24yo 5'4 Absolutely NO Hips (Or Booty) Culver City, CA

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I was planning on waiting until I had after pics...

I was planning on waiting until I had after pics to post but I can't sleep (too anxious). Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm so excited!! I've been so busy this last week I've hardly had time to get excited but now that work is taken care of and family is taken care of it's starting to hit me that my big day is finally here.

After looking at alot of other before pics I feel like I'm on the more severe end of the spectrum. There are quite a few women that in my opinion didn't need surgery or are going in with a lot more than me. I have zero hips not little hips...zero! I've been asked by people if I was a boy or a man because of my lack of hips so tomorrow I plan on that changing. I know I present a challenge because there's absolutely nothing to build on but I have faith it will still turn out great.

I'm alive! haha

Ok so I'm laying here on my stomach finally a little less drowsy and more alert.

My immediate suggestions: airplane pillow to put under your chin to help ease your neck. Also, STRAWS!! I just sent the bf to get some so I can stay hydrated without having to get up to take a sip.

Pain: oh boy. Upon waking up I seriously thought I was being ripped apart (not meant to scare just being honest). We are staying just minutes away but it felt like an hour. Got to the room and popped my pills haha knocked out and now feel like it's bearable. My stomach feels like I just did the most insane ab workout...5 times but it's not as bad as it was. Will post pics first thing in the am as I am currently (and finally) comfortable and tucked in.

Your support means the world to me...lets all pray for amazing results!

1 day post op

So today has been touch and go. Some moments I think this recovery thing will be a piece of cake and then I feel my back pain. I don't want to lay down too much during the day so that when I do tonight I might be able to sleep. Last night I was up just about every hr. Today I had yogurt for breakfast and 2 protein shakes so far.

feeling good

So today is a good day. I think having someone to help you is soo important! My bf has been an absolute prince with me. I start to get frustrated when I drop something but then there he is to pick it up. Even helping pull up my panties after peeing or reaching for something after I get settled. The first day I had to ask for a lot of help but now it seems he knows what I need help with.

I've seem a lot of post op pics and was not looking forward to being covered in head to toe bruises but I think I'm one of those people that doesn't bruise as much. There's some on my upper ribs and a little on my inner thighs but that's it. I still have abdomen swelling and numbness but I'm feeling good. Moving around more and more. Anyway ask me questions if you have them...not sure what else to post for now.


Does anyone else have really swollen legs ankles and feet?

more than before that's for sure

dr office wait time

Today I had a follow up appt at 12:30 and guess what...it's 1:30 and I'm still waiting! Can we keep in mind, as we all know, I can't sit while waiting and remember how I said my legs and feet were swollen well they still are so needless to say this is terrible! I can feel the pressure in my legs building and my feet are fatter than they were 15 minutes ago. Wait times here are ridiculous!!! They really shouldn't keep post ops waiting this long. End rant.


Pre Op
Chest: 41
Waist: 34
Hips: 39

Post Op
Chest: 40
Waist: 32 (was 34 couple days ago)
Hips: 41

So, although I didn't get as much booty as I wanted my shape has in fact changed from an "inverted triangle" to a perfect hourglass. Hopefully, I'll loose one more inch (or two lol) from swelling going down and then it's all waist training and workout from there!



I have been having a hard time coming on here and reading all these women talking about how DISGUSTING, TERRIBLE, and AWFUL their pre op bodies are when everything they already have is what I had to go through this whole thing for and barely got. It's so disheartening...why can't they just say they're unhappy? I try to shrug it off but it sucks there is now way around that to constantly read those kinds of comments.

Anyway, aside from that I haven't posted anything because I'm not happy. I have lost an inch in my hips and haven't lost anything in my waist despite my "waist training". All the swelling is gone crom my legs and feet so it's hard to believe the rolls on back aren't fat. I haven't sat, haven't slept on my back and haven't had sex with my man and yet it seems I might as well have because I hardly see any change.

Speaking of my man, he wants me to be happy so round 2 it is fully funded by him (we split the bill this last time). All I have to do is choose my dr. He's been amazing through all of this, so supportive even through my emotional break down. I thought he would try and talk me out of a round 2 but he just said "he loved me before he even knew what a bbl was so of course he's in whatever I choose to do...when he signed up to be with me he meant through anything and everything" sooo maybe I'll have better luck with round 2...
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