5ft3in 143lbs...BBL and Lower Blepharoplasty..travelling from Canada. Culver City, CA

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Hi everyone. I am just learning how to navigate...

Hi everyone. I am just learning how to navigate this site...so hopefully I get this right. Im 42, 5ft3 and 140~lbs. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for 2+ years now (about 100lbs) Candidly, I had never even heard of the BBL..a good friend told me about it as she is traveling to Mexico for her procedure, and that's how his all started for me. So I have now 'virtually' consulted with Dr. Quiros in Tijuana, Dr. Dass, Dr. J, Dr. Hughes -all of these in LA, Dr. Jugenberg in Toronto, Spectrum in Miami. I sent requests to a couple of doctors in Dominican Republic as well, but they never got back to me. Interestingly, I have gotten different views from almost all of them. Dr. Quiros was inexpensive for sure- but first said I needed a body lift. Then gave me a quote for liposuction and a bbl. This was after speaking with him for 30minutes on the phone. So that worried me...I think he confused me with some other client, or changed his mind sometime between our conversation and the quote being sent to me. Dr Dass said he could definitely make it better, dr. J said he couldnt do anything for me and that "sometimes it is best to just leave things alone"...lol. Odd coming from a plastic surgeon, but ok. Dr. Ortega at Spectrum (Miami) said he could do the BBL and at a screaming deal-$4500 included 5 days at a recovery house. But I didn't really like the results on his website..further some reviews on here stated that that Spectrum often had any doctor perform the surgery so that worried me. I also learned that Florida law says any physician with a specialty can perform cosmetic surgery ...even if you're a dermatologist. Frightening in my opinion so I passed on that deal. Dr. Jugenberg is the top rated doctor in Canada for BBL's but his consultation fee was $200 and I wasn't sure I wanted to travel there. I live in Calgary and its a 3.5/4hr flight to Toronto so decided he would be the last option. Interestingly I cant find any surgeon in Calgary who specifically does BBL's...so I don't really want someone working on me who hasn't done a lot of these surgeries. I also read a comment somewhere that you shouldn't let geography determine your surgery, but the surgeon should be the determining factor. Finally last consult - I contacted Dr. Hughes who responded to me right away, and shared that he could while I was a tough case, he could do a BBL and would need to lipo the sides, abdomen, inner and outer thighs and (yay) my saddlebags. I asked him if a body lift would be better for me and he said that a body lift would make my butt smaller and flatter and greatly reduce the "dimpling" (code word for massive cellulite) but a BBL would greatly improve my body shape and butt shape though the dimpling would only be decreased somewhat. Since I am in Canada and most of the year feels like winter anyway-I am usually fully clothed - I opt for the better figure. After going back and forth via email with Dr Hughes, I decided to select him as my surgeon. Its funny, I started with Mexico and thinking this would cost me in the area of 6K plus travel etc, but feel more comfortable spending almost double that with Dr. Hughes. I am not interested in revisions, and I only have the one body, so I'd rather go with someone who makes me feel like he knows what he is doing. I did quite a bit of research as well- checked to ensure he is current with his Board certification, his facilities are accredited (where the surgery is done) read all the reviews on this site..and other than people saying he appears cocky, I couldn't find anything negative. Most of his reviews say he is an artist which is comforting. Through his emails I didn't find him cocky- he is definitely direct, concise and to the point, which may make people feel like he is. I would think he cant be any other way though, given his response time to what I suspect are hundreds of email per day. So I put down my deposit and originally wanted the surgery around the 3rd week of May, but I just finished a course of Accutane and so need several weeks prior to being able to get surgery, and they need a medical clearance. Then I asked Dr. Hughes if at the same time as the BBL would a blepharoplasty be possible. He said it was so I sent pictures and asked if it would be worth it for me to get one. He said it would and so I am getting that done at the same time. I am now nervous, as I have the surgery date, paid the deposit and am going to book my flights tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! I am attaching my wish list photos...I am not looking for anything Kim Kardashian like...hopefully it will be somewhat close.

1 month and a couple of days before surgery

Hi ladies. Well it’s that time, and I figure it’s time to post an update and everything that has occurred to date. My surgery is scheduled for June 16, 2015 and I will start being more detailed about what happens between now and then. I will also try and ensure I include information helpful for anyone travelling for the procedure.

Firstly, since this is a 'real' site, I will share most everything, so warning, there is a risk of TMI. So ignore the stuff that are my rants/ramblings and if you have any questions you don’t want to post, PM me and I will be happy to get back to you. Warning again- this post is fairly long.

So between paying my $500 deposit (about 1 month ago) and last week, I have had a few internal meltdowns and almost backed out about 4X. The waffling just about killed me, forget the surgery. Firstly, I had 'floated' the BBL concept to a few friends and my family, and they came back with resounding opinions on what a bad idea it was. The 'how people should be happy with who they are, that it’s a waste of money, that anyone who gets this done is shallow, and strong independent women who get these types of procedures done make it harder for other women to be proud of who they are'. One would think I am too old to care what these people think, but it never really changes even as we get older- close friends and family have a way of getting under our skin I find. That said, perhaps I need new ones lol.
In any case, after drawing on my 'strong independent self’, and a lot of intestinal fortitude, I decided I can make my own decisions and they can all continue believing what makes them happy. Now back to the surgery..I also started thinking that my body-while fully clothed is decent-would not be able to be improved through surgery. So I emailed Dr. Hughes to consider I wasn’t a good case and that maybe I couldn’t get the results I wanted. I am also a workaholic and never take time off, so am certain I am looking for reasons not to do it. He replied –immediately as per usual (awesome btw) and stated that he turns down people all the time for surgery because they are not good candidates and that I am not one of them-the plan is solid-a direct quote. So that was that, I decided in that instant to live vicariously through Dr. Hughes confidence, called Lorena and paid about 60% of the surgery. I am now committed.

I found a place on VRBO (Vacation rentals by owner) in Venice beach and booked it. Many thanks to Brown Girl in the ring for this suggestion, as I agree that being someplace pretty will help me move my new body and keep me in good spirits after the surgery. I am staying for a total of 14days, though 11 days post-surgery. The cost isn’t a whole lot more than a hotel I believe.
I initially thought I would need to hire a nurse for post-surgical care as I didn’t want to ask anyone to come with me, especially after the feedback received on the idea alone. But found 2 friends in my crew who were happy for me and would love to be a part of my transformation. So I have one friend (an ex-boyfriend! Yes ladies this is possible) who is staying with me week 1 and another who come week 2. My son –while he thinks this entire procedure is unnecessary - wanted to be there, but he is finishing his degree over the summer and I didn’t want him to upset that for this. Further, I am not sure I could find anything more unappealing than having my son seeing me in that state, let alone taking care of me.

Ok, that is a lot in one post. My next post will cover all the items I have purchased. For now, I am attaching ‘before’ pictures. I am sensitive to them as I am far more comfortable with clothes on –but will share in order to make these posts more meaningful for everyone reading them. The pictures posted in my original post in case anyone is wondering were my wish pics !

One month to go! List of items for preparation

One month exactly before the surgery- here is the list of items I have prepared (this list is based on many of the posts from the ladies who have undergone the surgery)
Arnica gel
Cocoa butter oil
Antibacterial Soap
Q-tips (clean incision sites)
Benadryl/Reactine/Itch cream
Vinyl gloves
Alcohol wipes /peroxide
Dressing bandages
Baby powder (if rash develops under binder)
Baby wipes
Feminine pads
Medl kit (band aids, tape, gauzes, Neosporin)

Vitamins etc
Iron injection (I have always been anemic, so I get these weekly - I assume most people would take pills)
B12- I am low
B6-I am low
Vitamin C
Arnica Montana pills
Stool softener

Urinal / large cup
Shower cap
Bending straws (easier for drinking while on tummy)

Maxi dress
Yoga pants
Big(ger) panties
Cotton T-shirts (to wear under binder)

Boppy/ BBL pillow
Neck roll
Med bench
Bed sheets

Is there anything I am missing ladies?

Interesting - Mexico vs. Los Angeles or States in general for that matter

I spoke with my girlfriend today, the one who started me on this whole journey:). She has decided that she is still going to go to Mexico though its a Dr. Campos vs. Dr. Quirios (sp?). What's interesting is that they have told her she cannot have a breast augmentation or lift at the same time as she is having a BBL. So she will need to come back. Her BBL is quoted at $6500 USD and is lipo of back and sides. She would still pay additional for the recovery house, travel etc (no different I guess than us who are travelling to the States for their procedure. I did try to share with her that maybe she should consider the States and Dr. Hughes..as she is 5ft8 and about 145 lbs and get the procedures done at the same time, but she wouldn't hear any of it. I understand completely and support any decision she makes...just not sure if she is saving all that much with 2 trips. I do hope her results are spectacular and she doesn't come back disappointed. Has anyone else had this experience? Where the cost differential isn't really ALL that significant? I totally get that a couple of $K's makes a difference, but given how difficult it is to find a surgeon who works on slimmer gals, and a surgeon who does both procedures at the same time- does the 2K make it worthwhile? Anyway just curious what you all think.

2 weeks before I get to Venice Beach

Hi ladies..well 2 weeks to go and my time is near. Im excited and petrified...but it makes me feel alot better that all you gals have shared your stories. I have pretty much prepped and bought everything I need, other than 2 items : BBL pillow and the Kindseat meditation bench. I am going to purchase those week before surgery and have them shipped directly to where I am staying. ( Kindseat ships from UK and cheaper to send to US and BBL pillow doesnt ship to Canada. ) I havent prepped anything for the blepharoplasty..there isnt much on this site or the web I could find and Dr. Hughes also said that I dont need anything specific for it. I still have to get my gel nails removed and my belly ring and nose ring removed. Ive started taking vitamin c but wont take arnica and bromelain until closer to surgery. What else have I left out? Based on what everyone has written I am going to wait to purchase 2nd stage garment until after. I sent my medical clearance letter ( from my doctor who rolled his eyes at me when I told him Im getting a BBL - no one had heard about it at his office) now he cant wait to see the results lol. My girlfriend is excited but I suspect its cause she wants to do the Pretty Woman thing on Rodeo drive. I hope I am well enough to walk around with her week 2 and watch her shop...not sure if I could afford socks from a store on Rodeo drive lol. I have started standing at my desk at work so when I come back it will be perfectly natural and officemates dont ask questions. On that note..a question for the ladies who work in an office/corporate setting - what did you do with meetings? We have a high meeting culture. Well I am off to look for more wish pics

Day 1 - Post Surgery

Hi Ladies- apologies for being MIA the last 2 weeks. I can share its just been a brutal 2 weeks and I couldn't find the time nor the energy to even read on this site, let alone post. Where to begin?

Last Monday, the place I had booked and paid entirely for through VRBO messaged me and said she had gotten a long term tenet and I couldnt have the place. You all should have seen me freak out - remember like Uber who states they are a technology company not a transportation company, VRBO is the same not an accomodations company. I had booked that place about 10 weeks ago- everything in Venice beach was now booked up. I managed to find something, but have to move twice during my 2 week stay here.
Anyway, the surgery. I had my pre-op Monday, met the infamous D. Hughes - he is one of the nicest people ever-I have no idea how anyone could construe his behaviour as arrogant- if anything he is an introvert, almost bashful. He did confirm a lower blepharoplasty would help and was glad to see that in person, his diagnosis remained correct. He did say I would be a tough case, I dont have alot of fat but mostly loose skin due to the weight loss and that I would need to be very conscious of preserving what fat he could put in the butt as there just wasnt going to be alot. I had managed to gain 10lbs (not deliberately) since I had sent him the pictures and he said still wouldnt help all that much lol.
Anyway- surgery scheduled for noon on Tuesday June 16th. Need to be at the office for 11:30. I will share with you ladies that I tried desperately to politely arm wrestle Lorena into a morning appointment as I remember reading someone's post that they waited a long time when it wasnt morning, but she said given I was a hard case that it would need to be the afternoon.
Interestingly- when I told dr. Hughes I wanted an hourglass figure- he laughed and said we all do. lol. So I didnt even bother reviewing the wishlist photos with him. OK next post...actual surgery day. Please forgive the spelling errors..I cant see very well


I was at the office at 11:30 and have to tell you-had my urine test, pictures by Sandra, meeting with Dr. Mae the anesthesiologist and Dr. Hughes and was lying on the bed in surgery at 12:05. I wonder if the lady who had to wait 4 hrs was a one-off. These folks were pretty fast and punctual at least with my experience.

Had a quick meeting with dr. Hughes - ladies he must read these sites, as he started to mark me with a marker! Then said he is better without as he has to see the body lying down in order to get the right shape..he really is an artist. So I told him, don't bother with the marker...I am fine with his good judgement. So off I went to the surgical suite...not sure about what people infer as a war zone- sure it isnt Grey's anatomy, but it certainly isn't ghetto either. I can honestly say Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary- mainstream, considered one of the better ones, looks more tired than Boris surgical suite. Anyway, it took a while to find a vein (5 trys later) we hit paydirt and away I went to la la land. Dr. Mae is a real sweetheart btw. Very kind. Next thing I know its 530, someone is loudly asking me to wake up and I am whisked away by my friend. So...I have been in a bit of agony..since last night..I am clearly not one of those people who doesnt need her meds- percosets-bring it please, and admire the ladies who went without.
So ALOT of vomiting due to the anasthesia and havent eaten anything yet - since 8pm Monday- other than a few sips of apple juice. I keep throwing up. But I am sure tomorrow will be better. I just took a shower and am not oozing all that badly either but man everything hurt. I am just too tired to care what my body looks like so apologies for no immediate Day 1 pictures. Personally I feel like I look like a 200lb gorilla. Tomorrow hopefully for sure.

Day 2 and Day 3

A little disappointed as I can't seem to get anything to post not sure what I am doing wrong. This is my third attempt as my post yesterday didn't take and neither did the one I just wrote- it may be because I was trying to post from ipad. Anyway yesterday was day two and while I was still sore and bruised I felt much better. Went to whole foods and bought a ton of groceries which now that I look at them can't possibly eat it all. Also went shopping for some skirts. I am a little worried about my right eye as it seems to be a bump forming on the corner ..I hope I am just being paranoid..I have my first post op today though and will get it checked out. As for my body I did finally look at it yesterday and I was pleased for sure. I sent Dr. Hughes some snaps as he had encouraged me to look already lol and was good enough to call me. Said that my body is so swollen that it isn't reflecting what the actual transformation is. He also said that given how many BBL's he does..he knows a transformation when he sees one...and I was definitely one. I believed him but didn't know what he meant until he sent me the pictures they took in the surgical suite-before the swelling kicked in. Holy smokes I am convinced the man is a miracle worker. I didnt actually believe it was me but the tattoo can tell no lies:) What do you guys think?! I tried desperately to put these into a side x side photo app but they appear to be too big. Hopefully you can still see the change.

With pictures this time

Day 4 and some questions for the ladies who have had surgery with Dr. Hughes

Day 4, cant believe it already. I am much better today and can share with all the ladies it certainly gets better.
I went for my post op yesterday and spoke with Lorena and Debbie-who are really lovely. I actually think they feel a bit awkward talking to patients not sure why, maybe they are shy-but they are very sweet. Lorena shared that dr. Hughes had shown her my 'after' pic from the surgery room, and how proud he was of the transformation. It really is very important to the Doc to do good work- it is clear he takes exceptional pride in what he does, and I for one certainly appreciate it.
I waited for Dr. Hughes but just missed him- he called minutes after I left to tell me he came out of surgery just to see me-Darn!!- but the girls weren't aware and felt he would be awhile so had me see Olga. Olga is lovely- she couldn't believe that I was only 2.5 days post op- I am blessed to have had no lumps or bumps so didn't require any syringing (sp?) and she was impressed with the way I had gotten the binder and black shorts on - I owe this to my wonderful 6ft1 brawny friend lol as there is no way that i could have gotten it on like that. She re wrapped me with the binder so I could learn how to do it myself- I had to lie down!! First time on my bum and man it hurt-my cheeks were totally not interested in hitting anything and they fought back so it was a little painful. It is easier though to place the binder on a flat surface and then wrap. She said the legs of the shorts were too tight for me and were causing me increased swelling so cut each them at the bottom. Other than that from aBBL perspective she saw no issues. I asked if I should buy another garment and she said to not bother as next week when I came for my 2nd post op I could purchase one then. So I have to keep the foam and the binder on until next Thursday at 4pm when my next appointment is-she thinks that since I have no lumps now, I should be ok for the week, but to keep an eye out and call the office if I see something forming. Asked her about the intense itching!!!! and she said all normal. As for my eyes, I was worried about the right one, but she said its normal. Did say that the eyes were drooping a little and that I needed to massage them -not sure how that helps but I am doing it. Also to continue with the cold compresses. I wear sunglasses when I go out- though yesterday was funny as my friend and I went to CVS and I put some eyedrops in my eyes in the store, forgetting the bruising. A few people raised their eyebrows and gave dirty looks to my friend-poor guy- I wonder if they thought he gave me the black eyes- anyway need to be more careful of taking off those shades as y eyes are black and blue for sure.
I have not been able to sleep very well, a downside I think to drinking lots of fluids, but I guess worth it. I can tell you I had major penis envy after the surgery - they can stand and aim! But I strongly recommend a female urinal- I purchased mine for $4 from walmart online. It has been a Godsend -other than the first try which was a disaster, I have figured it out. Fits neatly and covers it all so amen to that. I have had only one BM and am on stool softener and magnesium but figure the pain meds are the cause of the constipation. I am hoping to ditch those soon and then hope things get back to normal functioning. I had a burger last night -big mistake, even though gluten free (I have been gluten free for about 5 years now) I don't feel very good probably because of the starch and I just checked the buns even though they are gluten free they have sugar as their third ingredient- so don't think this helps with recovery either. I will stick with my kefir, fruit chicken and vegetables I think.
This is a long post, I will take pics today as soon as my friend wakes up. Hoping to walk to the beach today it is bright and sunny out -which is awesome as its been a bit overcast this last week. I am about 3 blocks to the beach so the walk should be nice. My friend leaves tomorrow and my girlfriend comes in this afternoon. I have already warned her I may not be able to do a whole lot with her but will try depending on how I feel. I still get tired pretty quickly and like my frequent rests.

Finally some questions for the ladies- when do you actually ditch the black shorts for the 2nd stage garment?
Do you wear the binder for the next 6 weeks? How do you manage with going back to work? I find my movement is incredibly limited and I shuffle with this stuff on vs walk. Is there a better way to do this?Thanks and have a great day ladies! Hugs xoxoxo

Just over 2 weeks post op

Hi ladies-it has been awhile and I do owe you an update. Today is 2 weeks and 1 day post op. So I will try and share everything that has happened between Day 5 and Day 15.
Days 5—7 were a total bitch for me. I for some reason had major pain-I have a very high tolerance for pain so am surprised this was happening to me. The only thing I can chalk it up to is perhaps too much walking around earlier.
That said, I had my second post op on June 25- 1 week and 2 days post surgery, and one day before I flew home. I was unlucky, as I did have major fluid build up in the stomach area and Olga drained it for me. She gave me a smaller black short garment and also said to use the foam where one is over my stomach under the black garment, and then foam under the white binder. So, I look like I am about 4 or 5months along ..lol-I had several people offer me their seats at the airport –I didnt bother correcting them lol. Just pleasantly said no. It helped though as people are still kind to pregnant gals, and I did have offers to pick up my bags?
The trip home was fine, I sat on my knees on the chair and read a book. Used my bbl pillow for takeoff and landing.
I have been in some pain though since I got home, I thought by now it would just be sore but I have not been able to completely be off painkillers. I am pretty much off the percoset as I am terrified of addiction, and am on extra strength Tylenol though every 6 hrs. Dr. Hughes isn’t worried as he said he had to be pretty aggressive with me so the ‘extended’ pain does not come as a surprise.
I have been pretty self conscious of my body though –I am very swollen and as mentioned above this is because of the aggressive lipo that had to be done. That said, I need to be truthful – I have been a ball of anxiety this past week-not entirely sure why, but probably due to a combination of things – the pain, not sleeping well at all, worried that everything hadn’t worked out, the swelling /fluid build up still appears to be in my tummy, major headaches and some other personal crap. It took a great lady to talk me off the ledge today –and I cant thank her enough. I am so blessed to have met her on this site.
Anyway, so I am still really swollen, so am reluctant to post pictures-I have been assured-the swelling to go away can take up to 6 months. If you really want to see them, let me know and I will post them. My next post will include what I felt were must have’s –and hope it will help other ladies.
I will try and post much more frequently ladies. Hugs

List of Must have's and must do's ( my opinion of course)

Hi ladies- here are a list of items I felt are absolutely necessary. The lens used though is for someone who travels, or someone who may not have someone around 100% of the time immediately post surgery.
- grabber (an absolute must- I found you cant bend for the first 3-4 days post surgery)
-female urinal ( 4bucks on walmart.com) an absolute Godsend -and candidly I am still using it
-wipes. and more wipes. and then some more:-) I had 2 different kinds: flushable for the restroom of course, and then antibacterial -best place to buy I found was amazon.ca/com
-antibacterial soap -for showering before and after surgery
-reactine (for those of you in Canada, I recommend getting prescription reactine from your doctor -they are 20mg and covered by health benefits if you have one) but I was majorly itchy days 3-10 and one a day worked really really well for me
-Vitamins: B6, B12, Vitamin C, Bromelain, Arnica, Stool Softener (for those in Canada, I got something called Docusate-$8 from Shoppers and they work like a charm). Iron as well, but I get injections so take pills if you can.
-shower cap
-bendy straw(s) - very helpful for days 1-3
-clothes- all the other ladies were right, I took too many. What I really used were a couple of maxi dresses (I suggest going up 2-3 sizes -I usually wear a small and the large was still snug between the swelling, and the binders and foam) try and get dark colored so everything doesnt show if that matters to you. I also had a long skirt and a loose tank top that worked great - note I went super cheap on all of these items : Old Navy and walmart -I didnt pay more than 20dollars for any items. Also suggest camisoles - I used 4 just from costco. Again everything was 2 sizes bigger than what I normally wear. I wont ever wear these items again so they worked perfectly.
- super size underwear:-)
-BBL pillow: ordered the bblpillow from bblpillow.com it was $107USD and free shipping. they are awesome and I got it in one day when I got to the States. I cut out the BBL logo as I will be using this at work and dont need to advertise. Used it in the car, airplane and will use for work when I get back
-kindseat -BGITR-thank you. Yes its pricey, I ordered the cushion and bag as well which are each $30 a piece, so total for all 3 items was $207 from wildmind.org. You need about 1.5-2weeks to get this even if you purchase in States, I received it the day before I left LA. Awesome though for kneeling and eating -best purchase ever.
-comfortable slippers or shoes. since you cant bend in the first few days, its hard to get anything on other than slip on /flip flop type shoes.

I think thats it!
-an old bedsheet which I brought from home. Saved me a staining the rental accomodations sheets and I left it there.
-creams/lotions etc: I didnt have the energy to use any of the creams am just starting to now. If you have someone with you that will massage etc then arnica cream/gel and cocoa butter cream/oil are awesome.
-for the blepharoplasty, you need Q-tips and vaseline/petroleum jelly. Eyes feel like 1000X better when you use this.
ok, that's it for the list I think.

Start of Week 4 post op and Help with Stage 2 Garment

Well have made it through the first 3 weeks and am glad to share everything is better. I am still swollen but nowhere near where I was and while my butt has gotten smaller it is a vast improvement from the mess of loose skin that was there before. I did have a minor scare last week and went into full panic mode, but am thinking that was just where I was with my nerves. I had a bit of fluid in my abdomen and couldn't find a plastic surgeon who would look at me as I didn't get the surgery done with them. Both Dr. Hughes calmed me down and BGITR talked me off the ledge to just call my physician -as a plastic surgeon is not required to remove fluid???? My doctor was great, commented on how awesome my abs look ( wait, I have abs?!! ) and removed the fluid. I sincerely believe I was a victim of the post surgery blues as I was pretty much bat shit crazy, reacting and overreacting to the smallest things. I admit I can be a nut at the best of the times, but the last couple of weeks was over the top even for me. Glad that's over.
I am still rather sore and feel quite bruised, am also quite tired. I assume this is the sedentary life I have been leading with recovery. I had booked 3 weeks off work (ALOT for me as I am a workaholic) and was scheduled to go back to work today,but just didn't feel well enough. I think I may actually book off the rest of the week,not sure. That said, I asked doc if I could switch too second stage garment and wear the binder and foam only at night but he suggested not too as I need the compression so fluid doesn't build up again. I am double minded about this as I mentioned in my last post I look 4 months along with the foam and binder and while I couldn't care less what people think, going from a flat stomach to 4 months pregnant may raise some eyebrows at work. Though who knows, I could scare my boss into a promotion if he thinks I am carrying a Rosemary's baby lol. On a serious note, Dr Hughes reluctantly agreed to my wearing the binder and foam at night but still wants me to wear something for compression during the day in my stage two garment. So here is where I need your ladies' help: I think I can buy a lipo board that sits on the abdomen for compression but am clueless as to what to purchase for a second stage garment. I would still like some compression so don't want anything to flimsy. Can anyone recommend anything that really worked for them? I ordered a MariaE from eBay. -it took two weeks to get and I got it today only too find the damn thing is waaaay too small. So am kinda desperate now. Please let me know your help is very much appreciated!
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