant improvement to people's bodies. A factor for me that was even more important than the above was his emphasis on safety- I did not see that with any other doctor and that was paramount to me. So we have a board certified Top Doctor who has hundreds of positive reviews of consistent feedback where he had made significant improvement to their bodies. I contacted him by email and sent him pictures of myself, he was timely in responding, outlining what he would do and the cost. I did not have many questions as I have been able to find most of the answers through the experience of my RealSelf peers. And Dr Hughes has answered hundreds of questions on RealSelf so I already had a good idea about his methods for lipo, his protocols, etc. There were some comments on Dr Hughes's interpersonal communication and if you are looking to become best friends with your plastic surgeon Dr Hughes may not be your man. He is not overly friendly, overly happy, overly promising, overly anything (except overly good at lipo and bbl :)). He is serious, reserved, realistic, respectful, down to earth, confident, and a Master at lipo and bbl, per my research and now per my own experience. After a 16 hour flight.... I met Dr Hughes expecting (as per some of the reviews) a reserved type of communication style, and accepting this (I am paying him for his skill and not whether or not he will shoot the breeze with me, etc). That being said, I think he is a softy at heart that he takes his craft very seriously, so if you can get him to warm up to you, great, if not, also fine- let him do what he does amazingly, which is to focus on his art. I showed him a few pix of what body types I liked and I highlighted what I did not like, and that was that. I had some additional areas on my body that I would like to see improved and he was honest and straight forward that those areas were not worth doing (due to my soft skin type and/or minimal changes that could be done). I already had in the back of my head (and per my research), that a good doctor will know what needs to be done to improve the body based some on the patients feedback but also on the skin type, the fat available for use, and other elements that they will discover once your surgery commences so you and your life are in your doctor's hands (make sure he/she is board qualified with consistently high reviews and cares about safety), and be ready to trust your doctor. Day of surgery..... 6am was greeted by Dr Hughes senior- Dr Hughes father who is just so sweet and thoughtful, he showed my friend and I around the new offices (Dr Hughes has his new private clinic and surgical facility in Culver City) and surgical facility, showing us all of the safety elements they have in place. He really helped to calm any nerves that I may have had on my surgery morning and reconfirmed my good decision in choosing a doctor who really put safety first. Next I met with nurse (will update his name). Don't be misled, there is more to him than his beautiful eyes- he was knowledgable (answering my last minute questions), professional (knows exactly what he has to do to prepare me for the surgery), respectable (helped me to maintain my dignity in having to undress or pee in a cup, etc), and a kind and funny personality that also helped to put my nerves at ease. Next met with anesthesiologist who went though my health history and discussed the anesthesia to be used. Next I'm in the operating room naked with all of the above people I just mentioned plus some (minus Dr Hughes senior), and as I'm about to go under and just before I go to sleep I am amused (and relieved) to see muscle man (under cover teddy bear) Dr Hughes in concentration and focus on the task coming at hand. 2 hour surgery, first under local (due to a possible blood clotting condition I have), then switched to general as I understood due to how I was breathing which made the lipo more challenging. 5 liters suctioned and 1100cc to each buttock. To be continued....

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