The Art of Buying a Butt

I don't have a completely unfortunate butt. I...

I don't have a completely unfortunate butt. I don't really have any sad story of someone belittling my behind. I just wasn't fond of my shape. I exercise.. A lot. All the time actually. I'm very active and I groom for a living. I'm constantly in a state of motion. I still unfortunately have a stomach bulge and one day I decided I couldn't deal with it anymore. I decided to schedule a BBL (because if I'm taking fat from areas I might as well have him sculpt the most bodacious butt.)

Combined reviews

Real self combined my two reviews so if that draws confusion they were written as two separate posts.
Today I'm having one of those self conscious days about my lips. You can work out your arms or whatever when you're feeling crappy about them but when it's your face it's like... Well I guess today's all ruined. ¯\_(?)_/¯


Looking into your doctor is important. There are so many websites that boast the most fantastic things and you later find out they were misleading or straight up lying.
In Miami (and other places but Miami is a disaster at the moment), it's a big mess down there as you don't have to be board certified to do plastic surgery. So you'll essentially have doctors saying they are certified when in fact they are not.
I can cross check my doctor's website information and see that he is being 100% truthful with me, be sure that you can say the same for your doctor!

Wish Pics!

I absolutely love the shape of these women's bodies. They are perfect! Dare to dream right? I was going to snatch other people's before and after BBL pics for my wish list but that almost felt creepy haha! Like don't mind me over here borrowing your stuff. (6th picture is how I'm feeling currently... Very... "Fluffy".)

The fight

The fiancé and I are at a disagreement (well more like him complaining, disagreement would imply I cared enough to argue about it) on my surgery. I'm not budging buddy- it's happening with or without you.


... Don't you hate it when you allow an acquaintance to borrow your device and they're using your Google when out of nowhere your Google decides to be a d!ck and suggest the past search:
"Best buttless chair"
.... Yeah thanks phone that wasn't at all awkward trying to explain. :|

"My •insert surgery• I found cheaper."

I have a relative who is doing the same surgery as me, she's really stoked because she found a doctor in the DR that is "super cheap"! ... Prices are something I compare competitively when it comes to buying groceries- if you're messing with my face, I'm not rolling the dice for cheap. I want the best.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is the best. He is attentive with emails and phone calls- he answers all of my questions. He's definitely realistic when telling you what he can and cannot do which is refreshing.

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