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I have been wanting (and needing) a tummy tuck for...

I have been wanting (and needing) a tummy tuck for years now. I am 50 years old, 5'4", weigh 173, had 3 children all by cesarean sections. I told my husband I would really do it if money was no object. He said "well do it, if you want it". My mouth fell open.???? so I scheduled it. Had my consultation, went with my ps that did my breast augmentation in 2008. It is scheduled for July 14, 2016. He is FABULOUS! Dr. Seidel in Cullman Al. Also the nurses are great and wonderful. I am having a TT, and lipo on my upper part of my stomach, mid back and flanks.I am so excited right now! But I have been reading about all these wonderful women's experiences, and challenges, and was wondering about food or herbs to eat before and after surgery to help recover and also the items that's needed afterwards. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, and here we go with a picture. NOBODY but my husband, daughter, and Doctor has seen my stomach since the age of 16, that's when I had my first baby.

I'm here! Today is the day.

Signed paper work, last bathroom trip, gown on, IV in, marked up, waiting on the sleep med. see y'all on the flat side!!! Woohoo!!

Eeeeek! It hurts. Hello flat side!!!

I made it through! This is awesome! Wow, you do have to use your tummy muscles for so much. After surgery they put me in a recliner at the clinic . It hurt really bad getting up. The nurse got me up every 2-3 hours. Had a catheter for the first night. That was great. Ate an apple, 2 crackers, and 3 bottles of water. My mouth is so dry.
The nurse helped me take a shower this morning. It looks so good. I can actually look down and see my private parts and my toes!!! That is what broke the straw, I couldn't see my private parts to groom it to go to the beach. I cried that day, and had my husband to groom me. That really did bother me.
I am at home now. Drinking water, ate a protein bar, all is good. I get anywhere from 20-40 cc's of fluidity of my drains. The worse part is my muscles being brought back stings a little bit where my drain tube is. The lipo incisions are a little sore. But all in all I'm doing great! My only regret about this is that I should've done it sooner. So happy!!:) :)

One drain not draining.

I've milked the tubing but still can't get any thing. My other one is fantastic, not a problem. What else should I do?

I am 4 days post op.

And my legs are swollen. Did anyone else have that problem. Have not had a bm either.

Wow day to da changes are miraculous!

Yesterday I was miserable. Hurting, couldn't get comfortable, couldn't sleep, still not much of an appetite, wishing this would hurry up and pass. And I don't like wishing that because that is wishing your life away, you may miss something that is important, but anyway this morning I laid down on my bed on my side, not straight in my bed just which ever way I fell, & slept for 4 hours!!! That was awesome! I was missing sleep. All I could sleep at a time is 2 hours max at a time. I think that is why I feel soooo much better today. I am swollen on my but and back and of course my belly. Bruising isn't too bad from the lipo. I can feel something in my belly moving. I know that sounds crazy, but it's probably gases, or fluids? I used non-stick pads on my lipo incisions yesterday on my back , today when I took a shower I noticed I have 4 water blisters from them. So I threw them away. My husband and I found a good way for him to help me up. He'll stand in front of me cross over his forearms, I grab his hands, we both pull at the same time, and up I am. It reminds me of water skiing, your almost there, then you just stand up. My last pain pill was yesterday, which was 4 days post. I took only ibuprofen today. Colace, indigestion meds., and my vitamins. I am used to being on my feet for 10 hours a day at my job, my butt is starting to bother me, so I think I need to go for a walk. Good Day to everybody. I pray it is all down hill from here.

10 days post and been walking straight since day 5. I need to remember to count my blessings.

Yes, I've been walking straight before I realized it. Sometimes there will be real tightness in my upper abdomen, so then I have to bend a little. I'll rub it some & it will go away.
Had my 1 week check up with PS. Healing good. No problems there. In one of my drains the inside spout broke off, it was still draining correctly, but he replaced anyway to be on the safe side. That same tube had some real thick blood in the upper tube, the nurse kept stripping it, and moving it. Now it really is sore, and the stitch was on the outside, but now it is in the inside of the wound, ( ouch)! Sometimes now if I move a certain way it really pokes me. I tried to pull it out just a tad, but I'm a wimpy chicken. Well I'll just slow down, can't move around as good as I did before "it was fixed". Count my blessings, healing-great, staying cool-great, have food and shelter- great! Have my health-great, have a loving family-great!
I had also stopped taking pain med. and muscle relaxers by day 5 also, but now since the tube is irritating, I'm taking a pain pill in the evening.
I can sleep on my side, either side. On my left side I sleep upside down in the bed so all I have to do is sit, lean sideways and lift my legs. Last night I was able to lay on my back with a large pillow under my knees for an hour or so. I'm still swelling around my hips and lower back from the lipo, and it's still sore, so I have to move positions often. I had a reaction to a pretaped gauze pad. It formed 5 water blisters under the tape. So I threw that gauze away! So that is almost healed. There's just one lipo incision that drained for about 7 days, now it has stopped.
Yes I have had a few crying spells, but that comes with surgery, pain,& being out of your routine. I am trying to remember to COUNT MY BLESSINGS:) :) :)

I am 20 days post, and still have 1 drain.

When I went to the Dr. at 14 days, 1 drain was still draining 40-50cc's so I got to keep that one. It has slowed down to 30cc's so I hope he takes it out when I go back on Wednesday. I felt soooo much better when he took that 1 out. I have started putting scar cream on my incision, belly button has healed and still just a little sore where I had lipo. I didn't realize having lipo would still be sore for so long. I still have swelling later in the day. Also have muscle spasms in my lower abdomen. It doesn't hurt, it just gets tight all of the sudden and swells a little, then it when loosen up. Here is some up to date pics. Hope all is healing good and God bless. In the pics I have indentions on my skin from my compression wrap.

11 weeks post and doing fantastic!

Went back to work after 6 weeks. The first week was hard because it's 10 hour days mainly on your feet, but I pushed thru it. I think people have an idea what I had done when I went back but I brushed it off as eating right, and at a decent hour and a routine.I also started harmone therapy while I was off so that helped I told them. I didn't lie, I just didn't tell everything. I still swell in my belly and my upper butt where I had lipo, also still numb. I am so very glad I had this done! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband to be by my side to help me emotionally and physically. I am posting before and after pictures so you can see the dramatic change. I still haven't been to the gym yet. It's difficult with long work days, but I got to do it I know. I don't want any of this to get mushy or rolly. Lol.
Cullman Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Seidel is awesome. Love, love, love him and the staff!

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