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I have seen others reviews and this is why I'm...

I have seen others reviews and this is why I'm writing mine .I am 5'6" and 130 lbs nice build .breast feed both children .with my second daughter I breast feed for 11 months that was rough on my breast .I am currently 34 b but I don't fill out the bra on the top part of it .I'd say there deflated. I'm nervous and excited to get them done and I will be posting before and after pics as I get closer to my surgery date .I researched for my doctor for about 3 1/2 weeks till I found the rite one .He is very nice and so is everyone in his staff .

2 more days before my pre op :)

I'm so excited about my pre op appointment. I bought my sports bra with the front closure.but I think I bought it to small I have to ask the doctor when I go Friday .I'm thinking about doing 450cc I have already chosen silicon under muscle .. I don't know what size that will give me I think a small D and the sports bra says 36 C lol but it looks so big .I will keep everyone updated and post my before pics soon..

my sports bra for the surgery

See to me this one looked big enough but I will have to see what the doc says since I'm am going with 450cc

before shoots little boobs .

Well it took a lot of courage to load these but here they are .as you can see it starts off as my nipple being droppy I breast feed my second daughter for 11 months and she use to pull on my nipples so much .she streched them out.but as I get cold and hard they tend to pop alittle.and I'm deflated in the top and don't fill out my bras.. I was

more pics of the little girls

Well I'm 5' 6 and 130 lbs I like to work out . And I am thinking of getting 450cc but after reading others reviews now I'm thinking 500cc.please help

a pic of me when i was nursing how i would like to look

This was back in 2011 when I was nursing I loved the way they look oh so so nice :-) I was squishing them together a little. I miss them.

so confused

So I went Friday to pick the size and profile of my breast but I'm so confused.I want 500 cc but now I am considering bigger .I have to talk with the doctor to see if he thinks I have enough breast tissue to do it .and another thing I wanted moderate plus profile but now I don't know . Maybe I want high profile .I'm all screwed up ,I feel like I'm back to square one .I want my bobs to look full all around the top ,bottom ,and sides .I just don't want them to be wide since a moderate plus profile is a little wider than high profile .but then if I get the high profile I don't want them to look like 2 torpedoes I want them to look nice and round in the bottom to .ugh I hate this ...

so i got my meds

Got my meds antibiotics, for pain , for nausea,and for my muscle pain to relax me and my muscles under my new breast . I bought my antibacterial body wash ,colace for the constipation I'm gonna have lol that's gonna suck. Another thing is I can't sleep I'm so nervous . I know I want 500cc M+profile under muscle .but I'm so scared they will look funny on me since I didn't see my surgeon on my post op visit when I picked the size I liked on the vectra they scan you and show you what you look like .I picked the biggest I can go which is 500 cc and I loved it .I just need to here it from his mouth they will look beautiful. I can't sleep I'm having nightmares it's pretty ridiculous.so I called the office and asked the if I can see him before my surgery.so I can have piece of mind ,they were great they squeezed me in for this Friday at 1 pm .I can't tell you how many times I have called that office asking question after question lol I know I'm annoying lol but I'm nervous this is huge for me .and never have I felt mistreated,they are so kind .and there tone of voice is so good to never a attitude .

this is with 500cc M+P

Well I really like the way I look with the beauties :) this is. with a Victoria Secret 36 C swim top, but It worked with the samplers I tried on at home.so I think I will keep the top the top seems strechy . I also tried it on with large tops and it looked so good. I saved the reciept just in case it doesn't fit anymore lol

awww ;)

3 weeks and 1 day away I'm so pumped and nervous .I have been using coconut oil and cocoa butter on my breast and upper chest .I am prone to get stretch marks , and I have been working out like crazy. so much more than usual since I won't be able to for awhile. Gotta get it in lol all I have to do is buy some Tylenol and some food and drinks for myself.I have everything else ready .I want this day to come already I can't sleep I can't wait to have huge boobs ;) and feel sexy and have curves .

went to my appointment today

So I went to my appointment and talked to my ps about my breast I was not expecting what he was going to say next . I told him I liked the way the 500 cc looked on me when I brought them home and if going under the muscle you lose cc's he said yes about 50 so he said if I liked the 500 I should go 550 I said okay .I said are the moderate+ p to wide for me he measured me and said yes unless u like lots of side boobage than laughed .I said no I don't want to have lots of side boobage. He told me I think you should go 550 high profile .I was surprised I didn't want to go high profile .he reassured me they will not look like torpedoes .which is a big concern of mine .well now I do feel a hell of a lot better ,knowing exactly what I'm going to get may 30th so 550 cc high profile it is for me then ladies can't wait ;)

wish boobs before and after

What I hope I look like I know I would be a slight bit smaller because starting off I already am she did 550 H P unders silicon mentor .

getting so excited

Getting even closer I get so excited ;) yet just a little nervous. I'm going to go buy a lose fitting shirt and another sports bra to wear on my surgery date .I have to start planning out what everyone is going to eat.hubby does not know how to cook that great lol .I just can't wait to have big breast that bounce lol .one thing's for sure I'm going to miss sleeping on my belly .and I keep having weird dreams that I ended up with dolly parton boobs .I don't want that ,but besides the excitement and nerves I just want it to be done already so I can move on with my life and stop worrying so much and focus on other things ..Done rambling lol

1week away

I'm so excited that words can't describe how I feel . I can't wait for this day to come already .today I will drop my prescriptions off . I bought another sports bra that opens in the front. So when one is washing I have another one . I bought two more blouses that open in the front .I didn't have much . I am going to pick out what I'm going to wear today ;) .something comfortable and cute . My man was so excited this morning he goes tomorrow I have to take off rite .I'm like no its next week lol . All he does is talk about the new boobs I'm gonna have . My ass was getting all the attention before now I guess it will be both lol. I can't wait I could just scream with joy .. boobie joy boobie joy boobie joy !!!!!!!

so stressed(bitch doctor)

So I'm 2 days away and still I haven't had my papers signed.I went Friday to have my pre op physical done and the doctor was a bitch . She wanted to see the blood work, it didn't get faxed in on time so I had to walk out without them being filled out. And when she was talking to me ,she says why are you even having this done ? . She's like this is such a unnecessary operation .what a bitch sorry for my language. She also asked me how much I payed I can't believe this doctor .I think she is a jealous woman .so I am not going back to her and she's my PCP but I only have seen her like 3 times .I'm going today at 4 pm to a walk in clinic I called ,that excepts my insurance and does pre op physicals . I am going to report that woman . Like hello my surgery is Friday besides that AWWW my surgery is Friday ;) I can't wait boobie central here I come .big boobies for momma ;) I'm so excited yippe for me .. I wanna do a titty dance lol

on my way ;)

Were driving to the hospital and I'm not nervous at all .I'm so excited and happy,I just can't wait to be there.we just stoped at a dunkin donuts for my parents and fiance.at 6:48am .I think I will make it on time lol.I cleaned my entire house last night . I did all the laundryand prepared some food for later today for my man to cook .I'm ready next time I post it will be a picture of my new ladies :) . I have plastic bags just incase I throw up .and a bottle of water incase I get thrusty on the way home .I took all of my medicine so I can do the first dose right when I get in the car.I told my mom I'm so calm I just hope when I get in the hospital I don't get nervous lol. Well off we go there all getting back in the car now. I have to be there by 7:45 am

no pics yet

Oh god in way way to much pain just got home .he did it at around 10 ish . Just wanted to let everyone know .I am safe and sound ladies thank u for the support .when I feel less pain I will try and post pics.

some pics of cleaveage

Well my man is freaked out won't let me take off the wrap wants me to listen to my ps .lol so these are the best pics I can take lol

my.poor stomach.

I hate being this bloated .so strange

pain and swollen in right breast

Omg I have so much pain in my right breast by my armpit .like if the implant is shifting .I'm freaking out ,my left side feels normal still a little sore. but my right side hurts on the side of the boob towards the arm pit .but not the arm pit the boon and it looks bigger :/ :/

i go in today :)

I go in at 2 pm to see my ps im so excited to see these girls lol .my wonderful mn is coming with me hes leaving work early . I will take lots of pictures for u wonderful ladies that have helped me through this .I want everyone to see what they look like the good and the bad .but knock on wood only good lol . my left side feels so much better I can do so much with it .but for the right still hurts in one spot .I honestly believe the ace bandage is way to tight holding my muscles back and I think that's y I have that pain because the other side isn't as tight and it doesn't hurt as bad so I had my man stretch it a little and I do feel a little better I feel like the implant and muscles got to move in the right direction ,but it is still way to tight .my PS told me I cant take it off so I listened and today he will do it. oh and finally after Saturday my voice is getting back to normal I think 1 more day and I will sound like me again .it because of the tubes the stick down your throat to help you breath. and I figured out a way to lay on my stomach to be on the computer watch tv , whatever .put pillow under your stomach and let the boobs hang in the front it works then another one in the front to support your arms to make it level then your boobs are like in a hanging position it works lol.. and I did have a BM yesterday finally I did miralax for 3 days but u showed take it every 4 hrs so it can work quick and Colace and last night 2 laxatives to go again I know TMI but I hope that helps someone else mrialax works good. I will post pics after 3 pm so stay tuned

pics ladies

Loving my result already I took these June 3 ,4 days post .right boob is swollen not higher .they checked I didn't see my S I saw Amanda. I think she's one of the nurses there I will see my Ps as next week to remove the stitches. The stiches look awsome .I am blessed to have found a Top of the line surgeon. My boobs still hurt in the morning like crazy but it tends to get better after I get up and walk and do my range of motion arm excersises.

new pics taken today

So my morning boob is getting better but my muscles still hurt on the sides. My right boob tends tol hurt more and it is a littel higher it looks more in the pics but it doesn't look that high if your in front of me .and my right boob is a bit bigger but in the pics it looks like its even bigger it doesn't look that bad in person.I had to stop using coconut oil on my breast it started giving me tiny little pimpples I believe it will go away.I get my stiches out june 10 :) I have lots of questions for my PS.I bought nice sports bras from walmart its worth going .there danskin brand. I love them well I am still sore so wearing them feels good .I try to use my left hand more since my right breast hurts more.I still sleep elevated .I only take tylenol.but I'm going to ask for another skrip of valuim for the muscel pain I get .

right boob felt so engorged

Only issue I can honestly say I'm having is with my right breast .today it felt so engorged. And I swear it's not dropping . I wonder what my PS will say today to me . It's so weird I always use to love my right breast more now I love my left more lol.I really hope it drops and rounds out like my right .Thanks for your support imitating to be patient lol. But it's so hard.

PS says everything is looking good

So I got my stiches out yeah :) I'm so happy. I start my silicon sheets tomowrrow . No massaging yet since I'm in so much pain in my right breast.scars look good . He says I just have extra swelling in my right breast and its taking longer to heal . But saidthey look great and he's happy with the results so far . I know I am :).

new pics im loving them.and went to doctors today tell me what you think ladies

Saw amanda she said they look great. she still says my right is swollen . She said don't ice it.to let it go down on its own .and to massage once a day. 3 sets of 10 seconds so easy on each breast like pinching your boob underneath to push the implant up that's the best way I can describe it .but u have to do it a certain way.she sai countinue to use my scar away sheets .I can use a bike and in 3 weeks jog with a tight sports bra. But no wieghts. These pics are from today .

on fathers day june 15

We celebrated on our boat for 2 days the kids loved it we where on the ct river they were able to make sand castels and play in the water .we had a blast I'm only posting some pics.we cooked lunch and dinner on our grill and cooked brekfast to what a great way to spend the first half of fathers day slept there 2 days

so i started massages

For some reason the massages make my boobs hurt like they did on days 4-10 this sucks I think it's because I'm pushing the muscle and implants . It contracts the muscle I do not like it so I had to start taking the pain meds I had left cause Tylenol was not working and I'm back on miralax so I won't get constipated . There sore again and I'm getting the zinggers like a sharp electric pain in the right boob. And I have morning boob again .I'm gonna start my stationary like the gym bikes today ;) and on July 1 I could wear a real bra I'm only buying 1 . And on July 8 th I can start to jog with a really tight sports bra ;) . I'm gonna ask if I could do lunges and squats without weights . I'm calling today .I hope to God they say yes . I have lost muscle mass I'm pissed If I do the lunges and squats without weights it will help to maintain muscle till I can do weights again .

new pics :)

So I have been massaging 3 times in a day my right boob still bothers me. I started doing squats and lunges without weights of cours.I love my boobs I have morning boob still it sucks it feels like I have milk in them loli put my cocoa butter lotion everyday.my nippels are getting full feeling back .there getting softer but I hope even more.

loving my boobs

so I love my boobs they are so much more softer now and they jiggle when I jump.I love the way I look and feel in my bathing suit clothes and when I'm naked. I'm still massaging 2 times a day.I do work out I do abs and lunges . I do lunges with 2-20lb pound wieghts to start off slow and I do a lot of different ab exercises I started running on the treadmill yesterday and I felt really weird on my breasts.I have a little bit of rippiling on my left breast .its due to me having less tissue on my left breast.it's only when I bend over but it really doesn't bother me because you cant see it one standing it's not like I'm going to bend over in someone's face and say hey look at my breasts lol.besides that everything's been going good and all of my pain went away.I love the way they have dropped and I'm really happy with them

1 year and 2 months later

I do love my boobs I am a 34 DD . they look great in bathing suits and dresses . my fiance is in love with them. Sometimes I do wish I would have done 450-500 because they are really big breast . I'm starting to get some feeling back in my nipplea and my scars look okay . I have been using mederma for 1 month I did use it before but not all the time I have a keloid in onevscar . that dissapoints me . I have gotten only 1 steroid treatment . they inject it in the scar. I have to make another appointment..
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Richard restifo is very nice and wonderful he had a smile on his face at all times .I was nervous and forgot to ask my questions but He told me everything I was going to ask ,I trust him and his staff.I felt very comfortable with him.He did a amazing job on my breast GOD created a wonderful man to become a surgeon to help woman like me. the staff is great the ladies always make me feeI comfortable and welcomed .and that's why I Chose him to do my surgery. I felt very safe immediately after I heard everything he had to say .it was just one of those things .

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