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Bbl and breast lift maybe a small implant. I have...

Bbl and breast lift maybe a small implant. I have to have at least a double d. I've been on this site since 2010. I met with Dr hughes October of 2014. I fell I love with him. He's so real. I normally don't tell my business but I've on here listening to you beautiful gals for years. I thank all of you for your stories. When I found this site it made me know it's possible . I'm not crazy for wanting this in my life. I'm finally going to have the money to do this. It's about time you all met the big booty girl. I originally wanted to go to mexico,then I decided I would rather be closer to home. I had lapband 2011 I didn't work for it was either too tight or too loose. I ended up with a hernia. I had band to sleeve March 2014. I started my journey of super sexy at 240lbs. I'm now 165 today I weighed 163. I'm so happy i'm at this point. I believe in the law of attraction. I believe in god and Jesus also.

Before the weight loss

I had a nice but before I loss weight. I love shopping now it will even better with my big but. I will be small with my big dunk.

It's official

I was going to go with Dr. Hazani. But I can't see doing a phone consultant, when I live an hour away. So I decided to go to Dr.Hughes. I gave $1000 down payment. He also suggested I have a tummy tuck and I agreed. I'm so excited. I will pay money monthly until it's paid off.

Finally having surgery

Thursday 11/17:/16 is my surgery. Tummy tuck bbl. Dr. Hughes

I'm officially a Hughes doll

I'm so happy with my new body. He is the best in the game. His prices are reasonable, Him and his staff are top of the line.

6 days post op

Dr. Hughes can give you whatever you want. Just tell him. He was able to give me 1800 cc per cheek. I was 159 5'7. I am so in love with my body. His tummy tuck is like a front body lift,thigh lift, vaginal lift he also did muscle repair. He repaired a hernia I didn't even know I had. My life has changed forever.

Before surgery photos

I want people to see before and after. I removed my before extreme weightloss photos.

26 days post op

Loving my new body.

26 days post op

Loving my new body.

Marie e faja

This is the best faja
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr,Hughes

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