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I love this site and have found a lot of great...

I love this site and have found a lot of great information on it and would like to help Pay it forward. I am a Mother of 4 and realized as I get older, there are certain things that cannot be changed w a healthy diet and excercise. I have weighed basically the same my whole life (112-117 and 5ft 3") and luckily only gained about 15lbs per pregnancy w 9lb babies. I am nervous but have faith that it will be a positive experience. I do feel quite extravagant doing this but have finally decided that after 4 births- I think I sort of deserve it :). I have a lot of back pain currently, and hope it does not play a factor w my recover (being hunched over and all). We shall see. I will do my best to keep you updated. Currently I am 115lbs and feeling bloated still from the holidays. Btw- I started out doing this for my hernia repair and then got caught up in the muscle repair which could potentially help my back w better support. Of course- a new beautiful tummy is something I never dreamt
of and am thrilled with the thought of. I will post a few before photos.

TUmmy Tuck

Home safe and sound- thank goodness! I am happy to report that I am in hardly any pain w regard to my TT part. I do know that I have a high tolerance of pain - so it is either that or the fact that my LIPO I had done is KILLING me and I am not noticing my stomach! Excruciating I would say. He said it is bc there wasn't a whole lot to take and he scrapes the muscle in the process and thus the pain. I asked for a stronger pain medicine than the Vicodin but he said to just take 2. It takes the edge of from a 10 out of 10 of pain to a 8. So to all my RS friends- skip the Lipo if you can. I'm sure I will forget about it in time, but for now- I should not have done it. the muscle relaxer is wonderful and can definitely feel a difference, once it dissipates. I did rent a recliner that does lift me up, so I am not totally dependent on anyone. Yay. Best money spent! If you can do it, I would highly recommend it. I will update you more tomorrow. Please feel free to ask me anything.

50 yr old TUmmy Tuck

I should have not spoken so soon :(. In so much pain today and feel like I will barely be able to get up. I did to empty the drains but it was a huge ordeal. I feel like I have the chills, so will take my temperature. Ps. My drains have been both just under 25 this am. Is this what anyone else has had?

50 Yr Old -Tummy Tuck

Ps. Has anyone else needed a catheter? Just worried the more I think of it. Wonder why my muscles are not working.

50 with Tummy Tuck

HELP- I felt like I had the chills and just took my temperature and it is 100.3 (with the pain medicine). Has anyone else had this? The Nurse thinks it's bc I was not taking the pain meds close enough and was waiting to lone and therefore, my body's reaction.

TT, Hernia Repair, Lipo. 4 Children: 22 to 11 Running fever and had to get catheter. . Anyone else have this?

So nervous if anyone else has experience a fever after their TT? Called the Dr and she thinks it's bc I didn't take pain meds close enough (waiting to long in between). I was trying to follow their instructions but today the pain is AWEFUL. Can anyone else tell me if they had a fever and if yes, what their Dr said? Thank you so much.

Day 3. - 50 Yr Old Mom of 4. TT/Hernia/lipo

Not feeling well at all the past 2 days. Running a fever and still needing the catheter. Mostly so worried about the fever and having an infection. My Dr is not worried though (has anyone else had a fever after their TT)? I feel stabbing pains after 4 hours of being on the muscle relaxer and pain meds. It said to only take the muscle meds 3x per day but I am ending up w 5X per day. Did anyone else have to do this? Anyone who can give me feedback- would greatly appreciate it.

50 Yrs Old- TT/Hernia/lLipo

Hi there. Just wanted to update you. My fever is gone and so is my headache. I actually think it was my not having caffeine and I drank a 1/2 a cup of coffee and it went away. Yay. My walking is better and I don't feel like my back is falling off any longer. I know a strange way to describe my pain- but that's how it felt. I also got the catheter out today but could not urinate when leaving their office. I am praying that I can go later. My biggest problem is now is that I have such SEVERE gas/bloating that I cannot eat and barely drink anything. I feel like my stomach will burst open! Anyone else have this? If yes- what do I do to help it. The office could not recommend anything other than taking laxatives to have a BM but I cannot even pee yet- how will I have the other. UGH. Just frustrated bc I know I need to eat and drink but I literally can't bc of my bloating. Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

TT, Hernia, Lipo. 50 Yr Old w 4 Children

Hi RS Friends- Well today is day 6! I do feel hopeful that I am on the path to feeling a little better each day. I was able to finally get rid of the trapped gas in my upper stomach that literally debilitated me. I gave myself a water enema to try and let the gas out (sorry, probably tmi). However- it worked approx 5 hours later and I was a new person!!! I got the catheter out 2 days ago and can pee sort of.... Difficult to get it out. Although when I shower, I am able to completely empty my bladder. Not sure why that is. Also- bc of this- I stopped taking the muscle relaxers, incase this was the culprit. I guess it wasn't bc I still am having a hard time. Lol. I also only take Tylenol now as of Thursday. My pain is there, don't get me wrong, but it's tolerable so I am worried about not having a BM (which I haven't yet, but I have hardly eaten as well). I will have to start working on that today! I did have the vertical incision w the horizontal one which I am totally okay with. My question is that it looks lumpy, swollen there. I know it's swollen everywhere but especially there. So I will ask my Dr. I need to drink a lot more liquid (lemon water) however w the gas, I could not tolerate anything but a sip here and there. So, I am trying to consume more now. That's it for now and I will post a pic from today.

TT Hernia Lipo. 50, 4 Children. Day 6!!

Forgot to load a side shot!

UGH! 1 Week Today

Well - I feel like I honestly don't know what to feel like. Still have the fever (low but there). Still difficulty urinating (finally go tomorrow) my stomach is oddly so swollen right under breast bone and then a super big dip in the middle and then swollen at bottem. Have been barely able to eat all week due to pressure. Have not had a BM (nor have I tried yet). Cannot drink a lot bc cannot barely pee. I should probably have waited to post an update tomorrow when I have spoken to the Dr and see what it all means. I will post a pic later when showering.

UGH continued w photos

Will see what tomorrow brings. Will see side view hunched and bloating below breast bone and then a big dip and then out again where lower belly is. So bruised on flanks from lipos! I honestly didn't even think j had that much. Haha.

Day 8!!!! Finally went to the Dr!

Hello RS Friends. - I have to start by saying that this site is so incredibly comforting during a very isolating experience. I'm not in an way complaining - just saying I was feeling extremely worried and w some anxiety and those that reached out- made me feel so comforted and less worried. So Thank you!

Now on to my Dr visit! He is so extremely nice and very patient and very handsome (lLOL). He said not to worry about the fever, that it's nothing and to see a urologist if my voiding is still difficult bc it should have subsided by now. He has someone he recommends. I did feel better going today, so I will give it one more day. He also took out all of my stitches and said they look right on schedule and not to do anything to them except dial soap and water in shower. I do not need to cover them but I can if I prefer (which I do). I asked about the "scar tapes" and he said I could in a day or two but he knows his scar will be perfect without them (like the confidence) and he doesn't think it will make a difference. I was shocked bc from all the gals I have read on here that have used them- swears by them!!! So fascinating HOW DIFFERENT they all are. I asked about the drains. He said they will stay one more week and then will most likely come out. The reason one was red and thick was bc I was prob correct that I pulled a stitch somehow (he triple threads them) bc I had especially dark bruising in one spot and the blood was clotting and working its way out but not to worry. It was all ok. The other was more yellow and he said the other would catch up and to drink more liquid which I will force myself to do. I have been able to thankfully get more trapped gas out and my upper tummy feels some relief. He did recommend a DUCOLAX Suppository to try for my BM issues. Is this just like a regulate suppository? Or is it different? I've used generic CVS ones when I was pregnant but didn't know if this was a super duper diff form? I did not think to ask until I got home. Hate that. My drains have been down to 5-8 the past 3 days and way under 25 since maybe 5 days. So I thought he would have removed them but he didn't ask. I actually don't mind them (I tied a ribbon around my neck and clipped them and this makes them less intrusive). I think is rather keep them in than need a needle to aspirate. I've had enough invasions. Haha. So that's it ladies. I hope everyone else is doing well. Thank you again for all your help and kindness it's been truly appreciated.

Day 10 and a little progress!

Just a quick update! I am still having difficulties voiding BUT not as much the last 2 times. Perhaps this is a turning point! No BM yet. Ugh. I actually stood longer without burning back pain right away so I think that is a positive. I also had an appetite today which I have not had. So that's all good news. I do have more brushing developing but I am using Arnica now to see if that helps. Very wowed not changing any bandages or cleaning other than the shower! Will update in a day or two!

Hallelujah!!! DUCOLAX. Suppositories my friends!

I never ever thought that the DUCOLAX supp would work for me. I always am constipated. I do have a routine down pact to avoid it but w the TT, I could not bear the thought of pushing or taking anything to go. So my humble advice to you all that if you have this problem is to: wait approx 5 days (if you are not eating a lot and you had a MR and are nervous to split anything). On Day 5 take 2 softeners in the am and 2 at pm for days 5, 6, 7 , 8 and then take 3 Exlax on day 9 amd (still nothing for me- which I figured) and then I took the DUCOLAX Supp which is TOTALLY diff from a reg glycerin Supp. My friend brought me them and insisted it would work. I told her she didn't know my stubborn body and I know I would need 10 exlax and an enema to go at this point! But I tried it and went last night (enough to feel relief)!!!! And it was not painful at all bc the softeners fixed that. I then took 4 exlax last night and had a hot cup of coffee and voila..... Went a ton. No diahrreah - and not difficult at all. This is a first for me! You girls know your body best and my amount of laxatives may sound extreme but I need to take 2-3 exlax every single day to go! So that is why I was awreck. However, I truly believe the Supp (and it must be DUCOLAX) bc it is diff ingredients than reg suppositories, pulls it down and draws it out and continues to help working after you go. Do it when you have a half hour to sit in the commode bc you will keep feeling like you need to go. Let it stay for atleast 15-30 min before giving in the the urge. I think I need to do a commercial for them! Lol.

Now for my update! I was able to stand longer yesterday without feeling like my back was burning. Still am not up straight. Still in pj's. Still in recliner, although was able to get into my bed (without help in it but not out of it) for a little rest. That was heaven!! I will be taking a shower and will post a pic update. Hope everyone else is doing well. I love hearing how others are doing.

Day 11 Photos

Posted some photos. Swelling is better under breast bone and bruising has gone down a lot. I think the arnica really worked FAST!

Day 11. More photos- would not go they before.

See pics

Day 13 and definitely turned a corner!!!

I have to say that I can now bend over to pick up things without a lot of trouble or pain. It is a "calculated" pick up but I can do a lot more today. I'm still hunched over, unfortunately, will I will post today's progression. Sadly, I do not see a difference from Day 13's photos. Do you guys?? My BB looks good but it appears to have some extra little round skin in the center like an outie too. Hmmmm. Not crazy about that but in the scheme of things, it's all good. I am very happy to report that I am voiding FINALLY without a problem. Yay. Also, back daily w BM's. My poor tummy is sooo dry from wearing the garment 24-7 so put some lotion on it today. Not sure why I had not thought of that before. That's all for now!

Help. QUICK question!!!

I have had clearish yellow fluid that was of water type consistency in my one tube and today, out of nowhere, it is now thick scabbish (do not know how else to explain) and looks like there are pieces of things in there w the liquid. DISQUSTING!!! Anyone else have this? Going tomorrow for a check up. Thx so much.

Pictures of BB & Drain Junk/Gunk

Closer pic of drain gunk

Day 15. Drains removed. Whoohoo!!

I feel like I am definitely on my way to being my old self!!! I really did not mind the drains terribly, as I had just set my mind to having them until I did and would not allow myself to dwell on them. That being said, it is such a pleasure not having something pulling on me or dropping when I would go to undress. Lol. It was not that bad at all getting removed. The Dr did it and my husband was w me. I did not look but he said it was SO long and he wasn't sure where the heck it was in me. I did lose 2 more pounds now that they are gone. Wow. That was a surprise. I also feel less full. So enough of that! My "gunk" was nothing the Dr said. Not unusual. My back was in terrible pain for about a solid 15 years. It is miraculously gone and I asked the Dr about it and he truly sees it all the time w a MR. He said mine was quite separated and my organs falling and the hernia etc and it of course will leave your back without support. I thought I maybe could not tell bc of the stomach hurting but now it's been 2 weeks and nothing! I have not had 1 day or relief in years not alone 2 weeks. For that alone- I would do it again in a second. He said my incision looks great. To just was in the shower and that's it. No tape, no nothing. To switch to a 20-% Lycra spanx for another 3 weeks and I'm good! My BB is so swollen, he said and that is the ball I am seeing. It's the inside of the new BB and as it shrinks, it will go back into place. If it doesn't for some reason? He can fix it in the office within a few minutes. He said that I am extremely swollen and that it's going to look great. I think it looks great already (if I could stand straight that is) but if he thinks that, that is just icing on the cake. Not looking for perfection. I will post some new pics of me drainless :). That's all for now. Happy healing everyone. Xo

3 weeks Today.....

Well. Not too much to report. Have had fever, chills and bad headache since last Thurs. then my wound was smelling badly. Called Dr on call and she had me send a photo. She immediately out me on antibiotics and was willing to meet me in be snow storm to look at it more closely and clean it. She also was considering IV antibiotics in the hospital. We agreed to try oral and keep in touch. Loved her! She was the Dr on call. No headache today or chills but by 2:00 felt like all the flu symptoms and I did have a fever again. Ugh!!! My wound I think looks better and the smell is dissipating. I'm posting photos for feedback. I swear I look exactly the same - if not BIGGER and I've lost more weight as I get so full when I eat just a little bit. So a good 7lbs below my surgery date weight. Feel free to give me your thoughts. Scar looks purple. Looks better in pics than real life. He doesn't believe in scar treatments etc. I'm going to ask again when I go back.

4 weeks Yesterday! Wound is better! Need Garment Recommendations!!!

I thought I would give an update on my overall recovery. Thank goodness my wound is SO much better. The wound care regimine and antibiotic did the trick. My scar is SO raw and feels sore. Anyone else? My Dr does not believe in the scar strips but it can't hurt right? What should I do? Also, my original garment is kinda big now. I bought a Yummy Tummy one that I love and no zippers. It is also seamless which I love but so god darn tight that I could barely pull down for the bathroom. Haha. I felt I was suffocating. Any recommendations for a seamless one that goes to below breast bone and has legs attached (helps w leg circulation which has worked)!! I feel like I am 9 months prego on the "inside". The tight and full hard feeling w (I swear) contradiction!!! Haha. Also in the am, OMG. I guess I go to stretch my muscles and I realize I cannot do that w my tummy. Strange feeling. That's it. I'll post morning side shots for a different perspective of the swelling. I hope everyone else is feeling well.

Day 30. Morning Shot

Hips were so swollen last nite. Looked deformed. Wearing spanx 24/7. Can anyone recommend what they like for theirs. Need a new one. Thx.

Kfpf. Pic for you. T scar

Pic of TScar. Kind of a lump.

Closer view of TScar

Kfpf another pic for you

5 weeks today and GINORMOUS. Wth!

Ok. Please look at my photos throughout the past 5 weeks as a comparisons to today's. I am feeling upset. My flanks are huge now (they never were even before the TT and lipo). I am clearly swollen in upper and lower belly but are my flanks this swollen? Was I SO swollen right after surgery that I looked nice and "straight" without hips? I loved that look. Now I have big hips which I never had before. Can I really be this swollen at 5 weeks? I must confess that I have put in about 4lbs bc for some bizarre reason I have craved pure crap for 2 weeks now. I mean pies, ice cream, cake, chocolate. Things I NEVER ever eat or crave. I'm a super healthy eater by nature but I guess my body felt deprived from not eating that much for 3 weeks during the recovery. My husband thinks it's swelling as weight gain but I think it's both. I walked today for 30 min and I ate healthy today. From now on - no more crap. Please tell me someone else is swollen at this stage. UGH. I hate my flanks!! Thx for letting me vent.

This was me at Day 5. No hips. Love my shape. Will I ever go back to this???

7 weeks today

Well- not as swollen as the last time I posted but it had been Super Bowl! I'm still not overly thrilled w how long the swelling is taking. IF it is swelling. I look bigger than at week 2 and definitely than day 5 which was my favorite look. Haha. Oh well- all comments welcome!!! Thx everyone for your support.

7 weeks and 1 Day. Dr visit

So, I finally went for my check up! My upper tummy swelling is bc my muscles were pretty separated and while the muscle is now sewn back together, it's still very , very weak. He wants me to start physical therapy in another month. I'm to go for about 2-3 months and then see him again. Have any of you heard of this? He said he thought my flanks were still swollen but I am more "curvy" now from the middle of my tummy being smaller now. My 5 day "favorite" photo was w me swelling in the middle as well, therefore giving a more straight appearance. Leave it to me to like the straight look. Haha. I am down another pound this am. So I'm glad my back on track eating is working. I forgot to ask how much weight he thinks he took between fat and skin!! My scar looks good. He thinks it's still another 6 months of swelling to look at. I can wear the garment 50% of the day if I want or not at all. I am going to wear it, atleast the 50% to move things along as quickly as possible. That's it for now. I forgot to ask about scar tape but I'm happy with how it looks so I think I'll just go w it! Lmk your thoughts about the physical therapy. It's supposed to tighten my muscles and this will help the flow and swelling. Thx again for all your comments. Always so appreciated!!!

For "Why Brown". Upper Tummy swelling

See answers from Dr's regarding this!!!

8 Weeks Today. Hard lump on incision in middle where meets T scar

Well, I made it to the 8 week mark! It did go by very quickly!! But not quick enough to get to the 6 month goal. Lol. To see what the final NON swelling result will be. I noticed for the first time yesterday that my hump below my breast bone is not rock hard anymore, but now it is kind of soft and I think it looks a little smaller! Maybe it will go away. My only new thing now is (bc you know there has to be something)!!! Where my opening wound was (where my T scar was a little opened) right in the center of my incision below my BB (on the horizontal line.... I have about an inch of super duper hardness. Like a knot or a lump. Anyone else have this? There is no way a "massage" will help this. It's HARD! I did massage it 3x and it did not make any difference at all. Can you lmk if anyone else has this and if so, what does your PS say? I will call mine. As always, thx for all the support/comments.

9.5 weeks.

Not much of a change. However, I do think my one flank is looking a little smaller?? May have fluid in way lower bottom along scar. Getting checked out. Hope everyone else is doing well!

11 weeks!

Hi: I thought I would post today for my 11 weeks. There really is not any change (that I can see) but I want to help anyone going thru this, as I am always looking (forward) for monthly photos as well- to help envision what I can expect. Hope all is well. Go back to my Dr in May. I want my flanks lipo'd. It's a odd feeling- as they feel like an extra weight on me. Hard to explain and not meaning to complain. If they did not hang over my clothes, I would not care. I'm not wearing a bikini, did this more for the muscle repair/ hernia and OFCOURSE the helping of the fitting of my clothes :).

11 weeks and 1 Day. Pants bulging!

Hi! I promised I would post some pics w pants on and what happens. These are not w my jeans but the same things happen u less I wear high wasted pants which the whole point was to be able to wear ANY type of pants/skirts etc. I'll post jeans tomorrow.

Jeans (loose at waist but still bulges)

I figured I would throw on jeans so you can see what I am seeing. These are LOOSE at the waist. It's bc they are low that I hang out....

3.5 months

Not a lot to report! Still swelling. Especially at T Scar. I still think there is fluid there but mine is not worried about it if there is bc he did like me a few times and nothing came out. Although- they do not have an ultrasound machine so there could be..... My BB hurts. Feels like a stitch being tugged when I move a certain way or eat a little too much. Jogging 2 miles 5 days a week. Still hate my flanks- SHOCKER - I know :). Here are some
Pics. I'm about 5lbs over my normal weight but I have been very swollen and was on vaca :). So that alcohol kills me! And we are not talking daily. Just one can do it :(. Here are my am pics!

Forgot Back shot. 3.5 mo's

Back shot forgot to load.

4 months yesterday!

I lost 4lbs in past 2 weeks from my jogging and continued healthy eating. I would like to lose 4 more to be at my normal weight (going down an extra 1lb he took from TT). No more stomach spasms in the am! Yay. I do have a lot of soreness when I cough or sneeze. Wondering when that gets better. Could not start my PT this week bc had sick kiddies!!! Flu is going around and around :(. I think I look the same for the most part. Still lower swelling w T scar. I'll post some pics.

5 3/4 months TT!

Hi! I feel like there is not much to update. I'm pretty much the same. I have not ran on a couple of weeks and my scale broke. So I'm not sure what weight I am! Anyways- I saw my PS last month and he finally saw the light w my flanks w my pants on! Bc that's where it looks bad. He said we can do lipo or extend the scar and will re-evaluate in Oct and surgery thereafter bc he is convinced there is still swelling in my sides/flanks. I am THRILLED that he is going to fix it. He, personally likes the curves he said but my clothes clearly do not :). Everyone is looking great! Shout out to NapMom! Rockin'! I want your flanks come Dec! Happy Healing everyone. Xoxo

7 mo & 12 Days

Just a quick update. I have been going to physical therapy and it has helped a lot. My unbearable soreness under my breast bone is 80% better! The hump there is much softer but still there. I do think it has gone down though. I'll be continuing w it for another 6 weeks. My concern beside my flanks is now my lower abdomen. Where the T scar is, I have a definite pouch below it and it is bigger on the left side. I went for another opinion and he said its extra skin and could be lipod or needs to be cut. In fitted clothes, I look a little prego. I never had that before because it would just flatten out (my extra skin before the TT) where as now, it's hard so it's a lump. I hope when my flanks are done, he can repair this as well. In my swimsuit (one piece) it's very noticeable. Anyways- I feel great overall and have more feeling back since the physical therapy and they are breaking up the scar tissue - which I guess has helped w my upper stomach. So that's awesome that it really did help!!!! I hope everyone else is doing well. I have out on weight this summer, as I have not jogged since the end of June :(. Too HOT in our treadmill room (even w AC, I could not bear it. I'll start up again in Sept and then post another update. I'm 5lbs heavier for a reference. Bummer bc now I have a TT and I'm heavier than I ever am. Go figure!!! Love seeing all the changes w everyone. Xoxo

Revision 2016

Having Revision of scar, TScar, Lower Ab lumps/Bulge and lipo (Tomorrow) and w a new Dr in NYC. Not previous one. I will keep everyone updated. Hope everyone is well. Xoxo


Will write and post more later. Xo

6 weeks Revision

Will post more later. In interim, pics from 2 weeks after and 6 weeks. Still swollen but SO happy. NO FLANKS. NO Loose skin. Much better Scar and No Bulge or Pouch. Will give another review as well w new one.
Stamford Plastic Surgeon

Will post a review when finished.

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