BBL with Dr. Hughes July 2 - Culver City, CA

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I've only recently found out about the BBL & from...

I've only recently found out about the BBL & from the onset I thought the procedure was genius! Take all the fat from the places I don't want it & put it into my booty. After seeing all of the great results from Dr. Hughes, I decided to go forward with him. I plan on having lipo done on my abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs & upper arms-pretty much everywhere, lol! I'm 5'3", 128 lbs, & have saggy skin around my belly from my pregnancies. I want aggressive lipo but I'm a little worried about my skin. I have also heard mixed reviews regarding lipo of the arms but I really need them done. I don't plan on gaining extra weight for the surgery because I want him to get all of my excess fat out & I don't want a huge butt. I'm super nervous about the surgery but I have more confidence after seeing all of the wonderful results. Fingers crossed that I turn out as good as all of you!

Extra garments I've purchased...

I plan on wearing compression garments for 3 months (if I can stand it, lol!), so I've purchased multiple garments in smaller sizes to wear throughout my journey. I also bought lipo foam to give extra compression & smooth things out. I haven't gotten a board, wondering if it's necessary. Any advice from the bbl vets out there would be appreciated. My date is almost here...getting nervous!

post op garments...

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It's surgery time!!!

I'm about to go in for surgery. I'm so nervous but Dr. Hughes is reassuring. See you on the other side!!!

Made it through surgery!

I had surgery yesterday & I'm doing surprisingly well. I think it's best to prepare for the worst because it can only go uphill from there, lol! Waking up from surgery was awful, shivering & throwing up, but I wasn't really in pain.

I was surprised that I wasn't put into a garment. I have compression sleeves for my arms, an abdominal binder for my stomach & ace wraps for my thighs. I don't know when I should switch to a garment but I'm leaking so much it's probably for the better. It has also been easy to use the bathroom because the crotch area is open.

As far as pain, I'm surprised that my arms don't hurt at all. You really need to use them for getting in & out of bed & using the bathroom. The most pain I feel is in my abdomen. If i cough or stretch I feel a little burning. I've been taking my vicodin around the clock because I think it's important to get out of bed & walk around a lot.

I haven't taken down the dressing yet to see what things look like but I'll probably shower later today. I had my back done & i was surprised to see that i didn't have an incision in the bra strap area like I have seen on others. I'm guessing he only did my lower back. He told me how much he put in my butt after surgery but I was so drugged up I can't remember. I think he said 800 cc. Again, I asked for a smaller butt, just a little fuller & lifted.

When the swelling goes down I'll post some pics. Thanks for all of your support!

5 days post op

The recovery really is rough! The only place I'm having pain is in my stomach. The burning is unbearable! I'm fine when I'm up & about but it's torture when I cough, laugh & go to sleep. Thank goodness my arms don't hurt because I depend on them a lot to get in & out of bed.

I've been most shocked by the amount of swelling. My belly is huge! I'm finally seeing the swelling going down. I can feel fluid shifting under my skin & i was really concerned. I emailed Dr. Hughes & he responded within hours. I definitely like how easy he is to reach & how responsive he is. He told me to wear the binder tighter & see him on Monday. So I had some help getting the binder really tight. It helped with the swelling but now I see a blood blister & lots of bruising along the edge of the binder. So today, I decided to try & sqeeze into my vedette. I feel so much better! It's tight but it doesn't cut into my skin. I tried to get into my salome faja but i'm way too swollen. I'm still using my compression sleeves, but nothing on the thighs. The ace wraps were making them look funky & Dr. Hughes advised me to take it off.

I'll post some before & after pics so you can see how I'm coming along. I think it's important to know that everyone's recovery will occur at their own pace & not to despair if you don't see results right away. You definitely need to be patient!

Post op day 5 pic

12 days post op

I'm finally off the pain meds & feeling so much better! Ladies, as you have probably read elsewhere, the recovery is a rollercoaster ride. It's important not to compare your recovery to anyone elses. We all heal at different rates. I was getting depressed because I felt as though it was taking me so long to heal. I'm still swollen, most of my bruising has faded, & my butt is starting to drop. I have been dealing with a seroma in my lower belly so it has been difficult to judge my results as of yet.

For out of town ladies, I recommend you stay in town for as long as possible, at least two weeks. If any complications arise, you want to be close to your doctor. Thank goodness Dr. hughes is so available & responsive to anything that happens to come up. However, it would have been better for me to be able to see him in person, especially while dealing with my seroma.

I'm currently wearing a salome faja in med with foams for extra compression on my lower belly. It takes two people to get it on. It seems like a high quality garment because my husband uses all of his strength to get it closed & it has held up. I prefer the garment over the abdominal binder because I'm getting smoother & more even compression & it has helped with the swelling in the groin area. the garment also provides compression for my thighs & it the butt area is open. Once my swelling goes down some more I'll post more pictures.

Finally turning a corner!

Today i'm 2 weeks post op & i'm finally seeing the swelling go down. I'm back down to my pre op weight. I was so depressed because I was so swollen for so long. I still have quite a ways to go but I'm starting to see my shape take form. I just have to be patient!


16 days post op

I'm slowly but surely recovering. I still have a lot of swelling but my shape is coming through. The skin on my belly seems to be contracting but I can't really tell because of the swelling. i've been struggling with getting everything smooth under my compression garment. hopefully the lines won't be permanent. The compression garments & foam are annoying but necessary. It feels strange not to have compression around my stomach. It also seems as though my seroma is improving, fingers crossed. Once i know the seroma is gone for good, i'll start my massages. My butt is shrinking but I prefer it, as long as it doesn't shrink much more, lol! i hope the middle & bottom continue to round out. I've included some pics so you can see my progress.

5 weeks post op

What a long road it has been! Ladies, recovery is a process that takes patience & lots of support. You will have good days and bad days. In the end, hopefully you will be happy with your results & your decision to have surgery.

I struggled with quite a bit of swelling & a persistent seroma. The seroma is now gone & the swelling is slowly but surely going down. I'm still wearing my garments 23hrs a day. I've been sitting more and more without a pillow. It's still a little uncomfortable but i'm just happy to sit!

My butt is small but full. That is what i asked for. My old pants are loose around the waist & the butt is filled out. I think i look really natural. Every now & then i get booty greed but in the end i'm happy with what i've got. Once i start working out again, i think it will look even better.

Dr. Hughes gave me an amazing hourglass that i've never had before & would've never have been able to achieve with diet & exercize. My belly is still a work in progress. I still have a lot of swelling. My sides have dark areas that i hope fade over time. I was also getting a lot of wrinkling around my bellybutton. I put a marble in there & try to stretch out & smooth out the skin under the garment. It has definitely helped but i still have some wrinkling. It's also a bit lumpy but again i think it's the swelling. The only hard areas is on the sides where i think he was super aggressive with the lipo. My waist has gone from 30.5 to 27 inches, yeah!!! I'm hoping it goes down a couple more inches when all the seelling is gone. I also wanted to add that i started at 129 lb pre op, went to 138 post op, & i'm now 123 lbs & shrinking. That shows just how much swelling was going on. I haven't been dieting (although it's hard to eat a lot with the tight garment), so it's mostly water weight.

I haven't noticed a huge difference in my arms & thighs. I think i've lost about 1/2-1 inch. I'm hoping there's still some swelling going on. Again, i need to hit the gym & tone up.

Overall, i like what i see. It will be nice to shed the garments & foam & wear some nice clothes to show off this figure. I'm keeping everything on until the swelling is gone. I've thought about getting massages but dr. Hughes told me not to bother.

Well, that's it for now. I'm posting some pics so you can see my progress.
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