25 Years Old 5'5 142lbs BBL W/ Dr Hughes - Culver City, CA

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I've been waiting to go through with this...

I've been waiting to go through with this procedure for a long time!!! I was glad I found out about real self and have been stalking this site for some months. It's been a long journey and it's just beginning so I want to share with you all. Originally I wanted to travel to Miami and have Surgery with Dr mendieta (spellcheck). I knew a couple ladies here in LV that went so dr mendieta with a great toosh and still looks great years later (spellcheck?) I also have seen one I really didn't like....anyways on to my surgeon of choice DR HUGHES :) ... I've never seen his work live and uncut but I'll be my own guinea pig. I traveled to LA for consultation last month. I was late but the lady on phone said come before 5 and its all good. So I made it there and waited just to find out Dr Hughes left. I was bummed because I traveled just for that and the next day was my birthday. I left the office pissed but came back the next day because I like a little thrill of the chase ;) lol hopefully dr Hughes is worth it. So dr Hughes was very brief, short, cold, kind of rushed, and very confident. Which is fine because he's serious about what he does and the consultation IS free... Can't blame him. Seems like he's a master of his craft. I asked him why he doesn't use drains and he basically acted like it was better and could cause more bad than good and I shouldn't question him lol. Fine with me I was just curious since it seems like most dr use drains. ( Dr Hughes also responds to emails in a shockingly prompt manner) Anyways I went on to tell Dr Hughes I'm hoping to lipo everything. Thighs, abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and chin. He said I didn't need to gain weight and that we could do my arms although there isn't much fat. I considered not doing my arms and toning on my own but figured why not if I'm already spending all this money. I want to be very petite. And even though I wanted to save myself from being crippled head to toe I think I'll be more happy. He said we can do inner thigh, flanks, abdomen, back, arms, and chin. He also suggested a chin implant which I'm not going to go through with. I checked out his work and the pics looked great but I'm not ready to do that and I'm not self conciense or unhappy with my face I just wanted a more defined jaw line and my face feels chubby from weight gain. I figured Dr Hughes had a great image in mind If he suggested a face implant in matter of seconds which I wasn't expecting but I still considered I was glad he was honest. The price seemed high when I dealt with the lady about costs and scheduling and she was pushy but I do want more areas lipo than the average bbl which means more $$. I'm scheduling my surgery date tomorrow and paying half upfront to lock in the date which also seemed like a lot and is not what the man on the phone told me previously when I called the office. My hope for surgery is to have a perfect shape and be very petite I want a tiny waist. I'm hoping dr Hughes can give me my dream body that I couldn't aquire from all the squats and lunges and gains in the world i just realistically will never be the shape I want without Dr Hughes. My soon to be hero. :) yay
I'll post some wish and before pics soon...

Before Pics&pre surgery decisions

I'm getting more and more excited. I missed Loraine's call yesterday to make my deposit and pay half. I have a crazy busy schedule. I'm hoping to still be able to lock in my surgery date for June 9 or 10.

I have a lot of wish pics in my phone I have gathered over time. But more importantly I took some before pics today. I felt like my pics don't look as fat as the ones I sent to dr Hughes last month. He said I don't need to gain weight but I'm trying to gain at least 5 more lbs in the next few weeks. I want to have plenty of fat I don't want to spend tons of money for minimal result. Although I don't want a huge butt I want a very perfect specific shape. I'm thinking I really still want to do my arms even though I'll be crippled I want to be petite. more Lipo=more $ :-/ ...I will continue to post pics. I hate how so many people on real self don't post enough photos. And that's the good stuff we obviously want to see. I struggled finding before and after photos of girls my age or body type with no kids. so, I plan to post plenty along the way :)

Less than 2 weeks until Surgery!

I'm counting down the days! And eating everything I can! Haha! 10 days til I go to LA and 12 days until Dr Hughes officially gets to make me his next masterpiece :)

I'm going to LA early to get situated in the condo I'm subleasing and for my pre-op with dr Hughes. I actually smoke medical marijuana daily and Dr. Hughes advised me to stop smoking 1 week before surgery and for 6 weeks after. This won't be easy for me especially because it is going to effect my appetite, anxiety, and sleep patterns but i will be fine. I'm very strong and self disciplined, it will all be worth it.

Dr. Hughes office advised me I don't need anything but myself and a boppy pillow :) they provide everything else. I was told I may need to buy a smaller size garmet than the one they initially provide because I will be shrinking :) There will be a few more things I'm going to buy for comfort.

I don't know if you have heard of Do Terra but it's a manufacturer or essential oils. I'm very into homeopathic remedies. Pain pills and surgery will have me very nauseas (I know from previous breast aug) so in order to manage pain, promote healing, bruising, appetite, and even lighten my mood there's a do terra oil for everything! A lot of stuff on Pinterest! I will post pics when I have my care package all together. Feel free to ask me about it if you're interested.

It's almost that time :)

I don't really have much to update you guys with. I'm just prepping being healthy and trying to EAT. When I get home I'm going to weigh myself because I was never truly 145 lol more like 142 but I'm trying. I also want to do my before and after measurements.

I decided yesterday I officially want to lipo my arms. I want everything to be lean but my booty. I'm assuming my arms will be the same if not worse than how useless they were after my breast augmentation. I might as well do the whole enchilada I know I'm going to be crippled :)

I've been searching a lot of wish photos I may post a few. I also took a couple more before pics.

Surgery reschedule June 17, 2015

I'm so done looking at real self lol. From the harsh reviews to the good ones and the ones that look potentially fake I'm just over it I have to stop looking and obsessing. I've seen rude people bashing his office and I'm like isn't that the dr you chose?! Although I like nice things Idgaf what the place looks like as long as it's clean. dr Hughes could come to my house for all I care lol.

I'm super confident with my gut instinct in choosing the bbl king Dr. Hughes. I sent him and email and he said he doesn't know exactly how many CC. Probably because he's can see pics but doesn't know my anatomy till he's in there. He doesn't want to promise anything he can't deliver. He did promised to get all the fat he can and transfer it all since I'm not fat.

I've been trying to gain but my weight has been stagnant at 142.8 for like almost a year I think. (I'm holding the weight pretty well) He also told me to to avoid hot yoga prior to Sx. I can't wait I was disappointed to push my date back 1 week but something came up with my work and I want my schedule totally clear after surgery.

I feel like all my fat is going to my titties I'm so over being squishy I can't wait to be tiny sick looking waist and a bubble butt with S curve perfection.

Day 2 :)

Okay so I feel like I shouldn't even go into detail about day 1. It was ROUGH ...very rough. The pain was intolerable especially when I first got home the pressure in my back and spine was like a 10.5. Today mostly my abdomen hurts because I was vomiting all day and night yesterday. I couldn't keep a drop of ANYTHING down. I was peeing a lot like every hour.

They sent me home in a garment way too small so doc said to take it off and I'm on my way to dr Hughes now to get a garment in the right size. I don't know why they would send me home in a garment that barely zipped or buckled closed knowing I was going to swell?

For the record I love dr Hughes he's super cool funny smart confident and obv the bbl king. ...but I sincerely dislike Lorraina who did my consult and stuff . For multiple reasons she has no tact is not personable at all. She also seems uneducated. And clearly needs some work done lol. I sound like a mean girl but honestly I bit my tongue I could've ran circles around her but I kept quiet. I just don't like when someone does something for a living and I think I could do it much better. Her vibe was WAY off

Anyways enough about her b4 I start calling names. Let's just say I wouldn't wish her upon anybody. I'm going to ask how many CC and get back to you guys with pics and more details about the day of surgery and behind the scenes. Xo

This is my day 3/4 review I didn't post

So the day after surgery Olga told me my binder was all wrong which is what I had read previously on here. She said it was not low enough or tight enough. She had me sit down on a chair that she laid back to where I could take the pressure off my butt. She said I needed to lay down to put the binder on. The next day I realized the difference in the binder and correct size garment as the nurses who sent me out originally had it all wrong. Olga really helped a lot! I also noticed my private area was swollen like times 4! Kinda scary but normal I think

I'm bored reading on realself in shock of how a lot of these ladies are so eager for different ways to sit on their booty within the first week! That's absolutely not an option for me! Dr Hughes told me to stay off of the fat. I'd rather be miserable on my stomach, lucky for me I sleep well on my stomach but standing up is much more comfortable for me. I've been walking in circles very restless. I took a shower yesterday which felt great and I slept amazing afterwards. I also had 2 bm but I had to take stool softener.

All these dressings are driving me insane considering I did lipo to my full abdomen, flanks, back, arms, inner thigh, and chin. I swear dr Hughes managed to get into my armpit area and everywhere he could for fat. I was shocked to find out he went through my belly button but he said it was critical for another 200cc of pure fat. He did an amazing job. The strap they gave me to wear around my chin is most irritating because it's rubbing my ears wrong and they want it tight.

I had a big battle between myself and the binder because Olga said she wanted it low I was worried about it pushing down on the top of my butt. It took forever to get it on right I was kind of being a perfectionist about it. I weighed myself and in shock that I'm not even 145lbs and I was 142 before surgery! Everyone says they retain so many lbs of fluid. Olga said I would keep swelling up and I def have a little bit but I have my fingers crossed that I don't swell much more. I swear I can feel myself already shrinking in this size medium garment.

The binder is soo uncomfortable but it's more uncomfortable when I take it off because my abdomen doesn't even feel attached to my body it feels loose! It doesn't help that I'm kind of claustrophobic so I've woken up at night freaking out and it's hard to breathe in so many layer of tight binder and garment! I just wanted to take a big deep breath! I'm following dr Hughes orders though wear the binder 24/7 aside from when showering.

I already love my new body and can't wait to heal and enjoy. The lipo to arms wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't care that there wasn't much fat to donate to my booty I just didn't want to look like I could fly away after surgery and have everything else be thin. Only thing I'm wishing for is for my thighs to slim down more :/ I've been trying to eat healthy balanced low sodium protein packed meals as much as possible because I'm paranoid about my body eating the fat from my butt. It's hard being that the binder is squishing my stomach so small like a waist trainer or worse. Ugh it's all going to be soo worth it. I know a lot of girls who regretted not wearing their garments and things as instructed as I think it really effects your results.

Let me just start by Saying Dr. Hughes really DID THAT. He transformed by body. I was a somewhat thinner girl and he went to all lengths to get all the fat he could for my bbl. He not only gave me the bubble butt I asked for but was honest about expectations and goals AND my incisions are already invisible 3 weeks later. Let's just say his work is precise and he is a master of his craft. The true bbl king of the west coast. And the most easing part in such a nervous journey is there was never a time day or night I couldn't get ahold of him unless he was in surgery! Like I do not know when this guy eats or sleeps...or exercises! (He's very buff& in shape) This guy really has an eye for the job and I'm so happy I trusted him. He truly sculpted my body to make me the best version of me :) I'm soooo glad I didn't go with another surgeon because they would not have delivered the same result most likely hundreds of less CC per cheek. Dr Hughes strives to do 1 round of bbl unlike other Drs. He gets it right the first time!

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