Hello ladies. I am scheduled for my BBL on...

Hello ladies. I am scheduled for my BBL on November 22, 2011 at 7am with Dr. Boris Cosmetics. I recently got breast implants May 23, 2011 also with Dr. Boris and may I say he is the best! His work is great! I love the results and customer service and now I’m back for more; however this time of year he is out of town so Dr. Kenneth Hughes will be doing my surgery. In speaking to him I am confident that he will do a great job. I’ve always had a thin frame so when I gain weight it all goes to my belly area which I hate. I use to have abs and kinda let myself go so I gained 30pds and right when I was getting ready to start losing the weight I decided to put the fat to good use and so I decided to get a BBL. I am 5”9 and weigh about 155pds and I will turn 22 in 2 weeks. When I went in for my consultation, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough fat but my Dr. said he could get about 2.5 Liters out! You would never think because I look skinny!

Since I was 17 I have been a healthier eater than the average person and have kept a pretty toned body the only curves I had were my hips. I’ve always wanted bigger boobs and butt but never in a million years thought I would get all this plastic surgery before age 22 but hey I want it and can afford it so why not?

Up until recently I have been on a “see food diet”, I see it and I eat it lol, but I still make sure to eat food that gives my body all the nutrients it needs. But as soon as I have the surgery my diet will drastically change. I will be having what I call my daily power drink which consists of Organic Spirulina, Fresh Raw Bee Pollen, Raw Chia Seeds, Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Minerals, Organic Wheat Grass Powder and Cell Food mixed in fresh apple juice or lemonade. (Ladies research all those health products!) They are all live food that gives you all the nutrition your body needs. That is way better and is more nutritional than any salad and any meal out there. My solid meals will consist of kosher pickles, raw sauerkraut, real miso soup with lots of veggies and fruit here and there. The reason I am going to be eating super healthy is so that my body can heal faster. The pickles, sauerkraut and miso soup are all fermented food all which boost the immune system by increasing antibodies that fight infectious disease and much more. Antibiotics are always prescribed after surgery to prevent or stop infections however they not only kill bad bacteria they kill good bacteria too which is really bad! So taking antibiotics is not an option for me which is why I’m going to be eating a lot of fermented food and also taking raw organic garlic (finely chopped and mixed in orange juice) which is a “NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC”!!!(please research and read ladies!!). When I had my first surgery it was so painful! I literally felt helpless and useless and wanted to cry like a little girl but couldn’t because crying required chest movement which I couldn’t do because of how painful it was! I was also not well taken care of. I would take my Vicodin pills and not eat until like 3pm when someone was around to fix me a non-living unhealthy meal! So besides the pain from the surgery I always had a headache, tummy ache and just felt terrible all the time! So this is why this time I’m very well prepared to nourish my body back to health fast!

Now ladies I am so scared and nervous! I hate pain. My last surgery left me traumatized due to all the pain. The vicodin pills were not enough of a strong pain killer! So this time I will be taking herbal pain killers. I did some research and theres a lot of herbal pain killers that are strong and don’t have the negative side effects like the over the counter one’s. Sangre De Grado spanish for “Blood of the Dragon” seems really good from what I read so I might use that if I can find were it’s sold.

So anyways ladies I hope all goes well and that I was of good help. I will try my best to keep you all updated on a daily basis on my recovery and I will also post after pictures.

Good morning ladies I rescheduled my surgery date...

Good morning ladies I rescheduled my surgery date to January 12, 2012 at around 7am! But this time it will be done by Dr. Borris himself whom I have had work done with and loved it! I am excited all over again! Wish me the best, I will definately keep you all posted as much as possible, I still look the same so I won't post any more pictures. Love you all!

Hello ladies! so today is day 8 after surgery and...

Hello ladies! so today is day 8 after surgery and i feel good! I woke up from surgery feeling slightly sore, so I was pretty happy, I asked for my juice right away and was wide awake within seconds! Once I got home I went straight to sleep and woke up with nausea and light headed and with a tummy ache so I had some miso soup and felt great right away, however the coughing is what definitely hurt the most, once I coughed I seriously thought that they might of done a tummy tuck because I got a sharp pain every time I had to cough almost like a knife stabbing me. I was able to sit on the toilet when I needed to use the bathroom. Sleeping the first 5 days was very difficult! It took for ever to get into a comfortable enough position, laying on my side would get so uncomfortable after a few hours so I would wake up around 3, 4, 5 in the morning to move around which required help and lots of pillows! I feel like I recovered extremely fast! And I really think its because of the food I was eating, I am back at work today and feel great I can walk much faster and move around I am also able to drive. The post op nurse told me to wait 2 weeks to put on a body suit but I feel like I should of started wearing it already because that is what is going to give me my shape. So can anybody tell me if you started wearing the body suit sooner than 2 weeks? I am not completely happy with my results the Dr. said he removed 5 Liters of fat and put 960cc per cheek but I don’t really see where all that fat went specially since my butt is not all that much bigger! But I am still swollen so hopefully it all falls into place soon.
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