BBL with BA 39 Years Old...transformed

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Hello Ladies, I already had my procedure on Jan 7...

Hello Ladies,I already had my procedure on Jan 7 but here is my story….
I am 39 years old and I had two cesarean sections. I was very young when I had my kids and my first child destroyed my body. She was almost 10 pounds and I was about 95 pounds before I got pregnant. I have tons of stretch marks and my skin is soft. My breasts were completely deflated and I’ve been carrying this kangaroo pouch around for 22 years. At first I was researching a BA and TT and found this site Real Self, that’s when I decided to also get a BBL. I wanted to finally do something for myself and have a beautiful body for my husband. I have an amazing sexy husband and a very active sex life and it was time to do something that made me feel good. So at first I was going to have all three procedures done at once but after doing some research I chickened out. I read that the amount of fat harvested and transferred will be limited as you cannot aggressively suction the tummy tuck flap and it’s not recommend, besides I’m a very light sleeper and recovery just seemed impossible to me. I planned on getting only a BBL now, then go back and get my breast and tummy done in six months. After months of reading all your stories I decided to have my surgery with Dr. Hughes. I live in Vancouver, BC and Doctors here don’t do the BBL procedure. A few Doctors in the Seattle area (2 hour drive for me) perform BBL however the results are nothing compared to Hughes patients. I followed three Doctors in the LA area very closely for the past few months. Hughes, Dass and Bruno. Dass didn’t have very many reviews and the reviews he did have had no pictures. I only saw one girl that I was impressed with. Bruno in my option doesn’t really sculpt the waist enough and doesn’t seem to suck out all the fat and sculpt the body like Hughes .I only consulted with Hughes because he was always my number one choice. Hughes work is similar to the Dominican Republic girls and that’s the look I was going for, I would never get any medical procedure done anywhere in the world except Canada or the US ever!!! Sure you’re saving money but you’re taking a huge risk with your LIFE. I would be so worried about infections and disease….Hep, HIV, ect. Besides they take on so many girls because the price is cheap, I don’t want an overbooked tired Doctor working on me. This is just my opinion and I hope I didn’t offend any of you. We flew three hours to Los Angeles and I had my consult on the 6th.(Surgery was the next day) I finally meet Dr. Hughes and he was very confident he could give me the results I wanted. I told him I wanted a big round bubble butt and hips. He told me maybe 800-1000 CCs. I was a little disappointed because I wanted a little more and I knew I would lose some. I mentioned the banana rolls on the back of my legs because I thought I didn’t have enough fat and he said those won’t be noticeable anymore because I’ll have projection on the top and bottom. He told me he would suck me dry and that’s exactly what he did. I had liposculture done on my back, stomach and flanks. No thighs or arms. After surgery Dr. Hughes told my husband that he transferred 1365 cc per cheek and 260 cc per hip. WOW. I had a lot of fat on my stomach and flanks, I didn’t have very much back fat. Hughes also suggested I get my breast done at the same time because I may or may not need a lift but if I do it can be fixed when I come back for my tummy tuck. He suggested 400 cc high profile silicone and that’s what I got. I wasn’t ready to get my boobs done and I wish I would have researched it a little more. I think I would have liked a little bigger because my skin is still quiet loose but I thought I was going to have a fitting the day before surgery and that didn’t happen. I think closer to 475 to 500 might have been better. I think my right boob is a little smaller than the left but that’s the one I might need a lift on. I’m a little worried cause a lift will make it smaller and it’s already smaller.
I’m not going to worry about it too much at this point because I’m still very early in my recovery, lots can change. Day after surgery I called and asked if I could come in to meet with Olga because I was struggling with my binder. She gave us a quick lesson on how to wear the binder and she also drained about 50cc of fluid from my abdomen. I wasn’t draining any fluid the next day and my holes already closed so I was a little concerned. Hughes was there and he said that’s fine you’ll pee it out. I wanted to make sure I was wearing it correctly because I was going home in six days. Olga is a wonderful nurse and she knows what she’s doing, so listen to everything she tells you. I’m home now and feeling much better, I wouldn’t have been able to this surgery without my husband. He’s an amazing man and did a wonderful job taking care of me. The first six days are difficult especially when you can’t sleep in your own bed. Sleeping on my stomach with new implants is also quiet difficult, I hope I haven’t caused any problems. I feel like I’m flattening them. All of my fluid on my stomach was gone by day six. I drank tons of water and coconut water. I peed every hour for the first few days, water keeps everything moving and it’s very important to take in a lot. It’s annoying getting up every hour to pee but I couldn’t sleep longer than an hour anyways. Dr Hughes is awesome and I love my hips and waist. I have that hour glass shape I wanted, he completely transformed me. My butt is still hard and I hope it rounds out a little on the bottom. I’ll be going back to Hughes for a tummy tuck in about six months. Ill update with more pictures in a couple days.

Photos one day post op

2 weeks post op..Hughes doll!!!

Hi ladies, I'm two weeks post op today and I thought I would share some photos. My measurements before surgery...

Weight : 130-133
Waist : 29
Hips: 39

Weight: 136
Waist: 28 (I hope my waist will shrinks a couple more inches)
Hips: 40.5

So not a huge change but Hughes definitely changed my shape. I'm 5'3. My butt is still super hard so I hope I don't lose anymore inches on my hips. I'll update again in a couple weeks.

After much research I decided to have my procedures performed by Dr.Hughes. The surgical center was very clean and the staff were great. Dr.Hughes was very informative and confident in his ability. After meeting Dr.Hughes I knew I had made the right decision, he is a very intelligent and skilled surgeon with impeccable credentials. Rest assured you are in good hands with Dr.Hughes.

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