Breast Reduction with Lift - Cullman, AL

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I have wanted this procedure done since I was 14...

I have wanted this procedure done since I was 14 when I was a DD. I was a thin teen so I was horribly top heavy. When I was 22 I was a DDD and just was angry at these breasts. Finally I decided to try alternatives to relieve pain. Physical therapy, weight loss, acupuncture, massages. Everything. Nothing helped. So just late year I took the plunge and made an appt to a PS. I was approved by my insurance on the spot and just had my procedure done Jan 13, 2014. I was checked into the hospital at 7am that morning. My husband was with me the whole time. Got my IV inserted and my PS came in to mark me. I was nervous. They gave me a ton of pepcid via IV and a patch behind me ear.

I have a horrible reaction to anesthesia. They wanted to make sure I wouldn't puke everywhere. I was given something to help calm my nerves and was wheeled into the surgery suite. Everyone was amazing. Doctors, nurses, my husband. I don't remember much except waking up in my hospital room. I was lucky and got a private room. I was shivering so badly I thought I would roll right off the bed.

My left breast was hurting so the nurse game me my percocet. I was able to take that every 4 hours and supplement with morphine. I didn't have a pump was the nurse would come in and inject it via IV. It burned! But I wasn't in much pain. I was very uncomfortable for sure. I didn't realize how much of your breast muscles you use for everyday things like, moving around in bed, going to the bathroom and such. I did have some pain but it wasn't bad. I did peek at my breast and thought HOW TINY! I wanted a C cup. I was a 34DDD/E and was taken down to a C cup. I just thought how little! I was swollen pretty badly. My stomach, my breasts, my back all was swollen. I did not have drains so I had to stay in the hospital over night.

I wasn't really able to sleep well. I did get some pillows to elevate my arms and that helped. The next morning I was sent home. But before I was discharged my PS came in to check my incisions. He changed my dressings and said I looked great. The car ride home was just AWFUL. I could feel every single bump in the road. I couldn't stand up straight. Got home and went straight to my recliner to relax. I started to feel some pain so I took my percocet. I set my alarm for every 4 hours. I wanted to stay up on the pain. I couldn't really eat much. But I was up and walking around. Sleeping in that recliner was terrible. I'm a stomach sleeper so, it was awful for me. I couldn't get really comfy at all.

I was able to shower that next day. I was to keep my back to the shower head. My husband had to wash me and my hair. I felt slightly humiliated to have someone do that for me. But I got over it. But I got really light headed and almost passed out. I had to sit down. My husband did all my bandage changes for me that whole week. He was just great and so supportive. I did have an allergic reaction to the steristrips. My 1 week post op appt they took off a bunch of them. I had blisters under neath. It didn't hurt because I was still numb. But I had to change my routine to heal the blisters. My left breast is healing beautifully but my right one is having issues.

I'm 3 weeks post op and do not have any pain. I get some stabbing pains in my breasts, some burning and itching, but all that is normal healing. I'm still dealing with an icky black scab on my right areola that is now a white moist tissue. But over all I'm super happy. I did bruise and my right one was the worst. I did have more taken out on my right breast. Its been difficult healing it. I'm kinda impatient about it but I'm doing my best. Even though it was painful, uncomfortable and just strange, I'm so glad I did it. Now I need to lose some belly fat. I'm 5'2 at 162lbs before surgery. 1.7lbs were taken out of my left breast and 2lbs out of my right. I haven't weighed since the surgery. I'm still swollen on my right breast and some of my belly is swollen. But over all I'm super happy.

20 Weeks post op breast reduction

Everything has healed wonderfully. I had some issues with my right breast and it still sits a bit higher than the left, but my PS said it will still continue to "fall" just give it some time. But it has softened considerably. My left one is just perfect. It is soft and the shape is beautiful. The feeling has come back except underneath in both breast. Still numb in those areas. I had gotten feeling back immediately in my left nipple but just now getting the feeling back in my right nipple.

Still some swelling in my right breast, but considering the issues I had, its fine. I can go braless now if I like (which I have and its glorious) and I can now wear underwire bras. I haven't because they are so uncomfortable. I'm still in sports bras since they really are more comfortable for me right now. I went and tried on bras the other day and am right at a 34C cup. I could fit into a 34D but I gap at the top :)

Sorry about the weird angle of my update photo's. My right breast looks WAY higher than it actually is. Its not that high at all.

More photos of my 20 weeks post op

I accidentally hit the wrong button

4 yrs Post-op

My scars have widened since my initial surgery. But it doesn't really bother me all that much. I still do not have any feeling underneath my breast. Some feeling on the inner part. Complete feeling of both nipples and around the tops of my breast. I still have a hard time wearing bras with underwire. With my scars it becomes painful.
Cullman Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Seidel is an amazing and caring Plastic Surgeon. His staff was friendly and I was made to feel as if I was part of a family. All my questions were answered and he took the time to make sure I was completely knowledgable about the procedure and what to expect.

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