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?Hello rs ladys so ive been on this site for a wile...

Hello rs ladys so ive been on this site for a wile reading reviews, and visiting different surgeons trying to decide who would be the right one. And after looking and looking at reviews visiting diffrent surgeons i finally made up my mind i was book with dr bruno in north hollywood i had $3000 down but well i had a last mind change and decided to go with dr kenneth b. Hughes he was actually the 1st dr i had a consultation with it was supper fast like 15 min i didnt really think much about it but like what he said about making my butt looking big i was exited, 2 surgeon consult was with a surgeon in beverly hills dr garo kassabian my sister had a mommy make over and decided to go see him i look @ his bbls efore and after pictures but was not happy on what i saw my 3rd doctor i saw was a doctor in los angeles i cant remember his name ut he was recomended by a friend she works @his wifes dental office and she had a liposuction with him he was going to give me a deal i was not sure about him he dint have a website so i kinda got scare and decided that i rather pay more for something that i knew i was going to be happy with my results anyhow the total doctor i seen was about 7 some of the posted in r/s and llong sorry short

My surgery is in 13 days i decided to write my review and share my experience with all of you ladys . =} will see how goood i look after my bbl with kenneth looks, will keep you updated with pictures

Having so manny emotions

I keep looking and reading some of the other girls reviews and I just hope I get the dream body I've always wanted I cant wait to wear high wasted shorts and not worried about my love handles! my wish pictures

My hight and weight

Oh yeah I forgot I'm 5'7 and weight 160 pounds !

8 more days

Got arnica for the swelling

More before pictures

Hey lady's so here are more before pictures I took one day before surgery I was so so exited couldn't believe the day I was counting down waiting for was finally here !

The day of surgery !

So the day of surgery I keep wakening up thinking my alarm wouldn't go off I didn't wanted to be late so finally I wake up my niece and take my son to my sisters around 4:45 am pick up my friend from Santa Ana since he was going to be the driver and drive to the surgery center I just got there on time we'll 20 min early I keep waiting till some nurses walk through the back door and I ask them that if I could come in since I had a surgery @7:30 am sure enough they let me in and I waited waited had so many emotions, finally one of the nurses tell me to come to this other room change take all my clothes off and she gave me some more papers I had so signed after that she takes some pictures and I keep waiting in the room for doctor Hughes to come I waited till like 9am he peeks in the door and said are you ready I was like yeah with a big smile of excitement we had a little talk I told him my concerns and he made me feel like I was in good hands he then said well we now just have to wait for the anesthesiologist To get here and will put you to sleep after he left for some reason I was like what if I don't wake up so I right away texted my sister telling her to please take care of my son ! So after 30 minutes anesthesiologist walk in he calm me down he was pretty chill and he walks out ! The nurse tells me ok it's time let get you all ready I walk in the operation room it was so cold I starred shaking I got so nervous !

Waking up after surgery ! ! ! !

So I remember the nurse tapping my shoulder so I could wake up ! At the moment I woke up DANG ! ! ! ! I woke up screaming I was in so so much pain I couldn't consent them trying to get me out of the bed I keep screaming your hurting me pls let me go please let me go I was still so disoriented with lots of pain they allowed me to stay for another half an hour I just felt like they wanted me out of there ASAP I wanted to at least wake up good but no I could verily walk outside where my friend and niece was waiting damn the drive home was bad I was in so much pain i wanted to vomit the bell inside my mouth got so swollen my face my hands all my body was swollen I could verily open my eyes !

At home after surgery

So when I got home my mom saw me she wanted to cry I just look so bad like I said I could verily walk my brother and sister help me lay on my bed I take my meds and I came home with an adult dipper it was so painful to try to get up to use the bathroom I couldn't make it and ended up peeing in the dipper my mom help me clean my self up and she had my sister go buy more the worse part was getting in my bed and getting up ! That hurts so bad I think I underestimate the pain I was going to go through just because I was more exited about my new body !! Ha ha maybe I can't tolerate pain but I mean after having my son I though there won't be any worst pain then that !

Forgot to mention

Oh yeah I forgot to mention lady's the next day of my surgery Dr Hughes call me to check up on me he said he was able to transfer 1500 cc per cheek and 300cc per hip ! I felt like he cared !

The after pictures

Hi beautiful lady's so here are the after pictures

When I finally took a shower

So after 3 days I was actually able to take a shower boy oh boy that shower drain me I was going to pass out I verily made it to my bed got so dizzy !

How I feel about my results

So far I'm loving my results my stomach looks flat I just wish my butt could stay this size with out the bruising I happy ! But in pain

Able to move more

Hi lady's so I'm back to update you all with my bbl procedure I'm still happy with my results I have a few lumps but I'll do the massage thing and hope it gets better I've been having my niece give back and foot massages she love to do it she's happy to do it I told her I will take her to Disney when I get better ! I have my check up on Monday !

10 months after. My bbl

I was gone for to long
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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