33yrs Old, Mommy Makeover.... Getting the works (TT/BA/BL/BBL) by ***Dr. Hughes**** Culver City, CA

I am 33 yrs old. 5'9" and 155 lbs. I am a mom, I...

I am 33 yrs old. 5'9" and 155 lbs. I am a mom, I work part time and attend school part time. I have 3 children the oldest is a teenager and the youngest is 2yrs old. because I had my first child so young (in my late teens) I never had a chance to enjoy my pre-baby body. During each pregnancy i gained a significant amount of weight (50 lbs, 60 lbs, and 40 lbs). I also breast fed all three kids... So despite always eventually returning to my pre-pregnancy weight I was left with a somewhat stretched belly and volume loss from my breasts. I am also "thicker" around my midsection.

I have wanted to have a breast lift with small implants (to restore volume) for the last 10 yrs, and a tummy tuck for the last 7 yrs.... Now that I am definitely finished having children I am so ready to get my body back!

Since I have started researching the mommy makeovers the BBL also caught my eye... since i have had "no-ass-at-all disease" my whole life and i now have "bra rolls" on my back (YUCK!) I would really like to have the BBL done too.

I am still looking for a surgeon... I have consulted with Dr. Hughes in California, and would absolutely love to have him do the surgery! His results are amazing and he has said that he can do the TT/BL/BA/BBL at the same time. The cost of the surgery is the part that is holding up the process :-(

So I think I am going to arrange a consultation with 2 local plastic surgeons and see what they say.

Very impressed with Dr. Hughes so far

Just wanted to update and say how impressed i am with Dr. Hughes. After initially requesting a consult through real self I received an email from Dr. Hughes with in a couple hours, I responded a few hours later while on my lunch break at 11pm central time (i work night shift) sending my current photos and "wish" photos. To my surprise 3 hrs later I already had a response from Dr. Hughes (it must have been midnight in CA)!! The price he quoted me was a good bit more than what the other ladies on here have listed as their cost. He quoted me $22k for a BL/BA/TT/BBL... I have seen other ladies that have had surgery by him with the total cost listed around $18K. So the cost is what is holding me up. I did not respond to the second email from Dr. Hughes because my husband and i had been discussing the cost. But to my surprise this past monday (about 3 days after the last email) I received a phone call from Dr. Hughes. I surprised that he called me himself... he answered all my questions regarding the surgeries, recovery and financial options. He was very personable, knowledgeable and had great "bedside manner" over the phone! After speaking with him there is not doubt in my mind that he is the one I want to do my surgery!!! I am so excited... now if I can only work out the financial details ;-)

before photos

before photos

Approved for financing

Well I've been approved to finance almost the entire cost of my surgery... Now the question is do I really want to finance $20k for plastic surgery? That's a hard pill for me to swallow! I guess I'm looking at working a little extra to save up the extra cash to pay T least $8k of the surgery in cash. Planning on having surgery in December at this time... It seems so far away :-(

Surgery date booked!

My surgery is scheduled for August 4th! The deposit is paid and I am so excited and nervous at the same time!!

Surgery rescheduled getting nervous and excited!

I had my surgery originally scheduled for August 4th and then I had to cancel because of some unforeseen circumstances :-(
But, those issues have been resolved and I just rescheduled my surgery for August 5th! :-D

I can't believe it is only 6 wks away... I am nervous and excited all at the same time, and trying to stay realistic about what to expect. My plane ticket has been purchased and I have an apartment booked through VRBO.
So I am almost all set to go.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips on compression garments and wound care?

1 month until surgery!

We'll it is officially 1 mth until my surgery! I'm excited and nervous... I still have to get my pre-op lab work done, but my plane tickets paid for and apartment is reserved!

2wks until surgery!

Only 2 wks left.... I'm nervous! I can't believe I really doing this! Everything is paid for so no turning back now.... :-)

Woohoo! Pre-op today! Surgery tomorrow ;-)

I'm on my way to the airport to fly in to LA. I will finally get to meet Dr. Hughes and discuss all the details of my surgery. I'm excited and nervous! I was holding back tears when I kissed my kids goodbye. I'm going to miss them so much over the next 2 wks, but I know they will be well taken care of.

I was getting dressed this morning and as I was leaning over I caught a glimpse of my saggy belly and boobs hanging down.... I can't even really imagine what it is going to be like to have a nice flat stomach and perky boobs :-) ugh I can't wait!!

I will update again after I meet with Dr. Hughes.
Later ladies :-) hope you all have an amazing day!

Day 2 post op

Ok I'm finally awake enough to update....

Pre-op appt on aug 4th: basically just did pre-op blood work and spoke with Adam. I was hoping to see Dr Hughes, but he was caught up at the hospital. So I was unable
to see him until the morning of surgery. I was still pretty nervous but very excited.

The morning of surgery I got up early and got ready for surgery. I arrived at the Boris cosmetic center at 7:45 as directed. I was supposed to be getting checked in right away but apparently the staff had been working on Dr. boris's patients first. So by around 8:45 Dr Hughes had grown impatient with his staff and came to talk to me in the waiting room. The nurse that was checking me in was a bit slow and unsure of herself... And she seemed a little rattled by the Dr.
However she was very sweet. I was eventually examined by Dr Hughes and he did mark my belly but said that he would do the rest in surgery. I tried on sizers and with Dr Hughes help we settled on 375cc high profile silicone :-) and decided somewhere around 1000 cc per butt cheek for the BBL. I gave to go ahead for a little more if he felt it was necessary. I didn't want a ginormous ass. Just a round bubble butt.

I have read different things about dr. Hughes staff... This was my experience: Adam is very confident and outgoing. His job is to take care of the finances and I didn't find him rude or off putting at all. I actually found him to be very upbeat and pleasant.

Dr. Hughes is very confident and extremely intelligent... He has a very honest and straight forward demeanor. I am very happy that I chose dr hughes. And I can't wait to see how my results develop over time.

Day 2 post op update-on what my recovery has been like

First off let me say that I am very tolerant of pain.

I woke up in recovery of course confused and drowsy from the drugs and asking for my husband. The nurse was funny... She said are you sure you want him back here? You looks pretty rough(because i was in pain and she didn't want to scare him) I assured her that he is a paramedic and it was ok so she brought him back to me. When it was time for me to leave I didn't think I could even move... But I some how made it to a wheelchair and into the rental car. The 3 mile ride it the apartment was quite bumpy and painful. And I was able
To make it up the 6 steps into the apartment and into the bed. Pain the first night was pretty severe. Surprising the pain was in my breasts and butt and not much in my belly. I was having to take pain medication more often than prescribed in order to get the pain under control... Finally after several hours I was able to relax enough to sleep for 2 hrs at a time. I was had to get up 3 times during the night to pee. Thank God for my husband because there is no way I could have moved on my own.

Post op day 1
Was not much better, pain wasn't quite as bad, and I pretty much slept the entire day. My belly was starting to hurt but my butt wasn't quite as bad. Everything is still very swollen, and my breast are pretty painful. But so far my waist is pretty small and my TT scar is very low, and my breasts are very perky!

Oh I have to say that so far the things I couldn't have done without is a female urinal (so that I can pee standing up) and a bed where the head and feet raise and lower electronically... Plus lots of pillows.

Day 2 post op

Today when I woke up I was still pretty miserable, but by lunch time I was feeling really good. Sponge bathed, washed my face, hubby washed my hair in the kitchen sink, put on a little make up and sat outside in the beautiful weather for 30 mins or so. It was so nice to get out of the apartment and to be feeling so much better! I feel so strong today it's such a nice change :-) I'm looking forward to feeling better everyday!

Relaxing outside for a few mins - post op day 2

These photos didn't want to upload earlier

Post op day 3

Feeling quite grouchy this morning. I'm tired of being stuck in the same position so I moved to the living room in a recliner... But it isn't much better here. I'm still pretty groggy from the pain medicine, but if i go too long without taking them I'm miserable.

I have my first post op appt later today. So I will update again after my appt.

Post op day 4

So today I am not feeling nearly as grouchy as I was yesterday. I'm just tired. My routine is pretty much: pain medicine, get up to pee, eat a snack, drink water, lay back down for another 3 hrs or so...

I got choked up on some water earlier and the coughing felt like my stomAch ripped open :-( ugh so painful. So I've pretty much been a bum.
I've been sleeping on my side the last 24 hrs... And I seem to be more comfortable on the sofa than the bed when laying on my side.

My post-op appt was short. I felt miserable and Dr Hughes said everything looks great so far and will only get better. I still have a lot of swelling to my lower back, hips and flanks... And my implants still need to drop into place. I'm glad I had my appt because I was unaware that I was supposed to be stripping my drains, and he said that because of my breast lift breast massage was really not indicated until my incisions are healed. I probably won't get my drains out until closer to 2 wks post op :-( I'm a bit disappointed about this because I really want a real shower! Oh well, I'm sure it will pass soon.... I'm off to take another nap. LOL

Post op day 5

I'm still feeling pretty blah! Trying to go longer between pain medicine... Tired of being stuck laying down and inside.... I can't stand and move around too much because my back starts killing me if I'm up for more than a few mins at a time. I hate that I still need my hubby's half the time to get up and move around. At least I have been able to go to the bathroom on my own the last 2 days!

And I am so thankful that I have been taking lots of stool softeners since surgery. First post op BM was yesterday and not bad at all thanks to the colace!! I'm gonna try to get some sunshine today and see if I can brighten my mood some... I'm so ready to get past this stage.

My hubby has to fly out for work in 2 days and I will be here on my own for 24 hrs before my friend can fly in to stay with me.... Praying that I will be moving around better in 2 days for when he leaves!!

It's starting to sink in... No more flat saggy boobs for this girl!!

I was changing this morning and took a quick pic without a bra... It made me smile big :-) to not have those sad saggy flat boobs as soon as the bra came off!! Just thought I would share :-)

Day 6 - trip to target = overdoing it!

I had been feeling pretty good today and going stir crazy so we took a "quick" trip to target... Oh lord what was I thinking?!? I walked a bit and used the motorized wheelchair a bit (with a pillow under my butt and thighs). Let me tell you... It was hotter in the dang store than outside! I felt weak a few times and made sure to sit down... By the time we left I was so ready to get home and in bed! Lol
Car rides are torture... It's not that I'm in so much pain or anything. It's just impossible to find a position that is halfway comfortable. After getting home I cleaned up, changed clothes and dressings. my hubby threw my compression garment and bra into the wash because frankly it was sweaty! YUCK! And I got comfy in the bed for a while for a much needed rest :-)

Since then I have been playing with pic stitch making some progression collages... So this is what I've got so far for 6 days post op.

Day 8 since the big day

Yesterday I still slept most of the day, and actually slept 8 hrs last night!! Thank you lord for that!! I've been awake 2 hrs already and haven't had pain meds since 10 pm last night... And I feel ok! I'm really only sore and achy no actual "pain".
My hubby had to leave yesterday so he could make crew change off shore, and my friend is flying in today! I'm so excited for him to get here! It is quite lonely being here alone... Not able to drive anywhere.

Here are some pictures from yesterday :-) not much change.

Oh little tip, don't slack off on the stool softeners after your first BM... In fact keep taking them until a couple days after you are off of all narcotics . Lol

Day 8 had been my turning point!

Today is definitely a turning point in my recovery! I have felt really good so far today, plenty of energy, and not much pain at all. So far today I have cooked my own breakfast, did a couple small loads of laundry, took a shower, blow dried my hair, and picked up a little around the apartment. I haven't once felt really weak or physically "exhausted". It feels good to be feeling more "normal". I have a post op appt tomorrow... I'm hoping to get these drains and sutures out!!!

Definitely a roller coaster of emotions!

So today I'm 10 days post-op. Last night I spilled some sleepy-time tea on my binder and had to throw it in the wash... I went to bed without it because it was so late. I woke up at 4am in pain... Got up threw the binder in the dryer... Spent the next 3 hrs in pain unsuccessfully trying to sleep on my sides. Finally at 7 am I was in tears and could barely move. I had to wake my friend to get the binder from the dryer, help me get it back on and to help me out of bed. :-( I took some more pain medicine and once I was up with the binder in place I physically felt better, but still feel down. I miss my kids so much! I feel like I'm just ready to go home and be feeling normal. I know this is just part of the post-op roller coaster, but this morning it sucks!!! Ok ok enough whoa is me.... I'm gonna suck it up and try to have a happy day.

I had a follow up appt with Dr Hughes yesterday. He said everything looked great except it looked like I was having some type of reaction around my belly button because it was red and irritated. I begged to have my drains out, and he reluctantly said ok.

I finally met nurse Olga :-) apparently she was very ill when I had my surgery which is why I had not seen her at my other appts. She really is as amazing as everyone says! She knows her post-op nursing care!!! And she refused to pull my drains... She said she felt it wasn't ready, my drainage was still too dark and incisions still too soft. She said that if she removed them there was a much higher chance that the fluid would build up and then would find a weak place in my incision and open up to drain out causing a very extended healing time and complications. Admittedly, my incisions are still a bit pink... I had been applying a thin layer of neosporin to them (which apparently I shouldn't have been doing). She said it looked like a fungal reaction from being too moist... Not to put anymore neosporin and she applied an anti-fungal cream, dressed them with 4x4s and put my binder on correctly - I could have sworn that I was doing it right, but apparently the middle strap goes over the TT incision, the lower strap over laps a little and goes over the pubic area... And the top strap goes just above the waist. And guess what? It feels so much better on correctly!!! Lol

So as I was typing this post... My hubby calls to tell me my Persian cat was run over by a car this morning!!! :-( :-( :-(

Post op day 10 photos

Still have pitting edema in my lower back and flanks :-(

A walk on the beach is good for the soul!!

So I had a terrible morning yesterday.... But decided I needed to get out of the apartment and get some much needed fresh air and sunlight. This is my friend's first time to the west coast, and he has never seen the beautiful California beaches. So we took a 20 min ride to venice beach. It was sunny, and 78 with a 10 mph breeze. It was so beautiful and I couldn't stop smiling! It was so great that we decided to get me a swimsuit and cover up and we are going to go back today... Gonna lay on the sand on my side (for as long As i can stand it... Lol) and soak up some fresh air and sunlight!!!

New swimsuit and cover up

My new swimsuit and cover up. :-) I sure am loving these new boobs!! Still have tons of swelling around my waist and lower back...

Flying home tomorrow

I'm so home sick... I'm so glad to be flying home tomorrow!

I will see Olga in the morning, and hoping she doesn't send me to the airport with these drains in place! But, I know that if she does it is truly for the best :-)
I'm just resting all day today... Because tomorrow is going to be an exhausting day of traveling (4 hr flight & 2hr drive home from the airport).

Here are this mornings pre-shower pics. I noticed my waist is getting smaller but hips and lower back are still swollen :-/ and I still have bruising on my lower back and butt... The difference in color on my back is not rolls, or lumps.., it's the bruising.

Officially 2 wks post op today

Olga pulled my drains and all visible sutures yesterday at my appt. I had a 4 hr flight home... Was only able to get up twice during the flight. It was miserable trying to use the pillows to stay off my butt. I'm worried I have hurt my bbl results from having to lay on my back due to the other procedures and to sit so much the last few days (even though it was with pillows).

It's great to be home, but I sure do miss that adjustable bed!!! I missed my kids much and I was so happy to see them this morning!!

Here are some comparison photos from 2 wks pre surg to now...
I still have swelling in my waist and back.

Officially a 36DD per Victoria's Secret

Got a "real" bra today :-) so nice to be wearing a real bra... Officially a 36DD. Although I was real happy to find my super comfy nursing bra from my last baby in my drawer... I believe that's what I will be sleeping in for some time.

I have to say I am so pleased with my Breasts!! I previously wore a 38D bra that had a sort of "push up" effect at the bottom to compensate for my lost volume. At my consultation I told dr hughes that I wanted to look the way I do with that bra on.. Except without the bra, and he was truly able to accomplish that :-) very very pleased!

I bought my spanx today as well... I'm so ready to get rid of this binder. I still have swelling in my waist and flanks and I believe the binder is causing the fluid to collect at my flanks towards the back. I have a hard spot on both sides that is a painful fluid collection. Olga said I have to massage it everyday. And it immediately improves with massage, but after wearing the binder it is just as bad once again. I'm gonna start sleeping in my spanx and wearing the binder during the day since it is so uncomfortable to sleep in. I'm really hoping the spots on my sides will improve by not sleeping in the binder.... So will see what happens.

Day 18 playing dress up :-)

Yesterday I ran to target to get a few things and found a bikini on clearance in my size for $8 for the top and $8 for the bottom!!! I have never ever been able to buy a swim suit from somewhere like target before and find something that fits and looks decent on me. Not because of their clothes but because I hated the way it looked on my old body! If my boobs fit in the top they were way too saggy and the bottoms never covered my belly just right... Or I would have Muffin top. But now I can pick a bikini that's less than $20 and not worry about any of that!!
How awesome is that? I absolutely love it and don't regret having this surgery one bit!!
After I got home I started trying on all my clothes and discovered the amazing feeling of not "needing" to wear a bra ;-) I love it!!!
Dr. Hughes is my hero!

3 wks post op

I'm 3 wks post op today... I'm having a rough day. The scab at the bottom of my right areola accidentally came off when soft.... Now I have a hole :-( I email dr hughes and he says it will close on it's own without problem, but I can't help but worry.
I have lost a lot of volume in my butt :-( And I still have a square shape from behind... I didn't get any fat Injected in my hips and I have been sleeping on my sides because of my breasts and TT I haven't been able to lay on my belly. I'm feeling disappointed today... So I made some comparison photos to remind myself how flat my butt was before :-(

Bbl 3 wks post op

23 days post op

Well today is day 23... I have a spitting stitch on the top margin of my left areola. I'm supposed to start wet to dry dressing on the hole on my right breast :-( I'm praying this works and it starts healing up. Olga also suggested that I increase my protein intake by drinking protein shakes (I really slacked on this since returning home).

Here are a few pics...


I decided to measure myself today...
Bust 43"
Waist 33" (still have lots of swelling)
Hips/butt 43"

So I'm definitely proportionate... I'm hoping to lose at least another 2" in my waist once the swelling is gone! :-)

Officially 4 wks post op

Well I made it to 4'wks post op... Here are some pics from this morning. I still don't know what I'm going to do about the wound on my breast. I emailed dr hughes again today because it appears to be getting larger :-( I'm sure he will email me back shortly. He is always great like that.

I have been thinking a lot about a revision on the BBL. Dr Hughes did a great job... I just feel that I have lost so much volume that I am almost back to where I started not anywhere near where I wanted to be :-(

First lymphatic massage today

I'm going to get my first lymphatic massage today... I have been having a lot of swelling in my waist and back the last several days. I hope that the massage really helps!

Love the lymphatic massage!

I had my first lymphatic massage yesterday. Dr. Hughes was concerned about me getting a massage stating that aggressive massage can cause bleeding and a hematoma. I can tell you that I definitely don't have to worry about that. The massage therapist was amazing and said that lymphatic massage should only be done by a light touch.... That's the only way you get results. She said she could feel the fluid draining already and that was a great sign. I put my compression garment on after the massage and went to work for a 12 hr shift. Today the swelling in my back is soooo much better! I can't wait until my next massage on Tuesday!

4 1/2 wk post op

I like to remind myself where I started as I am going through the heAling process... So here are a couple comparison photos.


Almost 6 wks post surgery
Measured myself yesterday
Bust 42 1/2"
Waist 32"
Hips 42 1/2"

I still have some swelling in my lower abdomen and lower back, but most of the swelling seems to be gone :-)

Update on "the hole"

I just wanted to update on how the opening in my breast lift incision was healing. My sutures were removed at 2 wks post op.... The same day I flew home from ca. The next day I noticed I had a spot on both breasts that were somewhat "open" but were scabbed over. A few days later the scab on my right breast rubbed off after I got out of the shower... And I had a hole there :-/
Dr Hughes said not to worry that it would heal fine, but of course I was freaking out. I also spoke with ms Olga and she suggested that I do wet to dry dressing because the hole seemed to be "dry" and I was always taught that this isn't good for woun healing. So after about 5 days of wet to dry the hole appeared bigger and I was even more upset. I posted a question on realself and received responses that it would heal, but may take 6-8 wks to heal up. :-(
I emailed dr hughes again.... He suggested that I not do wet to dry and only use dry 4x4's. I did this for a wk. during that time I did a lot of research on wound healing and ordered specialized dressing made for wound healing... I decided that if I didn't see much improvement after a wk of only 4x4's I would try these special dressings. After 1 wk there was only minimal improvement... So I began using aquacel aq extra and covered that with duoderm extra thin. I have been using this for about 1wk and have seen major progress on the healing of my wound!! I just wanted to share incase anyone else may be dealing with this.

I know that the wound would have eventually healed anyway, but this special dressing seems to have really sped up the healing process!

Almost 7wks post op

Well ladies I'm almost 7 wks post op. The opening in my breast incisions are almost completely healed, but it looks like I'm going to have a pretty bad scar in those places. I plan to ask Dr hughes if a scar revision is possible.
I also noticed today while taking photos that my breasts are now uneven :-/ I don't know if I just need to keep doing the massages and they will settle out or what. I'm pretty sure that it will get better with time and more massaging.
Most of the swelling in my lower back has improved.. I still have trace swelling, but I expect to continue to have that for several more mths. I will upload some new photos in a moment. I hope everyone is doing well :-)

Overall I am still very pleased with my results

7wk photos

Disappointed over my breasts

So over the last 2 wks I have really noticed that my breasts have dropped some more. I was inlove with how they looked at 3-4 wks post op.... And now that they have dropped lower I feel disappointed. :-( at the 3-4 wk point I could wear whatever I wanted and not have to worry about a bra if I didn't want to, and now I can't do that...

I haven't lost any more projection in my butt... But I seem to have an indention on the sides of my butt... It was more full at 2-3 wks post op, and now it's not.

Overall with clothes on I am still happy with my results, but for the money spent I expected more :-(

Possible revision at 6mths post op

I discussed my concerns with Dr Hughes via email. And he said that he can revise my breast lift and TT scar (to fix the dog ears) at 6 mths post op... But that a bbl revision won't really be possible because he already transferred all my fat. I'm a little disappointed that I can't have a BBL revision because I really wanted more roundness to my butt. What I have is much better than what I started with though, but I have lost at least 30-40% volume... Prob a combination of losing fat and the swelling going down. When I see other realself users results I can't help but feel slightly disappointed... But most started out with some kind of booty, and I started with nothing.

Overall, I still love my new body and after I'm 6 mths post op if I still want a revision I will go back to dr Hughes. I trust him completely.... And he does amazing work! I hope my body cooperates and heals nicely the next time.

11wks post op update

It's been 11 wks since my surgery. During the last 11 wks I have been so worried that I was losing too much volume in my butt... Etc

I went shopping today and I had a lot of fun trying on some tight fitting dresses that I never in a million years would have touched before surgery.... My butt hasn't gone anywhere :-)

11wks photos

My pics didn't load up last night... So here they are

4mths post op

So I'm officially 4 mths post op. I still have a lot of swelling (I know I don't drink enough water), and I have yet to begin working out :-/
I've promised myself that I will start this week as a birthday gift to myself! I turned 34 yrs old yesterday... I need to be taking care of this body!!

No much has changed, but I'm posting some new pics for comparison during this healing process. I hope everyone is doing well!

Progression of healing

Here are some comparison photos from pre-op, around 4 wks post op, 7-8 wks post op to now at 3 mths.

5 mths post op

Well ladies I'm 5mths post-op. Everything seems to be ok. No further complications to speak of. My booty is still there and gets lots of good comments from men :-)
My breasts have settled... I'm not sure if I've stretched or they are where they should be. But they are better than they were before. I still get a lot of swelling in my lower back... I'm ready for that to stop. I'm still considering a revision... To fix how my hips appear to come to a point from behind (I believe it's from my TT scar) and maybe have my breasts relifted and scar revision on my belly.

Here are some new pics.

19 mths since surgery

Well ladies it's been 19 months since my surgery.... The big questions... Was it worth it? If I could go back would I do it again?
When I had my surgery I was going through a very difficult time in my life. And I feel the decision to have this major very expensive surgery was made at a time When I was not in the right state of mind to make such a decision. I was in a very self centered state of mind... I guess trying to some how escape from the other things going on that I couldn't control. I think that over all in life I was NOT in a place financially to have this surgery. My husband and I financed the entire thing with care credit and also 2 credit cards. My husband was laid off from his offshore job a few months after surgery....And I now feel I'm drowning in this debt that I'll have for a very very long time. :-(
Am I happy with My body? Well I was originally extremely happy. But since then I've gained about 15-20 lbs. It was difficult for me to notice the weight at first because I wasn't gaining it in the same places I always had before. But I do have to say that I still look pretty good even 20 lbs heavier! I do have pretty terrible scars though and I didn't expect to heal that way. I have spoken to Dr Hughes about a revision, which of course he would do, but that would cost another $5000 after travel and anesthesia costs etc. And I just can't bring my self to spend even more money on it at this point.

Was the recovery terrible? It was very rough at first but I expected that. I had pain in my sides and lower back from the Lipo for almost a year, and now even 19 mths after surgery my lower belly is still numb.

I will try to up date some photos later today for any one interested.

I hope this helps any one looking to have this surgery.

19 mth post op

Here are the photos.... 20 lbs heavier than when I had surgery. But still look better than before surgery.

19 mths post surgery.

I know there aren't too many updates after the 1yr mark so I thought I'd post for anyone wondering how things turn out down the road.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes is an outstanding board certified plastic surgeon! He is extremely intelligent, and also personable. I was impressed with him from our very first interaction. I had submitted a consultation request and within a couple hrs i already had a response from his office. I sent Dr Hughes an email with photos and some general questions while on my lunch break at 11pm central time , and to my surprise I had a response an hr later! The next day I quickly scheduled a phone consultation. I am an RN/paramedic and I have worked in critical care areas caring for critical post-op patients so I spent a lot of time researching the procedures I wished to have done. I had several in depth questions for Dr. Hughes during our phone consultation, and he didn't skip a beat throughly answering my questions. I found it very pleasant to speak with him. It is very evident that he knows what he is doing. He is straightforward and honest. And frankly produces amazing results! Could I have had a TT/BL/BA near my home by a good surgeon? Sure.... But I couldn't have had the BBL along with it.... And very few dr's remove the volume of fat he does with lipo (5 liters) or will transfer as much for the BBL... And gets the results that he does! Some people think I'm nuts for flying across the country to have plastic surgery.... But I wanted the BEST... and Dr. Hughes is it!! :-D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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