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I'm about to turn 20 in August. I'm hoping to have...

I'm about to turn 20 in August. I'm hoping to have this procedure performed and somewhat healed by then. It will be a birthday gift to myself. This might be intangible, but reading the reviews left me with the impression that Dr. Hughes is able to set the surgery date shortly after a consultation.

I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs with a bmi of 30.
I'm an ex ballerina of 11 years and have gained a significant amount of weight since I've quit. Ballet is a very intense cardio exercise and used to dance 40 hours a week! Now I never exercise and it's caught up to me. When I had basically no fat on measurements were 32/24/34 and I was 100lbs...and now I'm scared to measure! I can grab a fist full of back fat, my belly is so large that I actually look four months pregnant when I wake up in the morning...
I think I have more than enough fat to get the large juicy booty that I want because my actual frame is tiny...but I don't know! :(((

I just emailed the doctor through this website to request a consultation. Hopefully he will tell me that I have enough fat to transfer! I'm worried.

Switched doctors and Deposit SENT :) MY PROCEDURE DAY IS AUGUST 4!!!
I've switched to Dr. Fisher after discovering what a "fisher doll" is after staying up all night lurking on this site...and now I'm going to be one!
I called Dianna yesterday asking about when I can get a procedure done, and while she did explain everything, she was very pompous. I can't blame her though, because I'm sure she gets a lot of calls about people wanting BBLs, but aren't entirely serious about getting one. She even told me that she couldn't check available procedure dates until I paid a deposit, because her manager would get mad if she wasted time. I ended up not paying the deposit yesterday, but she still told me. :)

I wanted my new butt in time for my birthday on August 13, so August 4 is perfect.
The $7,000 includes:
-Liposculpture not just basic liposuction. Liposculpture allows you to heal least this is what I've read.
-Transfer fat from literally all over your body(limbs are $800 extra. I'm thinking about using my arm fat too)
-A compression garment
-Massages for your butt(to improve look)
-Transportation to and front airport + massages
-7 day recovery with nurses at their "mansion"(I'm not sure if it's actually a mansion as I have not read any information about that on this site, but that is what Dianna has told me)

So I think that's a pretty good deal!
For those of your interested in receiving solely a BBL, the cost is $4,500.

Time to look at BUTTS NOW.

Vanity anxiety. :( Help!!!! Please?

I feel that Vanity is taking advantage of my age and completely neglecting me.
I'm on this site every day reading BBL journeys, and it seems like I'm being neglected.
Diana who works at Vanity never even asked for pictures to show the doctor. She hasn't mentioned anything at all about lab work needed for surgery approval. I'm trying to deal with this the best that I can, but I've been stressing every day. I'm doing this alone and any information on what I should say to them would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to be mean because I feel like they could push back my date(which I've read about) or neglect me even more. I'm flying from Los Angeles and haven't booked my ticket yet out of worrying about them switching my date!
What are some things that I need to do before my surgery date on August 4?
I have two months!!! And I'm so excited but scared. Is anyone else going to be there around the same time? I'm going to be staying there for 7 days at their recovery home. Thank You!

Surgery half paid off!

$3500 officially paid off today. I have never saved for anything in my life as I am terrible with money, but I want this so bad! I can't believe I've already paid half of it off in a little over a week!
I'm proud of myself haha. 60 more days!!!
It seems so effing far away :\

I haven't booked my ticket yet because I don't know how long I should stay for. I asked a question on here and the majority of doctors have been telling me to wait at least two weeks before traveling.
Does anyone else have experience with traveling after a bbl? I would love to read your experience. :)

Yoga Pants,
So serious.

Emergency room

I had to go to the emergency room a few days ago because I woke up feeling like death.
I have a history of extremely painful ovarian cysts and I guess I have to get this one removed...surgically. I'm undergoing general anesthesia.
I'll be going to the hospital next Friday and it will take two weeks to heal.
Thank the universe for giving me JUST enough time to heal before my bbl in 44 days.
I'm meeting with my primary doctor the Thursday before my cyst removal to get some bloodwork done and to see what else I can do to be as healthy and physically prepared as I can for this BBL.

I know that everything will be okay and I'll get through this obstacle. :)

Less than one month countdown//QUESTION: Need your advice lovelies!<333(:

29 days still doesn't feel real. I'm not excited yet. :\
I know I will be once I'm at Vanity though. I'm one of those people that don't get excited while on a rollercoaster until the main drop or loop haha.

QUESTION: Do any of you ladies have very tight/thick skin?? My skin's like not elastic AT ALL, it's super thick and sticks straight to my bones, it barely budges a centimeter. I'm kind of bummed on this because a doctor has told me that sometimes, a patient's skin can be too tight to get as much fat as desired in there. Have any of you post op ladies had this problem?

18 days! Should I go by myself?!

My boyfriend was going to go with me to take care of me...but he just got a new job so I don't want to interfere.
Have any of you ladies recovered from a BBL alone?
I'll be staying in the recovery house, but they say that someone will only help me on the first day.
Please help, I really need and appreciate your advice!
I don't want to do this alone, but if I have to I think I'll be able to...just need some tips!

Thank you

Oh, life.

Everything that could go wrong, is going wrong.
There's like 10 things that I'm just gonna ignore until this is over...but sadly I CANT ignore this one.
I've bleached my hair since I was 14 and for some reason my body decides to develop an allergy to it.


In Miami now

This place is a rathole(no offense).
Nubia picked me up from the airport at 12am looking all nice and dressed up. She's a sweetheart!
This hotel with the recovery package though EUGH.
The towels are crusty, and handles on the door are extremely greasy, I'm scared to sleep in the bed.
This is supposed to be a no smoking hotel but it smells like someone has been chain-smoking in my room.
There was a crackhead looking dude smoking something outside when I first arrived, the hallways of the hotel smell like marijuana and the lobby lady has a full set of grills and I can't really understand her.
This extended stay hotel is basically like a motel.
I feel very unsafe here, I'm going to see if I can get my money back tomorrow and stay at a decent hotel. I can't bear this smell, this whole place smells like an ashtray.
I don't know how I'll sleep tonight.

I'm going to the clinic for the first time tomorrow morning.

This sucks.


So my surgery is at 3:30PM August 4, 2014.
I'm getting a brazilian butt lift and chin/neck lipo.($800 extra)
I'll be staying in Miami for two weeks to heal as much as I can.

Sorry I just had to write that down cause I can't even believe it!
Everything is going perfect today.
Nubia got them to switch my room to one that's clean and doesn't smell like an ashtray, she took me to my appointment this morning for my blood work and paperwork. She took me to walmart to buy groceries and other things(she's a doll). She took me to the bank and now I'm finally home!

Now I just gotta relax and get plenty of rest until my surgery date. :)
Surgery buddy anyone??

ALSO, my face is no longer swollen. Thank god. :)

Less than ONE DAY!

19 hours left!
I flew my best friend out to be here for me because I can't do this's so hard.
I'm so excited though.
Attached is a picture of me a year ago when I started putting on weight. My waist there is my own wish pic that I will show the doc. :) nice curve but NO booty.

12 hours!

I'm so nervous oh my goddd!!!
PLEASE send me your positive thoughts out there to the big man for me. :)
I can't sleep! It's 3am!

Possible surgery cancellation

I just fell asleep half an hour ago, and I just woke up to a phone call saying my surgery might be cancelled.

Tomorrow 11am...

If they reschedule again I don't know what I'm going to do.
They said that I'm pregnant but I'm NOT. I even went to my obgyn the week before flying here to check via blood, urine, AND ultrasound...all negative. I brought my official paperwork saying that I'm in perfect health and NOT pregnant...but they still made me go get an ultrasound. I had to shell out $90 LAST MINUTE(they told me 40 minutes before the radiology lab closed) and guess what...I'm still not pregnant.

They have me scheduled for 11am tomorrow and say that I'll have my surgery "if everything goes fine".
I'm a very patient person but that entire process was extremely pointless. I even had to take a cab to and from the ultrasound($60).
I'm really fvcking upset and I don't get my butt tomorrow I will punch someone in their throat. This is unjust.

Rescheduled AGAIN

I'm here at vanity, they got my paperwork faxed DIRECTLY from the radiology center and they're saying it's not valid.
So I've gotten TWO official papers saying that I'm not pregnant...not even a little bit, and they're STILL trying to tell me I'm pregnant and they can't perform the surgery...saying that they need more proof.
What else do you want me to do?! Effing cut open my stomach so you can see for yourself!?!?


I'm finally all cleared for everything. It's one hour and one minute past my SECOND scheduled surgery time, please pray for me lovelies!!!
I'm so nervous and excited. I just want to get this all over with already.

It was all worth it

I'll update later, I need to get my rest.
BTW, dr fisher uses drains now...he lipod my waist like he was mad at it. :)

Feeling better :)

I'm feeling good enough now to write a detailed review.
I've read about some people getting nauseas, but I haven't gotten nauseas at all. I woke up from the surgery ready to eat I was so hungry, but they told me not to.
JOANNA, my caretaker is the absolute sweetest person I've ever met my whole life! She gives me more love and care than my own mother has ever given me! She is not a nurse, but she knows everything about BBLS. She's gotten one done before, too. I highly recommend her.

Doctor Fisher was really really nice and funny. He has a very casual and calming personality. He's from California too. :) I didn't get to meet with him until right before my surgery so he could mark me and talk about what kind of shape I wanted. I didn't end up showing him any wish pics but he got it soooooo right. I just described to him what I wanted.
The anastesiolagist scared the sh!t out of me. He was like a scripted robot, he told me everything that was going to happen to me in detail and it freaked me out so bad! When they put me on the operating table he popped out of nowhere and said goodnight, then I passed out until 9pm. I woke up in the recovery room extremely teeth were chattering. The nurse put my faja on and it hurt like HELL.
I also woke up on my butt like many other girls have, I was kind of pissed. I also had to sit on my butt again going to the car in a wheelchair. I was using all my might to hold myself up with my arms haha. I feel like my arms are gonna be toned by the time I will be using them A LOT.
I've drained about two liters, and my first massage is on Friday. :)
It's been a lovely experience, vanity is really super nice to you and punctual AFTER yor surgery for some reason, but not before.

About the hormones in my blood...I think it might have been something to do with my age? My raging 19 year old hormones lol, I don't know though. They never found out. The anathesiologist gave me a blood thinner though because the hormones in your blood are likely to clot.

I'm barely bruising, I'm healing very well, thank you so much ladies for being so supportive to a complete stranger, you girls have really helped me through this emotionally. It's very much appreciated. :)
I'll post more pics in a few hours.

BTW: those pics that I've posted is me with FOAMS and a board in! My waist is tinier than in the pictures! I can't wait to share more pictures with you all!


2nd day post op fisher

I am obsessed with my new shape! It just feels like I'm super sore on my I've done a really intense squat workout. My stomach feels stinging and burning but it's not as bad as yesterday.
I've been draining a lot and walking a lot today. :)

Dr Fisher 4 days post op

I just got my second massage today and it kind of felt first one yesterday though had me on the brink of tears. The massage lady is very sweet, only speaks like 10 English words but it's okay. :) I have my follow up appointment with Fisher on the 11th.
I've been healing really well, it almost feels like I'm back to normal. It just feels like I did an intense gym workout and am getting over a slight fever.
The stomach board they gave me is awesome, my stomach has been looking real flat, there's only one lump around my bellybutton, I'll post pics later.

I've seen a lot of the girls posting on here IRL around my hotel and at Vanity, it's really bizarre. I never say hi because we're both in pain...but here's a hi to you all. You look beautiful. :)

Post op day 4 Stomach Board

The purpose of the stomach board is to smooth out any lumps underneath the skin, once the skin reattaches to the muscle, the lumps heal in their place as a stomach board is VERY important. I don't have pics of my stomach before this...but I've only been wearing it for like 24 hours and it's AMAZING! There's only one small lump near my bellybutton now.

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! 1 week post op Fisher

Tomorrow is my birthday and today I am officially one week post op! It's 9pm and one week ago at this time I was laying in the recovery room freezing my newly fat@ss off begging for water. :) We've come so far.
I'm really sad that I had to be away from my boyfriend and family tomorrow, but I signed up for this.

It's hard to take pictures of my butt because I can't turn my back all the way and I can't take it in the mirror because the mirror is really high and cuts off!

Here's are 1 week update pics though. :)

1 week fisher post op washing my Garment

It's my birthday in 12 minutes and I'm washing my garment!

I look like Jessica Rabbit

I just got home today...the airports and planes were HELL.
The flight attendants on the first flight were really nice and let me walk around and even hang out in the back with them...but the ladies on the second flight didn't even let me walk around when the fasten seatbelt sign was off. I had to sit on my ass for four hours with a boppy pillow that didn't even fit in the seat, my ass barely fit in the seat, my hips were squished against the arm rests on the sides.

The swelling is starting to go away and I can fully feel my left butt cheek but my right is still completely numb. :\
At this point, I'm more in love with my hips than my butt...but hopefully that will change.

2 1/2 week post op

I'm stressing out hard every day because it's getting smaller every day...and I'm only 2 weeks out. It looks completely flat from some angles.

The doctor told me I could sit after 2 weeks so I've been sitting for like 5 minutes at a time and it feels like my butt is going to explode. My skin also feels super tight like it's going to rip.

2 1/2 week more pics

2 month post op w/FISHER

The volume loss is all in my head. I measured my butt at 41 1/2 inches the day I flew back from Miami and today it's still 41 1/2 even after all the rough sex and sleeping on my back for 12 hours. I don't think this butt is going anywhere. :)
I went to a theme park today and my butt didn't hurt at all on the rollercoaster!

I've stopped wearing my garment because I don't need to anymore. A garment just reduces swelling, and whether you choose to wear it or not, the ultimate outcome will still be the same. I don't think I'm swelling anymore and stopped wearing my garment about 2 weeks ago.
Here are some pics I just took!

8 Months Exactly today!

I love my butt. I do wish it were a little bigger, and I do wish he took more fat off my bra line...but overall I love my new booty! I've been working out and eating less and I've lost 15 lbs...but my booty is still VERY MUCH there.


I'm going to probably book with Fisher again on December 2nd.
They quoted me for $5300.
I want it BIGGER.


Hello! Happy new year!
I made a new profile to review my round 2. It also has current pictures.
The username is: spaghetti11

Please follow me for updates there.
Should I make an SX instagram account?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He knows what he's doing. The facility isn't all that, but this is a great doctor and he made me look amazing.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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